Five Reasons To Ban the Burqa

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The rise of such segregation in Europe would threaten the democratic character of the society.  But should the Burqa become widespread, the status of some European women living in national capitals would begin to resemble those of Saudi and Pakistani women.

4. Segregation is Discrimination

Purdah segregates women at homes and the Burqa segregates them in public. While the authorities cannot interfere with what people choose to do in their own homes—the public wearing of the Burqa is a statement that women are unequal and must be segregated.

Such an attitude is an assault on the legal place of women in society. It imposes the norms of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on the streets of Paris and London. Like a Klan march, it a dehumanizing and intimidating statement of bigotry against a segment of society.  While in the United States, such marches are legal, in much of Europe they are not.

If radicals are prevented from making public statements about the inferiority of races, why should they be permitted to assert the inferiority of a gender.

“Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other,” the Koran asserts. Replace ‘women’ with any race or religion, and a public assertion of such a thing would be cause for criminal proceedings.

Imposing the segregation of the Burqa on women in an assertion of a bigoted creed that dehumanizes an entire gender. While Muslims are free to believe what they do, a public display that dehumanizes women as a gender by treating their faces as obscene, is an intolerant violation of the norms of civil society.

5.  The Wearing of the Burqa is Enforced Through Violence

“More often the girls were under orders from their fathers and uncles and brothers, and even their male classmates. For the boys, transforming a bluejeaned teen-age sister into a docile and observant “Muslim” virgin was a rite de passage into authority, the fast track to becoming a man, and more important, a Muslim man…. it was also a license for violence.”  (Jane Kramer, Taking the Veil, New Yorker)

In 2003 a French survey found that 77 percent of girls who wore the Hijab did so because of threats. Women in the Muslim world have been punished by having acid thrown in their faces for not complying with similar demands. There is no way to break through this climate of coercion except by giving women and girls immunity from such demands by banning the source of it. The Burqa.

The Burqa also exposes women to blackmail and intimidation when they deviate from the standard of full body covering. There is a rising number of cases in which women and girls who posted Facebook pictures of themselves in normal clothes have been blackmailed and threatened for it.

As long as the Burqa remains a threat hanging over the heads of Muslim and non-Muslim women alike, no woman in Europe can truly be free from its implied threat to her person and her political freedoms.

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  • LindaRivera

    In Britain, a Muslim terrorist was able to escape at the airport wearing a burqa. Muslims clad in burqas have robbed jewelry stores and other businesses.

    Wearing the burqa implies that women are so terrible they must be covered up and hidden. But in the Bible, G-D says everything He has created is good!!!

  • ,xog

    islam-mecca is not really a religion its more of a fascist death cult,and the reason we support bannning the burka is the same reason we support banning apartheid the burka is gender apartheid, the burkha is sexual slavery, the burkha is a religious cults hatred of womenon display and its disgusting,you cannot be a liberal and support the burkha nor can you be a feminist and support the burkha since the burkha is anti-thetical to both philosophies you can only be a coward and a fascist dog to support the burkha

  • steven reeves

    MUSLIMS ARE HOMOS let me illustrate ah slam yo rectum,thats homo isnt it or have you seen all the young boys heads bobbing up and down in the bordellos oops i mean mosques, or the men on their elbows and knees in the bordellos oops i mean mosques looks queer to me looks damn queer to me and their manifestation of their queer identity is to ban women women from society hence the burkha.

  • JoelB

    I am appalled at the level of discourse in the comments on this site. The name-calling and ad-hominem attacks posted by 'james', 'kafir4life', 'tom', 'boss man' etc. are beneath contempt, and certainly beneath the quality of this otherwise excellent site.

    Grow up, guys!

  • guest xyz

    Women should indeed NOT be allowed the vote, they have given us the likes of Hitler, Clinton (both of them) and Pharaoh Hussein aka Barry Soetoro.
    Other than that , I agree with everything the author of this article says, abuse in the Mohammedan world is horrific, incest and family murder is the order of the day in most of the Mohammedan countries, it is sanctioned by the maim, murder and molest prophet and his dunggod allah.

    • ProudMuslim

      If u don't like Islam may Allah(God) grant you on the right path…plz do research on Islam b4 u talk bad!

  • techmans

    One of the most compelling reasons would seem to me is that this kind of "clothing" is downright unhealthy. All wearers, even near the tropics must be severely vit. D deficient and suffer a host of ailments as a result.

    So, to wear these garments in mid and higher latitudes where we already have trouble getting enough sunshine for half the year is most detrimental.

  • Amused

    Judging b the posts , I 'd say the membership is mostly juvenile .

  • DJJ

    Thank you, Daniel, for another well written article. I find all of your writings to be very informative, thought provoking, and sometimes extremely funny. Keep up the good work!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    While Muslims are free to believe what they do, a public display that dehumanizes women as a gender by treating their faces as obscene, is an intolerant violation of the norms of civil society.

    Really? Are they also free to believe the 6th and most important pillar of which Islam stands as well, in which it is an obligatory duty in Islam for every Muslim (no exceptions) to wage jihad against unbelievers in the cause of Allah?

    “Al-Jihad (holy fighting) in Allah’s Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars (on which it stands). Allah’s Word is made superior, (His Word being Lailaha illallah which means none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and His Religion (Islam) is propagated. By abandoning Jihad (may Allah protect us from that) Islam is destroyed and the Muslims fall into an inferior position; their honour is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish. Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim, and he who tries to escape from this duty, or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfil this duty, dies with one of the qualities of a hypocrite.”

    –The Noble Qur’an published in Saudi Arabia by the “King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an, Madinah, K.S.A.

    Banning the Burqa doesn’t go nearly far enough. We need to ban and reverse Muslim immigration altogether ASAP as well. As you can’t allow for the importation of Muslims without also allowing for the importation of jihad and sharia at the same time, as jihad, the sixth and most important pillar of Islam, and sharia, the will of Allah, are both intrinsic to Islam and you can’t import Muslims without also simutaneously importing jihad and sharia as well.

    In addition, the notion that you can protect your society by outlawing and banning sharia is naïve, as again sharia is intrinsic to Islam since it is the will of Allah. In any event, the vast overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants in country after country have flat out refused to assimilate and integrate and instead have formed segregated Muslim no-go zones ruled by sharia as parallel societies within societies and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside. Indeed, Muslims never migrate to non-Muslim countries to assimilate and integrate but instead to eventually subjugate and dominate in order to make Islam supreme via demographic conquest.

    Hence, no amount of laws passed to stop sharia can possibly stop sharia, because a Muslim can’t be a Muslim without sharia and jihad, since sharia is the will of Allah and jihad is the sixth and most important pillar of which Islam stands, and both are intrinsic to Islam.

  • Luxenberg Fan

    It is often Chapter 24 (Sur Al Noor/The Light) – that muslims use to crowbar women into hijab and veiling.

    'Q. – By the way, what do you think about the Islamic veil?

    A. – "There is a passage in Sura 24, verse 31, which in Arabic reads, 'That they should beat their khumurs against their bags.' It is an incomprehensible phrase, for which the following interpretation has been sought: 'That they should extend their kerchiefs from their heads to their breasts.' But if this passage is read in the light of Syro-Aramaic, it simply means: 'They should fasten their belts around their waists."
    An interview with "Christoph Luxenberg" by Alfred Hackensberger

  • Mohammed Tarique

    Hey..I Think Yu Shud Knoe The Thing Before Yu Tell Anythng Abt Any Religion.. Although We All Muslims Knoe Tht Rather Than Islam There Is No Perfect Religion We Still Dont Abuse Or Tell Somethng Abt Othr Religion.. Its A Stupid Thing Tht Yu All Blaming Islam And Muslims For Everythng.. Try To Read And Compare Yur Religion With Islam Then Yu'll Knoe Wht Is ISLAM And Wht Are Muslims..

    • ProudMUSLIM!


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  • ries

    i really hate the muslim bastards with passion

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  • Ismael

    Can you cite your sources, I stopped reading at the domestic violence thing because there are no proof or sources. This article is stupid.

  • Christian Girl

    When I was a student in Berlin, capital city of Germany, I was many times abused in districts like Wedding for example, where many arabic and turkey people live. Even though Europe is not a basis for muslims, in our countrys, in our cities, immigrants abuses woman who wear skirts or short jeans. It was very painfull for me to see what is going on. In my own country I could not wear the dress I liked. In case they were calling me as “whore”, that I will go to hell, they were trying to touch explaining it, that I allow it if I don’t cover myself like good muslim girls… Still I feel very very bad about all this. It was very hurting expierience…

    • senfoghorn1

      Christian Girl: Don’t think for a moment that the same thing does not happen to Muslim girls. Perverts are Perverts. One Sheik recently said that babies should be dressed in hajib to avoid rape.” How sick is that!!!

  • Benjamin

    This article makes poorly-constructed arguments and assertions. It’s also ridiculous and implausible, primarily because it confuses the source of misogyny with a symptom.

  • Heidi Hovath

    I am a non-muslim, white, Christian American woman. Throughout my life since I was an adolescent, I have always tried to dress conservatively (tight enough to show you’re a woman, loose enough to show you’re a lady, as my grandfather used to say). I respect the right of Muslim women to dress how they please, whether by religious mandate or societal pressure. The above article shows valid defenses for discriminating against the Burqa, but these reasons are mainly for the protection/benefit of the Muslim female in general, such as a mask for domestic violence, to de-individualize them, etc.

    I personally have no objection to a person wearing what she/he chooses to wear, just as I reserve my right to dress as I please without interference. If you talk to a Muslim man, he will invariably tell you that that’s the way their women choose to dress…. without any familial/societal pressure (yeah, right… lol). That’s their business. What is MY business, though, and what this article fails to point out among its “5 Reasons….” …. is the safety issue involving ME and MY people. I would not want to share the road with a Burka’d driver whose face is covered, share a bus or, God forbid, an airplane … nor stand in line with one in the bank. They had already fought for the right NOT to uncover their faces for a DMV photo (guess what… no license! … LOL, their right to keep their face covered during a police mug shot (let’s get real! ) … all in the name of religion…. they lost on all counts. It’s our SAFETY/SECURITY I’m concerned about …. they can Burqa or go about naked, it’s their call.

  • eggy hijab


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  • anonymous

    I am not concerned with the banning or not banning of burqah but the interpretation of the koranic surah has been quoted totally wrong here. Islam is the most liberal religion. Those were times of insecurity in medinah and muslim women were asked to cover themselves with outer garments when walking abroad only. It was never contemplated that they should be confined to their houses like prisoners.
    The object was not to restrict the liberty of women but to protect them from harm and molestation under the conditions then existing in Medina.

  • 1735099

    The kilt is a very dangerous garment.

    You could hide a knife, a Glock or a grenade under a kilt.

    It’s definitely time they were banned in banks and police stations and on public transport…………….

    • senfoghorn1

      Yes!! People around the world are terrified of a man wearing a kilt. They murder without thought, bury children alive, cut heads off, burn people alive ah, – my bad – not kilts….