Islamophobia: A License to Kill

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Pen International, an organization of writers dedicated to freedom of expression, issued a press release condemning the attack with the coda that “Despite concerns that the magazine may have aimed to incite provocation, this worrying incident nonetheless represent an alarming attack on freedom of expression.”

Since when has Pen differentiated between provocative and non-provocative forms of expression to the extent of treating provocative speech as less deserving of protection so that it must be differentiated with a “despite” and a “nevertheless”?

“Despite the fact that such depictions of the Prophet Mohammad are strictly prohibited in Islam, the magazine’s editor claimed that they were simply doing our job as usual,” the Pen release adds. And there’s another “despite.” Is the “despite” of Islamic law really meant to govern French publications? It almost seems as if Pen thinks so. And while Pen quotes Charlie Hedbo’s editor that he was doing his job, it does not endorse that statement.

Is Pen being Islamophobic or concerned about Islamophobia? Is it afraid of Islam or afraid that people might be afraid of Islam? If fear of Islam is wrong, then Charlie Hedbo was far less Islamophobic than Pen, Time and Newsweek. But Islamophobia isn’t the problem, it’s the goal.

It’s not fearlessness that the fearful defenders of the timid press are asking from us, it’s fear– a fear that may not be directly acknowledged. Instead we are to be afraid of hurting Muslim feelings for fear that they might think that we are afraid of them… in which case they will give us more reasons to be afraid of them.

That’s the Orwellian Doublespeak of Islamophobia: we are to be afraid of being afraid and if we are afraid enough, then perhaps we won’t need to be afraid anymore. The left’s twisted politics endorse militant terror and then warn us not to be terrorized by them. Only the guilty condemn the violence, the innocent cheer it on or pretend that it isn’t there. From the French Revolution to the USSR’s Great Terror to the Black Panthers to Islam, nothing has changed.

The true Islamophobes huddle behind their bureau desks and spit poison at those who aren’t afraid of Islam. Or aren’t afraid enough to fall into line and keep their mouths shut. Islamophobia becomes an instrument of Muslim grievance translated into violence. And since Muslim grievances are endless, so is the violence.

The devilish trick of Islamophobia is that it turns the very recognition of Muslim violence into a justification for more of that violence. Call out a Muslim suicide bomber, and you marginalize millions of peaceful Muslims who will now don explosive underpants because of your Islamophobia. Criticize Islam as a violent religion and the violent response that is in no way associated with Islam will be on your own head.

Islamophobia justifies Muslim violence and atrocities by equating offensiveness with repression. Only Islamophobes don’t censor and if they end up in the burn ward, it’s because they brought it on themselves. The bloody machine of Muslim grievance grinds on and the bodies coming out the other end include the corpse of Madam Liberty.

The pretense that crying Islamophobia protects Muslims from bigotry is a lie. It’s time to recognize the charge of Islamophobia for what it is– a license for Muslims to kill.

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  • Larry

    The only people that muslims have real grievances with are the leaders and rulers in the ummah. Those grievance have nothing to do with civilized people, and every thing to do with the failure of islam to progress past the 7th century and the trade of robbing caravans.

    They have zero respect for anybody else, and zero tolerance should be shown towards them, instead of grovelling at their feet and throwing money at them.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Kind-of like how Jews tend to treat us goyim. Some practices are universal.

      • Cap'n Krunch

        Yeah, Jews are always slitting the throats of innocent people, then making videos of it for the world to see, while yelling "Yahweh akbar." Right, right. I should have remembered that. Glad you pointed it out.

        • Herman Caintonette

          You know what "kind-of" means, don't you?

          And it's not like Jews are strangers to committing genocide….

          • Steeloak

            Careful Hermie, your anti-semitism is showing. You wouldn't want us to lose respect for you now, would you?

          • pagegl

            Please do tell us about Jews committing genocide. Was it anything like slaughtering Armenians or HIndus or Coptic Christians or non-Muslim Africans or even Israelis attempting to peacefully go about their business? If you claim that deaths of so called Palestinians during the war to protect Israel's existence is genocide then I have to assume you will advocate we just cave in to the jihadis that wish to destroy the US.

      • Western Canadian

        Funny, i have never seen any such thing happen. But then again, neither have you.

