Israel Faces New Flotilla Threat

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It was a year ago on Tuesday that Israeli naval commandos intercepted the Mavi Marmara, one of a convoy of six ships that had sailed from Turkey with the aim of breaking Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza. The commandos, attacked with metal bars, clubs, and knives by a mob of jihadists from the terror-linked IHH organization, fought for their lives and killed nine of the assailants—sparking yet another round of international Israel-bashing and investigations.

Now, a year later, the same IHH is, along with the Free Gaza Movement, organizing another flotilla—and it’s supposed to set sail for Gaza toward the end of June.

On Tuesday, Israel’s Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, which is connected to military intelligence, published an explosive exposé on the new flotilla. IHH leader Bülent Yildirim and another senior figure in the organization, Hüseyin Oruç, say this one will be much larger—numbering 15 ships, including the Mavi Marmara again, and a total of 1500 passengers.

As with last year’s flotilla, the non-Turkish contingent can be expected to consist of leftist-NGO and other Western fellow travelers of the jihad, largely under the Free Gaza Movement’s aegis. Yildirim says members of Arab parliaments and anti-Israeli “Jews from around the globe” will also be on board.

The IHH claims that this time none of the passengers will have weapons, and that it is prepared for UN or European observers to inspect the flotilla’s cargo. The Meir Amit Center expresses “skepticism,” noting that

for the previous flotilla IHH also claimed that the luggage of the passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara had been inspected by the Turkish authorities as they boarded the ship in Istanbul. In reality, the “inspection,” if it was indeed carried out, was meaningless, because many weapons were loaded aboard the ship, as was military equipment and tools for making improvised weapons.

Some other reasons for skepticism that this new flotilla will be a pacific one:

• Shaheeds. In its major propaganda campaign for the new flotilla, the IHH has been “glamoriz[ing] the memory of the nine shaheeds… killed aboard the Mavi Marmara [last year], and instilling hatred for Israel.” Yildirim has also “made various incendiary speeches in which he stressed IHH’s determination to proceed with the flotilla, even at the price of additional shaheeds.”

• A “surprise.” In speeches, IHH members have also warned Israel that there will be a “surprise” this time. The Meir Amit Center thinks this could refer to a plane being sent to Gaza. “In a speech [Yildirim] gave on April 7, 2011, at a memorial service for the…Mavi Marmara [operatives], he said that the Gaza Strip would also be reached by air” and that “the organization was in the process of acquiring a plane[.]”

• The nature of the IHH. As the Meir Amit Center noted in an earlier bulletin, the IHH is a radically anti-Western, Islamist group “which in the past provided support for the global jihad.” In a May 5 press conference with other Turkish Islamist organizations in an Istanbul suburb, the IHH denounced the killing of Osama bin Laden by the United States. In a speech two months before the embarking of last year’s flotilla, Yildirim said: “the United States is killing Muslims…. NATO forces are killing Muslims…. China is killing Muslims…. Israel is killing Muslims…. A Muslim cannot be defeated by oppressors and infidels…. The day we agree to be the slaves of the West [is the day] we taste defeat…. If the owners of Al-Quds [Jerusalem] are Muslims, control of the world will be in Muslim hands.”

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  • Guest

    Just incase you haven't actually seen footage from this event, the flotilla was surrounded and swarmed by IDF navy and soldiers. There's no reason to write this smut when there's video readily available online. If anyone is spreading propaganda, it is you.

    • artcohn

      The videos that I saw showed just the opposite of your claim. It is your comment which is smut.

    • aspacia

      I have seen the footage. The Mavi was attempting to break an internationally legal blockade against the Hamas controlled terrorist state of Gaza. Those on the Mavi attacked the paintgun wielding IDF with pipes.

      Those on the Mavi were singing songs celebrating the massacring of Jews.

      Read some valid sources, not just al Jazeera, BBC, Le Figaro, etc. All have been outed for lies and omissions. Remember the Dura affair? Keransky sued and won against the government controlled media source for both libel and slander.

    • Cuban Refugee

      Guest, are you Jesse Lee, a.k.a. The Terminator, Obama's new Pushback Czar?

