Will Israel Invade Gaza?

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On Saturday the Israeli air force hit an Islamic Jihad squad in Gaza that was preparing to fire a rocket into Israel. The leader of the squad was killed, the other three members wounded.

Soon after, on Saturday night, two retaliatory rockets were fired from Gaza, one of them causing shrapnel wounds to a foreign worker.

In other words, Gaza has Israel covered. The Israeli air force generally carries out successful pinpoint strikes, but Gaza can always exact a price. Even when its projectiles cause no physical damage to people or property, they make sure the residents of southern Israel don’t know a moment’s security.

The pattern was similar in the previous round. Islamic Jihad opened it with a Grad rocket on Wednesday, October 26. Three days later Israel wiped out a five-man cell in Gaza. Islamic Jihad responded with about 40 rockets and mortars that killed one civilian, wounded nine, and damaged property. Israel hit back effectively until the rockets and mortars stopped. But Israelis don’t regard this as a “victory” or a reasonable way to live.

And over the weekend there was an alarming report that “in response to a heightened threat of anti-aircraft weaponry from Gaza and Egypt, the IAF has ordered its planes to temporarily avoid flying over Israel’s southern border.” It’s believed that terrorist groups in the area have “newly procured anti-aircraft weapons from Libya [that were] smuggled into the Gaza Strip and the increasingly lawless Sinai Peninsula….”

Not surprisingly, so long as Israel makes no decisive move in Gaza, the strategic threat only grows. Smuggling has been a free-for-all since the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Gaza’s rockets can now reach the Tel Aviv area while ever more sophisticated and dangerous weaponry flows in from Libya (another “Arab spring” liability), Iran, and elsewhere.

Also not surprisingly, in this situation, voices in Israel are calling to reoccupy Gaza and put an end to the threat. While some of these come from outside the government, an official in the upper echelon, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, has spoken openly of “toppling Hamas from power and reestablishing control over the southern Strip” where the smuggled weapons enter. Hamas being, of course, the ruler of Gaza, Islamic Jihad a still-weaker rival.

So what’s Israel waiting for?

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  • Larry

    Right at the moment if Israel invades Gaza it has to go the whole way. That is clean the festering sore completely by shoving the whole lot of them into Egypt, and moving the Egyptian border back to the Suez where it belongs.

    • aspacia

      Currently, Egypt is allowing arms to flow through the Sinai which violates the treaty. Perhaps, Israel should retake the Sinai and use it as a buffer and seize its oil resources.

      • effemall

        Right on. I've been saying this for several years.

    • The curse of pharaoh

      always hungry for more!!! come in one inch of Egyptian land and you will gone forever!! you know we really do need some Jews slaves now more than ever, you will be good use to clean Cairo streets. So come on, get back to me, my fomer slave!!! *spits on the Torah*

      • Jonathan

        You must represent the religion of peace? need I say more

        • The curse of pharaoh



          • SpiritOf1683

            And attack Israel once more and that is the end of Egypt, barbarian.

      • Matt

        Arabs allways claim they are going to destroy the Jews, but history shows you are impotent every time you try.
        It must be so humiliating as an Arab to know that the decendents of "Apes & Pigs" have repeatedly destroyed the "mighty" Arab armies in successive wars, eh?
        Definition of stupidity: continually trying the same thing expecting different results.
        I wonder if you posess the intelligence to understand the implication?

        • The curse of pharaoh



          • Matt

            Ok, maybe not Arabs, but mostly inbred muslims none the less. After all your country did participate in the ARAB Spring!
            "YES WE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO USED TO RIDE YOUR FATHERS LIKE ANIMALS FOR 100s OF CENTURIES!!!" Are you claiming that you are a bunch of homosexuals?
            Egypt has NEVER beaten Israel or the Jewish people in a military confrontation & your country would have been conqured by the lowly Jews had you not begged the UN for them to stop hurting you in 1967!
            Look at your country now, ripping itself apart. Israel would be laughing at you idiots.

          • George

            you must be mistaking arabs for the greeks.