    • Beth

      "and every thing to do with the failure of islam to progress past the 7th century"

      That's not possible Larry – not as long they keep their koran.

    • ziontruth

      "The only people that muslims have real grievances with are the leaders and rulers in the ummah."

      That's the view from the outside. Yours, mine, any sane non-Muslim's.

      From the inside, however, the rank-and-file Muslim agrees with the leaders and blames everything on us outsiders. The leaders, if they're ever blamed, are blamed for "not being Islamic enough."

      As for the idea that actually being Islamic is to blame for the Muslims' woes, that idea is as far-fetched for the vast majority of them as it would be for an inhabitant of Airstrip One to entertain the idea of Big Brother being the cause of his troubles. A thoughtcrime, with real consequences at that (death to apostates).

      There has been no real revolution in the Muslim world. None. None whatsoever.

  • PatriotX

    This article hits the bullseye!!!

    This type of mentality has also reached the U.S. as in the case of the Danish artist drew a picture of Muhammad. After it was published, Islamists incited violent riots and destroyed public and private property. Many newspapers in the U.S. that covered the the incident painted this artist as the antagonist.

    Greenfield, in this article, really paints how truly disgusting the cowardice of our society have grown in the face of this ideology. A question that comes to mind is, “What if France, Germany, Spain, Sweeden or Norway published this article?” The owners of those magazine stores would probably face the same treatment as the one that was firebombed. If Greenfield were to be a European citizen, he could be brought up on charges of “hatespeech”, codeword for “speaking against Islam”. These laws are being enforced in several European nations. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the situation has become that grave.

    I wonder what’s going through the minds of the elder generations, who witnessed the rise of the Third Reich, as they watch this happen yet AGAIN!!!

    • Beth

      the charge of Islamophobia is a license for Muslims to murder, no more, no less. (bravo to the author, Daniel Greenfield, for pointing that out)

  • waterwillows

    The MSM and the EU can dab that wall all they want. They rush, in a great hurry to always be sure the wall is dabbed.
    But the wall will still come crashing down. There is no cure for that…except sanity.

  • kafir4life

    Oh my!!! What would happen to someone who questioned the sanity of the pedohilic prophet of islam, the maniacal pig fornicator, mohamat? Would there be a problem were someone to point out that this mohamat shat the contents of the koran, the feces encrusted creed of muslims everywhere? If someone were to point out that muslims are like dogs, and islam like rabies, and should be handled the same way, would that be a problem? What to do? What to do?

    allahu snackbar!!

    • Herman Caintonette

      Hitler tried that one. Remember when "Jews were sub-human pigs?"

      • Steeloak

        Yeah, but Hitler was lying about the Jews. Despite his heated rhetoric, Kafir is stating the truth about Mohammed. He did have a 9 year old wife, the call to violence against infidels is in the accepted core teachings of Islam, the Koran does instruct believers to hate jews and Christians, and the doctrine of Taqyia calls for Muslims to lie to and deceive the unbelievers.

      • pagegl

        I don't recall anything in my history lessons about Jews terrorizing Europe. Then again, perhaps being successful in business and arts and science is terroristic when you're a psychotic, failed Austrian artist that needed a scapegoat to forward his socialist dreams.

        NOw, I don't think I would go as far as kafir, but I do believe that Ann Coulter was on to something when she said we should kill their leaders and convert the rest to Christianity.

  • imnokuffar

    According to Daniel, because I am not afraid to criticise Islam I am not an Islamophobe.

    As a BNP member I find that quite a relief !

    But does that make me an Islamophile ?

    I bloody well hope not !

    • Herman Caintonette

      Religion is like chocolate or alcohol: pleasant in modest doses, but harmful and even toxic when you ingest too much of it.

      • Steeloak

        And Islam is like rat poison, toxic in any amount.

      • ziontruth

        Then rationalism (atheism, Deism, pantheism, you name it) is too a religion, by that standard of yours.

  • Gunner57

    Stay to for a revolting piece of Muslim propaganda by The Learning Channel entitled "All American Muslim". Its is desidned to intimidate Americans even further from any criticism of Mohammad's hate filled commands, teachings and deeds. It is also designed to deflect any opposition to the most successful weapon of jihad – invasion through legal immigration. We are losing the war they have imposed on us.

