Driving While White

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Are all bad drivers created equal? Not in Seattle they’re not, where the city attorney has made it his goal to reduce prosecutions of drivers caught driving with suspended licenses by 90 percent. Apparently going after drivers with suspended licenses is racist “because blacks and other racial minorities are more likely to be poor than Whites and unable to pay their fines.”

You might think that driving with a suspended license is a matter that endangers everyone of all races, colors and creeds. Last year two women in Seattle were killed by a driver with a suspended license who was driving while high on methamphetamines. Both the perpetrator, George A. Ross, and one of his female victims, Kiana Cormier, were African-American.

In 2004 the big issue in Seattle’s city council elections was ending the impounding of vehicles from drivers caught driving with suspended licenses. Councilman Richard McIver said that impounding a vehicle was similar to “taking someone’s shoes for jaywalking.”

Despite a study which showed that drivers with suspended licenses were 2.5 times more likely to get into accidents, Seattle’s city government continued pushing a “driver’s license optional” policy in the name of racial and economic justice. But where is the racial and economic justice when young black women like Kiana are killed because the authorities would rather pander than enforce the law and do their jobs? As usual the first victims of liberal social justice are the very minority groups they claim to want to help.

But in Seattle, one police officer is speaking out against the tyranny of political correctness.

Officer Pomper wrote an article in The Guardian, a Seattle police newspaper put out by the Seattle Police Officers Guild, titled “Just Shut Up and Be a Good Little Socialist,” which addressed the socialist hegemony that officers were expected to endure. “Employing the Race and Social Justice Initiative, the City of Seattle is actually deciding on which people do or do not ‘merit punishment’ for a crime, based upon their race, ethnic heritage, and/or socio-economic status. So far this only applies to DWLS3, but one has to ask, what’s next?”

Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn responded to police criticism by saying, “I just don’t think there is room for in this city for police officers who think issues of race and social justice aren’t important… and who think addressing the issues of race and social justice is unwarranted.”

Although Pomper wrote his article off duty as a private citizen and not as a representative of the SPD, repeated attempts were made to keep him from speaking out against a policy that amounts to racial profiling. By treating a disparity in racial offenses as proof of intolerance, the City of Seattle is racializing even an item of law as objectively color neutral as whether a driver has a valid license or not.

Pomper pointed out that not only has the city attorney decided to reduce prosecutions of suspended licenses, but unlike other traffic offenses which are dealt by the officer, the city attorney has routed these cases through his office to “determine who merits punishment.” If “merit” is determined by race, rather than offense, than “Driving While White” becomes the real crime.

The only way to make crime rates racially equivalent is to juggle enforcement in ways that make “Driving While White” into a serious offense or to stop enforcing the law on classes of offenses or areas with a larger proportion of minority offenders. Neither one can be described as upholding the law. Both amount to racial profiling at the grand statistical level, as officers are being guided to make fewer arrests and prosecutors are being taught to file fewer charges to balance the racial scales.

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  • FBastiat
  • StephenD

    Can you imagine how bad it will get when the community isn’t black but Islamic? When they don’t even want local Law Enforcement in the area and are given the ok (because after all, they want this and it will save us money!) for Sharia tribunals and mitigation hearings for “social and domestic issues” as an extension of the practice of their religion. When they decide matters such as spousal abuse, apostasy and homosexual punishments.
    I’m taking bets. I say we will advocate for this ourselves (being the Politically Correct way to go) and when there are 20% in an area and they virtually “Take Over” and from that point on, you’re not even welcome in there; then you will see (although we probably won’t acknowledge them) increased incidents of FGM, Honor Killings, attacks against Jews and other Infidels. Care to take my bet? So you know, I’m basing my bets probability on the experience of Europe so it’s almost…a sure thing.

    • DeniseBarber

      Oh puleese! This is ALL the RESULT of Judaic social engineering.

      • StephenD

        WTF have you been smoking?!? Judaic Social Engineering??? What is this "ALL" you're talking about?
        Look at Europe. Paris, London, et al. There are sections that are virtually off limits to you if you are non-Muslim. Streets are shut down for “prayer time.” Sharia courts are prevalent. Violent and atrocious spousal and child abuse are rampant. More and more are reports of Female Genital Mutilation (as practiced in Islam). Young citizens are sent to Pakistan or some other similar place to be married…as a pre-pubescent. You charge this to some sort of Judaic Engineering? I am astounded. Why would the Jews want this at all? You just don't make sense. Do you feel alright? Perhaps you need to get your meds adjusted.