          • Guest

            no offence but Jews close to be inbred people than Muslims. Since Jews are only one ethnic group where Muslims are differrent groups from Far East Asia to North/South America Muslims are different ethnics and have cultures unlike Jews.

          • SpiritOf1683

            Youi're barbarians, and that we've known for years. Not only that,, you're parasites and I'm fed up to the teeth of seeing our aid budgetr wasted on trash like you. And, yes, those Jewish-invented vaccines were wasted on scum like you.

  • Gamaliel

    Here is an article that predicted this situation. http://www.intellectualconservative.com/2008/04/2
    and that makes clear that Israel will have to invade and the longer they wait the worse it will get.

  • kafir4life

    If confronted with a pack of rabid dogs, what is the proper method of dealing with them? You can't reason with them. You can't argue with them. You can't show them affection. You can't teach them. If not dealt with, and quickly, your lives are in danger. Now what do you do? What do you do. There is only one option.
    Islam is rabies. muslims…….the dogs.

    • effemall

      Good analogy.

    • Matt

      Yep, I like it too

  • aspacia

    If any of you are Pauline, I hope you saw Chris Wallace's interview. Doncha know we need to make nice with Iran. RP lives in OZ, and has zero idea that Iran's government hope for the apocalypse and 12th Imam.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Reoccupy Gaza? it's an option.But at the moment the situation is very
    dangerous.The muslim brother-hoods are winning in the surrounding
    countrys. Iran is a immediate threat to the existence of Israel,wich has to
    be dealth whit first. The terrorists from Gaza are on the payrol of Iran to
    provoke Israel into a fight and that will be a signal for the surrounding terrrorist
    to attack from all sides,like the past,but now Iran will be in it to.
    The three previous figths will seem like pinpricks compared to the coming
    one. And that there will be a war coming thereof I'm 1000% confident.
    If Israel will stand a change of winning she must choose very carefully wich
    enemy it takes down first. Above all it has te be quick as lightening.

    • edouard

      The terrorists from Israel are also on payroll from united states. Israel God is nuclear weapon, money and blood suckers. Why don't you as the chosen people to think of a way to create peace instead of accusing resistance from your stupidity. Make people love you and why 200 nuclear in Israel facing other nation, why 200?

      • edouard

        Please don't bring your wars in united states and get more italians or irish and others die because of israel. The internet has just about enough with israel. I may be too small for you but the world is watching, because we will not back you up even it is in jewish control. You better cool off and find a way to bring people together instead of wars.

        • SpiritOf1683

          How many Italians and Irish have died for Israel? Fewer than what can fit onto a bicycle. Now hundreds of Israelis have died for Italy, Ireland and the entire West. Israelis have been dying for us for the last 63 years.

  • Murray Schwartz

    I really wish that the stupid morons who write these articles would enlist and have thier war-mongering heads blown off in the process.

    The world would be a much better place if they did.

    • trumpeldor

      I think YOU are the leftist moron !

    • SHmuelHaLevi

      Talking about wishing that people you apparently do not agree with would have their heads blown off is not really nice you know.
      Somebody may take exception fellow.
      Calm down. Just stick to being irrelevant and that will do.

    • jacob

      SCHWARTZ :

      And if Israel finally decides to attack Iran's nuclear installations, can you guarantee
      Syria, Hizbullah, PA, Hamas and even Egypt will hesitate to attack Israel ???
      Do you remember when Hizbullah, with a much smaller arsenal, made rocktets rain
      on northern Israel, Haifa included ????

      Short of nuking them, my feeling is that the GAZA problem must be eliminated, as
      well as the PA and blast Hizbullah to kingdom come with absolute disregard for
      "innocent" civilians, which are none….

      Otherwise, Israel goodbye….

      • elihu

        So what's wrong with nuking them? It's way past the time to deal with these demonic peoples (descendants of Ishmael and Esau), they're not ever going to join the human race.