  • oldtimer

    Islam is a way of life, not just a religion.
    I just read that one of Obama's Muslim appointees, allowed access to sensitive info, was caught selling info. I went back to read again, but it disappeared from site, along with the article about WH refusing to act on supena for documents on Solynda(?)
    The regular press routinely suppresses info about Islam for political correctness. If all the people knew all the truth, maybe they would open their eyes to what is really going on.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Religion is a way of life.

      • Beth


        Rom 13:9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

        Rom 13:10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

        And that is why islam has to go

        • Herman Caintonette

          It would be nice if there were enough real Christians out there for that group to actually have problems fitting into a VW microbus.

  • davarino

    Sorry, but it is muslims that make America feel uncomfortable. America welcomed these foreigners with open arms and now they want to cut them off.

  • Hamilton

    This is the MOST amazing article I HAVE EVER read about islamophobia. Only a brain damaged left liberal dork would not (could not..possibly and most certainly not) comprehend the reasoning of all this.

  • Hamilton

    Is there a way to get this of PDF?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Yes…copy and paste the article into your favorite word processor and then print it out as a .pdf file, that is select .pdf file as opposed to your default printer, which will create a .pdf file. You may have to install one of the many free .pdf extensions readily available on the Web for download if you are using an older word processor, but the newer versions of word processors come with the .pdf extension already installed.

      • trickyblain

        Nice lesson in copyright infringement, there.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Someone tries to be nice and then a jerk comes around and spoils it!

        • pagegl

          Had some practice perhaps. :-)

        • Western Canadian

          Infringement, when a print option is offered.. ???

  • myohmy

    Boycott islam…. never spend any money with a muslim or any business that hires them, never teach a muslim anything, never hire a muslim, never befriend a muslim, you can't trust them…. and the only help they deserve is to help them go back to the muslim cesspool that spawned them. Islam is an evil cult, not a real religion. Muslims don't make our country a better place, they can't be trusted. Multiculturalism is a cangerous lie.

    • curmudgeon

      easy to say, impossible to do. while you are boycotting muslims, your own government is taxing you, and shoveling your tax money to muslims in the form of welfare payments designed to enable the muslim recipients to breed at maximum capacity, and overwhelm your descendants, who they will murder like they mudered the armenians, and many others. to get rid of the muslim menace, we must first get rid of our muslim-compliant government.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Good article, except for the part where the writer makes the mistake of conflating violent jihad as militant terrorism and at the same time not only gives non-violent jihad a free pass but also continues to reenforce false PC multicultural myths and assumptions about Islam that are destroying the West.

    Nevertheless, Islamophobia doesn't really exist except for in the minds of delusional Leftards, and it also isn't what the delusional Left claims it to be, as Islamophobia is really the Left's fear of Islam and the destruction the violent jihadists, as opposed to the non-violent jihadists, may unleash. In other words, it is the legitimization of “resistance” in response to alleged so-called acts of Islamophobia, which is an Islamic code word for violent jihad and one of Islamophobia's goals. Not to mention also that most of the time what the Left considers to be Islamophobia amounts to the expression of truth about Islam, and the suppression of truth about Islam is another goal of Islamophobia.

    • Beth

      "except for the part where the writer makes the mistake of conflating violent jihad as militant terrorism"


  • Herman Caintonette

    Greenfield: "That is how it began in Israel, once the narrative of Muslim suffering under the “occupation” was accepted; Muslim terrorism became legitimized as a resistance to the occupation."

    Don't look now, but it is true. The Jews stole the Palestinians' land, in what is described by the Russell Tribunal as "apartheid." Pope John Paul II observed that any violent result of a struggle against an oppressor is morally "attributable to the aggressor whose action brought it about." Pope John Paul II), Evangelium Vitae, Sec. 55, Encyclical Letter on the Value and Inviolability of Human Life, Mar. 25, 1995. The concurrences from our Founding Fathers would read like a Brandeis brief, a view echoed by David Ben-Gurion:

    'If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it's true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been antisemitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country."

    You have stolen their country, and you want them to embrace you?

    • Cap'n Krunch

      You might change your tune if you read of the history of Israel. You don't have a clue.

      • Herman Caintonette

        I know it quite well, as has been demonstrated elsewhere.

