Israel’s Palace War Over Iran

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Benn concludes on a gloomy note: “Now, Israel is twiddling its thumbs, the defeated U.S. is pulling out of Iraq, and Iran is expediting uranium enrichment and [its] economy is flourishing in spite of the sanctions.”

That gloomy message was reinforced by another Israeli media report this week. It concerns, in fact, ex-MI chief Yadlin, who stated that “the only existential threat to Israel in the year 2011 and in the years that follow, is Iran.” Somehow that “only” lacks consolatory power. Yadlin, as noted, is said to have been among the four top-brass opponents of a strike, though some reports have described him as ambivalent on the matter.

According to Yadlin’s further statements, at least “ambivalence” is warranted—namely, that “if Iran succeeded in obtaining nuclear weapons, additional Middle Eastern countries would subsequently become nuclear-armed,” and that “a nuclear-armed Iran would be much more aggressive than the Islamic Republic currently is today.”

The article goes on to mention a Wikileaks cable saying that, by late 2009, Israeli Military Intelligence “held the view that by 2012 Iran could build one nuclear bomb within weeks or an arsenal within half a year.”

For the citizen without access to intelligence, it is not easy to say what Israel should do about this problem. But between the evil of a risky war and the evil of letting Iran go nuclear, logic indicates that the latter—which entails the materialization of a direct existential threat—is the greater one.

Some say Israel could cope with Iranian nukes through a combination of advanced missile defense and deterrence. Even if that were true—and it is a very shaky proposition—the prospect of a regional nuclear arms race would seem to be intolerable. A 2012 date for Iranian nuclearization (a Rand Corporation analyst puts the date even earlier—now) precludes waiting and hoping for a more realistic U.S. president.

Hence it’s to be hoped that, by clearing out the nay-sayers and replacing them with more amenable officials, Israel’s prime minister and defense minister are keeping their options open.

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  • Jameela

    We are ALL Arabs, Except the Jews

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    • Jameela

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      • Dispozovdaburka

        Youve been drinking Mohammed's kool-aide.
        Your own as well.
        You have to get over your repetitive, mass brainwashing, ideology of hate.

        Your negative conciousness will backfire on you.

        • SpiritOf1683

          Worse still, that ungrateful hate-filled Muslim parasite consumed Western and Jewish–invented vaccines as well. That is why it is spewing its hatred instead of being six feet under.


      Persians are NOT ARABS.

    • sAt

      Allah is a fraud and child molester

  • Jameela

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  • Jameela

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    19 April 2011

    • crackerjack

      What a mess religion can make if the human mind. So sad.

  • Ghostwriter

    Jameela,it sounds to me as though you don't like either this country or Jews very much.

    • Jameela

      I don't sound, I read. My feelings are irrelevant, I am only a Messenger sent to warn disbelievers of the punishment and torment of the Hell-fire for their worship of a murdered Jew and I am bringer of glad tidings for the believers in Islamic Monotheism, that the promise of Paradise is true.

      • MixMChess

        Take your message off the side of a cliff, or better yet in busy traffic. Loser.

      • Canadian Steve

        More likely you're someone who hates Islam, who therefore posts this stuff knowing it'll reinforce anti-Islam sentiments amongst FPM readers. And a good job you're doing.

      • SpiritOf1683

        You are a workshy infidel-hating lunatic who needs booting out of the West, pronto.

      • Broom

        Jameela, you are unquestionably mentally ill and seriously delusional.

  • Bar Kokhba

    Jameela, Do us all a favor and seek help, please! There are mental health facilities all over the place, and who knows, your condition may be treatable though that seems unlikey.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Its not help Jameela needs but being thrown through the exit door head first.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It could be that it keeps options open or it could mean a decision has been
    made and will be undertaken but without the lack of support of all high
    position holders. Waiting for Obama to be gone could be a very bad
    mistake, the suicidal Islamist cult is capable of the unthinkable and
    are in the process of making the prophed Ezekiel relevant to todays
    news. Islam is forcing us to choose, I choose Israel, I hope for Jerusalem
    and what will take place there, the eternal City of God……Israel will
    go forward into the future and it's enemies will bite the dust…………..William

  • Quinterius

    Jameela: Who do you think has the patience to read all your nonsense? I support the Palestinians against Israeli barbaric policies, but your arguments based on religion are meaningless. To tell you the truth, I got bored after the first line and didn't bother reading your endless diatribes. Take my advice: Religion is a figment of your imagination. As Marx said, religion is the opiate of the masses. You have been infected and you have no idea what you are talking about. And, please don't come back a present another interminable response. Don't waste your time since nobody will read it. I certainly will not.

