Israel 1, Flotilla 0

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Lest there be any doubt, pertinacious bloggers have exposed the flotillistas’ real aims “straight from the horse’s mouth,” as one of the bloggers, the British author and columnist Melanie Phillips, put it. In a June 29 post she revealed that “Adam Shapiro, co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement and a board member of the Free Gaza Movement (which is behind the flotilla)” had spilled the beans in a meeting last November at Rutgers University, stating (the blog post includes the video) that:

Free Gaza is but one tactic of a larger strategy, to transform this conflict from one between Israel and the Palestinians, or Israel and the Arab world…to one between the rest of the world and Israel…. [applause]

Free Gaza is a tactic…all of it is part of a strategy now to transform the conflict and internationalize it and really undermine Israel where it gets its most support….

Free Gaza’s chairman for the Netherlands, Rob Groenhuizen, was even more forthright. As reported by Yochanan Visser, “the Dutch blog KeesjeMaduraatje…revealed that…Groenhuizen…was a convicted communist extremist who used to be a member of Dutch groups affiliated with the German terrorist [Red Army Faction].” Fittingly enough, Groenhuizen wrote in an email about the second flotilla:

This game about humanitarian aid is part of a tremendous plot—something that Israel tries to postpone as long as possible—but with every uprising in the Arab world and each mistake Israel makes, the end is coming nearer.… Everybody knows Israel is not sustainable.

The “plot” is set to continue on Friday with a mass “fly-in” of pro-Palestinian, pro-terror, kill-Israel activists to Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport. Their movement—the only one in the world dedicated to destroying a country—appears still to be coasting on the “success” of last year’s flotilla, which indeed ignited world condemnation of Israel when some of its soldiers fought back against a brutal mob on the Mavi Marmara.

This despite the fact that the more recent staged spectacles have been less successful. The May 15 Nakba Day march to Israel’s borders generated some bad publicity for Israel; the June 4 Naksa Day march, for which Israel was much better prepared, considerably less. Israel’s head of military intelligence revealed this week that Iran was active in planning both events—and disappointed with the results. As for the second flotilla, it can already be dubbed a flop.

The lesson for Israel is that some of the same governments and world bodies that rushed to lambast it over the Mavi Marmara a year ago can take more reasonable positions if Israel works hard in advance to impress on them the truth. That approach is also working, to some extent, regarding the Palestinians’ planned statehood declaration in September. The Netanyahu government—slurred by many in the world and by the left in Israel as “extremist” and “hard-line”—deserves much credit.

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  • mlcblog

    Fabulous!!! and if this evil plot can be brought to light, then surely there is hope for America.

    • BS77

      Yes, FREE GAZA…from Hamas, the violence, corruption and stupidity….bring in businesses, farms, colleges, stores, modern system of commerce and social progress…..Yes, free Gaza to enter the modern world…..great idea.

      • SpiritOf1683

        You won't get any of that until Gaza is freed from Islam.

        • BS77

          Yes, you are correct.

  • Steve Chavez

    A bunch of wussies after all! One little roadblock and they quit? What happened to the desperate and starving people of Gaza?

    For updates on these American traitors and Jew/Israel traitors, go to GOTOGAZA.ORG and you will see that among the leaders of the Flotilla as "Field Coordinator" is Leslie Cagan, a high ranking member of the Communist Party USA and leader of their main front, United for Peace and Justice. Also on the site, you can see how many people donated MONEY to this terrorist operation. Some even gave up to $10,000 so will they now ask for a refund for this failed, after giving up, operation? The Audacity of Hope could have gone to a friendly port and then continued. DON'T YOU THINK that if they wanted to help the people of Gaza with medicine and "the children don't have milk to drink" BS, they could have just sent the money directly to Gaza. The Flotilla didn't have "milk" but they did have 3000 letters from a "Letters to Gaza" campaign. I guess they don't have mail service either?

    Also revealed on the Communist Party USA website,, last week, was an official "Solidarity with the Greek Communist Party" which is the leading organizer of the Greek protests. The Flotilla members, after being detained by Greek authorities, went to the main square to a cheering crowd of their fellow Communists!

    FAKE JEWS were on the ship and supported the ship. When are REAL JEWS going to stop supporting DEMOCRATS when many of them only support JEWS/AIPAC only to get their vote? Many DEMOCRATS surround themselves with members of CODE PINK and COMMUNISTS who are themselves are members of HATE/BLAME ISRAEL GROUPS and who aid terrorist groups, university hate groups, and movements like BDS!

    • Steve Chavez

      It's USTOGAZA.ORG. sorry. My first mistake ever. Print for your records.

