In the Face of Evil

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Haq brought two .45 caliber automatic pistols with him that day, along with a knife, and a hatred of Jews. “I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel,” Haq announced at the center’s offices. The killings that followed were not random. They were the purposeful work of a man whose goal was to kill as many Jews as possible in order to make a statement. The statement was made, but no one listened.

“I want these Jews to get out,” Naveed Haq could be heard saying on the 911 call. But it still took two trials to find him guilty, the first one ended in a hung jury. Recorded phone conversations were played for the jury where he described Pamela Waechter as an “Israeli collaborator” using language reminiscent of the BDS movement. “I did a very good thing. I did it for a good reason,” he told his mother.

But face to face with law enforcement, Haq fell back on the old moderate Muslim defense. “I sympathize with Muslims, you know. But I’m not an extremist,” he said. “I didn’t want to kill anybody.” During sentencing he assured the court, “I am not a man filled with hate.”

Muslim organizations rushed to offer the same denials disavowing Haq’s actions as having nothing to do with Islam, but they know quite well that there are countless Fatwas that justify them. How was Haq any different from the Mumbai terrorists who attacked the Chabad House there, or from Ahmed Ferhani and Mohamed Madouh who plotted to blow up a synagogue in Manhattan, or the Bronx bomb plotters who intended to attack the Riverdale Jewish Center or the Los Angeles Terror Plot which targeted synagogues by a group known as Jam’iyyat Ul-Islam Is-Saheeh.

Is there some peculiar species of mental illness which causes Muslims, singly and in groups, to want to murder to Jews, or is it simply a matter of religion? Conclusions emerge through the study of patterns. Naveed Haq, celebrating Eid in Walla Walla, is one bright red point on a map that stretches across the country. New York. Los Angeles. And back to New York.

Jews, Christians, Hindus, there are so many targets. Times Square. A Christmas tree lighting. A plane full of passengers flying home for the holidays. And five years ago there were six women in an office waiting for their day to end.

There will be more. That is the one thing we can always be sure of. Evil does not go away. It does not go away if you call it mental illness or blame it on socioeconomic conditions or the temperature or foreign policy. As those women did in July or as thousands of New Yorkers did in September, sooner or later we all come face to face with evil. Not all of us survive.

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  • dodo

    Islam turns it's vulnerables into hate crazed, sex crazed murderers, using sado sexual imagery of suicide, murder and hatred mixed with sexwiththedead.

  • al Kidya

    Yes, and it appears the DOJ is going to plead an insanity case for Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood jihadist, by declaring that it was "workplace violence created by stress".

    In other words, Nidal Hasan went "postal". It wasn't brought on by Islam at all.

    The Obama administration is attempting to brainwash Islamic jihad out of our social consciousness. How dumb do these dhimmis, and Muslim Brotherhood advisors to Obama think we are?

    • Spider

      The Obama administration is just doing what it was ordered to do by their Islamic masters in Mecca..

  • Amused

    For one to plead insanity , it must FIRST be verified by psychologists that the defendents were indeed insane at the time of the commission of their crimes . In both cases mentioned ,premeditation is glaringly obvious . Premeditation precludes insanity or temporary insanity , as does planning . The fact that both most likely disregarded getting caught or themselves being killed , does not prove insanity . And of course , as all must know that these two must be provided a defense attorney , and ANY attorney faced with such overwhelming evidence against their clients MUST atleast offer a plea of insanity , or make a plea bargain .

  • Amused

    And regardless of the intended SPIN ,leaving islam out of the case against the defendents and focusing soley on the act of first degree murde , you cannot prosecute a religion , the charges are premeditated murder in the first degree .The entrance of any religious inclination towards murder , while we all know is the motivation , would only open the door for a mitigating circumstance which would lessen the charges. So dont be so fast to jump , for there is some wisdom in leaving any religious motivation out of the case .

    • Steeloak

      Agreed, you can't prosecute a religion. However, you can use a perpetrators' religious beliefs and his action upon those beliefs as evidence of motive, as well as evidence for premeditation.

      I don't generally agree with you on most things, but on the subject of the Islamic threat, we are in agreement.

    • Jim Dandy

      Can you prosecute a cult?

      • Amused

        only if you can show an organized conspiracy to break the law -otherwise known as RICO . There was a recent case where the Christian Science parents witheld urgent medical care from their child on religious/cult grounds ….the child died , and they were prosecuted for aggrivated child abuse and manslaughter ….the cult could not be prosecuted , so too with islam .