  • StephenD

    We've got this all wrong! First, you have to know our President will be the rational voice that will calm all others. Sure, he'll speak to the issue by declaring that both sides ought to use restraint (because we KNOW there is moral equivalency to lopping bombs into civilian areas and a precision military retaliatory strike). Why, he may even frown at the camera and tell the world that we know Iran can and has influenced these developments and if they would unclench their fists we will continue to extend our hand. You see, once we in the West realize all the turmoil is our fault, that we antagonize them by our presence (doubled for Israel! What don't they understand about that?!?) If we would only leave them alone (keep the money flowing though) why, then there would be no more need for "resistance warriors" that are forced into martyrdom by our cruel interference.

    • elihu

      Hyperbolic sarc I assume?!

  • Frank

    Hornik having lived in Israel a long time, it could well be that he HAS enlisted and seen some military service.

    • lothianburn

      indeed, he spent a whole 6 months cleaning netanyahoo's latrine

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    Remember, Israel has been waiting for years for an opportune moment to strike Iran.
    No war mongering there. Israel has had nuclear capability for years, and hasn't used it.
    No war mongering there.. A succesful Israeli strike on Iran will cause the problems
    coming from Gaza to decrease; hopefully to manageable proportions. No war mongering there,

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    And I can tell you, from personal experience, that the troops of the IDF are the most
    conscientious, patient, and forgiving folks I've seen; anywhere. Not so with the Islamic
    barbarians of Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, et al. So WHO are the warmongers?

  • Bamaguje

    And the clueless protagonists of two-state solution want Israel to pull out of West bank…rendering the Jewish nation even more vulnerable.

  • Adam

    I think the saddest reality here is that Israel would have far more options if we didn't have a Jihadist/ anti-Semite in the White House. If they can hold off until January 2012, and as long as it's not Ron Paul, they can take back Gaza, and bomb Iran's Nuclear sites with the knowledge that the US has a man once again in the White House. But with Obama in there Bebe has got to be wondering if we got their back or not.

  • myohmy

    the longer Israel waits the stronger the enemy gets. Israel should secure Gaza asap and damn the criticizm of a liberal world already bought and paid for by the OPEC muslim terrorism sponsors. Israel could wait too long and then what? Our leaders have already sold us out and Israel has been tossed under the bus by Obama anyway. Israel defend yoursleves and your right to survive or the muslims will finish Hitler's work on you. Do it now.

  • mrbean

    Israel has to face the fact that the Obama Administration has thrown them under the bus and Muslim arabs are no longer scared of them getting help from the US. Israel has NEVER attacked an enemy capital (outside of Beirut, but EVERYONE was bombing the living sh_t out of Beirut, so that doesn’t count). Israel has NEVER made the enemy population suffer in any way. Israel has always fought nothing but defenses … which is why Israel has had to fight the same war over and over again every ten years since the inception of the State. Time to open up a large can of wup A$$ on the arab world.

    • UCSPanther

      If Obama or any other US administration drive Israel into Russia or China's arms, they are going to be sorry. Those two states know Israel has one thing the Arab states don't, and that's technology (And they need it), and as such, they are quite willing to trade with the Israelis even if they masquerade as "not liking them".

      That's $billions of trade that will be lost right there, and the US will have additional problems with Russian and Chinese weaponry being upgraded with Israeli technology to boot.

  • Moshe Pupick

    M., 11/07/11 common era

    For once, Israel should do what it needs to do to ensure continued Jewish survival in what now constitutes only 10% of The Promised Land. Barack Husein Obama didn't create the heavens and the earth. Neither did the Vatican, U.N., Kremlin, Hilary Clinton, or the E.U.

  • UCSPanther

    Hamas needs to be sent to trash bin of history. If the IDF can accomplish that, it will crack the illusion of invincibility that all those terror groups seem to have.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When Israel had control of Gaza and Sharon decided to evacuate creating a firing
    platform for Islamist terror I had to think they have gone mad and are in a suicidal
    matrix of political insanity. Now as the Islamist front moves forward and for what
    ever reasons given, they know Obama will not be there for Muslim excuses and
    Islamist cover. Iran is timing everything it is doing to attack Israel but after it's
    proxies have taken their toll. All of the Islamist terrorist Nations are in differing
    states of readiness and the mix will always be uncertain, the past showing by
    them has been pitiful and is not sufficient for Israel to expect to be destroyed.
    Iran is the only one with the nuclear capability and that is the real danger,
    strike Iran a deadly blow, not forgetting the leadership when doing so and let
    the rest do their best but it will only leave Israel standing………It is all within
    the year and expected. The choice is roll over and die slowly or make a
    winner take all situation and Israel must tell the world that it will use nuclear
    weapons against outside intervention by Europe, Russia, China and all
    who would aid Islamist murderers……………………………………….William