    • Paddyjdonovan

      Nice try! This is a new tactic of the side with no facts and nothing but hate on their side: Say that the ' proof ' is in the audio or video, knowing that most people will think it is because " who lies and is deceitful enough to try and trick someone like that '?
      You just answered that question. Good luck in your career as a carnival worker

    • Larry

      It's amazing how different people can watch the same episode and come up with different versions as to what they saw. I am non-political but after viewing the boarding by the Israeli military there is no doubt that these Israeli soldiers were surrounded
      and menaced by terrorists intent on doing them harm. The boarding party responded appropriately. This so called peace ship was loaded with weapons.

  • Josh Ebert

    Sink all the boats at sea! Brute force is the only way to stop them.

    • Axe

      They always seem to find some impossible third way.

      Take Mr. X, who wants to run the gate. I shrug and say "shoot the guy." Mr. X runs the gate. They don't shoot him at all; somehow, they capture him, disarm him, spin him around a few times and let him go. He runs home (zigzag) and tells everyone the Zionists turned him into Anthony Weiner.

      Just amazing.

      • kafir4life

        I hate it when coffee shoots out of my nose.

        Thanks for that!!!

        • OLJingoist

          OJ is worse

    • jacob

      I would hope and pray for the Israelis to stop threatening …….
      ("WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR THE FLOTILLA") and mean unhampered and unrestricted business instead.
      Their Navy has had time enough to devise something to disable the propulsion
      and steering systems of the "flotilla" vessels, leaving them dead in the water,
      letting them stay there until begging to be towed, as he who kills by the sword
      can't expect to be smothered with pillows…

      I wonder who or what made Israel return the MARMARA insted of keeping and
      auctioning it off and, if no takers but just fronts for the owners to get it back,
      scrapped it altogether, which would be oine hell lof a lesson for all of them…

      But, Israel must be a light to the nations and therefore, the ship was returned

      Now TURKEY feels Israel should apologize and indemnify the families of the
      dead terrorists er…"Insurgents" OBAMA dixit
      RIGHT ???

    • alan g

      They should place mines everywhere surrounding Gaza, and then sit back and shout allah akbar when the fireworks begins.

  • Ishmael137

    The welfare of the Palestinians has nothing to do with the proposed flotilla. The goal is to provoke Israel; if the Israeli commandos do not respond with leathal force, some of the activists will either force their hand, or make it appear they had. The ships will carry contraband, the participants have said as much. And, of course, they will be armed, as were the passengers of the previous flotilla when they wrested control of the MV Mavi Marmara from its crew prior to the attack. The real tragedy is not that IHH agents will likely die, but that wide-eyed, well-meaning, naieve activists will join them, not knowing what they are truely getting themselves into.

    • aspacia

      This conflict is not about helping the refugee Arabs; this could have been done years ago if the vast Arab world had absorbed them as Israel absorbed her 650,000 refugee brethren expelled from Arab lands.

      This is about the annihilation of the only Jewish state in the world.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        As I know you are right I must say that it is unfortunate that these
        15 ships are leaky and unseaworthy, to bad for the terrorist
        enablers and pirates……..If their trash ends up in Davey Jones
        locker or as shark appatizers, well…………..good…………but no
        IDF or Naval Commandos should suffer a scratch on these

  • fxgeorges

    “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    • kafir4life

      Isn't islam that gutter cult that was invented by a pedophilic warlord that the muslims attempt to emulate in every aspect as the perfect man? Can you imangine what it's like to be a muslim? From what I've heard and read from muslims about their faith, it sounds much like a poopie diaper, but with no diaper.

  • Ariew

    Call for a new flotilla to help the poor Curds in Turkey!
    Call for a new flotilla to help the Armenians suffer from Turkey… Ooopppss, they’ve all been murdered by the Turkish…. sorry…

    Poor Curds: more than 25 million people, with REAL own culture, language, history ( Palestininans has none of these)…
    could have get the whole world support, if only were clever enough to claim their land from,, Israel…

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    I would much rather see that Islamists internalize reality and understand, (far fetched prospect that), that paint ball guns will not be used.
    From amongst the islamic military, the Turks are the best and respected as soldiers, but as irregulars/terrorists that will not enter into the calculations and action plans.
    I am sure the Turks understand.
    Without much noise Gaza is returning into Egyptian control. Including within Gaza.
    We hope against conditions developing in Egypt that the hamas murderers will be placed under control as well. Should that not be te case…
    Mr. Netanyahu reported to Parliament that the "hamas" and associates have a stock of 10000 rockets and mortars. One Israeli rocket can easily melt that away along with a few other things.