  • Flipside

    Now imagine what it would be like if Abe Foxman pissed and moaned, saying Greenfield has no business writing an unacceptable passion play such as this, for it only enflames hatred.

    • ASG

      Are you retarded or something? I look outside and the sky is blue, what color is the sky in your world?

    • stern

      PP – pointless post. Again.

    • UCSPanther

      I think you are secretly wishing this madman killed more people on that terrible day. You are just too cowardly to admit it, considering the blowback you got on this site for trying to defend the actions of Sharpton and the human trash followers he incited with that mini-kristalnacht in New York City…

      • Flipside

        If I think it, I’ll say it. Until then, don’t knot your panties trying to be me.

        • UCSPanther

          I'd rather not be you: A cowardly Jew Hater.

          • Flipside

            I don’t hate Jews. They’re just people.

    • Ghostwriter

      Now,imagine Flipside,with a heart and a brain. Then,he wouldn't be such a vile anti-semite.

      • Flipside

        I don’t think people are ashamed to be called anti-Semite anymore. Not after how Israel acts. It still doesn’t apply to me though.


    islam is pure evil – muslims who follow islam are pure evil – its plain and simple and I for one am sick of the fancy bs language attempting to somehow understand this vile filth called islam – its evil – PERIOD……is a cancer and as such should be cut out.

  • ASG

    How can anyone with a straight face anymore say that Islam and America are a good combination? Islam is a diseased cult hell bent on death and destruction of anything in its way. As a Jew I have been treated to a litany of historical accounts of my people being run over by the latest hate mongers. We can't sit idle any longer, we need to fight back. We need to be proud of all the things our people have survived through and let them know enough is enough.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Denial, not just a river in Egypt

    • myohmy

      It's way past time for you Jews to start eliminating the threat you and the rest of us are being forced to endure. If you take the war to them America will back you up. We have no choice but to back you up and we will. Obama is selling you out and it's just a matter of time before Iran will be strong enough to think they can exterminate every Jew in Israel. What are you waiting on? No one will blame you if you strike them first.

  • Randy

    That was some pretty powerful writing.

  • BLJ

    Give me a baseball bat, a closed room and 10 minutes.

    • tanstaafl

      I don't need the baseball bat.

      • BLJ

        I want to keep my hands clean.

  • gideon

    Growing up, I used to think I could stay away from evil just by not going to the bad parts of town. But evil catches people everywhere, in an innocent community center in Washington, or in a lonely part of Nebraska.
    Being Jewish means that IslamoNazis declare you should be exterminated, whether they are in Egypt or Iran or Gaza. There are others who dislike you as well. The world is becoming a more dangerous place in general.
    I myself became a target of evil. A Mafia made it its job to (in their words) "annihilate me". They used technology – drugs that affect sexual behavior, drugs that put people to sleep instantly, drugs that make people talk incessantly until they spill all secrets. They sabotaged my job and my life. At one point an old flame walked into my life briefly – and straight into the maw of this Mafia. Evil caught me – an anonymous suburban Jew near New York. And it can catch you.

  • esperantominoria

    One who KNEW about how bad Mohammad was was none other than VOLTAIRE.TODAY he would be thrown in jail for his ideas about Muhammad.

    In an article about MOHAMMAD in WESTERN LITERATURE it appears that PASCAL and specially VOLTAIRE,had a very NEGATIVE VIEW of him.

    VOLTAIRE called him an imposter,a hypocrite,a charlatan.

    The article in in French but you can COPY and PASTE and TRANSLATE it using GOOGLE TRANSLATE

  • esperantominoria

    But JESUS was a better guy and HE is also in LITERATURE

    Here it is about JESUS in LITTERATURE

    It is ASTONISHING how he appears in,for example:

    (The Master and Margarita)by Bulgakov,the greatest Russian novel of the XXth century,better than Doctor Zhivago.

    (The Last Temptation of Christ)by the author of ZORBA THE GREEK

    In the BROTHERS KARAMAZOV,in the section The Grand Inquisitor,the masterpiece by DOSTOEVSKI

    In SARAMAGO's masterpiece,he was the greatest Portuguese writer of the XXth century,atheist,communist,Nobel Prize winner:

    (The Gospel according to Jesus),where Jesus and Mary Magdalene have a love affair.