  • Debanjan Banerjee

    I guess Netanyahu is under big pressure from extremist like Avigdor in his coalition who wants Israel to attack Gaza and prove to the Arabs that Arabs need to respect Israeli might.

    Two things about this attack. You must consider that Turkey is increasingly having a stake in the Eastern Mediterranean natural resources and with Gaza as a pretext and Libya (R2P) keeping in mind , what would pro-Israelis do if Turkey decides to attack Israel while Israelis are busy killing Gazan children ? Remember Israelis have never had to fight a real enemy for about 40 years (since 1973) and whatever small skirmishes there have been , Israel have performed pretty poorly even against much weaker foes like Hezbollah etc .

    2. What do you think the Saudis and Qataris will do in this regard say for example with ( success from toppling Qaddafi ) , if they decide to make themselves more popular in the Arab street and decide to financially back the Gazans ?

    • SpiritOf1683

      If Turkey attacks Israel, its goodbye to Istanbul and Ankara, stupid Jew-hating barbarian.

  • Debanjan Banerjee

    3. Another point in question here is that Israel must understand that it is running itself out of good wills with the elected leaders of France , Britain and the USA. Monseiur Sarkozy just said that Mr. Netanyahu is a liar and the British defense minister Liam Fox had to resign because of his friend's close ties with Israel. Mr. Obama has to accept what Mr. Netanyahu asks him to do so but in the end , he is only doing so under the pressure from lobbies and not under any conviction. If he gets his chance , I believe he will be the first to order a drone strike on the Israeli leadership.

  • Debanjan Banerjee

    4. Israel's predicament is understandable. It is reminder of the troubles Crussader Kingdoms in general and the Nights Temples faced in particular. Once they were the darling of the Western world and were seen beyond the authority of any sovereign monarch in Europe. The Knights saw themselves as the representatives of Christ on earth and with that swagger went to battle Saladin in Hattin. The rest is history. With one defeat , the whole Christendom's attitude towards them changes gradually. Then ultimately the same crussader Knights ended up either being hacked by the flashing blades of the Mamlukes in Acre or being put on the burning pile in France on the orders of King Philip for condemning the same person of Jesus on whose name they swore to fight the Muslims.

    5. In my mind , leaders like Barak , Livni and Netanyahu are the ones who are standing between potential disaster for Israel. I just wonder what would have happened if Avigdor would have been in power now ?

  • effemall

    A total invasion of Gaza might be counterproductive at this point if Israel is preparing to hit Iran (which all of civilization should be praying for) But the IDF could set up a great number of rocket launchers near Gaza so that each time one comes from Gaza, ten are immediately sent back to Gaza.

  • AL__
  • Marty

    No other state would tolerate such immoral and illegal violations of human decency. Israel is to accept undeserved and unprovoked violence because it is a Jewish state. Instead, most of the rest of the world sympathizes with and is supportive of muslim cowards who target schools and hospitals with rockets and then run to hide behind women and children. And these are the "best" of the poor and oppressed palestinians (who somehow still manage to have one of the highest rates of obesity in the world).

    • SpiritOf1683

      Now what would we have done if German and Japanese tropps hid behingd women and children during World War II? We would still have opened fire, killing the human shield, just to get the German or Japanese soldier. Holding fire when faced with 'human shields' only encourages the taking of human shields and ensures the success of that tactic. To make it fail, you have to shoot, hold nothing back, and say They're the guilty ones. It is they who use women and children as human shields. But given these Paleonazis, children are future terrorists anyway.

  • heart of midlothian

    it's about time… natinyahoo is a moron.

  • SpiritOf1683

    Netanyahu is like Churchill compared with Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama.