What You Won’t See at the State of the Union

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Tuesday, when you see President Obama give his State of the Union address, you will see four things: the president entering the hall, the president ascending the rostrum to be greeted by the vice president and the speaker of the House, the president giving his speech and the reactions of members of the Congress and others in the hall.

Here is the one thing you will not see and probably have never seen. You won’t see what is behind the president and above the vice president and the speaker of the House. And because you won’t see it, you won’t know that you are missing something of surpassing importance.

Think about it for a moment. Why do television cameras never pull back and give a wide-angle view of the president delivering his speech? That is certainly routine for TV: It is considered uninteresting to TV viewers to have a fixed view of a subject.

Why, then, have almost no Americans ever seen what is located above the president, the vice president and the speaker of the House?

I discovered the answer when I attended President Obama’s speech on health care to a joint session of Congress.

I saw chiseled in the marble wall behind the speaker and vice president, in giant letters, the words “In God We Trust.”

My immediate reaction was to wonder: Why had I never seen that before? I have, after all, been watching presidential State of the Union addresses for about 40 years.

Here is my theory — and I say “theory” because I cannot prove it.

A generation of Americans has been raised to regard any mention of God outside the home or church as a violation of the deepest principles of our country. To the men and women of the left-leaning news media, in particular, “In God We Trust” is an anachronism at best, an impediment to moral progress at worst. The existence of those giant chiseled words so disturbs the media that, consciously or not, they do not want Americans to see them.

I do not for a moment believe that there is any conspiracy here.

In some ways, I actually wish there were. I wish a handful of media executives had gotten together and conspired to instruct their various cameramen to avoid a wide-angle view of the president.

But, alas, no such conspiracy is necessary. The words “In God We Trust” emblazoned in giant letters behind the president of the United States just don’t sit well with the secular media. So you won’t see them.

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  • BLJ

    I would not watch that idiot speak tonight if they paid me. Anything that comes out of his piehole is a lie.

  • http://senatormark4.org SenatorMark4

    A very interesting comment about obviously forgotten American history. Too bad you didn't have an actual image linked showing "In God We Trust" emblazened about the U.S. House well because now, of course, they'll say that this is some creation of your imagination.

  • Dina

    Thank you for the reminder. This nation is ripe for God's judgment.

  • USMCSniper

    All the gutless RINOs will once again cross the aisle to sit with Deceitocrats in a "let us all get along fest" and bull propaganda will roll off Chairman Obama's tongue much like green apple splatters from an a$$ and the mainstream media will once again sing praises of "Oh come let us adore him" as he really is our Black Messiah – and in reality unemployment will rise to almost 10% next month.

  • JDP

    I will not watch this lying Marxist for one minute giving his State of the Union Address. He tore up the country in the last two years and since last November is being conciliatory only because that's what a wounded politician does. He will appear slightly ruffled since losing the House, and come next election will position himself slightly more to the center. He is hoping to win for more years to finish with his plan of demolition. Why is it that he has promised today to stop spending for 5 years? That's because he's hoping he can spend his last year of a second term dealing our country the death blow. I despise this thing that we have in office; I hope Providence will spare us and he'll be gone, one way or another, in 2012.

  • Rifleman

    That's very interesting. Every day they can't help but see not only "In God We Trust," but The Ten Commandments held by a statue of the man who delivered them from God (the same author of our rights, and the reason they're unalienable). I bet that really bugs some democrats and that's why they were so insistent they be banned from all other government buildings and property, and happy when they were. Are any other government buildings allowed to display The Ten Commandments?

    I think you're right, that with many, if not most msm types their bias is the result of conditioning combined with the fact they're human.

  • Guest

    "We were founded to be a God-centered, God-based country with a nondenominational government". So where does it say that? In the constitution? It seems unlikely a group of men with classical educations, influenced by the enlightenment and the religious wars of Europe (The English civil war for example) still recent, would in their fight for liberty be particularly anxious to tell citizens what to do about religion or encourage it one way or another. It does not seem to figure prominently in the founding documents so one wonders how the author can conclude as he does, citing no evidence to do so. I don't think they were atheists (for the most part) but rather thought religion a matter of personal conscience and private. The opposite of supporting some public affirmation.