    • aspacia

      Quite a problem if Egypt is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Amused

    The4 Flotilla will never reach it's destination , if there truly is aid cargo on board , it will be diverted to a port of ISRAEL'S CHIOCE , and go overland after inspection , just like the last time -or any other time .Occupants will be prevented from landing . Perhaps Cynthia can be used as an anchor when docking .

  • aspacia

    Actually, I was thinking muchlessboy would do as an anchor.

  • The Golani Snowman

    Remember it was Obama who forbade use of normal anti-riot equipment.

    And the law:

    According to the San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea, 12 June 1994,[10] a blockade is a legal method of warfare at sea, but is governed by rules. The blockading nation must publish a list of contraband. The manual describes what can never be contraband. Outside this list, the blockading nation is free to select anything as contraband. The blockading nation typically establish a blockaded area of water, but any ship can be inspected as soon as it is established that it is attempting to break the blockade. This inspection can occur inside the blockaded area or in international waters, but never inside the territorial waters of a neutral nation. A neutral ship must obey a request to stop for inspection from the blockading nation. If the situation so demands, the blockading nation can request that the ship divert to a known place or harbour for inspection. If the ship does not stop, then the ship is subject to capture. If people aboard the ship are resisting capture, they can be attacked. It is still not allowed to sink the ship, unless provision is made for rescueing the crew. Leaving the crew in liferafts / lifeboats does not constitute rescue. If a neutral ship is captured, any member of the crew, resisting capture can be treated as prisoners-of-war, while the remainder of the crew should be released. A neutral nation may choose to send a convoy accompanied by warships. The warship can provide guarantees that the convoy does not contain contraband. in which case, the blockading nation does not have any right of inspection.

    • Raymond in DC

      Turkey has threatened to use its warships to "protect" those attempting to run the blockade of Gaza. But Turkey is not a "neutral nation", as they're supporters of Hamas. They were the first to welcome the newly elected Hamas representatives in 2006. (They also, lest we forget, provide "cover" to the indicted war criminal al-Bashir of Sudan – Turkey claiming that he can't be guilty of genocide because "Muslims don't commit genocide".)

      If Turkey *were* to use its warships in this fashion, it could constitute a causus belli, putting NATO in quite a pickle as Turkey is still a NATO member.

    • Bob

      Mostly right, but with significant mistakes. The blockading nation does not have to publish a list of contraband. However, only things on a published list of contraband are subject to capture. Capture means, not just that the blockader can seize it, but that it becomes the property of the blockader. Without a list, harmless items remain the property of whoever owned the cargo before. Basic food has to be let through, but anything else can be barred (sent back where it came from). I’m not sure whether the right to confiscate weapons applies if the weapons aren’t on the list, but they can at least be kept out of the blockaded area. The crew are POWs (after capture) regardless of whether they attack or not. The passengers are POWs only if they attack. One big thing is that the captured ship becomes legally the property of the blockading power.

  • tanstaafl

    Are we sure that the flotilla can find Israel? I suppose the sailing instructions are simple – "bear south".

  • bambamfunkhoser

    I am tired of some of Israel's supporters (mostly non-Jews BTW) treating Israel like it is some delicate little flower on the verge of extinction. These flotillas arent a threat to Israel, they are more of a nuisance and while they should be stopped, it isnt necessary to hit the panic button every time one sets sail. Israel is stronger today than it has ever been vis-a-vis its enemies. There currently is NO existential threat to the state of Israel. Not the Arab states, not Hamas not Hizbullah and not even Iran which spends a paltry 3% of its GDP on defense.

    • Raymond in DC

      I suppose the 40,000 projectiles in Hizbullah's hands are not a threat, nor the 10,000 held by Hamas, nor even the thousands Syria holds, including some with chemical warheads.

      A "nuisance" flotilla, if allowed to break the blockade, would quickly be followed by weapons carrying warships – at least three of which have already been seized – the Karine A of 2002 with 50 tons of armaments, the Francop a few years ago with almost *500* tons, and yet another earlier this year with some 50 tons including an anti-ship missile.