        • sononthe_beach

          Your twisted illogic has teamed up with your deluded ideology and produced a mindset that is one mammoth non sequitur.

          Thanks a lot

          • Herman Caintonette

            If ignorance were bliss, you would be multiorgasmic.

          • Western Canadian

            Noticed that HC is already out of semi-bright quips, and is already repeating his inane self??

        • Steeloak

          What you believe is a steaming heap of bullcrap. Nearly every point you brought up has been thouroughly disproven and amounts to nothing more than Propaganda. To even begin to glimpse the truth, start with this article:
          The good General was a former chief of intelligence for the Romanina equivalent of the KGB. Get the truth, straight from the horses mouth.

          • Herman Caintonette

            National Review? Not exactly an objective source, that.

            Just try looking in the eye of a descendant of Palestinians who were forced off their land by the Zionists, and still have the deeds to their land, and say that. I call bovine excrement on your claims.

          • pagegl

            Until the Jews started making the area formerly known as Judea productive in the early to mid twentieth century it was basically a desolate wasteland that even the Bedouins didn't care much for it. Read Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain. After the Jews made the area productive Arabs, who couldn't find work or own land in their home countries, showed up, much like Mexicans are entering the US, to work and survive. Also, much of what is now Israel was purchased by Jews, often at inflated prices, from the land owners. The so called Palestinians weren't forced off their land, they were told to leave by Muslims leaders prior to the attack in 1948. Read Haj by Leon Uris to get a idea of what happened in the 40's and early 50's. The so called Palestinians were, and still are, victimized by their brothers. They have a homeland, it's called Jordan.

          • Steeloak

            Maybe not to you, I think it is. But you can't question General Pacepa's credentials,he well known, has published many books and articles,he is the real deal and cannot be dismissed. A cheap shot at National Review does not negate the truth of what the General says.

            Are you talking about the 1948 war, where the Palestinians were told by the Arab leaders to evacuate their land so that Israel could be destroyed? They lost the war – too bad. The Palestinians who stayed on their land and accepted Israel still have their land and are Israeli citizens with full rights.

          • ziontruth

            "a descendant of [Arab settlers] who were [repulsed from] their [stolen] land by the [Jews, the only true Palestinians], and still have the deeds to their land, and say that."

            Fake deeds, fake keys, fake nation. All fake.

            For the real thing, you have to go to the real Palestinians: The Jews.

    • Adam

      Did you really just bring up the Russell Tribunal??? Unreal, you DemoKKKrats will do anything and say anything to spread your anti-Semitism. So if we bring the Russel Tribunal into it, why not an actual legality like the Oslow Accord?

      And since no where in history does a country of "Palestine" exist, who exactly did they steal it from? And if the Arabs who signed the Oslow Accord where not the right representitives, who should have been?

    • Stephen_Brady

      The Israelis didn't steal anything. The Arabs were unable to hold onto it. Might may not make right, but it created Israel, and the is reality you cannot accept as an anti-Semite.

      As fo the Arabs (specifically, the so-called "Palestinians"), they are simply pawns in an international game of chess. The Muslim countries around Israel don't want a "Palestine". They don't even care about the Palestinians who live among them. They want a rubber duckie that they can beat Israel on the head with.

      If I were an Israeli leader, I would never make terms with the Pals. That is natural. Making nice with the Pals will inevitably lead to war. Failure, in such a war, might well result in another holocaust.

      Israel is the reality on the ground. Get used to it …

      • Herman Caintonette

        And if they keep lobbing rockets into Israel, by your metric, they have a right to do so. If they kill your children, so be it. Don't come crying to us.

        • Stephen_Brady

          Who's "us"?

          • Herman Caintonette

            Americans, who don't have a dog in the hunt.

          • Stephen_Brady

            I prefer not using dogs, when I hunt. I'm a natural-born deerhunter, and like to get into the woods (like I did in Vietnam, Republic of … where I earned the nickname "Headhunter", while hunting the VC).

            Try to decide whether both sides have a right to shoot at each other. Then, the side with the bigger guns, and the best soldiers, will win. It's a simple calculation, really.

    • Beth

      Since you are referring to the "Muslim" in your post – then the fact that your koran mentions the name Israel and NEVER the name Palestine applies.

      Where does that leave all of Islam?

