Israel — an Apartheid State?

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Next month, the UN-sponsored hate-Israel festival known as Durban III takes place. Under the heading “anti-racism,” the great bulk of the conference, like Durban I and Durban II, consists of condemning Israel for racism and equating it to an apartheid state.

Of the world’s many great lies, this is among the greatest.

How do we know it is a lie? Because when South Africa was an apartheid state, no one accused Israel of being one. Even the UN would have regarded the accusation as absurd.

Israel has nothing in common with an apartheid state, but few people know enough about Israel — or about apartheid South Africa — to refute the slander. So let’s respond.

First, what is an apartheid state? And does Israel fit that definition?

From 1948 to 1994, South Africa, the country that came up with this term, had an official policy that declared blacks second-class citizens in every aspect of that nation’s life. Among many other prohibitions on the country’s blacks, they could not vote; could not hold political office; were forced to reside in certain locations; could not marry whites; and couldn’t even use the same public restrooms as whites.

Not one of those restrictions applies to Arabs living in Israel.

One and a half million Arabs live in Israel, constituting about 20 percent of that country’s population. They have the same rights as all other Israeli citizens. They can vote, and they do. They can serve in the Israeli parliament, and they do. They can own property and businesses and work in professions alongside other Israelis, and they do. They can be judges, and they are. Here’s one telling example: it was an Arab judge on Israel’s Supreme Court who sentenced the former president of Israel — a Jew — to jail on a rape charge.

Some other examples of Arabs in Israeli life: Reda Mansour was the youngest ambassador in Israel’s history, and is now Consul General at Israel’s Atlanta Consulate; Walid Badir is an international soccer star on Israel’s national team and captain of one of Tel Aviv’s major teams; Rana Raslan is a former Miss Israel; Ishmael Khaldi was until recently the deputy consul of Israel in San Francisco; Khaled Abu Toameh is a major journalist with the Jerusalem Post; Ghaleb Majadele was until recently a Minister in the Israeli Government. They are all Israeli Arabs. Not one is a Jew.

Arabs in Israel live freer lives than Arabs living anywhere in the Arab world.

No Arab in any Arab country has the civil rights and personal liberty that Arabs in Israel enjoy.

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  • stopzionism

    Apartheid in Israel and the occupied territories is horrible and, according to many, even worse than South African Apartheid.….

    here is a website listing all the comparisons and the way in which Israel fits the legal definition of an apartheid state.

    dont be ignorant please, this article sparks of racist zionist propaganda…

    • John

      You are not only an Antisemite, you are not educated on the facts.When the jews were kicked out of Syria,Transjordan,Saudi Arabia,Iraq ,Iran and other countries in the region, they were attacked by the surrounding countries and they won that land in war, including Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. They have given back Sinai,Gaza,South Lebanon and Jordan occupies 77% of Israel's land. That hasn't worked so let the Arab's goe back to those countries. Israel needs all of its land back because it is growing and plenty of empty land in Middle East. I have been there many times.

    • continuezionism

      how does this article fit the definition of "racist zionist propaganda" he doesnt say one thing bad about arabs, in fact he shows support for treating arabs equally in israel as well a creation of a palestinian state in westbank and gaza.

      your article from haaretz is nothing more than a short piece of nothing with zero facts.

      and aparthidweek is nothing more than a front for hamas whos charter calls for the death of all jews.

  • Flipside

    Since Israel surrounds the open air prisons inhabited by the

    Palestinians, the claim “the control Israel has over these people’s lives is largely manifested when they want to enter Israel” is the sinister one. One cannot move freely or obtain resources or pass in and out the country without entering Israel. Also, since Israel occupies the West Bank with settlements, they enter Palestine with heavily armed impunity. Israel also thinks it owns the Gaza coast and ports in Greece as well as all discussions about Israel. The book “The Unspoken Alliance” by Polakow-Suransky really is recommended reading.

    • Otherflipside

      u can enter and leave westbank through jordan too.

      by "Unspoken Alliance" i presume u mean when the Thee leader of the Palestinians, the Mufi of Jerusalem, was a major nazi collaborater and spent ww2 in berlin broadcasting to the arab word to "kill jews where ever u find them" . Or Abbas who wrote a book dening the holocaust from a Soviet Universtiy. or the fact the palestinians where the biggest supporters of Saddam Hussien and his invasion of iran and kuwiat. Kuwait responed by killing and expelling 400,000 palestinians and al lthe Palestinian where killed and expelled from iraq and etc etc etc etc

      before the 70s only france gave more aid to africa than israel it was the arabs who used thier oil resources to pull them away so they turned to south africa.

      today there are 55000 black african refugees in israel who have to go through arab countries just to get to israle because they get killed, beatin and raped in arab counties

      and a diplomat from the new country of south sudan claimed israel is like a "big brother to South Sudan" because all the help israel has provided to them.