    • CHARLEY 60

      Steve this old man has seen alot of this in his life. It isn't about helping someone else at all. It is about being "look at me I'm really great". Life is so empty for so many they jump for a chance to accomplish anything. With that, they are easy to lead and use by the few wanting to use it to profit themselves. Not unlike the Islim clerics needing someone to die to justify there living. They hipe up kids and send them off as bombs, with more begging to go.

      • Steve Chavez

        Yes Charley, that's why I thought of this next sentence about them.

        "Peacemakers hope and pray there's another War so they can feel important again."

        This was like Democrats who approve War one day and then criticize it the next and the next and the next. They played politics with our Soldiers only to use their blood to get a vote or two!

    • skulldiggerin

      The people of Gaza is only starving for Jewish blood.
      Too bad the pseudo-Jews aboard the pffflotilla are too few to satisfy their appetite.

  • Steve Chavez

    It's USTOGAZA.ORG. Another very important and probably the most important member of this support the terrorist group is MICHAEL MYERSON who up until the fall of the Soviet Union, a country Obama, Hillary, and many 80's Communists, now disguised as Democrats, loved more than their own country, was directly connected to the Soviet KGB!

    In 1962, Myerson attended an International Communist convention IN VIETNAM! He became the honorary nephew to Ho Chi Minh! So when the war started, who do you think Myerson supported? He, the CPUSA, AND THE KGB started and directed the peace movement and millions of stoned out Americans blinded followed this Mother of all Deceptions! "U.S. OUT OF VIETNAM!"

    In 1979, Myerson started the official UNITED STATES PEACE COUNCIL, which was an affiliate of the WORLD PEACE COUNCIL RUN DIRECTLY BY THE SOVIET KGB!
    "U.S. OUT OF CENTRAL AMERICA!" This period of the 80's is extremely important since those supporters, mostly at universities, of these CPUSA/KGB peace fronts, ARE THE LEADERS OF TODAY! PLEASE GOOGLE "OBAMA SUNDIAL 1983" which is an article written by Obama, while at Columbia, on these very CPUSA/KGB fronts that he supported! Obama admitted he "sought out Marxist professors" and this proves he sought out and hung around the most radical of Marxist students who towed the KGB LINE!

    Democrats in Congress would never attend a Republican convention but they are guest speakers at CPUSA conventions! They seek advice and help from the CPUSA! WHY? When the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain, and the Berlin Wall fell, they were the most bitter and depressed of all the world's Communists, except for KGB PUTIN! So, AS REVENGE, they seek the downfall of the United $tate$ to even the world's playing field! Their weapon: $$$

    • samsgran1948

      Read Dupes by Paul Kengor. It will give you the entire sad, sick story of both the CPUSA and its liberal dupes.

    • skulldiggerin

      Sorry Mr. Steve for only one tiny error : in '62 it was N-VN.

  • AntiFascist18

    Torpedo the boats and hang any of them on the tarmac at Ben Gurion…they can become gefilte fish bait like Osama did…and any of the Americans affiliated with these Neo-Nazis and Islamists should be considered to be traitors – we already know a few in their midsts, Bonzo O's pals Ayers, Dohrn and Khalidi. Getting rid of them would be a blessing for the USA.

  • StephenD

    Israel doesn't have to explain to anyone their actions should a ship (Flotilla) attempt to breach its legal Naval Blockade. Israel will have every right to confiscate the ship and sell it or dismantle it or charge for its return or…sink it. I would love to see them inventory the boats and show the lack of real helpful materials and then, use it in the service of Israeli Military Ops.! Why waste it? A Free boat! Unless of course they are fired upon or detect weapons or any other threat, in which case they should summarily dispatch it into eternity.

  • Raymond in DC

    "some of the same governments and world bodies that rushed to lambast it over the Mavi Marmara a year ago can take more reasonable positions if Israel works hard in advance to impress on them the truth."

    Actually, Israel *did* expend considerable diplomatic pressure last year to persuade countries of the true nature of the first flotilla and to prevent them from sailing. Those efforts fell on deaf ears, with Turkey actively encouraging them and Western countries mumbling about "free expression". It was the deaths on the Mavi Marmara and videos of "activists" attacking IDF soldiers that suggested they may have misunderstood the kind of people Israel is dealing with. This year they know better and Israel has found a more receptive audience.

    Thus far, the alternative fly-tilla is meeting with similar foreign cooperation, with some 200 activists denied flights to Ben Gurion Airport and a handful who got through already deported. By week's end, the tally should be Israel: 2, Flot-idiots: 0.

    • stern

      Part of the reason for the flytilla failure is simply financial. An airline that flies in somebody who is on Israel's no-fly list will be faced with having to fly that person back to their starting point, at the airline's expense.

