What if Congressional Black Caucus Were Accused of Wanting Jews Gassed?

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Second, the CBC is happy to race-bait for the Democrats. The CBC’s power emanates from its party’s power, so its leaders need to tell fellow blacks regularly how despicable the American majority is — and therefore how only Democrats and the left can save them from everything … even lynching.

Third, it is the CBC — not the tea party — that should be described as racist. While race plays no role in tea party membership, race is the only criterion for membership in the CBC. One must be black. Nothing else matters.

A black member of Congress whose district is largely non-black can be a member of the CBC, but a non-black Congressman whose district is largely black cannot be a member. Democratic Congressman Steven Cohen, whose Tennessee district is largely black, applied for membership in the CBC and was turned down for one reason: He is white.

What we have here is a racist group hurling false accusations of racism at a group that is on no way racist. But since it is an axiom of the left that blacks cannot be racist — because whites are the authors of racism and because racism is only possible when practiced by the racial group in power — few call the CBC what it is.

Fourth, when you are used to getting away with taking immoral positions, you feel free to continue doing so.

In 2009, seven members of the CBC visited Fidel Castro. Not only were they full of praise for the tyrant — in that regard, they were hardly alone on the left — but they also refused to meet with any democratic dissidents, including Cuba’s leading black dissenter.

As a Washington Post editorial noted at the time, “In five days on the island, the (CBC) Congress members found no time for dialogue with Afro-Cuban dissident Jorge Luis Garcia Perez … Mr. Garcia, better known as ‘Antunez,’ is a renowned advocate of human rights who has often been singled out for harsh treatment because of his color. “‘The authorities in my country,’ he has said, ‘have never tolerated that a black person (could dare to) oppose the regime.’

“His wife, Iris, is a founder of the Rosa Parks Women’s Civil Rights Movement, named after an American hero whom Afro-Cubans try to emulate.”

As the snub of Cuba’s leading black freedom fighters demonstrated, in a conflict between helping the left and helping blacks, the CBC chooses the left.

On its website, the CBC calls itself “the conscience of the Congress since 1971.” Its members probably believe it. But it has about as much truth as Congressman’s Carson’s accusation.

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  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    I agree firmly with this article. Congressman Carson is a pretty white looking black guy with a $174,000 base pay using racial slander to drum up party support.

  • Sound&Fury

    Allen West & Tim Scott should stand up & say that just as they would not belong to an exclusive club that prohibits Jews, they will not belong to a caucus that bars members outside their own race. This bold move would effectively frame the problem of the CBC in its proper light.

    • Dennis X

      Yet west ( aka Dilbert) does take money from a group that prohibits jews.

  • polipath

    It's time to get real. There are two sets of rules: one for the Lib/Left and another for the conservative right. The former can, will, and always has, done whatever it wants with impunity. By the sheer impertinance of its very existence the Right is Guilty. Guilty of seeking to hold the Left accountable for its devious, immoral and treacheous behaviors and for expecting consistency and fidelity in upholding the Constitution.
    But the Left, including its Mass Media Ministry of Leftist Propaganda, lives in accordance with its notorious Double Standard as the law of the land. By this standard the Left can do no wrong. To expect anything else is just disingenuous foolishness and Prager should know better.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    No matter how thin you slice it, bologna is still baloney. And most Democrats – especially BLACK Democrats – are abject racists. They (blacks, Democrats, and black Democrats) get away with it because a sizable portion of the electorate remain addicted to traditional television, and are thus ignorant in a very special way. That is gradually changing. For an eye-opening comment on the deterioration of Detroit (run by Democrats and BLACK Democrats) since the end of WWII see the recent Best of The Web Today edited by J. Taranto:

  • John_Kelly

    The one glaring truth about Andre Carson that is conveniently missed by the mainstream media is………..he is a Muslim.

    Therein lies the true root cause and motivation for his racist rants against the Tea Party.

    The truth is that Andre Carson as a Muslim has no allegiance to America or the Constitution.

    This arrogant hypocrite would be only to happy to lead America down the path of a race-fueled Civil War as it would fit the Islamic agenda.

    We are seeing the tip of the iceberg as the Liberal Democrat agenda is now playing the race card as they have no cards left.

    Obama has proved to be a total failure but he knows that descent into chaos has been tried and tested (when all else fails) by his cousin Raila Odinga in Kenya two years ago.

    Beware America the President you elected will stop at nothing to be re-elected.

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

      Did you miss the part where Andre Carson worked for the DHS supervising an anti-terrorism unit? How about the part where he endorsed troop increases in Afghanistan? Inform yourself, man.

      • John_Kelly

        Ah Professor Flipside and you are obviously aware that Muslim Arif Ali Khan was appointed to the DHS by President Obama so Andre Carson supervising an anti-terrorism unit is just another farce where the Fox is looking after the chickens.

        I suspect you need to be informed.

        • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

          Yeah. Don't look now, but there was a Vietnameeeze guy in the Bush Administration. I don't trust 'im.

          • John_Kelly

            Flipside the glaring difference between you and me is that I have lived in Muslim countries and speak about Islam from first hand experience, including many life threatening confrontations by members of "the religion of peace."

            You I suspect are a arm chair critic who has neither the courage or the inclination to step into the arena where the real action is, but rather sit on the sidelines and utter empty words in a lame attempt to appear intelligent or informed.

  • Larry

    Not to change the subject but why is Jonathan Pollack still in jail after serving more then 20 years of his sentence. No American died because of him. Simply put it is because he is a Jew. What he did was inexcusable and he deserved jail time. Almost everyone connected to this fiasco has recommended clemency. Obama will never right a wrong if it concerns a jew. Someone once said the Jews as a group are smart, don't believe that for a second. The left and liberal Jewish community will still give Obama 70% of their vote. With this mentality they would vote for Hitler if he ran as a democrat.

  • sedoanman

    Whenever someone plays the race card, we should play the "zombie" card.

  • Lisa Richards

    Excellent questions and all should be reading this column and asking these questions

  • MaoYing

    Why do people even indulge the Congressional Black Caucus? They are just a bunch of Al Sharptons anyway. I mean, how low does a country have to go? Indulging a bunch of Al Sharptons? What? Wouldn't it have been better to indulge The Tazmanian Devil or the fire ants of the Australian Outback? Wouldn't it have been better to just bypass all Congressional Black Caucus crap and have given your love to licorice (black) taffy or something like that?

  • John_Kelly

    Congratulations Andre Carson your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance.

    You remind me of two of the great men of history; Attila the Hun & Judas Iscariot and you will one day rise to your full potential and become a person of monumental insignificance.

    A wise man once said "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"

    Well Andre your mouth has revealed your true character, "a radical racist who hates America."

  • Vic

    The CBC gets away with outrageous tirades because the media and Democrats, patronizingly, pat them on the head and say good dog. They say what Democrats and media would like to say but know the CBC and it's minions will not, really, be punished, like a puppy, that has a accident on the floor.