Canada Backs Israel’s Survival

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Reuters reported on Friday that Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper prevented the G8 from calling for Israel’s retreat to the 1967 borders in a communiqué. The group of eight leading industrialized countries was meeting in Deauville, France.

All the other seven countries—including the United States—favored calling for the Israeli withdrawal. But “the Canadians,” a European official told Reuters, “were really very adamant, even though Obama expressly referred to 1967 borders in his speech last week.”

Instead, the communiqué said:

Negotiations are the only way toward a comprehensive and lasting resolution to the [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict.

The framework for these negotiations is well known. We urge both parties to return to substantive talks with a view to concluding a framework agreement on all final status issues.

To that effect, we express our strong support for the vision of Israeli-Palestinian peace outlined by President Obama on May 19, 2011.

The G8, then, appears to be implicitly opposing the Palestinian plans for a unilateral declaration of statehood at the UN in September—without explicitly demanding that Israel commit territorial suicide.

Israel’s Haaretz further reported on Sunday that Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu himself had called Harper last week to request that he keep the 1967 borders out of the G8’s statement—and that Netanyahu had done so after his speech to Congress on Tuesday.

Netanyahu’s appeal to Harper was, of course, no accident. The Conservative prime minister, reelected with a solid majority earlier this month, is a staunch supporter of Israel who stated last year:

When Israel, the only country in the world whose very existence is under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand.

Reuters also reports that “Canada’s strong backing for Israel was cited by diplomats last year as one reason why Ottawa failed to win a rotating two-year seat on the United Nations Security Council.”

Notable here is that the other G8 countries—the United States, Russia, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan—were all prepared to stipulate Israel’s return to the “Auschwitz borders” even despite the Israeli prime minister’s fervent, publicly expressed opposition to it both after his meeting with Obama on May 19 and in his speech to Congress last week. By returning to those lines, Israel—situated in the heart of the Middle East and surrounded by Muslim-Arab countries—would shrink from its current width of 45 miles to 9-15 miles.

Here are the (maximum) widths in miles of those seven G8 countries (minus Canada):

United States   3300

Russia             4800

France              620

Germany          400

Britain              350

Italy                  200

Japan                140

Also notable—and lamentable—is the rarity of a national leader taking such a principled stand on Israel as Harper has.

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  • crackerjack

    A brief reality check

    Israel defended its "undefendable" borders 1967.
    Israel is a nuclear power.
    The width of borders are of no strategic interest to nuclear powers.
    40 years of "negotiations" are more than enough for a conflict.

    • MixMChess

      Reality check:

      Israel was nearly destroyed in 1973 when Egypt launched a surprise attack on Yom Kippur, the highest holy day for Jews. Since withdrawing from Gaza Israel's south has faced daily bombardment of Hamas rockets. I guess the borders aren't that defensible after all?

      Although Israel may be a nuclear power, it has never tested, used or threatened the use of nuclear weapons. In fact, Israel has called for the creation of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East and has stated multiple times that it will never use a nuclear weapon first.

      Yes, 40+ years of "negotiations" are more than enough for a conflict…. do me a favor and please tell that to the warmongering and xenophobic "Palestinians." As soon as they give up on their goal of destroying all of Israel and worldwide Jewry we can have a real peace.

    • Raymond in DC

      Israel defended those borders in 1967 at the cost of some 700 lives and thousands of injured – that in a country then of only some 3 million. Losses were over 2,200 in 1973. But you don't know them, and they're not your brethren so I guess they don't count.

      Israel's alleged nuclear weapons have never been used, or even tested. And they've not served to deter aggression to date with the arguable exception than they've deterred Israel's enemies from using weapons of mass destruction – chemical and biological weapons – fearing that Israel would unleash hell on them in retaliation. Whether they'll be enough when dealing with an apocalyptic mindset, like those evinced by Iran and their Hisbullah proxies is another matter.

      You may be tired after 40 years of "negotiations", but that only leaves you weak in the face of an enemy that sees 40 years as nothing – a blink of an eye – in their centuries long struggle.

    • Jhon

      Are you really think nuclear power has anything to do with this? this is about protection of Israel's citizens as BN had stated, with a thin border it's people have less than 30 secs to find cover from arriving missiles.