      • ziontruth

        When all else fails, blame the Joooooooooooooooz! Ask Horst Wessel for details.

        • ChingaChe

          Horst Wessel, what a musical name. Someone should write a song about him. I can't do it. I'm too busy now working on my pavel morozov song.

  • mrbean

    Yassah, it awl beez dah whitey fault. Yassah, Ah likes dah Referend Jerimiah Wright of dah choclate liberation theology an dah man Louis Farrakann caws he bin in dah spaceship circling dah earth mit dah Elijah Mohammed. Yassah,, dey serves wattamelon un fry chilin ebery day dere. Ah jus luf Seattle cause Ah can carjack and dribe wifout dah dribers licsense. Yassah.

    • Dennis X

      back from stromfront bean boy ?

  • FBastiat

    This, from a 2003 essay, was meant as a joke:

    The most interesting feature of this project (thus far) is its limitation to fields of achievement. This conflicts with the basic moral impulse of affirmative action: the egalitarian demand for "equality" irrespective of context. Logically, the campaign for diversity-of-pigment should be extended to fields of failure. If proportional reflection is an imperative for jobs, then isn't it equally an imperative for, say, jails? Shouldn't we make sure that the prison population "looks like America"? To achieve racial balance, all we would have to do is establish an arrest maximum for some ethnic groups and an arrest minimum for others. What possible objection could there be — a concern for the actual behavior of individuals?

  • steven l

    There is no need for the right to hijack the notion of "social justice" as being unfair when actually it should underpin the goal of improving the life of all. Extreme positions help the extremes. But strangely enough they force the generally "passive" middle to take actions.

    • akbass

      As long as the Left gets to define terms such as "social justice," I'll support the right's "hijacking" of their idiocy all day long.

      • ChingaChe

        Well-spoken indeed!

  • reason1984

    Another nail in the coffin of the "Rule of Law." I would think a court challenge is in order. Maybe the ACLU will take up the cause. Yeah right. Maybe we should look to Shariah law for an answer. (Sarc Off)

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The degredation of law and order is alive and well and on course in Seattle, a
    bastion of leftist fever and suicide by enlightened idiocy. Black neighborhoods
    just become less safe with unlicensed drivers on the roads, unlicensed as they
    have proven their lack of responsability to operate a vehicle. Police understand
    the political motivations in leftists government and try to work around it but
    the citizens are less safe and public safety is on the slippery slope of disorder.
    I will remember to stay away from Seattle………………………………William

  • xlent

    Some people in leadership will do all that they can to continue to stir up racial antagonism. It is all part of the lefts plan to destabilize America and destroy the condtitution. All that needs to be done is, for those of us who care and understand this, to keep loving our "neighbor" and support honest balanced justice for all. …and "keep our powder dry"

    • ziontruth

      Marxism cannot survive on social harmony; this strife it promotes is the disease to which it advertises it is the cure.

      If you want to eradicate racial injustice, outlaw Marxism. Joseph McCarthy was right!

      • Steve

        When given a choice, the Left always chooses the path of violence…..see Franz Fanon for the details.

  • jasonz

    why is this tolerated. if the laws are being set up like this then there should be NO way a peaceful end can occur. people should have marched into that pos racists office and drug him out of the building! not figuativly…not vote him out. i mean drad that facist butt out by his ankles and run him out of town. this stuff cannot be tolerated at all. if we do then we are cowards and deserve the facist racial dictatorship we get!

  • maturin20

    It really must be hard finding enough stories every day to fill the columns. Once you've knocked Muslims, Obama, and the radical Left, about all that's left is Amazon reviews and traffic enforcement patterns.

    • Steve

      Tragically, Obama and the Radical Left supply a never ending series of outrages to anyone who prizes the Enlightenment values of individual liberty and free (but well regulated) markets…….BTW, why did O in his first day in office send the bust of Churchill back to Britain? Was it because he was white or some other reason? Thanks, I can't find O's explanation for this anywhere online.

      • maturin20

        Outrage is bad for your blood pressure.