    • winoceros

      Yeah, and it's not like another Muslim nation would come to the aid of Hamas or Hezbollah decided to get frisky or anything. It's not like the elimination of the Jews is their sole focus or anything. I mean, they have so much else to do.

      Yes, Israel is strong, but your conclusion does not flow from your premise. Clue in. Seriously, do you think we are being told what Iran spends on defense? I mean, we can't get nations to report actual infant mortality rates and you are relying on whom, praytell, for this teeny number of plastic sabres they're rattling?

    • Paddyjdonovan

      Not sure I understand your first comment. So, you are not supposed to support a group of people or a nation unless you are……….what? A member? Culturally or ethnically related? I can only support ireland?

  • KathleenP

    What would I tell Israel? Torpedo the lot of them. The places from which this assortment of leftards, brain-dead peaceniks, pseudo-academics, anti-Semites, jihadists and terrorists hail will be none the poorer for their absence. Make it quick and painless. Just do it.

    • winoceros

      Wouldn't it be nice if Rauf was on board as well?

    • SpiritOf1683

      Yep, its nothing that a couple of Harpoon or Exocet missiles wouldn't solve.

  • brooklyn pizza

    where did you people come from? under a rock!! stop sending foreign aid to israel and spend it on our wounded vets and schools!!! we need help no jobs and no money but yet we a foriegn president in front of congress in our house belittling our president and political views ! come to my neighborhood buddy i will show a nice speech!!

    • EVABeliever

      pizza face: where is your roach infested restaurant? From your comment it is obvious that you are the one who has been living under a rock. The money sent to Israel comes right back to US defense manufacturers providing jobs for Americans. I'm sure you knew that or is your brain filled with too much pepperoni? Your muslim president Nobama has gotten involved in Israeli politics to Israel's detriment. He has harmed every single ally the US has and embarrassed the USA on an International level. I did not vote for the putz but he was never given the right to apologize for all of America's "sins". I guess you are ashamed to be an American if you like the putz in office. Yes, Netanyahu schooled Nobama and he did it without a teleprompter. Go back to your pizza because you can't keep exposing your lack of intelligence.

      • Raymond in DC

        Correct. Military aid comes right back to the US (some 75% must be spent on US military goods), but it's more than that. Israel has invested some $50 BILLION in the US, including defense facilities like the one ELBIT has in Texas employing some 700 people. The Israeli-designed "Namer" APC is being manufactured in the US. And Israeli bio-tech investments in Massachusetts have benefited the local economy, as its governor reminds us. One could easily go on.

    • MixMChess

      Israel is an indispensable ally. If you really want to complain about wasting our hard-earned tax dollars – look no further than the Arab/Islamic world:

    • the truth hurts!

      US gets back more from Israel than it ever got and ever will get from all the Arab countries put together. Israeli PM addressed Congress as a head of state. Obama spoke of issues critical to the survival of Israel in advance of the Prime Minister's visit to try and corner him into submission. It is you who should be ashamed of Obama. He is screwing up the status of the US in the eyes of the Moslem world. Since Obama turns his back on its allies ( Israel, Egypt, and more ) why should Arabs put any trust in him?

    • ajnn

      1. we send foreign aid to so many anti-american institutions, countries, and groups.

      2. we use foreign aid as a diplomatic tool.

      3. i do not know if it would benefit the us or israel were we to end the 3B in aid.

      (a) Israel sends it all back in the form of weapons purchases and

      (b) does a lot for us that is very valuable and would cost much more. Shouldwe end the aid and have Israel just send us an itemized bill for the services it does provide? would that cost us much, much more ?

  • Salty

    —- turkey. turky is no friend of Israel or the USA,or the free world, example, Iraq war. Do what you did last time Israel. Only do it sooner. Don't lose not even one soldier this time.

  • Wesley69

    Turkey's involvement is disturbing as it tilts further toward the Radical Islamists. Maybe it's prime minister believes the idea that Turkey (Ottoman Empire) should be the leader of the Islamic Caliphate.