      • Flipside

        No. I meant Thee book by Thee guy I said.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Whenever Israel withdraws from territory or makes a conciliatory gesture, anti-Israel hatred zooms up all over the world. This happened when Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, provoking Arabs to throw rocks at the departing Israeli soldiers. Edward Said was photographed throwing a rock. But the biggest upsurge in hatred occurred when Israel gave Gaza the gift of independence with no strings attached. Had things worked out, according to then Prime Minister Sharon, Israel would also withdraw unilaterally from most of the West Bank. The Arab world made sure such a withdrawal would not happen.

  • DeShawn

    if you can put aside the fact that jews don't even belong in Palestine in the first place, you gotta be CRAZY or EVIL to say that Israel doesn't play apartheid. You lock Palestinians in CAGES for all intensive purposes, steal their land and destroy their homes. You got jews-only roads. And that's not apartheid? No one buys that, sorry. Israel's days as a cancer in that region are coming to a close. Long live Palestine!

    • UCSPanther

      Death to Palestine, shmuck. May it go the same way as your beloved Nazi Germany.

    • Detruth

      since the "jews dont even belong in palestine" i guess you think they should all be killed and expelled from there? THANK YOU for legitemizing israeli's security policies. KEEP UP the good work.

      • DeShawn

        No, unlike you sick people, I'm not for killing anyone. Jews have been kicked out of country after country throughout history because of their terrible behavior. I personally favor some remote island or maybe even Antartica where they won't be able to do their usual mischeif.

        • Detruth

          considering you would have to kill alot of them to exel them u are promoting killing and expelling them THANK YOU AGAIN for legitemizing israeli's security policies. KEEP UP the good work.

    • ziontruth

      "you gotta be CRAZY or EVIL"

      I love it when people describe themselves.

  • John

    The vast majority of American's and supporter's of Israel and the Jewish people's right to exist in there original homeland are aware of this. Great honest article except let us not call it the "westbank" which is a recent name given when Jordan illegally occupied Judea and Samaria. I look for Israel to keep this historic land because people have begun to realize what happened with Gaza when it was given back, Sinai and Southern Lebanon. Israel needs to expand. Plenty of empty desert that the Arab's who call themselves "palestinians" could use in Jordan,Egypt , Syria or Saudi Arabia

    • Leena


      JOHN: Look in the mirror. Who do you see starting back at you? A European! No? You have as much right to stolen Palestine as a Hutu, a Zulu or an Eskimo. Claim to land title as 'God' being your undisputed and sole real estate broker is absurd and laughable. You can spin it around a thousand times, but the fact still remains that you are a European people with European looks, European customs and European origins, and that is where you belong. Time to go home!

      • tarleton

        jews have european looks ?…those orthodox jews don't look european to me , in fact , they look rather semitic

        Ironically , jews were singled out during the europe wide holocaust for NOT looking european and here you are suggesting they should leave Israel/judea for not looking middle eastern /semitic !… sense of irony

      • ziontruth

        "Look in the mirror. Who do you see starting back at you?"

        I'm more interested in the one who's written those words above. Who do I see writing that? A person who views affairs through the prism of race.

        "Time to go home!"

        Time for the Arab settler-colonists in Palestine to go back home to the Arabian Peninsula, and for you to go back home to Stormfront.

  • Leena

    "Its only aim is to hasten the extermination of Israel"? How do you exterminate 'Israel'? Would that be like what Jews are supposed to have experienced in their ancestral homeland of Europe? When did Muslims exterminate Jews? Over 10,000 Jews live in Turkey and over 17,000 live in Iran. Why are these Jews living in these Muslim countries if Islam is so bad for Jews? When Ahmadinejad speaks of 'wiping that state' off the map, it simply means sending the alien Jews on Arab soil back home to Russia, Germany, America, England and the rest of the west. What is so bad about going home? Never will a time arrive when these foreign Jews would be accepted on Arab soil against the will of the people. They exist now, because they made sure to have the backing of the west. But a time will come when the west will fall and it will take down with it the repugnant so-called state stuck in the heart of the Arab world where it does not belong.

    • judahlevi

      What is this intolerance of yours? Non-muslims cannot live in the Middle East? Why not? What do you have against them?

      People should be able to live anywhere in the world without someone saying, you are Jewish so you can't live here. There is nothing wrong with a Jewish state anymore than there is something wrong with an Arab state or Muslim state.

      You need to get over your prejudice about Jews and learn to be tolerant of all kinds of people, not just Muslims. Peace will only come when Muslims give up their hatred of Jews.

      • Leena


        I don't care if anyone is a Hutu, a Zulu or a Jew. There is only one planet earth that needs to be shared among all peoples and an only planet that needs to be taken care of with care unless we too risk becoming endangered species. You don't understand that what I object to is white supremacy! White European Jews conspired with the white world to solve each other's age old conflict at the expense of people of color, in this case the Palestinians. You can call it whatever, but a rose by any other name is a rose. Jews who now reside in Palestine are colonizers no different than the Italians in Ethiopia or the French in Algeria. I can in fact prove to you that I don't hate you because you are a Jew (whatever that means). LEAVE and you will notice my ill-will towards you dissipate in a second.