    Concerning this article, various Israeli officials have been claiming for at least 12 years that Iran will have a nuclear bomb within six months or a year. We are still waiting. When does one find the courage tell the little boy that he called wolf too many times. All these claims about Iran developing nuclear weapons are complete lies. The IAEA has said repeatedly that it has found no evidence for it and the US 2011 NIE has said the same. So, let Israel jump and down as much as it wants. Nothing is going to happen and Iran is not afraid of it.

    • sam000

      From the very long time the conservatives were claiming that the left and Islamists are in bed with together we couldn't believe them and we were saying that we should not GENERALIZE, the left by ideology can not share the Islamism AGENDA.

      You, Quiterius; you proved me that I WAS WRONG;

      You know, in IRAN we had the COMMUNIST party of TOUDEH, we the IRANIANS we call the TOUDEH party the traitors because they supported the SHAH and Khomeiny, but we were said that the communist parties of the other countries are not like our communists, we were said that the left supports the freedom, you proved me that the Communists and Islamists are with together.

      You claim that Ahmadinejad do not make the BOMBE in spite of his own words, in spite of the tenth of thousands of documents that IAEA has.
      in spite of our own documents!!

      What a shame your Ideological view that prefers a nuclear BOMBE for the Islamofascism because Ahmadinejad is ANTI-AMERICAN.

      You the Marxists, you are all the fascists, during wwII Stalin made a PACT with HITLER,

      Now we have the full support of the Russians and Chinese and Chavez to the Mullahs.

      The History repeats, We the Iranians, we will educate our youth that the left is the left, there is no difference between the Iranian Marxists and EU and American Marxists, they are all the traitors to the HUMANITY

      • JonB

        Well said, SAM000. All Marxists, the Iranian Marxists, the Egyptian Marxists, the EU Marxists and the American Marxists are all traitors to Humanity.

    • JonB

      Your religion of Marxism is no different than Jameela's religion of Islam (?) Your perspective is no less distorted than Jameela's perspective and your pseudo intellectualism is equal to his. What you support and what you do not is based on the same blind faith in some abstraction. You can continue to delude yourself that you are more objective than Jameela but you are not. You are the same kind of Janissary.

  • SAM000

    I know Jameela;

    Jameela is a very important personage in the Islamic world;

    Jameela is in all the ARAB nights.

    Jameela is expert on Nudity belly DANCING, and after dancing, she is invited by the Sheiks or the Mullahs to do the night private service, during those night jobs Jameela is educated by the Qoranic Sorats;

    So, what Jameela writes is the fruit of her night job study.

    Thank you so very much Jameela;
    BTW; Where I can buy some kilos of your Qoran, because we need it at our WC as Papier Toilet.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Its also needed amongst the talking heads at MI5, the CIA etc as well. Maybe they might learn that Islam isn't a religion of peace but a mass of hate-filled anti-infidel bigotry that justifies the cold-blooded murder of infidels.

      • SAM000

        But, Jameela is educated, She is educated under very serious Mullahs and Sheiks all the nights.
        What she writes is coming from her very long nights of education.

        • SpiritOf1683

          It certainly is. All those hours spent at a madrassah banging his head on the floor and reciting hateful verses poisons the mind. Scum like that aren't needed in the West or anywhere this side of Pluto.

  • Tom W.

    Jameela, you epitomize the reason why I hate Muslims! You are ignorant tribal people who are fed anti-Semitic conspiracies and Israel hatred by the religious extremists who have been given power by the single tribe who run these fake kingdoms. These corrupt and westernized (alocohol consuming) people maintain a grip on power by allowing xenophobic Muslims to rule the populace by a strict Koranic code. These twisted psychopaths are given complete powers over: the educational curriculum, national propaganda, censorship of the media and control of their separate religious police force!

    Jameela, you are the perfect embodiment of what kind of person can emerge from such a system! You know nothing, you're both ignorant and arrogant; you're just a talking parrot, who repeats back everything he's heard!

    Bottom-line: you've wasted your life and as such, you are a non-human!

    • SAM000

      Why do you insult Jameela?

      I do not understand your anger!

      do you ever insult your SH—1–T?!

    • Quinterius

      Well, Jameela sounds a little like a Tea Party member. Why do you generalize from Jameela to all Muslims. You have never seen or hear a crazy Christian or Jew?

      • sam000

        I'm a Muslim

      • SpiritOf1683

        A crazy Christian or Jew is unlikely to saw your head off, doofuss.

        • SAM000

          the church and Vatican had helped and hidden-ed and smuggled the NAZI Criminals after WWII.

          What you see now is not the RELIGION, it is the instrumentation of the RELIGION by the politics.

          You don't have your lefty churches how support Ahmadinejad?
          Jesus and Moses declared WAR on SEZAR and FARAOWN but their followers do not.


          All the Prophets declared the war on corruption.
          I would like to see the CHURCH take position against the Mullahs and their supporters like OBAMA.

          Attacking a label, a name, and stimulating the inter-religion conflicts is what the MULLAHS DREAM, is what HITLER DID.

          • SpiritOf1683

            The Church didn't help the Nazis. Many in the Church helped Jews avoid being rounded up and gassed. Your death cult is vile and so are you. Back to Pakistan you go, unfgrateful West-hating scrounger. Your fellow Muslims have murdered over 300 million infidels just for being infidels, and were it not for the likes of Charles Martel, you would be forcing all the females in my family into hideous sacks – and relishing itr as well.

      • JonB

        The Tea Party member is opposed to the kind of corruption and disinformation propaganda you breed.

    • JonB

      Sadly, I do not believe that Jameela will change his mind or his heart. It is very sad to see how a corrupt political system (theocracy) can destroy the mind of an individual and destroy any foundation for reason. The whole purpose of being for them then becomes an imaginary reality. That is what has happened to Jameela, the young Nazis, the young Fascists and the young communists. They completely lose their identity. They become a mindless mass.

  • Human

    Jameela personifies the insanity that Islam fosters. Never, never refer to Islam as the religion of peace. Never qualify the word Islam with moderate Islam or radical Islam. It is all intolerance, supremacism, hatred, and evil erupting out of 7th century dark ages like a septic plague.

  • Atikva

    Could a moderator let us have a civilized exchange of views on this and other topics by excluding the rantings of this troll jameela, which are without any interest whatsoever?

    Thank you.

    • SAM000

      You don't want to see your Obama's interlocutor?!

      How do you want us to convince you that what the USA appeases is looking exactly what you see?

      I love Jameela;

      This is the first time that we don't pay by our lives to wake you up.

      If Jameela could go to your media, what a sweet dream!

      • SpiritOf1683

        Billboards everywhere should be pasted with his hateful drivel coupled with historical facts to back it up, not to mention the fate of non-Muslims in Muslim countries as a remindwer of what will happen if Muslims even make up 20% or 30% of the population, let alone 50%. But that would be Islamophobia and that would be unacceptable anywhere in the politically-correct 21st Century West.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    I got to thinking about Jameela the UNwella.

    I was going to recommend a good psychiatrist for Jameela- but on second thought…

    I would recommend an EXORCISM.

    • JonB

      I also think the burka should be disposed of. Clever!

  • Truthful

    Jameela, as they say on the street, that must be some pretty good stuff you're smoking there. I agree with the other poster here, get professional mental health counseling. Islam is sucking the sense out of your head.

  • Richard Ahern

    President Obama better lay low on Isreal- if he does't he wish he had- Are president is Power HAPPY.

    • JonB

      If you wish to make a point about Obama, then make it clearly so we can understand your meaning. Is your point that Obama is not only withholding support from Israel but his actions are supporting Israel's enemies? If that is it, I concur.