Hamas’ Sorrow for “Arab Holy Warrior”

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“Reconciliation” and “peace”—the sweet cadences are reminders to Israelis that the word “Hamas” hardly carries the resonance abroad that it does in Israel. Hundreds of suicide bombings and rocket attacks, a charter that says, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it,” don’t seem sufficient to give “Hamas” the same ring that “Al-Qaeda” has. It would be nice to think Haniyeh’s eulogy to Bin Laden will finally be enough to turn the tide. Precedent suggests otherwise.

Not that Haniyeh’s statement should have come as a surprise. Hamas and Bin Laden, along with other major Al-Qaeda figures like Ayman Zawahiri and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, have a common origin in the Muslim Brotherhood. Both organizations, Hamas and Al-Qaeda, are ideologically fanatic movements sharing a murderous hatred of the United States, the West, Israel, and Jews. Both see themselves as commanded by their deity to drown the West in blood and fire.

The difference, though, is that while the killing of Al-Qaeda’s leader is welcomed, Hamas’s advent to the political stage is seen by not a few in the West as somehow auguring peace. Israel will keep trying to convey the organization’s true nature, the significance of the wide support it enjoys in the Palestinian Authority, and of “moderate” Abbas’s readiness to mend fences with it. It looks like an uphill battle.

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  • Anamah

    But they do not have the minimum level of quality to get a peaceful and productive life, they are unable to perform as human beings. They are drowned in their incurable resentment and hatred , in the place of spirit and soul only have a bag of poison…I do not believe they are capable to make anything positive to themselves nor to others.

    • alan

      Right on!

  • ImaFreeAmerican

    I hope one day Israel sneeks over and takes these animals out. ALL muslims should be terminated with extreme prejudice. They are the worlds wart. They keep on growing and they need to be removed.

    • Bista09

      if you dont miknd me asking excatly what would be accomplished by terminating muslims.

      • Watchman

        If you knew anything about mohammed you'd know that he was a murdering psycopath who created the book of the quran/koran. muslims are inbred so the genetics are really screwed up for generations. These people are a defective humans following a book that's demonic in nature. They openly rape little boys and girls with the local government sometimes helping them to aquire kids. They are the true enemies of the free world. It states in their book that it'd okay to lie and say they're your friend only to accomplish the spread of islam. I have studied it extensively. The world would be a better place without them. I make no apologies for my beliefs. I hope this answers your question and I encourage you to study, research, find out for yourself. There is no such thing as a good muslim. There is no such thing that islam being a religion of peace.

  • Rifleman

    Bill ayers supports them, they must be murderous swine.

  • davarino

    Its funny how the left coddles these Nazis, as though they are benign.

  • StephenD

    I want to see the folks in the W.H. defend talk of inviting them to the table after this. It is laughable to watch. At Israel's expense, we continue to coddle these assassins in suits and ties. They smile and say words like "Peace" and "Reconcile" and clasp their hands as though they would be brother to Mother Teresa. All the while they hide claws inside velvet gloves wanting tot rend the flesh of every non-Muslim. Honoring Bin Laden…how about that W.H.?? Still want to talk "peace" with these folks? Remember 9/11! Remember the Fogel Family!

  • tanstaafl

    I propose sending an American representative to the meeting. Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Mashaal …… meet Mr. Hellfire missile.

  • michiganruth

    exactly right, StephenD. how can the Samantha Powers and Susan Rices defend them now? I'm glad Hamas showed its true colors and mourns for Osama bin Laden. really, what more proof does we need that these people do NOT share the same values as we do?

    could this be a turning point in the education of young Barack Obama? might he be starting to learn that Gitmo isn't such a bad idea…and that waterboarding is sometimes warranted? is he learning who our true friends and enemies are?

    …or am I being hopelessly naive?