Five Reasons To Ban the Burqa

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Belgium and France have banned the Burqa and the new Dutch government is considering doing the same.  Critics have charged that the ban is religiously intolerant, some even claim that it’s intolerant of women, but the truth is that the Burqa is dangerous to women. Both those who wear it—and those who don’t.

1. The Burqa Covers Up Abuse

Countries where the Burqa is commonly worn also have higher rates of domestic violence.  In Afghanistan 87 percent of women reported experiencing domestic violence. In Pakistan that number goes as high as 90 percent. Domestic violence is also a major problem in Saudi Arabia.

In cases of domestic abuse, the Burqa doesn’t just isolate the woman, it also covers up evidence of the abuse. It gives the abuser the freedom to brutalize his partner without worrying that anyone will even notice.

This is an especially vital issue in Europe, where spousal abuse is a serious crime, and the abuser has more motivation than ever to cover it up. The Burqa successfully isolates abuse victims, cuts them off from any prospective support networks and prevents anyone on the outside from even realizing what is being done to them.

The Muslim community has been in denial about its rates of domestic abuse. The Burqa is one reason why. It’s easier not to see abused women, when they are segregated and the marks of their abuse are kept out sight.

2.  The Burqa Justifies Sexual Assault on Women Who Don’t Wear It

In response to a gang rape, the Chief Mufti of Australia said, “If she was in her room, in her home, in her Hijab, no problem would have occurred.” By wearing the Burqa or Hijab, women participate in a narrative that gives rapists a pass for sexual assaults on women who don’t dress the way the Mufti or Imam says they should.

The Koran gives a similar justification for a head to toe covering for women, “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies that they may thus be distinguished and not molested.” (Koran 33:59)

This distinction between women who can be ‘molested’ and those who cannot is what makes the Burqa such an explosive addition to Europe—which is already suffering from a high rate of Muslim sexual assaults on non-Muslim women.

The Burqa divides women into “good girls” and “whores” and gives potential rapists, religious ammunition for their crimes.

Banning the Burqa protects women who choose not to wear it from being assaulted because of their perceived immodesty.

3.  Civic Participation

The essence of a modern society is that it extends civic participation to everyone. Deliberately preventing an entire gender from participating in society as identifiable individuals is an assault on the democratic character of the state.

Individuals are recognizable through personal attributes. Remove those attributes and you remove the individuality as well. The Sahih Bukhari relates that one inspiration for the Burqa was that one of Mohammed’s followers was able to recognize one of his wives at night. The implication is that the Burqa is meant to prevent such recognition from taking place. Women are not meant to be recognized as individuals. Or to be empowered to make their own decisions.

The Burqa is designed to impede interaction outside the home. The failure to be recognized as an individual is dehumanizing and deprives women of their role in civic life.

Countries where the Burqa is in wide use, have low rates of female civic participation. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to vote. In parts of Pakistan, women are not allowed to vote as well. In Afghanistan women were shunted into female only polling stations, or forced to vote by proxy through a male family member.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    There are more reasons to ban burqa

    6. Burqa helps criminals to hide, to penetrate, and to escape (done regularly).

    7. Is it no more true that "In Rome do like Romans do?"

    And so on… The list becomes long and not exhausting because the author posed a wrong question. It is ISLAM which has no place in the Western world rather than burqa.

    • bob o'shea

      people who were burkas are religous muslims so they wouldn,t commit crime as it is prohibited in islam for example adultery

      • nick o'shea


        • StephenD

          Probably because you're both tools.

      • ddd

        adultery is not a crime.

      • islamisacult

        What a load of bollocks. All muslims are religious and dangerous. They are the worst perpertrators of crime, particularly rape, (Oslo in Sweden, England) and other countries in Europe. White women are seen as whores and easy white meat, particularly vulnerable children.) muslims do not give a shi.t about crime, or anyone else but themselves!

    • Md Tarique

      Helo Boss.. This World Is Of Muslim.. Have Yu Ever Heard A Muslim Wearing Hijab Has Been Raped?? We In Islam Belive Tht Womens Are Treasure.. Now Tell Me Who Will Be Tht Stupid Who Opens The Treasure In Front Of All..

