Iran’s Proxy War from Gaza

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Iran and its friends are probably also unhappy about Hamas’s drift toward Egypt and the boost to its popularity from securing the release of so many Palestinian murderers (Palestinian culture again) in the Shalit deal. Solution: tell Islamic Jihad to start shooting at Israel and recoup lost points.

Where does all this leave Israel?

Clearly, whether Iran throws its weight behind Hamas as it did formerly, or Islamic Jihad as it is doing at present, the barrages from Gaza stem ultimately from an Iranian strategy aimed at weakening and eventually destroying the Jewish state. The Netanyahu government’s reluctance to deal decisively with Gaza terror—more and more reminiscent of the preceding Olmert government, which tolerated almost three years of bombardment before launching the inconclusive Operation Cast Lead—presumably reflects, in part, the need to look at the larger strategic picture.

Speculation—and, reportedly, American apprehension—about a possible Israeli strike on Iran has reached an unprecedented level. It would make sense to go for the root instead of getting tangled up in one of the branches. Or, if such speculation again proves baseless, it is hard to see what excuse remains not to cut off the branch.

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  • Flipside

    I don’t think that a nation that sends its entire child population into the army fresh from Yeshiva (madrassah) is in any position to lampoon a culture that looks just like it.

    • StephenD

      What sort of jaundiced eyes are YOU looking with? I'm glad you posted this. It points directly to your foolishness. You should be regarded no longer. You…are not relevant.

      • Flipside

        It might be from reading all this bile. Cliches are like plagiarism. You should avoid speaking in cliches.

      • stern

        I agree completely. I think every sensible person who comments here should agree to ignore flopside from now on. It's comments are not worthy of reply.

        • Flipside

          Hooray. Communist boycott of my point.

          • Rifleman

            What point, that uiniversal conscription equals indiscriminant bombardment? Lol, yea, right.

          • Flipside

            Universal submission, duty to wage warfare, education in religious communes? Zionism sounds like Islam to me.

  • C"H"Martel

    My book, "Satan's Trinity: Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad, available at For the first time in history "HSM" appear together on a book cover. The idea behind the book is to make headway against the ludicrous idea that Muhammad should be conjoined with any religious leader/founder. This book uses the specific names of Hitler and Stalin to efficiently identify the nature of Muhammad and by extension Islam. It compares the personalities and approach of each man to such categories as; war, peace, sex, torture, slavery, women, their respective childhoods and deaths, the critical affects of geography and timing, each man’s anti-social and narcissistic personalities.

  • StephenD

    IF there was a strong moral compass working for the USA and the Western Nations of Europe there would be no stopping Israel. Iran would be a growing Western Style Democracy in the M.E., Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon would grant citizenship to the folks they have long called "refugees" and the call for a false State of "Palestine" would be no more. Could you picture the wonderful life that could be for these folks if they would simply walk out of the 7th century and refuse to listen to a long dead trade route bandit?

    • Herman Caintonette

      The West has a moral compass, which points to the Palestinians. Whereas AIPAC and other fronts for terrorists have a strangle-hold on American foreign policy, the rest of the West can find no moral basis for defending Israel.

  • mrbean

    The Palestinians are nothing more than proxy terrorists funded by the Arab Muslim states of which Iran is the main one. It is a matter of record that Palestinians strap munitions on their own women and children and send them out on homicide-suicide missions to murder other innocent women and children in markets, restuarants, on school buses, and in their homes. The Palestinians in their own words and by their actions are committed to the genocide of the Jewish people therefore, have foreited their rights to even exist at all let alone having a UN and US sanctioned terrorist state of their own."

  • Quinterius

    The author is a typical Zionist Israeli who sings praises of Israel and denigrates Palestinians. I guess God's "chosen people" must have special privileges to kill and destroy the world. Israel starves Palestinians and destroys their institutions, then it says, "look they are poor and uneducated." Well, Palestinians have great courage and perseverance to withstand decades of US-supported Israeli injustice. In the long run, Israel is going to lose anyway because of the population bomb. So, just don't be too sure about the future.

