Weiner Scandal Shows How Low Liberalism Has Sunk

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To their credit, most Democratic Party leaders have (finally) called for New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation. But among liberal commentators and millions of other Americans, there is a great deal of flawed thinking about whether Weiner should resign.

The two most common arguments offered against his resigning have been that (1) what Weiner did was not illegal and (2) it was not even as bad as an extramarital affair because he never met, let alone had physical contact with, any of the women to whom he sent naked and semi-naked photos of himself.

The argument’s entirely beside the point.

The point — the whole point — is the effect of what he did on the United States House of Representatives and on the country as a whole, especially young people.

There is a simple way to prove this. Let us imagine that some congressman had walked onto the House floor in his underwear. I think it is fair to assume that just about every Democrat and Republican in the country would demand his resignation. But why? That action is not illegal, and it certainly does not constitute a form of infidelity to his wife.

The reason people would demand his resignation is that such behavior disgraced the House of Representatives.

That is the issue here. When a member of Congress sends pictures of his penis to women around the country, he has demeaned Congress.

And he has done so far more than any member of Congress whose extramarital affair was publicly disclosed.

Most Americans understand that Congress, like every other institution, including their local church and synagogue, is composed of sinners. While we might wish that every member of Congress were as upstanding as we hope our pastor, priest or rabbi would be, most of us live in the real world and do not believe that marital infidelity automatically disqualifies one either from running for, or from holding, public office.

Furthermore, we understand that marital infidelity can be solely a matter between a husband and wife, and is not necessarily the country’s business.

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  • Jim_C

    Oh, my goodness. Someone check the temperature in Hades–I might agree with Prager. Well, except for his strawman of "liberalism." To me and many other liberals it's cut and dry: the guy should resign. If you tweet pictures of your stuff to co-eds, you're probably too dumb to stay in Congress. It's a shame; I think he was a genuinely effective congressman. But have some dignity.

    We ALL need to remember that our politicians are not so special that they can't be replaced.

    • tony

      Jim_C, liberals and liberalism are not strawmen. Just read the quotes in the column from liberal news agencies. See how mainstream liberals have responded. Sure, you can find a few who have called for his resignation, but most have defended his right to remain in Congress.
      This is a long term pattern with liberals. Barney Frank's boyfriend runs a prostitution ring out of Barney's basement, Barney (a pretty sharp guy) claims he knows nothing about it and remains in Congress. The late congressman Gary Studds has sexual relationships with male, teen age pages working in his office and gets re-elected over and over. It's a long term pattern with liberals.
      The reason liberals act this way is because to them, morality is defined not by how you conduct yourself. Morality is defined by your voting record. So Bill Clinton can do all kinds of nasty stuff to women, but as long as defends abortion rights, he's ok with the feminists.

      • Jim_C

        I hate to admit, it's a fair point, tony.

  • Maxie

    Such naivete! Liberalism/Leftism has not sunk, it's where its always been: Obsessed with getting and keeping the political Power needed to steadily advance its global socialist Agenda. You demagogue your way to that power and keep it at all costs. With the complicit MSM at your back why resign? Let the Double Standard work for you. That's what its for.

    • scum

      Oh sure, that's a good characterization. Now get off your stump.

  • Max Simon Uhrig

    Think about it for just a minute, anyone in your neighborhood doing such a thing would have his or her PC, home, family, etc – confiscated, arrested, pending charges drawn, and in some cases incarcerated for consistent 12 year terms of Prison time for lewd actions against the community.
    The only difference here? Political Immunity. Plain and simple.
    Poll: Should Political Immunity be dropped like a Hot Potatoe on such persons of such offenses? Y/N/ whatever?

    • Jim_C

      I'm sure online infidelity stuff happens all the time, everywhere, every day. People don't get arrested for it unless they've broken a law. The difference here is this guy is a nationally-known figure who should know better.

  • Amused

    Get a grip Prager , it's just another case of a schmuck tripping over his dick .Republicans , Conservatives ,Liberals and yea even socialists and communists have done it . When it involves a person of such stature it's feeding frenzy for the press and a christmas gift for ones enemies .So dont be a big of a moron as he and o broadbrushing liberals . Your own morals aint no better or worse than anyone elses . If you think Liberals approve of this and only Repcons like yourself disapprove , then add STUPID to my estimation of you .

    • Rob Jones

      Since you seem to have been born yesterday, let me draw your attention to the fact that partisan media has existed since the very inception of this country, and it has always broad-brushed the other party.

      But honestly, plenty of the mud sticks. Pelosi and other Dems had to be peer pressured before they would call on Weiner to resign. Clinton never resigned, and his wife still won't divorce him. Which is more important, the fact that these sleazy people are in power, or the fact that some partisan journalist trolls their party?

      If you don't want to read partisanship, don't read FrontpageMag.

  • Amused

    So , Prager , you think it's only Repcons like yourself who disapprove of Weiners behavior ?
    And Liberals approve ? Who in the heck are you to broadbrush any group ?

  • tanstaafl

    Stop for just a moment. Weiner's first action after his story broke was to lie about it. How does anyone trust what he says? You can't regain trust.

    • Mike M

      What else haven't we found out, that can be used to blackmail votes or favors from him?
      What a weasel.

  • Amused

    All polticians lie , in THAT , Weiner is the rule rather than the exception .However , his behavior is , in a case like this , unacceptable by any standards for any elected official . p.s. the only thing that prevents any of "our elected officials " from legal culpability in their lies , is that it's not done UNDER OATH .

    • scum

      Lying is exactly what politicians do, on BOTH sides of the isle, for a variety of reasons. The question becomes, are you lying about a blowjob (Clinton), a tweet (Wiener), or weapons of mass deception (Bush). The result of the latter was that 500,000 people died.

      • Maxie

        Oh sure, that's a good characterization. Now get off your stump.

  • rbla

    I see the hypocrisy in another way. What Weiner did was juvenile and disgusting but it pales when compared to actual molestation and alleged rape performed by Bill Clinton. But the Dems and the media built a protective wall around Bubba. Why – because the political calculus required that he remain in power whereas the Dem leadership and their media flacks have determined that Weiner is doing the party more harm than good and is therefore expendable. Furthermore Obama might be inclined to see Weiner go since Weiner mildly criticized the administration's policy on Israel. That is why the story is kept alive and our intrepid reporters are motivated to dig out additional facts instead of burying another liberal scandal as they always do. Obama and the Dems can also rest easy in the thought that the boobs in that district will always elect a Democrat if Weiner goes.

  • tagalog

    Crowd. Go to D.C. Enter Halls of Congress and find Weiner. Remove Weiner from his seat and take him outside. Tar and feather him. Ride him out of town on a rail. Let his constituents re-elect him, just as they did Adam Clayton Powell and Jimmy Walker.

  • MKS

    If a person will not keep a vow, he has voluntarily made, to be sexually faithful to another person, we should not expect him to keep an oath of office – a vow to uphold and defend the Constitution.

    Either vow and keep the vow, or do not vow at all. Take the oath and keep the oath, or do not take the oath at all.