      It leaves you with no excuse for the Judgment because the name Israel came from God – not men.

      • Herman Caintonette

        When God actually says it — as opposed to some yahoo with a vitamin-B deficiency saying it, ostensibly on his behalf — I will take notice. Until then, the burden of proof is yours.

    • ziontruth

      "The Jews stole the Palestinians' land,…"

      The Jews are the Palestinians. Were the only ones called such, until the Arab propagandists decided to concoct a fictitious narrative, complete with a fictitious nation (which no publication in the West had ever heard of in 1960), in order to turn the truth of the Jewish David vs. Arab Goliath on its head.

      The Jews still are the only true Palestinians. Falsely-called "Palestinians" are Arab settler-colonist land-grabbing invaders and will have to evacuate their stolen lands in favor of the Jews, the only true Palestinians, for the sake of peace.

      Arab imperialist land-thieves out of Palestine, the land of the only true Palestinian nation, the Jewish nation, now! No justice, no peace!

  • mrbean

    Just as Islamophobia is a license to commit murder so is the cornholers homophobia a license to commit deviancy and debauchery.

    • Herman Caintonette

      I can indulge in debauchery (excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures) with the lady I am married to. Indeed, I try my level best.

      As for you, I have to wonder if you aren't one of those closeted, self-loathing Mehlman types, who oppose homosexuality for show while sneaking down to the local YMCA on free nights. Straight men who are comfortable with their heterosexuality are not threatened by men or women who prefer those of their own gender; many Christians actually spend a lot of time whacking off to girl-on-girl porn.

      • Cap'n Krunch

        Right. And you know that because you have documented it by countless nights of window-peeping. Thanks for the lecture, but we still loathe the practice of sodomy while yet being quite heterosexual. Be advised that your atheism and the atheism of the left will need to come to terms with the towelheads. Eventually you will be compelled to verbally embrace islam to save your own life. Happy landings!
        PS: they hang gays in Iran, dontcha know.

        • Herman Caintonette

          Statistics. On a per capita basis, more porn is consumed in the Bible Belt than anywhere else in the country.

          • mrbean

            And here I thought this was how all the government employees passed the time of day surfing porn on the East Coast.

          • Stephen_Brady

            Your source?

          • Steeloak

            "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." Mark Twain

      • pagegl

        Okay, Herman you got me to agree on one of your points, "Straight men who are comfortable with their heterosexuality are not threatened by men or women who prefer those of their own gender".

        • mrbean

          But young boys are threatened as the queers love their chickenbait.

  • sedoanman

    Anyone come across an explanation of why the Mohammed cartoons are an insult to Islam while the "Dung Madonna" and "Piss Christ" are "works of art"?

    • Cap'n Krunch

      The answer is because the liberal left is bereft of reason. It's cool to attack Christians, then defend the mooselimbs for retaliations against offenses to their religion. Status quo.

    • john in cheshire

      Because there is no equivalence in islam. They don't have the same value systems as we have in our Judaeo-Christian civilisation. In our reasoning, we assume that there can be compromise in all things; don't do this to me and I won't do that to you. But with muslims it's all one sided. They demand that you don't do things to them, but retain the right to do bad things to you. Just remember that muslims are allowed to lie, they regard non-muslims as sub-human, particularly Jews. They hate everyone and everything. That can be seen every day in what they actually do. And, where is the technical excellence that matches our Western civilisation? Not in the muslim world, that's for sure.

    • ziontruth

      "Anyone come across an explanation of why the Mohammed cartoons are an insult to Islam while the 'Dung Madonna' and 'Piss Christ' are 'works of art'?"

      Because the West has had decades of the likes of Monty Python and MAD Magazine to condition people into accepting that nothing is sacred and everything is up for grabs, while the Muslims have skipped that and the 18th-century Enlightenment entirely.

      Funny, though, that our resident champion of the Enlightenment (yes, Hermscum, I'm talking about you) finds it fit to defend the Muslims of all groups.

      • Herman Caintonette

        When it comes to their dispute with the thieving Zionists, they have the moral high ground.

        • voted against carter


          PLEASE remove your asshat prior to posting.

          You are an IDIOT. Please STOP proving it with every statement you make.

        • ziontruth

          "When it comes to their dispute with the thieving Zionists, they have the moral high ground."