    • Rifleman

      In other words, "This article is true, So I can only rail about the author and Israel in general."

      • Quinterius

        Some things that the article says are indeed true. In particular, when it says the rocket from Gaza are not fired by Hamas, this is the first time that I have seen an Israeli say it. They usually blame everything on Hamas.

        The article also say, "The Israeli air force has killed ten terrorists in retaliatory raids that amount to little more than tit-for-tat." While acknowledging that the response is disproportionate (in response to one death and 8 injured), it seems to make light of Palestinian deaths. So, killing thousands of Palestinians in response to one death is just a "little more than tit-for-tat?" Unbelievable. Also, how does the author know that all these thousands were "terrorists?" It is really futile to try to argue with Israeli Zionists. Everything that Israel does is wonderful and everything that Palestinians do is terrible. No wonder we have an indefinite stalemate. The hope of peace is gone with the radicals that in charge in Israel such as Netanyahu and Lieberman. They have no interest in peace.

        • Rifleman

          Now that was a real reply to the article.

          Israel has always been pretty good at correctly IDing who’s attacking them, and it’s not like hamas, hezz, IJ, and fatah don’t all do it. The palis know it, and that’s a reason why whichever palis are in charge of an area often allow their rivals to conduct attacks from that area. If the IDF hit whoever was in charge of the area the attack came from along with the actual attackers, they would be attacked less often.

          While I’m all for disproportionate response (it worked for me to get people to leave me be), the Israelis’ response wasn’t disproportionate. They just shot more accurately, and shot at combatants. More rounds were launched at the Israelis, but they were fired indiscriminately to terrorize the general population. It was tit-for-tat, or the IDF would have killed thousands, rather than ten. The IDF could have done a rolling artillery barrage or carpet bombed the palis like their fellow arabs would’ve and have done, and the palis would think twice before attacking Israel again. The fact that they haven’t is the only real support for the contention that the Israelis don’t want peace. Hamas, hezz, and IJ don’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist and are open and clear that their condition for peace is the elimination of Israel

          • Quinterius

            Why don't you learn to write proper English. You seem to be another barbarian like the Israelis who think it is perfectly OK to slaughter 1,400 Gazan because some of stupid Israeli peasants were kept awake at night because of rockets that are more like fire-crackers.

            You don't seem to understand that the US send $3B worth of the latest weapons to Israel every year so that they can murder the Palestinians more easily. The Palestinians have to rely on home-made weapons that have not killed more than a few people in more than 12 years.

            You also bring up the idiotic idea of demanding the recognition of Israel's "right to exist." What kind of ridiculous demand is that? No other country in the world demands that others recognize its right to exist. Countries simply exist. Well, Israel doesn't recognize the Palestinian's right to exist either. So, what are you complaining about?

          • Rifleman

            LOL, if proper English is so important to you, why don't you learn to write it yourself? While you're at it, learn to count.

            Anyone that can confuse mortars and artillery rockets with firecrackers has no room to call anybody else stupid. The IDF killed ten in RESPONSE to the palis' latest bombardment, not 1400. But yes, it's “perfectly OK” (it's “okay” if proper English was really so important to you) to kill far more of an attacking enemy (that would be “gazans”-plural- if proper English was really so important to you) than they kill of you, especially if you want them to quit attacking you. You seem to be another moron that thinks indiscriminately bombarding civilians isn't barbaric, but shooting back at those that do, is.

            You don't seem to understand that the US sends $6 billion to the countries surrounding Israel, and the only thing the palis make themselves are suicide vests and other IED's. Their mortars, rockets, and small arms are all imported. Even if they had killed only a few Israelis with them over the last 12 years, which is an absurd under count, that's a few too many in my book. The IDF needs to beat the snot out of the palis like their fellow arabs do, if they ever want peace.

          • Quinterius

            I guess you were sleeping when Israel slaughtered about 1,400 Gazans during Cast Lead in response to useless rockets that had not even wounded any Israelis for more than eight years. But, some poor little darlinsg were kept awake at night. So, the murder machine had to go on.

