Defeating Islamic Terrorism Through Appeasement

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The Obama Administration has a new strategy for combating Islamic terrorism. The document that lays out its new strategy avoids using “Terrorism” in its title, instead substituting “Violent Extremism”. Jihad is not mentioned anywhere. Even “Muslim” is used as little as possible.

Eight pages of mostly redundant text repeat the same idea, that the only way to fight Islamic terrorism is by partnering with and empowering Muslim communities and organizations. That is the “revolutionary” new idea that merited coverage from the New York Times, NPR and CNN. And if the strategy had to be summed up in one word, it would be, “Collaborate!”

“Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States,” sounds almost as catchy as “Man-Caused Disasters”, and comes from the same school of thought. The University of Denial, whose motto is that the best way to fight Islamic terrorism, is not to talk about it. And “Not talking about it” is a big part of the new strategy. The document warns repeatedly that associating Islam with terrorism leads to terrorism. WWII had “Loose Lips, Sink Ships”, and we have, “Loose Stereotypes Fly Planes into Buildings.”

Released as an answer to Congressman King’s hearings into Islamic radicalization, it completely fails to address the questions raised by those hearings. Instead the strategy compares Islamic terrorism to gangs and pedophiles– treating it as a persistent social issue, rather than a violent threat. And its only answer is to keep working with Muslim groups to teach their youth not to do drugs, join gangs or blow up bombs.

Empowering Local Partners is a transparent defense of CAIR and other Muslim organizations accused of radical activities. But rather than countering the charges raised against them, it pretends those charges have never been made, and urges law enforcement to continue partnering with Muslim groups. A course that leads local and national law enforcement to unwittingly work with the political partners and fundraisers of terrorist organizations.

The White House could not have found anyone better to devise its new strategy than Quintan Wiktorowicz. After September 11, Wiktorowicz co-wrote an article for the Saudi funded Middle East Policy Council Journal, which made a point of distinguishing between Al-Qaeda and more mainstream organizations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Wiktorowicz also distinguished between violent and non-violent Salafis. The “good” Salafis have PhD’s from Saudi universities. The “bad” Salafis are a “small radical fringe” who are mostly self-taught and ignorant. Want to fight Islamic terrorism, then you have to put more Islamic scholars with Saudi PhD’s on the job.

This is exactly the argument that Wiktorowicz makes, that “very religious Muslims” are “the most resistant to radicalization” while those most likely to be radicalized lack a good grounding in Islam. Fighting Islamic terrorism with Islamism was his approach in the UK and it derives from his fondness for Salafism.

In another Middle East Policy Council Journal article, Wiktorowicz warned against “radicalizing the Salafis and creating a legion of new supporters for Bin Laden”. This is the fulcrum of appeasement. On the one hand Wiktorowicz and those like him argue that terrorists are a tiny minority of a tiny minority. On the other, if the United States fails to mend its ways, they warn that any number of Muslims can become radicalized and turn into terrorists.

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  • JRT

    Where can I find this document?

  • Flipside

    David Greenfield mischaracterizes the Obama document which is in fact carefully tailored to the task of scuttling Muslim extremism without violating the principles of the Constitution. It is hardly an apology for CAIR. I would like Greenfield to propose his counterplan, complete with his angrier, more severe, more judeofasist qualities and the Krav Maga against babies or whatever he proposes. It would be amusing to see his Israelized vision of Sicarii running around our streets and the Adam Gadahn impostor radicals used to precipitate the violence.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Well if by scuttling Muslim extremism, you mean mentioning it as little as possible, then mission accomplished

      If you don't like me, go read Ed Husain, who's a Muslim and politically on the other side of the spectrum, and still thinks the strategy does nothing except avoid offending Muslims

      • Flipside

        I agree that the Obama plan doesn’t much. I disagree that Obama is Constitutionally empowered to do much more. If Americans prefer liberty, they will simply avoid becoming a Muslim. There are very few Muslims in the United States and they are easy to ignore. There are more carjackers than Muslims. There are more car accidents than Muslims. You are more likely slip and fall than to be blown up by a Muslim. The danger of Muslims is exaggerated. When I leave my house, I do not see Muslims. I see potholes, construction boondoggles, homeless people begging for change. I might see a Somali if I go to the scratch-ticket bodega. Is he trying to kill me? If so, he is using Twinkies and Bud Light to do it slowly.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Those people in the towers and on the planes should have just ignored Muslims.