          Nah, they just have the superior numbers and oil that got you convinced it's best to appease them. But admitting to such a motive wouldn't make you look good, so you coat it with a moral-sounding argument.

  • effemall

    All it takes, it seems, is one fruitcake anti-Semite to take conversation off subject and attract confused contributors to bring it all down to a kindergarten sandlot dispute. Overlooking the intrusion by Caintonette, who by now may have been carted off by men in white uniforms, and getting back on subject, yes, Muslims technically are victims as all those with strong beliefs in a religion are. (Belief being the lowest form of thinking) Muslims these days are worse off than all others because Islam is far more demanding and ruins the lives of those who are afraid to run away from it. Banging your head on the ground five times a day like a frog with the shakes, sending off your children as suicide bombers, lapping up outrageous lies, the list of atrocities by the demands of the religion on its followers is endless. We have to deal with them only part-time in preventing follow-ups to 9/11 and the like but they have to live with their lunacy 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

  • Fred

    I symapthise with the plight of the Jewish people. Maybe Obama doesn't know that the Jews are GoOD"S chosen people but probably dit's because he doesn't care. Only a fool would slap GOD in the face and he has done it three times now Ican't believe that even after the signs as plain as the wrting on the Wall He continues to ignore themand we keep letting him.Remember the birds,the earthquakes, and the storms.You don't have to be real bright. We sent him some proposal about many New & advanced technologies to help protect our people from the worst of what is to come. He didn't have the time of day for me but he can give Nigeria 180 million dollars for aids when they murder American Christians. Plus we have neighbors behind us who are teaching their children it's a good thing to kill Americans. After Obama brought them over gave them great jobs plus a house and car.He's a traitor committing treasoness actions right in our White House or should I say GOD"S White House. He is truly the anti-Christ.That has nothing to do with discrimination just contempt for Satan. America it's our time!

  • Adam

    I do not fear Islam. I believe deep down in my heart that there are enough intelligent people in both Israel and the US and other various freedom loving countries that they will never stand a chance when the **** hits the fan. So as Mark Steyn once put it, "I'm not Islamaphobic, I am Phobiaphobic" Meaning I am just afraid all these ridiculous phobia BS is a way to silence free open intelligent discussions that schmucks like Herman Caintonet would prefer not take place. If you dislike anything now a days they attach a "phobia" to it. Are Libtards really this uncreative? Islamaphobia, Homophobia, et al.

    • PatriotX

      You said it!!! I agree with your last statement 100%. Anything godless, evil, or detremental to a sane civilized society will be opposed by liberal-progs. What’s interesting, while they are doing this, they will accuse you of bigotry and “phobia” to villanize your opposition to their sewage. If it wasn’t for the Constitution and I had anything to say about it, I’d would deport all of them to a country that’s more fitting to their ideas, like China, Saudi Arabia, Iran or North Korea.

      • PatriotX

        I’m sorry that should read, “…I would exile all of them”

    • curmudgeon

      if you dont fear islam, you havent been paying attention. all the so-called muslim countries were once christian, or hindu, or buddhist, or zooroastrian, or other, countries. their previous occupants, like you, did not fear islam enough, hence they were murdered, and replaced by muslims. if any western country has any sense at all, it will expel all muslims, and make it a capital offense to be a muslim in those countries. to do otherwise is to welcome genocide.

  • LindaRivera

    We are not just betrayed by the media, we are also wickedly betrayed by American and other non-Muslim governments.

    Washington believes Muslims must never be offended even if it causes the loss of many innocent lives. The authorities knew that the Fort Hood Muslim attacker was a significant terrorist threat and did nothing. The authorities are GUILTY of ALLOWING the slaughter of innocents.

    Instead of showing grief and asking forgiveness for the massacre, our leaders said their biggest concern was that there would be a backlash against Muslims (there has never been a backlash).

    The lives of non-Muslims are regarded as expendable and worthless: Army chief of staff General George Casey said: "As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse."

  • LindaRivera

    To Herman Caintonette,

    In a massive victory for Islam, against their will, Arab Christians were cruelly placed under brutal occupation of PLO/Palestinian Authority. In the filthy Islamic Invasion of Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, Judea, Israel, MUSLIMS TORE UP BIBLES for TOILET PAPER. Christian majority towns, Bethlehem & Nazareth are now majority Muslim – terrified Christians were driven out by cruel and relentless Islamic persecution. Many Bethlehem Christians' homes and land were stolen by Muslims. The Christians who remain, live in constant fear.

