Reward for the Next Kidnapped Israeli Soldier

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In Israel the picture is different. Tuesday last week, the day of Shalit’s return to Israel, set a record for Israeli TV watching with over three million viewers out of a population of less than eight million. But the joy felt by most Israelis that day has given way to some hard soul-searching about the “next kidnapping.”

The Israel Defense Forces reportedly views the threat of another kidnapping as “concrete” and is considering ways to prevent “the abduction of living soldiers…at any cost.” That includes, if necessary, risking an abducted soldier’s death by “opening fire at the abductors’ vehicle.” The “guiding principle” here is that “a dead soldier is better than a kidnapped soldier [for whom] Israel…will be forced to pay a heavy price….”

And soon the Shamgar Commission, set up in 2008 after Israel’s previous lopsided prisoner deal, is supposed to hand its recommendations to the government. A lively debate has already started about a possible legislated stipulation to keep future hostage deals to a 1:1 ratio. Skeptics say it won’t work because future governments would still succumb to the same sorts of pressures that led to the Shalit and other exchanges.

In the larger perspective, Israel is still in a process of learning how to live in a region where, to put it gently, universal values don’t always prevail. The laudable social solidarity, the profound concern for the individual soldier, that has produced the now famous—or infamous—prisoner deals has to be balanced with a more sober policy that can prevent or defeat extortion.

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  • StephenD

    If Israel had no prisoners, there would be no talk of an exchange. If Israel took no prisoners, there couldn't be any talk of an exchange. Hamas has raised the ante. Israel is better served to see the enemy for what it is. It ultimately chooses to take no prisoners and to annihilate Israel. Preemptive action is required even if not desired. IT is obvious Israel would rather live in peace. The choice was taken from them long ago. Your enemy will not negotiate for a dead terrorist. "If it be Allah's will" spoken from a graveside in Gaza should be the closest they get to a future exchange.

  • jacob

    The remedy for all of this kidnaping situation lies in the fact of always "NEGOTIATING"

    However, if the Israeli governments having "cojones" (which they don't) would have
    given HAMAS 24 hours to return SHALIT sane and safe or else it would start bombing GAZA to hell, you woud have seen immediate action…
    Rest assured that, contrary to the fatalism their leaders inculcate into the morons they
    turn into suicide bombers, they value very highly their own skins

  • Brujo Blanco

    Israel is under the international gun. During the last major conflict the French sent a warship with the an ouced intention of protecting the terrorists from the Israelis. If fact at one time the Fenchocked the surface to air missiles on Israeli aircraft. The Jews are consistently identified as the aggressors in any conflict even if it involves totally disregarding the facts. The USA needs to cut off all aid to any entity that supports terrorism.

  • PhillipGaley

    "offering a reward . . . . "? Yeah, well, I'd already have the boys fueling up the missile—the one with: "Al-Qarni" in black felt pen on it, . . . actually, I think, I'd have 'em fuel up a couple of back-ups, . . . just in case, he gave us the dodge on the first one.

    And should anyone ask as to why, I'd tell 'em that, with his violent rhetoric, he was constitutive of a disruptive influence in ME relations, that, in this enlightened age, that was a no-no, . . . the next one who piped up in that way, we'd drop him, too; and, if we got so many that, we had t'start up making more missiles, we'd crank up the missile factories, 24/7, . . .

    Was it Patton and his men and methods who subdued the Moslems in the Philippines and Indonesia? He put-the-fear-a-god-in-'em, and in about 2 years, in all those islands, they threw in the towel. He would butcher the lot of them, each time saving one, turning him loose, and shortly, word got around, . . .

    Such as Al-Qarni and his associates and their people, are to be ruled with an appropriately firm grip, . . . the while, we have very many who, if they had to dress out a chicken, wimply wouldn't eat fried chicken, . . .

  • LindaRivera

    Of course, devout Muslims are eager to kidnap a lot more Israeli soldiers. The REWARD for kidnapping is HUGE.

    In psychological terms it is known as positive reinforcement. Rewarding behavior that is considered good and desirable. The lesson given by Israel's disgraceful leaders.

    Oh, for the wonderful, lost days of Entebbe when Israel stood tall and strong. Israel was admired and deeply respected. It is ONLY the Israel of Entebbe fame that can survive.

  • LindaRivera

    To Brujo Blanco,

    You state: "During the last major conflict the French sent a warship with the an ouced intention of protecting the terrorists from the Israelis. If fact at one time the Fenchocked the surface to air missiles on Israeli aircraft."

    Could you give links to this information, titles of articles on this, etc.? This is extremely shocking if it is correct and should be widely disseminated on the internet.

    It is alarming that time after time, Western nations have taken the side of the most barbaric Muslim terrorists. Including, forcing American, European, UK and other taxpayers to finance the Muslim terrorist organization, the Palestinian Authority. The PA is also armed and given continual advanced military training by America.

  • Ben

    when there is supply there`ll be the demand. Israely supply of terrorists inevitably grows Arabic demand. The author himself happily greeted the gigantic exchange. The weakness made is not the cause for the complain.

  • Anamah

    Hey Facebook, this must to be illegal. To offer a reward to kidnap anyone should be punished by the law, and to publishing it seems to me also a crime. We know the Saudi Real family as a bunch of perverted but this is frankly despicable!!!