      If you want reality check just look at the map of middle east, how big Israel is? and how big the middle east arab countries are? and don't forget that arab muslims, even non-arab muslims ultimate goal is to ELIMINATE ALL THE JEWS, NOT ONLY ISRAEL'S JEWS.

      I'm come from Indonesia, just recently an Indonesia singer had been targeted by muslims bomber because of his Jewish ancestry!. And 70% indonesian muslims comments on blog and online news show their intent to wipe JEWS out of the world!.

    • ziontruth

      "Israel defended its 'undefendable' borders 1967."

      At great cost that no other (sane) nation-state would stand for.

      "Israel is a nuclear power."

      The nuclear option is the very last resort, not the first nor even near the last.

      "The width of borders are of no strategic interest to nuclear powers."

      But they are of intense interests to nation-states with the goal of having their populace live undisturbed by guerrilla warfare (rocket fire in Israel's case).

      "40 years of 'negotiations' are more than enough for a conflict."

      The most important reality check which you and all your sort are lacking:

      This conflict is none of your business.

    • ajnn

      A better reality check: you seem to want Israel to bring the nukes to the front.

      This is not a good idea.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      The Muslims, not Arabs, first tried to perpetrate another genocidal holocaust of Jews three times before they finally changed strategies after being repeatedly humiliated by Israel. What is going on isn’t a conflict between Arabs and Jews as the leftwing hijacked lamestream media presents it, but instead a permanent and perpetual genocidal jihad of conquest being waged against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel by the Islamic world, mainly through their proxies the so-called Palestinian people that were created out of whole cloth in Moscow by the Soviet KGB as a disinformation campaign for this purpose, and the jihad of conquest being waged against Israel is no different from the many other permanent and perpetual jihads of conquest also being waged against many other unbelievers around the world such as the Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir and Jammu, Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, Christian Orthodox and atheist unbelievers in Chechnya and Russia, Christian and animist unbelievers in the Ivory Coast, Christian Serb unbelievers in Kosovo and Bosnia and on and on ad nauseum. Thus, just like all jihads of conquest waged by Muslims in the past were also permanent and perpetual, the current jihads of conquest being waged against all unbelievers around the world are also permanent and perpetual, meaning that no peace is possible, regardless of any fake peace processes used to weaken Israel and to dupe gullible kafir infidel unbelievers.

      Don’t believe me, then study the texts and tenets of Islam and afterward make a penance for your previous naivety by becoming a strong advocate for Israel, as in reality the same jihad that targets the Jewish unbelievers in Israel also targets all unbelievers including you and me.

  • Paddyjdonovan

    Unbelievable. If Israel's being a nuclear power has been a deterrent, why have they been attacked by thousands of rockets over the years and are under threat of attack now?
    If they people you are negotiating with do not recognize your right to exist then who is at fault again?

    That's a reality check. Anything to the contrary is " jew hatred " and not worth another second of my time. You anti-israeli folks are handcuffed by facts and logic so you revert to lies and indescribable hatred. You are not wanted in 2011

  • al-Kidya

    A big hat-tip to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for having the balls to stand out from the anti-Semitic Gang of 7, Obama especially.

    • NestorJames

      You can say that again!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Stephen Harper and the seven dwarfs, how nice someone did not take the
    poison. That all of the other leaders of the seven nations would call for this
    is revolting and it shows a level of moral decline that I would not believe
    but there it is in all of it's ugliness. Stephen Harper, stand up guy, the rest
    appropriate profanities deserved…………………………………………..William

  • Lightning Jack

    Why not change the name from G8 to the Global Reichstag, or KKK?

  • Jack

    Imagine what chaos Hamas could cause with it's rockets if it controlled the West Bank.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think the world is beginning to see President Obama as a fool,or at least Stephen Harper.

  • Rodney

    As a Canadian i am proud of our leader . He has class, a real man to be admired.

    • Jhon

      Congratulations for having such a leader, it is something many people of other countries envying, included me.

    • Ron

      As an American, I'm proud of him too and ashamed that my country elected such a man as it did to the presidency. I fear we are and will pay dearly for doing so.

    • Jen

      Unfortunately Rodney, not many canadians know of the PM STEPHEN HARPER what he did and said at the G-8, the MSM made sure of that.

      If it wasn't for foreign media, we would not have heard nor have seen the full extend of the PM speech at the G-8. In truth, the msm have done their very best-still do, to discredit the PM at every possible moment they have.