      • thereallybadfword

        I've heard of many women in Hijabs and even the full burqa, being raped. A simple seach on Google will show you…
        Women are not 'treasure'. They are HUMAN BEINGS who deserve to be treated as such!

  • waterwillows

    Actually, Islam has no place in the world. It is a cult of organized paedophiles and closet queers. It is not able to build any society or nation.
    The enforcement of the burka on women is used as an aid to further the twisted development of this cult. It is a world turned upside-down, with nowhere to go, except to eventually self-destruct after massive destruction on all others.
    It robs women of absolutely everything, while never noticing that they have robbed themselves even greater.
    The burka is a visual symbol of what a twisted ideology can bring about. It is a symbol that normal is not acceptable.

    • Steven Prange

      You beat me to it, I must agree, Islam has no place or reason for existence.

      • 7861

        If you do not know the reasons for why the burqa is created then keep your opinions to yourself. You may think of all the negativity that it creates but having a burqa has created a very big sense of security for Muslim women. Western countries are completely different to Eastern countries where it is not safe. You don't see Muslims discriminating your race or religion, so dont disgrace theirs.

    • Isabella

      This is a completely arrogant approach, have you not considered that maybe women choose to wear the burkas? and furthermore how idiotic are you to make such a generalisation of islam 'a cult of organized paedophiles and closet queers.'

      You should seriously be embarrassed.

      If you're going to make a arguement have valid criticisms, not generalsations and opinions.

    • Anonymous

      Listen here! If u don't anything gd 2 say abwt Muslims…then we don't wanna hear…I respect pols believes n I'm a Muslim…I'm not forced to wear religious wear n AGAIN! IM A PROUD MUSLIM. Ppl can say what they want cause u have ur believes n we have ours! I also pray 4 all the ppl instead of gossip abwt them that' soon 1day, ppl will relise that they are WRONG! May God guide u, Amen..

  • kafir4life

    I'm completely against banning the burkee. As a muslima trapped in a Jewish man's body, I find them very handy to gain access to women's bathing, dressing, and toileting areas. If I can't wear my burkee, how the heck am I expected to watch?

    allahu snackbar!!

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  • vivianclay

    It is understandable that Muslims, with a caliphate agenda, are resisting a ban of this outfit, but that a political class, who for decades have been advocating equality of genders, are as eager to maintain the 'rights' to use it, must raise questions.
    Is it at all possible to battle this and other Islamic issues infringeing on our freedom, without defeating the political class paving the road for a Islamic colonialization?

  • montlasky

    It does have a use in wedding photos! Imagine the photos of the bride and all the bridesmaids-look at the money saved on fashion and then who knows or cares who the bride is!

  • montlasky

    It does have it's uses. Imagine a wedding photo with the bride and all the bridesmaids.Think of the savings on fashion. Nobody would know who the bride is anyway!

    • kafir4life

      Most of them you would not want to show their faces anyway. Usually the brides have two burkee looks. In case one catches on fire, the other one will prevent you from having to see their faces. The burkee is also a method common among mohamadens to perform homosexual marriages. It's common for muslim men to disguise themselves as women because they are cowards, but it also comes in handy for two muslim "men" to be married, as islam throws homosexuals off the highest buildings, and if the falls don't kill them, they are allowed to be beaten to death.

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  • Linda

    in this day of terrorism….it is VERY easy for a woman OR even a man to don the burqa in order to hide a huge body belt made of bombs!

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  • Veronique

    There are many other legitimate reasons to ban the burqa.
    It is a health and safety hazard. Wearers cannot get vitamin D from the sun which can cause mental problems and Rickets in babies. It has been responsible for cusing many accidents and death. It covers the periferal vision and no one should be allowed to drive wearing the burqa.
    It is a huge security risk and flies in the face of security cameras. It is used for crimes and by Homicide bombers. Recently a woman got off a 6month jail term because not one could prove it was her under the burqa.
    It is not a religious requirement but a cultural one left over from slavery. It is offensive, intimidating and provocative and is part of sharia law.
    Women who choose to wear the burqa are condemning those ho have no choice to spend the rest of their lives in a body bag. It has been banned as a security risk in some Islamic countries.

  • Asher

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