Vietnam’s Legacy of Lies

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America was never interested in controlling the Vietnamese people, and there is a perfect parallel to prove this: the Korean War. Did America fight the Korean communists in order to control Korea? Or did 37,000 Americans die in Korea so that Koreans could be free? Who was (and remains) a freer human being — a Korean living under Korean communist rule in North Korea or a Korean living in that part of Korea where America defeated the Korean communists?

And who was a freer human being in Vietnam — those who lived in non-communist South Vietnam (with all its flaws) or those who lived under Ho, ho, Ho Chi Minh’s communists in North Vietnam?

America fights to liberate countries, not to rule over them. It was the Vietnamese Communist Party, not America, that was interested in controlling the Vietnamese people. But the lie was spread so widely and so effectively that most of the world — except American supporters of the war and the Vietnamese boat people and other Vietnamese who yearned for liberty — believed that America was fighting for tin, tungsten and the wholly fictitious “American empire” while the Vietnamese communists were fighting for Vietnamese freedom.

I went to the “Vietnam War Remnants Museum” — the Communist Party’s three-floor exhibit of anti-American photos. Nothing surprised me — not the absence of a single word critical of the communist North Vietnamese or of the Viet Cong; not a word about the widespread threats on the lives of anyone who did not fight for the communists; not a word about those who risked their lives to escape by boat, preferring to risk dying by drowning, being eaten by sharks or being tortured or gang-raped by pirates, rather than to live under the communists who “liberated” South Vietnam.

Equally unsurprising is that there is little difference between the history of the Vietnam War as told by the Communist Party of Vietnam and what just about any college student will be told in just about any college by just about any professor in America, Europe, Asia or Latin America.

I will end with the subject with which I began — the Vietnamese. It is impossible to visit Vietnam and not be impressed by the people. I hope I live to see the day when the people of Vietnam, freed from the communist lies that still permeate their daily lives, understand that every Vietnamese death in the war against America was a wasted life, one more of the 140 million human sacrifices on the altar of the most bloodthirsty false god in history: communism.

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  • Canuck

    Great article. It brings to mind Winston Churchill's observation that history is written by the victors. This article could just as well have been written about China or Russia.

    • PAthena

      History is not written just by the victors. Thucydides was an Athenian who wrote a history of the Peloponnesian War, which Sparta eventually won over Athens. The Bible was written by losers – the Jews, defeated by Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, etc. French historians wrote French history, Victor Hugo wrote the novel Les Miserables based on the defeat of Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo. German historians have written histories of Germany about World War I and World War II when Germany was defeated.

  • Irandissident

    You could say the same about China which in terms of "mode of production" resembles slavery more than any other form when you consider the population at large.

    Then you can say this about Iran where many were killed and their assets expropriated because of their wealth (they called them "Taaghootee" , an extremely derogatory Islamic term) but now the elite rulers in the Islamic system make the Shah's upper class look like paupers.
    Once in 1979, they ridiculed the Queen's mother by showing her apartment on TV, having not one, but TWO bathrooms !!!! Now the sons of the Ayatollahs and the regime elite own huge apartments on top of high rises with not only private swimming pools in the sky but automobile parking garages next to their penthouse units up there. The very few Lamborghinis in Iran are owned by their sons.
    What happened to all those slogans, the anger, the class vengeance and sacrifices of the naive followers whom no one remembers?…. In the meantime poverty, prostitution, addiction and corruption has risen to levels never imagined a generation ago

  • Alexander Gofen

    Indeed, there is little difference between the history of the Vietnam War as told by the Communist Party of Vietnam and what just about any college student will be told by… any professor in America, Europe, Asia or Latin America! Or Israel.

    That is because the free world was complacent relying on self appealing values of our freedom of expression, free market and similar, and allowed the Commies and fellow travelers to take advantage of us during the last 100 years.

    So the Bolsheviks – and now the LIBERASTs did take the full power in the school, universities and the media: just as if the USSR apparatchiks sit in every key position of power.

    Now just dream how to take the power back. And if a hot civil war is the only solution, I will sign up anyway, because there is no other place on this planet to flee farther from this filth and abomination…

    • ajnn

      Complacency is a bitter foe that will bring down even the strongest.

      It is truly wacky the nonsense that emanates from our academic elites. I do not understand how they can swallow this nonsense as it is so full of contradictions, inconsistencies and known falsehoods.

      Perhaps the next generation, untainted by nostalgia for the anti-war movement will do better. But I doubt it. Please notice how completely anonymous are the heroes of the civil rights movement who came before Martin luthor king. Their risks were tremendous, even greater than MLK, as they built a foundation for justice from the ground up. Yet they are forgotton.

      History is an imperfect vehicle for communicating what happpened.

  • guest

    Hate to burst this little fairy tale, but South Korea was a military dictatorship for about, oh, three decades after the Americans "liberated" them. And all of those dictators had US backing. It was only when progressives – students, unionist and liberal clergy, rose up that the dictatorship was finally overthrown and democracy arrived.

    The rest of your little tale is equally full of nonsense propaganda.

  • J Trinh

    I am Vietnamese American, came from South Vietnam. I am very impressed by the article but I wonder why the US left south Vietnamese in hands of those stupid communists?! Not only that but when I read news about South president Nguyen Van Thieu 's head was threathened to be cut by president Nixon during the Vietnam war, I felt sorry for south Vietnam supported by that "half way done job" by America. Could you tell how much people suffered by the "unfinished war" that America did for many countries such as Vietnam and Afganistan, so on? I hate to see my tax going to the war in other countries then the Gov't left those countries behind the same as how President Bush and Obama have been doing in Afganistan, the job has not yet done !

  • J Trinh