        • tarleton

          I 've looked over your website and must say , YOU are a piece of work …another one of those vicious , evil ,feline creeps ….you're just the arab version of the nazi wives …..SHUDDER ! ! !

          PS…I wouldn't DARE have you as a neighbour !…..just foul !

          • Larry

            You're a gamer man than me, either that or you can afford to replace your keyboard and monitor after barfing on it.

          • tarleton

            there's nothing funny about her …she sounds like one of Gaddafi's wives
            the HORROR !

        • tarleton

          I strongly suspect that women are more cruel and evil than men as they tend to be feline , catlike creatures without the redeeming manly qualities of males
          Lady Macbeth was far worse than Macbeth …lucrettia borgio … UUUGH!

    • tarleton

      You sound like a true fanatic and racist …..and a deadly enemy of Israel

    • Larry

      "Ancestral homeland of Europe" is a new one of me, is this the latest anti-Jewish big lie?

      Considering we have Greek, Persian, Roman, and Egyptian documentation that Israel is the homeland of the Jews, and the Roman documentation for the dissolution of the Kingdom of Israel and the dispersal of it's people you are going to have a hard time selling that to anybody except morons and muslims (but I repeat myself).

      Those records not only predate the pedophile by over 600 years, but also predate Christianity as well. The only people that should be removed from the soil of Israel are the genocidal arab scum in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Gaza, who should be sent back to the desert wastes of the Arabian peninsular where they belong.

    • peena

      since the arabs came from Arabia and conquered the entire middle east, north africa, and invaded Europe for 1300 years i guess we should send all the arabs in the world from europe to north africa and many parts of the middle east right back to Saudi Arabia

    • peena

      lets see there are about 140 million people in Turkey and Iran and only 27,000 jews.

      in Israel there are only 7.5 million people and 1.4 million arabs-muslims/chirstians. so i guess by your definition Israel is morally superior to muslim countries

  • DeShawn

    I hate all dem joos because my pecker is oh so tiny

    • StephenD

      So…you like em big do you? Figures.

  • StephenD

    “Arabs in Israel live freer lives than Arabs living anywhere in the Arab world.
    No Arab in any Arab country has the civil rights and personal liberty that Arabs in Israel enjoy.”
    Those BASTARDS!! How dare Israel offer a better standard of living than ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the entire Mid-East to Arab citizens?!? If I were their neighbor, I’d probably want to denigrate them too…for shaming us.

  • mburu

    only 3% of civil service employees in Israel were from the Arab sector…..

  • mburu

    Arabs hold only 50 out of 5,000 university faculty positions

  • mburu

    While Jewish neighborhoods grow unchecked,
    segregated Palestinian communities have not been allowed to expand.
    No new Arab areas have been created while hundred’s of Jewish areas have been….

  • mburu

    Military service,
    which confers many social and economic benefits
    —including mortgages subsidies, partial exemptions from course fees,
    and preferences for public employment and housing–
    is compulsory for Jewish Israelis.
    Ninety percent of Arabs are exempt from service
    and thus are denied these benefits.
    Orthodox Jews are also exempt but still receive benefits.

    • StephenD

      To all your points above. Israel is a JEWISH State. Even so, the Arab citizens of Israel have more rights and freedoms than they would in ANY OTHER MID-EAST COUNTRY.Now compare the count of Jews in civil service in Arab countries. How about the faculty positions? Tell me of all the Jewish neighborhoods in Arab countries. Please, your arguments are tiring. Refute these claims if you can. If you cannot….well, you waste your time here.

    • dartson

      Re military service, yes, it is not compulsory for the Israeli Arabs. However, they can volunteer to the army and get all the benefits you mention (like Druzes and bedouins do). Moreover, instead of going to the army, they can also volunteer to an alternative National Service structure, working in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc. The Israeli Arabs have an advantage over the Jewish Israelis, since they can go to a college / university right after graduating from a high school and find a job, while their Jewish peers spend 3 years of their lives serving in the army. So it is only logical that the ones that contribute more to the society by risking their lives to protect their country will get more benefits.
      Re the Orthodox jews, this is a complex issue. They do get various (unjustified) benefits because they have a massive political representation in the Parliament. However, this is not an Arab vs. Jew issue as you try to portray, since secular non-Orthodox jews who do not serve in the army (either for ideological or health reasons) do not get any of the aforementioned benefits as well.

  • Ghostwriter

    One thing is for sure,at least the Israelis care about Americans. Sadly,much of the Muslim world celebrated 9/11 and have never condemned a terrorist attack before 9/11 or since. They always blame everyone else for their problems. They incapable of self-criticism or self-reflection. Maybe if they for once,condemned Muslims who commit acts such as 9/11 and they didn't do a "I condemn it,but…",me and other Americans would believe it but since they haven't shown that ability yet,I remain unconvinced of the sincerity of any Muslim condemnation of terror.