      I do hope and pray that God would help and guide our PM and his ministers through trouble waters.

  • Clarence D'Souza

    It is all turnspeak, that is to say, distortion and inversion of the facts.

    • Paddyjdonovan

      there's no " version " of the facts, just the truth hate-mongers and racists can't stand because it's so easily proven

  • Arnie

    It is amazing and truly sad that so many countries and their people are willing to allow
    a country such as Israel to be wiped off of the map if the Islamists have their way, to
    ensure their steady supply of oil. Israel treats it's Arab citizens better than just about
    all of the Arab/Muslim countries in the Middle East, giving them freedoms such as what
    much of the rest of the region's inhabitants craves and are now fighting for. To be
    attacked for merely existing-for having to fight three wars to save it's collective life and
    still give back "conquered" land as virtually no other country has ever done, in a bid for real peace and recognition of it's right to live in peace with it's neighbors-should be
    sufficient grounds for admiration rather than the hatred which exists for the tiny country.
    Thank you, Stephen Harper, for standing up for truth versus political expediency such as
    we see coming from President Obama. It must be difficult to stand up for the truth when
    others spread lies and their anti-semitism and Harper should be congratulated for
    having the cojones to stand up for a valid principle against the inevitable criticism he
    will encounter as a direct result. It's good to have at least ONE friend in the world.

    • SpiritOf1683

      They were prepared to see Czechoslovakia erased from the map 72 years ago in the interests of appeasing Hitler and not doing anything, and history does repeat itself. But there is less excuse today. Back then, we were unprepared for war thanks to the disarmament camp, but today the reason is craven cowardice and political correctness, despite having the sort of firepower that Chamberlain could only have dreamed about.

    • creature

      Arnie – you are right about one man having the courage that everyone else lacks. There is such a thing as the democracy fallacy which means that popularity contests do not determine truth or falsehood. But it should be noted that there are some who was threatened because they stood against overwhelming popular opinion.

  • creature

    Israel should remember that the Bibical prophet Amos says in the last 2 verses of the Book of Amos has declared that the LORD G-D will give the Jews the land of Israel as a permenant possession and that the Jewish people will have peace. Thus Obama who is impotent is in direct opposition to the omnipotent LORD G-D when he opposes G_D – and Obama will fail. My Jewish friends it is good to remember what happened to the pharaoh in Exodus 14 how G-D drowned the pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea.

  • Paul Latreille

    I am a Canadian and I am proud of the stance taken by my Prime Minister.

    • Asher

      I say Hats Off to PM Harper, he is standing against Tyranny and Radicals! We need more good men like him!!!

  • creature

    Andres i once read from a Jewish scholar that in the Exodus from Egypt that the pharaoh was willing to kill his own citizens [when he commanded that all baby boys both Jews and Egyptian be killed] just to destroy the Jews. This been repeated through out history as the enemies of the Jews attempted to destroy the Jewish race. Obama is following down this same path of leaders who are Jew haters.

  • Asher

    Harper is another Hero who refuses to let tyranny rear its ugly head! Hats off to all the leaders who stand strong against the Radical enemies of Israel!

  • Jac

    As shown by our robust performance in this time of economic turmoil — the best by far among the G8 countries — Canada has in Prime Minister Harper an astute and competent administrator. It is all the more impressive that he achieved those results while at the head of a minority government. Now that the Conservatives have just secured an absolute majority, we should see some interesting results indeed. Stephen Harper's position is a doubly courageous because it elicits strong opposition both at the international and the international levels. It is also worth noting that he stated his support for Israel even as he knew how unpopular it would be and that an election was at most a few weeks away.

  • Jen

    From what I gather from reading the BIBLE, only God deals with Israel and Jerusalem, which He has done throughout the ages.

    I find it ironic that the bravado of nations that speak against Israel with 'words of threat' have yet to fulfill their mission, I guess that they are looking to each other as to who or which country would be the first to carry out their threat, first.
    Iran knows the outcome to their nation(iran) in my opinion, if they go into Israel or send rockets or to try to eliminate Israel from the face of world. Therefore, for this reason, more or less, they look to other countries in the western world to see which one will be the 'first daring stupid ones (country/ies, to launch the first attack since they are not that keen in knowledge to the BIBLE prophecy to their nation if they do carry out the first attack.

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