    • Herman Caintonette

      At least, the Bible has some value….

      • Western Canadian

        Unlike your sick, vicious and cowardly commentary. You are the biggest and most sickeningly ignorant hate monger on this website.

        • Herman Caintonette

          "Cowardly?" I'm taking the clown car head-on.

          • voted against carter


            PLEASE remove your asshat prior to posting.

            You are an IDIOT. Please STOP proving it with every statement you make.

  • LindaRivera

    To Herman Caintonette,

    Arabs first started calling themselves "Palestinians" in 1967. Global terrorist, Egyptian Arafat was the first leader of this new people. Partner with Arafat for over 40 years; immorally respected by the US/EU-Holocaust denier, Abbas, financed the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games.

    Before 1948, Jews were known as the Palestinians.
    The Jewish newspaper, the Jerusalem Post was called the Palestine Post. The Jewish-founded electric company was Palestine Electric. The Palestinian Symphony Orchestra was all Jewish. During World War II, the British army had a Palestinian Brigade made up entirely of Jewish volunteers.

    After Jews migrated to Palestine in significant numbers in the late 1800s and miraculously transformed desert and swamps into rich, agricultural land, Arabs came in large numbers from Arab countries for jobs from Jews.

    The fact that the overwhelming majority of Arabs resided only briefly in Palestine is attested to by a one-time special UN decree: that any Arab who had resided in Palestine for only two years before 1948, and then left, would be considered a refugee and so would his descendants!

    Throughout history, people were never regarded as refugees if they had resided in a country for only two years because they were clearly CITIZENS OF OTHER COUNTRIES!

    • Herman Caintonette

      Nonsense. There were only a few thousand Jews in the region in 1900, according to reliable census data. Here is a more accurate and thoroughly documented treatise on the subject:

      • Steeloak

        LOL – The Arab dominated UN is a credible source? The same UN that had Iran as the chair of the Human Rights commission? The same UN that hosted the Durban II conference, that was boycotted by Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, and the United States.
        Yes, real credible – NOT

        • Herman Caintonette

          More credible than Zionist propaganda, which is not saying much.

          • mah29001

            "Anti-Zionists" like yourself are mentally incapable of being reasonable.

          • Herman Caintonette

            Provided, of course, that we accept your religion-addled definition of the word.

      • Adam

        So you just proved. There were more Jews in the region than there was Palestinians. BECAUSE THERE WAS NO PALESTINE! Geez man, even the Palestinians admit that, why do you anti-Semetic Liberals think you can get away with revising history?

        • Herman Caintonette

          Semantics. There were 550,000 people living in the region at the turn of the century, of which the vast majority were indigenous Arabs. The Jews of the steppes, who had no material biological connection to the land, invaded.

      • Larry

        How about you use Ottoman and British tax records? They prove that it was the Zionist movement arriving in Israel that turned it from a sparsely scattered waste land back into a viable living and economic zone.

        Even more interesting reading are the letters home and memoirs of the Australian soldiers who fought there in 1917-18 and served there again in 1940-42. Their descriptions of the changes are very, very interesting.

  • Infidel Task Force

    Well said!! Outstanding!!

  • Ghostwriter

    What the Muslims don't realize that they have given us reason to be afraid. Terrorism,violence,etc,why not? We also have people like Flipside,whose nauseating anti-semitism is a bane on this section. And Herman Caintonette,whose not only anti-semitic,but finds excuses for dictators like Kim Jong Il and the monstrous mullahs of Iran. Islamophobic? Well,unfortunately,the Muslim world has given us good reason to be afraid.

  • Beth

    "It’s time to recognize the charge of Islamophobia for what it is– a license for Muslims to kill"

    The "charge of Islamophobia" can not be described any better than that, except change the word "kill" – to "murder".

    Hunters (and farmers) kill animals – and then they make good of the meat and coats.

    Fishermen kill fish – and then they make good of the meat.

    But muslims who carry out the commands of their koran – murder – and nothing good comes from it.