            Where did you hear that $6B was given to countries around Israel? Egypt got about $2B which it used to do some of Israel's dirty work. Besides, the $3B annual weapons that Israel got, it also received hundreds of millions in loan guarantees plus favorable economic deals that encouraged American companies to open branches in Israel. Boy, they really know how to kill poor children and old men and women very efficiently.

          • Rifleman

            Nope the article’s tit-for-tat comment isn’t about Cast Lead, it’s about the response to the latest ‘pali’ barrage. Launching HE across the border was an act of war, and the ‘palis’ poor aim doesn’t excuse it. Obviously the IDF didn’t kill near enough of the Aholes, because they’re still firing rockets and mortars across the border.

            We give aid to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the PA, and it adds up to over $6 billion. Israel builds things, develops, and irrigates, the PA can’t even build a sewage treatment plant without looting the metal reinforcement bars for shrapnel to use against the Israelis and drowning their own people in their own sh*t when the retaining walls collapse. If the ‘palis’ cared half as much about building a state as they do about killing Jews, their territory wouldn’t be such a dump that nobody wants to do business in or with.

            Also, if pali old men and children didn’t volunteer themselves to be human shields for chickensh*t pali fighters, the IDF wouldn’t have to kill them. It’s the palis that deliberately target noncombatants, that’s why they’re correctly called terrorists.

          • Rifleman

            The Continental Congress also had the “idiotic idea” of demanding the recognition of their right to exist. They called it The Declaration of Independence, perhaps you've heard of it? Like you, the British Crown thought it was a “ridiculous demand” and didn't recognize our right to exist until they lost the Revolutionary War and and made peace by signing the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

            Israel never denied the palestinian's right to exist, they accepted the 1948 partition plan, which the 'palestinians' rejected, and they voluntarily and unilaterally pulled out of Gaza over six years ago. The 'palis' thanked them with indiscriminate bombardment.

            I'm not the one complaining about the palis getting their butts kicked for attacking the Israelis, you are. I know the palis are just violent barbarians doing what comes natural to them, so my only complaint is with the Israelis for not running them out of Gaza like they could any time they wanted, and turning that dump into a beautiful and civilized resort.

          • Quinterius

            You are another barbarian. To argue with you is a total waste of time.

          • Rifleman

            You don't have an argument, you have a line of BS that doesn't stand up to even the most casual rebuttal.

          • jaythehistorian

            Israel has never murdered any Palestinians because they are no such people. Are you referring to the trespassers who belong to mafia-like gangs of baby murders? Israel is much too timid. They should evict all of the Fakestinians since they are trespassers. Israel doesn't need the second rate weapons they are forced to buy with what all you Jew haters describe as billions of dollars of US"aid". It leads to incompetent fools like Obama ,Hillary and Rice to believe they are the real rulers of Israel. The Fakestinians don't need anything more than home-made weapons since they prefer murdering sleeping babies to real fighting.

          • lisa

            agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bibi shouldnt take it anymore, israel is always condemned by the world, it is mind numbing, she defends herself and she is wrong???????????? any other nation can, but not her,
            G-d bless israel and the usa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Israel must take out all those terrorists and stop caring what the sicko world thinks, they condemn her no matter what, may as well kill the terrorists

          • Rifleman

            If you're going to get condemned anyway, you might a well win big. If you kick their butts bad enough, they'll keep their fellow palis from bothering you, and maybe find something productive to do with themselves.

    • lisa

      what drugs are you on?????????? or did u grow up in a hate filled anti semetic, anti israel, and pro terrorist home??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      the israel arabs live a great life in israel, thats why they live there, gays and women in israel are treated with respect, not bludgeoned to death in all the demented arab nations that are filled with HATE! and there are no fakestinians, as you say,they are jordanians who no arab nations want, even with all their land…Israel is the jewish land, always was, always will be, take your ignorant hate and direct it toward the terrorits, israelis dont strap bommbs to their children, but your fakestinians do,they hate jews more than they love life, they hate their life, no matter where they are, and you are a disturbed, uneducated, predjudiced non entity…crawl back under your rock

      • Rifleman

        LMAO, "fakestinians," that's great, I'm adopting that one. I try to keep 'palis' in scare quotes to make that point.