          The Muslim population in the US is set to double by 2030. Guess you'll just have to work harder to ignore them.

        • effemall

          If you see a lot of potholes then your eyes are stuck in a down angle which will prevent you from seeing people above their ankles. Try removing your blinders. You will become shocked.

          • Flipside

            I AM shocked. I accidentally called Daniel David. Sorry about that. 9/11 just doesn’t ring hard for me anymore. It never was that bring-us-all-together, Never Again moment for me. It was marketed too hard as a Year Zero. Maoism has no place in the West. I know that we were all supposed to synchronize our outlooks because of the World Trade Center attacks, but that’s un-American.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      David Greenfield mischaracterizes the Obama document which is in fact carefully tailored to the task of scuttling Muslim extremism without violating the principles of the Constitution.

      Actually, you are so blinded thanks to your New Age religion, Secular Leftism, which also accounts for your absurd obsession with Jew hating, you are oblivious to the fact that jihad, as opposed to terrorism, only involves MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS.

      Breivik was a political extremist and his attack was an act of terrorism. However, Muslims that fight jihad in Allah’s cause are never Muslim extremists, instead they are always only MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS.

      Moreover, unlike terrorism, jihad is always specifically fought in the cause of Allah. It also involves violent and non-violent means, unlike terrorism, is always against non-Muslims, both civilian non-combatants and military combatants, and has been happening continuously for almost the past 1400 years and again always only in the cause of Allah.

      Meanwhile, how is the Orwellian specter of being forced to submit to having your genitals either photographed or otherwise manually manipulated, inspected, and searched not a violation of our heretofore constitutionally protected right to privacy and not a sacrifice specifically imposed on all Americans without our consent on the altar of multiculturalism and specifically so America can continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage?

      Indeed, why is it so important that America spends trillions of dollars doubling the size of the federal government by creating a massive Department of Homeland Security, an immense National Intelligence Directorate, and an extremely intrusive TSA just to continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage?

      Whenever has the expansion of government ever worked for anything much less for protecting Americans from so-called “violent extremism?” Indeed, has all of this insanity somehow made all Americans safer from so-called “violent extremism?” The obvious answer is hell no!

      In fact, none of this could have ever happened without our government intentionally conflating what is really jihad with terrorism. Indeed, had our government’s social engineers used the correct term, jihad, instead of the incorrect term, terrorism, the politicians involved in imposing this monstrosity on the American people would have been tarred and feathered before being run out of office.

      Where and when have Americans been forced to make so many sacrifices just to accommodate any other particular immigrant group? Why is the New Age Secular Left so intent and so obsessed with imposing this terminal plague on the American people in emulation of nihilistic Europe?

      • Flipside

        Nice rant. I am not a theist or a new ager though. I do like me some Constitution, and I can live and let live, and that includes Jews and Muslims. Where I run afoul of Jews is that I can let Muslims live. Islam is no more stupid than Judaism and no more fancy or neato. Neither are their adherents. They both do weird stuff to their genitals, both shun pork, both think some man in the sky lives them best. They even have similar sounding names for everything and kind of look alike. It is hard for Muslims and Jews to spread their hatred for one another to other racial and religious groups. That has nothing to do with New Age religion.

        • MixMChess

          "Where I run afoul of Jews is that I can let Muslims live."

          Huh? No mainstream Jewish group has ever called for or south the death of Muslims. Whereas nearly every Arab/Islamic country is rife with antisemitism and routinely calls for genocide of Jews worldwide.

          "It is hard for Muslims and Jews to spread their hatred for one another to other racial and religious groups."

          Again, Jews do not spread hatred for Muslims. Islamic texts on the other hand call for the stoning of Jews among other terrible acts.