  • BS77

    Hey all you useful idiots, wack jobs and leftist screamers …..why don't you work towards freeing the Arab people from Hamas? Israel has little or nothing to do with the corruption, violence and misery index created by the Hamas terror tyranny.

    • LesbianNeoCon

      If they did that, how would they continue to justifiably spew their Israel/Jew hatred? That's their main objective – to destroy Israel, and perpetuate the myth that "palestinians" are being oppressed/persecuted by Israel. If they work to help free the "palestinians", their entire lives will have been a waste up to that point. No way will they ever let that happen. Plus, they'd all be out of jobs as professional anti-Semites. Just like the race whores here, like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, etc. They will fabricate racism, even when there is none, to fit their narratives that this country is full of Tea Party racists. Why? Because it's what they do. Without racism, these sad excuses for people, would be out of work. All leftists do is exploit those who they claim they want to protect.

  • Asher

    The Freedom Flotilla is quite the opposite, they want to ignite a war between the Arab nations and Israel. Too bad Hamas, and the PLO are so full of hate that all they have on their minds is destroying Israel, instead of trying to create prosperity and peace for their own people. IF I WERE THE PEOPLE I WOULD GET WISE AND PUT AN END TO RADICAL ISLAM CONTROLLING MY FUTURE! ITS NOT ISRAEL THAT HAS CREATED THIS SITUATION. EVEN THE ARABS IN ISRAEL DON'T WANT A HAMAS STATE!

  • violent23

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  • tanstaafl

    Is it true that whenever a communist plot fails, an angel gets it's wings?

    • EdwinS

      so that's why I have these damn things growing out of my back!!!

      • skulldiggerin

        They are not "damn", they are Blessed.

  • BLJ

    I guess it is true that crap floats.

  • effemall

    Pity. I was looking forward to Israel sinking these ships.

  • Mikey

    Meanwhile, the Arab leaders in the Middle East slaughter their own people by the dozens, but apparently, none of them cares. We all know why – it's easy to provoke a democratic country where they would be treated with silk gloves. If they tried helping those in (actual) need in Muslim/Arab countries, or various other countries in Africa or Asia, their ship would get sunk within two seconds.

  • DeShawn

    Proof again that if jews whine, threaten and blackmail enough, they get what they want. It's like dealing with toddlers. But that's OK, you hook-nosed vermin, enjoy Israel while you can, because like apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany before it, it's only a matter a time before its history.

    • UCSPanther

      All I hear from the antisemitic idiots is just more of their usual whining, of which no one listens to anyways. Enjoy your ranting, Deshawn. Its only a matter of time before you fade into nothing. Besides, I thought you VNN vermin were lamenting the destruction of Nazi Germany, despite what you claim.

      We Zionists always get vindicated in the end. Henry Ford learned that, Adolf Hitler learned that, Joseph Stalin learned that and you, along with all the other antisemitic traitors will learn that in due time.

      • MixMChess

        I've mostly completely tuned out DeShawn and his fantastical rantings. He can only spew pure antisemetic garbage, he devoid of any intellectualism.

  • DeShawn

    Goyim of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your Zionist chains.

    • Mikey

      Let's see here:
      Racist slurs, hate site, blood libels, ad hominem.
      And to top it all, a communist slogan.

      Yep, you're an idiot. Well done, mom must be proud.

    • SpiritOf1683

      What a pity you didn't lose your Jewish-invented medicines and vaccines. But then again you're a typical dole-blagging Jew-hating Nation of Islam black bigot. You belong in Somalia, parasite.

    • Choi


  • UCSPanther

    It's just as I predicted: The beginning of the end for these propaganda flotillas.

    They burned all their fake credibility on the first lame attempt, and now, all that is needed to do is watch the ensuing trainwreck.

  • BS77

    DeShawn……what's it like being you? Must be hell on earth.

  • Ronald W. Carnine


    • skulldiggerin

      Yes, I guess that 2 million less gives wings to their "conscience".
      But it`s leathery wings, the same Faust heard every time he summoned

  • Sharlene Basch

    For those of you that think there is a crisis in Gaza, watch a 1 min. 22 sec. video on "The Current Situation in Gaza"

    Hopefully you might learn something !!!!!!!!!!

  • skulldiggerin

    Do you see the name of the boat on the banner ?
    “ SS Free Gaza“ !

  • Amused


  • Amused

    …or is it DUHHShawn ?

  • Ye Olde Faithful

    It is time for patriots to plan the extermination of leftist radicals that actively support terror and violence against innocent people. They must be terminated with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

  • Rather Dan

    You mean solutions like the burka and suicide bomb? I dont like your solutions.

  • skulldiggerin

    Well, every mortal is entitled to his own way of salvation.
    Feel free to follow yours, and leave others to follow theirs.