    In MARY by JEWISH writer MAREK HALTER,where MARY is the FRIEND of BARABBAS,etc


    Another article on the theme:with Jesus in OSCAR WILDE,C.S.LEWIS

    • Indioviejo

      But, do they quote the gospels? Go to the source and criticize what He said.

  • BS77

    too bad, we cannot implement the death penalty for a POS like this. We just don't have the nuts anymore, plain and simple… protect our Constitution, our society, our borders… protect our women and children from the VERMIN PC multicultural morons have invited, with a red carpet, into our country.

    • Flipside

      Nice words, Anders Breivik.

  • effemall

    The sadest part is that many when confronted by evil still do not recognize it.

  • Marty

    This degenerate has no pity, no remorse, and no soul. He is the perfect sociopath, similar to his hero, the pedophile mohamad.

    • Flipside

      The Department of Homeland Security comments stick out like a sore thumb.

      • Dinah

        It seems that you're just out here to play devil's advocate, isn't it, Flipside?
        You just look at anything that makes sense and say : "interesting, I'll just say the opposite".
        See where that gets you.

  • chaim

    Unfortunately, in regard to the murders and the murderer, Jewish leaders in Seattle did not comport themselves very well, to say the least, as the link below reveals:

  • UCSPanther

    Haq should have been swinging at the end of a rope for his rampage.

  • LindaRivera

    Haq brought two .45 caliber automatic pistols with him that day, along with a knife, and a hatred of Jews. “I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel,”.

    The HATE; the rage, the murders goes back 1,400 years ago and has continued until this day. The rage of the founder of Islam, Mohammad, who murdered/beheaded several hundred Jewish men because of the Jews enormous love for, and allegiance to the One, Glorious, Awesome, Magnificent God of the Universe. Our Wonderful Creator.

    The loyal Jews refused to follow another god and the new religion of Mohammad. After witnessing the horrific, barbaric murders of their loved ones, the Jews' wives and children were seized for slaves.

    The hate is for GOD and GOD's eternal, unchanging Holy Laws:


  • Mirjam

    Islam is a cult of death where the Jews are always talking about life! I'm on Life's side!

  • Amused

    The Fort Hood shooter faces a death penalty from two sources , the State of Texas , where execution has not been banned and also under the Uniform Military Code , which also exercises the right to execute . One way or the other , this man is gonna go down . By Judicial standards islam should be left out , where it can in any way diminish the crime of murder in the first degree .In this case , and the Seattle case , motive is a moot point and need not be established beyond the act itself . Motive is used to prove guilt , but in both these caes there is no doubts as to guilt , conviction being merely a formality , although a necessarry one . For these two , there are no mitigating circumstances , there will be no plea bargains.The death penalty for the Fort Hood shooter's a slam dunk .

  • Amused

    What I'm waiting to seer , is the responsibility for the Fort Hood POS , go right up the chain of Command and end careers . Several knew of this man's attitudes before the fact .

    • KarshiKhanabad

      When Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is convicted, civil suits will hold the entire chain of command including the Army chief of staff at the time liable for not preventing his evil deed. His original lawyer the JAG renegade Galligan sandbagged the case for as long as he could, then bailed. The Army establishment does NOT want this case to come to trial.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Moral turpitude hangs around the Obama Justice Department like the veil of evil
    over all Islamist conduct. The glaring feature of Islam is it's emination of vile
    conduct which they revel in and celebrate, it hangs on them like a cloud and
    whether fulminaing in a mosque or the White House it is unmistakable. Those
    who come out killing from this mania should be prosecuted with only one
    outcome in mind, total destruction………………………………William

  • Anamah

    Excellent article Mr. Greenfield! Really at this point I am pessimistic about Muslims. To tell you the true…What can you obtain raising little Muslims?… Well, applying Islamic education, the programs you will get from them, and the material they are teaching to their kids: Sociopaths, perverted, obsessed by violence, falsehood and murder. Mohamed himself was a psycho pedophile a sick individual. Unable to be a great man he felt so rabid of showing his impotency, incapable to make anything relevant… but he was in Arabia, a blind kingdom where the one-eyed can be king…Is until today they can not improve their conditions, be better or normal people. And they persevere in the dirty soles of their shoes. As they choose by design and vocation.