  • Steve Chavez

    IRAN? What about Obama and the Democrats War on Israel? Obama, the Dictator, is now ruling by executive order and bypassing his own military advisors, AND CONGRESS, by taking troops out of Iraq and now talk of removing them from Afghanistan. ALL THIS PLAYS INTO THE HANDS OF IRAN BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, KGB PUTIN! I wouldn't doubt that Russia is welcomed with open arms in both Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan SINCE IT IS THEY WHO USED IRAN AS A "PROXY" TO EXACT REVENGE against the U.S. for aiding in the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan which was one piece of the puzzle that brought about their downfall! I'M SURE OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS CRIED WHEN THAT HAPPENED SINCE THEY AIDED IN EVERY SOVIET ADVENTURE SINCE VIETNAM AND CENTRAL AMERICA!!!

  • doctortruth

    Quinterius uses the term Israeli Zionist as if it’s a bad word. Similar to someone who would use the term Nazism or communism in a negative way. I bet he doesn’t even know what the word means. And if he answers this post he will probably write lies similar to the lies he wrote above comparing israeli’s acts of self defense in a negative way as being disproportionate. Sorry Quinterius but war IS disproportionate. U don’t like it, then tell write your Palestinian arab terrorist friends to stop attacking innocent civillians from the shadows of of their schools and hospitals and to stop using human sheilds to hide behind. Also tell them to lay down their weapons and accept the rights of Jews to live in peace in their own land. Tell them to go back to the egypt and syria and Jordan where they originated from

    Just like the fatther of terrorism Yasser Arafat who was born in Egypt. Then maybe we will have the so called peace you claim they want with Israel, however your lovely and fine friends from Gaza would rather die than to allow a Jew to live in Jewish land with jewish artifacts and cities and burial grounds and temples that have been ther since history has been recorded and where no other nation has ever existed especially the lie and false nation that the palestinians need to invent in order to continue their sick persecution of a peaceful nation such as the jewish nation of Israel. Also your population claim that israel will be defeated by sheer numbers is miscalculated as we have survived thousands of years at the hands of the greatest civilizations throughout history. We stand with G..d, and he has always and will always stand with us.

    • reena

      i agree with you 10000000000000000%!
      everyone by the way must watch dennis prager university as he takes only 5 min to explain the twisted haters who think israel is to blame,
      Israel is the only shining light surrounded by nations filled with rage, baseless hate and terrorism!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i am praying for the moshiach to come!!!!!!!!!! G-d bless israel and the usa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Gaza needs to be cleaned out like draining a swamp. Nothing should be allowed
    into Gaza in the future other than Isreali inhabitants building new settlements and
    then turn to the west bank with a vengeance, ridding it of all murderering Islamists
    of every sub brand of the Muslim Brotherhood. Crippling Iran and Syria in the
    interim would be and excellent way to change the future and give peace a chance.

  • reena

    israelis dont strap bombs on their precious children the way terrorists do(there is not such thing as palestnians)they are terrorists, and no arab nation wants them…
    its getting very old to blame the jews and blame israel, anti semetism is as old as the hills, starts blaming the haters, israel just wants to be left alone! as she is the only democracy in the mid east….they dont discriminate against women, gays, arabs, handicapped, etc..the way the entire sick, demented, vile arab nations do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mladen Andrijasevid

    Al least the debate over the death of the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine with regards to Iran has finally begun: MAD is Dead

  • umustbkidding

    Israel is an island and Obama will do what ever he can to help sink Israel.

    Obama the destroyer is on his own personal jihad against Israel and America.

  • Ben

    Israel must not repeat cast lead (idiotic name) but destroy the whole Gaza ulcer that was created as the Jewish war ruse,but resulted as all such ruses. Discussions about terrorists` diplomacy are resulted always in terror.