          • Flipside

            Arab / Israeli codependency is a terrible thing. The human version of the Liars Paradox.

  • bill jones

    "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.".
    – Winston Churchill

  • StephenD

    Reading the "Muslim Mafia" you discover this approach has been attempted already. When CAIR put together their training pamphlet for the FBI in a supposed collaborative effort they spent 8 pages telling the FBI how to respect Muslims, Mosques and Mohammed. They never instructed their followers to cooperate with the FBI or any other Law Enforcement. The proof is in the pudding. Show us the results of all this cooperation. Name one; just one terrorist plot thwarted because of intel from or cooperation through these so called outreach programs. You can't name one because there hasn't been any. This is window dressing to have us lulled into thinking they are actually addressing the issue when the facts prove otherwise.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      This is window dressing to have us lulled into thinking they are actually addressing the issue when the facts prove otherwise.

      In other words, GWB spent trillions of dollars like a Dhimmicrat on steroids beefing up the FBI and CIA, creating the massive Department of Homeland Security, the immense National Intelligence Directorate, and the extremely intrusive TSA just to lull Americans into a false sense of security so that the US can continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage. Meanwhile those massive government bureaucracies couldn’t be anymore institutionally blinded by political correctness and as a result be anymore incompetent and useless.

      The reality is you cannot import Muslims into your country without also importing sharia and jihad, as sharia and jihad are both intrinsic to Islam, meaning you cannot have Islam without sharia and jihad. Hence, the only solution is to ban and reverse Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP, since zero Muslims living in America as a fifth column equals zero jihadist attacks.

  • guest

    The Free Hand Program! Whatever they want to burn! And Eric Holder s got their backs! All whites are racist program! This program will have cities burning down in no time!

    Well done, Muslim Chief.The US is well on the way to being 3rd world power, now. I especially liked the way you allowed the derivative program to bankrupt the US, and devaluing the dollar by half was classic Zimbabwean! That dollar has every other world currency tied into that, so you devalued all of them, and the riots in Egypt from them not being able to buy food was priceless!


    Where is the worthless healthcare program they will be forced to buy?

  • mrbean

    Americans do think that there are people in our country want to coddle terrorists. We call them Democrats, and the Democrats themselves convince of of this fact through their obstinate and consistent obstruction of America's capacity to wage war against our enemies, through their scorn of American citizens' rights in favor of defending terrorist murderers, through their continued enablement of extraordinary dispensation for illegal aliens (driver's licenses, ocllege scholarships, health insurance, etc.) , and through their constant assault on the Constitution regarding the rights of Americans to defend themselves against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The modern Democrat Party shows an open hatred of America that drives them to assault our national security in time of war in hopes that our defeat by a foreign enemy will at last force our submission to the United Nations and do away with our Republic once and for all.

  • catmann

    "Appeasement is the feeding of a crocodile in the hope that you will be eaten last"
    Winston Churchill

  • 12_Pellet_O-Buck

    Since we refuse to fight them we DESERVE TO BE EXTINGUISHED or made their slaves.
    Our gene pool should be eliminated…we are pathetic.
    Where are our warriors from WWII….all gone…and if any should dare surface in today's military they would be swept aside as trouble-makers or war-mongers.
    The country should just surrender now…that day is coming.

  • Brujo Blanco

    On political and religious grounds the Musims have a mission of taking over the world and eliminating or enslaving all that will not convert. In Europe there are no go zones for non-believers. At some point they have to be stopped in their tracks. I pray that we do not wait until it is too late. Muslimsmare getting stronger e dry day.

  • Marty

    It's remarkably curious that nowhere in the islamic world is there any soul-searching going on. The question of how muslims can avoid offending non-muslims is never on the agenda whether in the democracies or in the totalitarian regimes governed by autocracy and sharia law. Do muslims really believe that we are not dismayed by the persecution of non-muslims, or the barbaric treatment of women, or the summer camps for children to enable them to learn to commit suicide while slaughtering innocent people, or the 300 million innocent (and often defenseless) victims murdered by muslims over the last 1400 years? Could it be that they don't care? Their doctrine of supremacism simply forbids tolerance of "cultural sensitivity." These are values that are alive and well only in the west or the parts of it that have not yet succumbed to sharia law.