  • myohmy

    People, stop bemoaning these atrocities inflicted on us by muslim scum all the time. There is no understanding of it and there is no winning their hearts and minds either. This islamic dogma isn't rational and cannot be reasoned with. Now understand that our government nor our police are going to protect you and your family from the next muslim jihadi who decides to do some killing for allah. They''re not even going to punish the muslim killers properly for their crimes. Our leaders are going to give them lawyers, spin the news away from the truth of why they did it and try not to piss off any more of their muslim brethren along the way. They don't give a damn about what we think or how we feel, it's their agenda that matters, not ours. So if you're a logial person the only prudent thing you can do it realize you are responsible for your family's self defense. Thank God we have our 2nd amendment rights and never allow the government to destroy that right. Remember these muslim scum always attack in gun free zones. Stay out of gun free zones. And be ready to deal with the threat when it confronts you… that's all.

  • RonCarnine

    As a law enforcement officer I can only say I don't know where you get your reasoning or your knowledge of the law. The individuals religious views are very relevant to the charges. That he hates Jews and all of his victims were either Jews or people he thought were Jews. Not only should he face first degree murder, a state charge, he should be charged with a hate crime, a federal charge. He should either get death or life imprisonment for the murder, he should get life for the federal charge. The fact that he hated Jews, as taught by his religion, is evidence of his premeditation. A persons religious view, especially if he is taught to hate another religion, should certainly be brought out. The only thing I can't figure out, is how in the world he got a hung jury in the first trial. But, sometimes juries do crazy things. Thank God he is in prison and should be there for a good long time.

  • Gunner57

    When confronted face to face with evil, Islam – Americans blinked and chose to look the other wayor even worse, they chose ignorance.. Now they are condemed by God and doomed to destruction.

  • Robert B.

    Islam infests us while we remain passive with a live & let live attitude! In 1970 there were 80,000 Muslims in America. Now there are more than 10,000,000 of them!!! As do most Muslims living in the west, they draw a fine line between the necessity to survive within the rules of the democracies Islam wishes to replace with Sharia law, & out-spoken religious obligations of destroying all that is not Islam. Islam's objective is to Islamize the world. Their un-holy Qoran teaches to burn the infidel or convert him at the sword. Their original gang-leader, Mohammed, murdered most of the Jews in Medina, setting the stage to promulgate eternal hate for Jews & de-legitimization of Israel & Judaism (the very religion and Torah they now deprecate, Islam used as a basis for their own laws!). He set the convenient precedent for child molesters, pedophiliacs, by taking a 9 year old baby as a "wife,"…What kind of prophet is that? Mohammed bragged that he decapitated 800 Jewish children and praised Allah for it. What is Islam's message other than murder?! Islam is NOT a religion! It is a cult of political, pseudo-religion-like conspirators, in denial of what tenants of faith they put their faith in! They are only sorry to be caught using civilians as human shields; NOT sorry for the act itself, nor for their hateful convictions which drive Islam. It is too late to deter Muslim demographics in 'EU-rabia', but the rest of the free world had better take measures NOW against being overwhelmed & devoured by Islam. Confirm the truth of Islam's objectives: Visit
    Goldstone, Noam Chomsky, etc. are self hating Jews. Isaiah warned that great destruction would come from within. Well there they are. Islam is notorious for revising history, for trying to revise the Torah which came long before Islam was invented! They claim that Ishmael was Abraham's beloved son instead of Yitzchak, when the rest of the world knows for a fact that Ishmael was a "Wild ass", a bastard from Abraham's hand servant who he sent away; while so called "Palestinians" are notorious for revisionism, for creating themselves as a "people" from sheer non-existence (where they should return to)! Islam is a curse upon the world! It is way past time to remove Obama the Muslim and to re-claim our country, America, for freedom lovers, not divisive Sharia law lovers who want to use our democratic laws to destroy us from within!
    Obama has made it illegal for CORRECT terminology, such as 'Muslim Terrorist' or 'Jihadist' to be used!

  • Dinah

    So, Haji, basically you are saying that these women deserved to be murdered?
    From your name I conclude that you are also a Muslim, correct me if I'm wrong.
    You are defending the murder of women who have nothing to do with any country's policy by blaming some country's policies at war.
    Again, Muslim logic on display here. None of the atrocities you commit are any of your fault, it's always someone else you have a grievance against – and that always justifies you guys going on killing sprees.
    News Flash: in the world of mentally healthy adults, it just doesn't work like that.

    You make me sick.