    Israel should say that it plans to stop and search the flotilla, searching for any contraband. After that, Israel should just let it proceed to its destination. The Egyptians have already opened their border with Gaza, so the flotilla is just another entry into Gaza. The less Israel plays up this flotilla, the better. All it is is another effort to unite the Muslims against Israel, just like the Arab Spring was planned events to remove non-revolutionary regimes from power to be replaced by Shariah-based, anti-Israel regimes.

  • Raymond in DC

    A week or two back, a Malaysian cargo ship tried to run the blockade. It took a few shots across the bow from an Israeli naval vessel to get them heading to El Arish. Then they got into a dispute with Egypt and again made a run for Gaza before suffering engine trouble. Last I heard they were still adrift. Oops!

    • winoceros

      Gosh, modern, moderate Malaysia? Trying to aid jihadists? My, what are all those moderate Muslims thinking?! They must be so embarrassed by the behavior of these obvious aberrants.

  • Amused

    Malaysian muslim=middle-eastern muslim = Indonesian muslim = ANY muslim . Most don't even know where Israel is ….or what it is . Funny though , they are ALL well versed in Jew-Hate . Gee , where do you think that comes from ??

    • tanstaafl

      Just a guess – it's the Qur'an!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    which it will survive like all the others-with flotilla Islamists and their useful leftist shipmates gaining nothing but a transient satisfaction.

    Google ApolloSpeaks to read my widely linked top Townhall piece: Signs and Predictions of Obama's Failure in the Middle East.r text right here!

  • BLJ

    The last time I checked rockets still sink ships. Rockets are good.

  • Leo

    It is time for the west stop kowtowing The Turks. Erdogan must understand that can't play double game. Turkey can't be part of NATO at the same time align itself with terrorist organizations. The election on June 12 will be the last chance for Turkey to join the civilized world. If Erdogan wins as expected Turkey will be the next IRAN

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    W., 06/01/11 common era

    G-d forbid that one of the flotilla passengers suffers a hangnail or some dandruff. The Ishmaelite leaders will petition the U.N., Vatican, E.U. State Department, and Kremlin for immediate investigations into alleged human rights violations. Barack Husein Obama, Our Beloved Chairman, will call for moderation on BOTH sides. The ADL will concur.
    Again, nuthin' new under the sun. . .

    • winoceros

      Maybe we could suggest that Obama go along for the ride, you know, to monitor the human rights situation and to reach a hand out to the Muslim world. I'm sure he has the vacation time, and we could put a basketball hoop on the foredeck.

      • tanstaafl

        What about the tele-prompter? You don't want to leave that behind………

  • RiverFred

    Stop the flotilla by knocking out their propellers if they do not agree to unload at a designated Isralei port. Let them float around for a few days, hopefully they will all get sea sick and drown in their own vomit.

  • rusyn

    glenn beck has been doing excellent reporting on this flotilla and who is involved (bill ayers,etc.) tune into his program on fox.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What did the shark do, have mercy on the poor fish……….William

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I was thinking maybe a hydrogen bomb would be appropriate but overkill
    might bring out greenpeace and no one would ever get over that……….William

  • Paul

    It can't be that difficult to destroy the screws or the rudders of the leftist/jihadist fleet. Then they will float around helplessly, exposed to ridicule and laughter of the normal world.

  • Bert

    Israeli leaders still remain brain dead when it comes to public relations. In 'starving' Gaza they just opened their second luxury shopping mall. The world does not know that most Gazans today are living far better than many Arabs including their health and life span.
    Thus they do not need any 'humanitarian' supplies from the flotilla. Unfortunately many people believe the propaganda that Gazans are suffering extreme deprivation. The Jews keep losing every propaganda conflict because most Jewish leaders in Israel and America are secular and really do not believe in G-d or in their justice of their own cause.

  • Arius

    Israel should shoot down the airplane, if there is one.

  • MustatakenaMoohammed

    Muzlims are like BHO. World class liars and deceivers. The Bible speaks of a time when lies will be believed, when people will see the truth and deny it. When people will follow a brilliant orator and murder millions at his command. SO much of this is happening now and BHO with middle eastern roots could become a major player. Borm muzlim yet no muzlim has ever accused him of apostasy. WHY, because they understand the need for deceit and support his efforts. I hope G-d himself melts the ships with a meteor shower just so we can hear the lies about that one.
    Pray for Israel as if your soul depended upon it. Because It does!

  • aricept altzheimer’s

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