  • El Duce

    Islamic terrorism my ass — Israel did 9/11; Mossad was caught with a truck bomb on the George Washington bridge that morning. Want proof of that? Watch 911 Missing Links.
    And don't talk out of your ass until you've watched the entire film.

    • StephenD

      Interesting name sake you choose here. Why? Why would any sane person want to be associated with a man whose own people hung upside down and spit on?
      Although it does lend to the diatribe you spew…fits right in. Hey, good luck with that.

  • Ghostwriter

    El Duce,I had no idea "Mein Kampf" was on your favorite books list.

    • El Duce

      Ever read Mein Kampf, idiot? Otherwise don't comment about it.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The Orwellian blankness of the new strategy is a space of ignorance to mask the truth of terrorism. The enemy is reduced to a social problem, terrorism to violent extremism and the war on terror to programs teaching Muslims about the dangers of violent extremism on the internet. The same dead end European counter-terrorism strategies imported to the United States.

    Even the so-called war on terrorism is a political correct misnomer, because it conflates what really is jihad with terrorism.

    Terrorism is politically based, is always perpetrated by political extremists for any number of political causes, and always involves violence against civilian non-combatants.

    While jihad, on the other hand, is always Islam based, is waged only by mainstream orthodox Muslims as opposed to political extremists as in the case of terrorism, is always in the cause of Allah, can be both violent and non-violent, unlike terrorism which is always violent, and is always directed against non-Muslims, both civilian non-combatants and military combatants.

    Moreover, in stark contrast to terrorism, which usually consists of only isolated events like Breivik’s terrorist attack in Norway, jihad, on the other hand, has been taking place perpetually around the world for almost 1400 years continuously and is specific only to Islam.

    Hence, not only do we need to stop calling Islamic terrorism violent extremism, we need to call it what it really is, jihad, and at the same time also acknowledge the fact that heretofore has been totally ignored, that unlike terrorism or violent extremism, jihad also involves a non-violent stealth and deceptive variety that is employed exponentially far more relative to the violent varieties. In fact, it is not even close but nonetheless has been taking place completely undetected, unacknowledged, and unopposed.

    As a matter of fact, the only way to combat jihad is to ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage because you cannot import Muslims without also importing sharia and jihad, as sharia and jihad are both intrinsic to Islam, meaning you can’t have Islam without sharia and jihad.

    Anything less in the long run will inevitably result in the complete subjugation into draconian Islamic totalitarianism of the host indigenous people as it has happened countless times before in the past, like it just happened in Cote D’Ivoire and Lebanon, and like it is in the process of happening today in Nigeria.

    Muslims never ever migrate to the West or any other non-Muslim country, for that matter, to assimilate and integrate. Instead, they migrate only to eventually subjugate and dominate via demographic conquest in order to make Islam supreme. All those Muslim no-go zones sprinkled throughout Europe aren’t a freak accident of nature, and the same thing will inevitably happen in the USA as well.

    And if you think my warning sounds a bit extreme, re-read that warning over again in 10 years and see if you still believe it sounds extreme or if it was very prescient.

  • Robert Laity

    "Caliph" Obama is a Radical islamic Supremacist whose agenda is Dar-el-Salaam. Appeasement is NOT the answer to the anti-religious Islamic Sharia system. Full out efforts to eradicate Islam from the face of the Earth is the answer. Islam is anathema.

  • LindaRivera

    Leaders of any country, America, Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. that truly wanted to protect their countries from Muslim terror attacks would make sure that all government agencies were provided with quotes from the Koran about showing no mercy to non-Muslims and about jihad being an obligation on all Muslims, etc. And the forcible conversion to Islam all of which continues to this very day. Mohammad is considered the perfect man and role model by Muslims who follow their religion.

    Western nations don't present the facts about Islam; they DELIBERATELY hide the facts. Revealing the tragic fact that our nations have no interest in protecting us or preserving our freedom and human rights.