The Death of a Jihad Lackey

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Apparently on Wednesday, Vittorio Arrigoni, a 36-year-old Italian activist with the International Solidarity Movement who had been living in Gaza since 2008, was kidnapped. On Thursday a small, Al Qaeda-linked group calling itself Tawhid and Jihad (Monotheism and Holy War) released a video of Arrigoni with a beaten, bloodied face and someone clutching the hair of his head.

In the video, Tawhid and Jihad demanded that Gaza’s ruling Hamas regime free its leader, Hisham Saidani, whom Hamas had arrested in early March—or it would kill Arrigoni within 30 hours.

Reports say that on Thursday night Hamas police officers stormed the house in Gaza City where Arrigoni was being held—and found it empty except for his body lying on a mattress. The doctor who performed the autopsy said he had been strangled with a plastic cord, about 24 hours before the ultimatum was supposed to expire.

By Friday morning Tawhid and Jihad was denying responsibility for the murder. Hamas now claims it has arrested two suspects, but it has also, in de rigueur fashion, been putting the blame on Israel.

The International Solidarity Movement to which Arrigoni belonged, founded in 2001, abets Palestinian terror against Israel and is an important force in the international BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) movement against Israel. Israel’s Meir Amit Center describes ISM as “joined at the hip” to the Free Gaza Movement, and last year the two of them cooperated with the Turkish terror-linked IHH group in dispatching the Mavi Marmara toward Gaza, whose passengers attacked Israeli soldiers with guns, knives, and clubs in a well-known incident.

In 2003 a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist was found hiding in the ISM’s office in Jenin. Also that year, two British Muslim suicide bombers blew up the Mike’s Place bar in Tel Aviv, killing three and wounding 50. Five days earlier the two had met with ISM members in Gaza.

When ISM member Vittorio Arrigoni came to Gaza in August 2008, it was three years after Israel had withdrawn all soldiers and civilians from the Strip and one year after Hamas had assumed full rule there. Israeli civilian communities that border Gaza were under constant rocket and mortar attack—particularly Sderot, a low-income town of about 20,000, one-third of whose children were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and under constant treatment.

It goes without saying that Arrigoni, a blogger for the Communist paper Il Manifesto who sported a Che Guevara cap, had no sympathy whatsoever for the residents of Sderot—or for any Israeli under terror attack anytime. The New York Times, ever enamored of the “Palestinian cause,” writes admiringly that Arrigoni “dedicated his life to people he saw as oppressed,” and “during Israel’s three-week offensive in Gaza that started in late 2008, after years of rocket fire against southern Israel, he rode in ambulances to report firsthand on the Israeli assault that he condemned.” He also reportedly “worked closely with Gazan fishermen and farmers.”

According to AP, the ISM said in a press release that Arrigoni had been engaged in “monitoring human rights violations by Israel, supporting the Palestinian popular resistance against the Israeli occupation and disseminating information about the situation in Gaza to his home country of Italy.”

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  • Alexander Gofen

    The fate of this and other ISM "heroes" resembles very much to that of earlier Commies in the West who were stupid enough to actually come to Stalin's USSR in order to personally help building of the Communist paradise. Those useful idiots varied from scientists to blue collar workers – soon all executed, tortured and rotten in GULAG… It is very unfortunate that a lot of other Commies and progressives happened to be cleverer and chose to remain here…

    • k-dog

      Right you are Alexander. This is a fitting end to a jihad supporter……..

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    A fitting end for a trouble maker who valued the love (& hate) of the enemy over his own.

  • John

    "Israel's to blame, Israel's to blame." That all these people know how to say. Israel could discover the cure for cancer and these people, along with the UN, would accuse Israel of putting doctors and pharmecutical companies out of business. Your rethoric is trite and banel at this point. Or and did I mentioned hate-filled, inaccurate and false.

  • john

    Just rewards. You lay down with dogs, they will eat you.

    • SpiritOf1683

      A Muslim is far more likely to kill you than a dog eat you, as many Leftist simpletons have discovered the hard way.

  • LindaS

    What SHOULD give leftists pause is that this is how the Jihadists treat their friends.

    Just think how they will treat their enemies.

    • SpiritOf1683

      It won't give Leftists pause because they're too stupid. And there's no cure for their type of stupidity.

  • flyingtiger

    He was killed 24 hours before the ultimatium ran out? You just can't trust terrorists anymore.

  • MHL

    Daniel Pearl and now Vittorio Arrigoni. The former a Jew ; the latter a Christian.
    It's kind of reassuring to know that the radical Islamist terrorists carry out be-headings indiscriminately -pun intended. It makes no difference as long as you are an"infidel" you are fair game. How sick is that?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Vittorio Arrigoni a Christian, no athiest Communist, murder loving
      idiot is a Christian……………………………..William

  • UCSPanther

    The one good thing that will come from this mess: The so-called "Palestinian Liberation" cause will bleed off even more credibility. With the Rachel Corrie debacle, they lost a lot of credibility, especially with their lame attempts to spin and photoshop in order to hide the mess they created there.

    My prediction: The ISM will have sooner or later have great difficulty recruiting more "meat shields" and they will fizzle out, hopefully being remembered in the same light as those who willfully attempted to assist the Nazis in WWII…

  • umustbkidding

    A great example of a stupid man thinking himself to be better and more valuable than he was. Died by what he believed in, just thought it could never happen to him.

  • Farrel

    Good riddance to bad rubbish – I will be buying some candy tonight!

  • Jakob

    what goes around……..who's your hadji

  • Darwin

    A nominee for the Darwin Awards

  • American Mongrel

    Arrigoni was a Fascist Socialist Jew-Hater. His death serves him right. Bigots of his stripe will always perish by the sword.

  • john in cheshire

    This is what happens when you play with the devil. I'm sorry he died, but I can't summon up much sympathy with his beliefs.

  • Baloshka

    Golly gee whiz, do you think he suffered? Goombah Dago go bye-bye.

  • Graham

    oh deer another terrorist sympathiser slaughtered by his brothers why do these people never learn they are programmed from birth to kill all infidels does'nt matter if you like them they don't care it don't matter if you help them fight their evil cause because you think you'll somehow be accepted, but really they just look at us infidels all the same they have to its their law not just their religion that's a thing a lot of people tend to forget, as soon as you've served your purpose they intended for you your mincemeat by which ever imaginative way they can think of they have a few varied tried and tested methods which they go by sorry no sympathy for this terrorist sympathiser.