  • randy

    The christians were barbaric when they stole north america from the natives.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Nothing to fear but fear itself? We need to fear being sold out by our criminal
    political class of elites who bend over to Arab oil money and give place in the
    Western World to Eastern villians with their Satanic religion and perverse
    lives praising felonious conduct with high praise. Sick bunch of people the
    Islamists, they have a covenant with eivl.

    American hopes, life, liberty, happiness and Islamist hate, rage, death and
    destruction, which is the better, well if you are like Clinton receiving millions
    in the guise of paid speeches, evil pays, this is taken up by other leftist
    rats and there we are and America going to the dark side………….William

  • tanstaafl

    Never submit!

  • JEM

    Perhaps the western world, lead by the Godless left, is about to pay a price for its rejection of Christianity in the public areana. The spiritual force that could have stopped the advance of Islam has been so weakened and marginalized that there is little resistence left in our culture to stand against the steady onslought of Islam. The left has no idea how to handle the "religion of peace".

    • randy

      Is this the same christianity that murdered the natives as thier land was being stolen?

  • BS77

    The west has welcomed the Trojan Horse into its gates….and now moans in regret.

  • Lilypad

    Muslims are our brothers, and we should learn to respect and celebrate them. I think the claims of Sharia law are somewhat exaggerated. I don't think they'd hate the West so much if not for our imperealism, killing of Muslims and unchecked support for Israel. But peace can be achieved with a little mutual understanding and an olive branch.

    • Herman Caintonette

      Why are they fighting back? Revenge. As Shakespeare's Jewish merchant Shylock justified it,

      "if it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge. He hath disgraced me, and hindered me half a million; laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies; and what's his reason? I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example? Why, revenge. The villany you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction."

      Merchant of Venice, Act 3, Scene 1.

      • ziontruth

        Is it that DeShawn (a.k.a. DeSchutzstaffel) come back here to defecate under a different handle? Sure sounds like it.

        Though, hell knows there's more than enough Aryan Nations arrivals here. Again, the result of abysmal moderation…

    • ziontruth

      "Muslims are our brothers, and we should learn to respect and celebrate them."

      Great idea. So where are all the churches in Mecca to reciprocate?

      "I think the claims of Sharia law are somewhat exaggerated."

      In the comfortable armchair in North America, maybe. But have a face-to-face to talk with your Christian brother in Iraq, Kenya or even France (e.g. near one of the no-go zones in Paris) and you'll see how "exaggerated" the claims are.

      "I don't think they'd hate the West so much if not for our imperealism,…"

      Western imperialism and colonialism ended about 30 years ago. It's time for the Muslims to grow up and start looking at themselves for the problems they face.

      "…and unchecked support for Israel. But peace can be achieved with a little mutual understanding and an olive branch."

      Not to mention appeasement of the Muslims on the expense of the one and only, tiny Jewish State in the world. As for the thought that such appeasement might embolden their terrorism (seeing as it pays rich dividends), don't let that stand in the way of appeasement, which has always worked so well (especially over 70 years ago).

  • Renee

    Mr.Greenfield is an author extraordinaire.

    Islam relies heavily on fear,intimidation and manipulation of facts. They begin with claims of minority persecution and racism as they build their population.
    Then comes things like using rape to intimidate ,as we are seeing in Norway.
    Next comes threats and violence,as in France.
    When they reach a large enough portion of the population,they try to claim control by majority.

    They've used this system for 1400 yrs.It is easy to follow their tactics by simply reading history.Religion is simply a tool,just as is terror,for ME politicians to achieve their goals.
    It is simple greed.Greed for power,control,land and societies other people built.

    Politicians world wide will join their agenda.Political greed and criminal activity is hardly a surprise.Islams most desirable quality is the religious sanctioning of crimes,subjugation and controlling populations with justified violence.

    Imagine a world of not only legal but g-d sanctioned rape,submissive women,child molestation,antisemitism,persecution of Christians,taxes,slavery,spousal abuse,imprisonment for imagined slights,torture,child selling and racial class divisions.

  • kafirman

    Congratulations Mr. Greenfield, for authoring a truly outstanding article. Mr. Greenfield, you understand the evil of Islam, how a healthy functioning adult ought to respond and the psychosis of the left. How I could wish for you to be a member of Congress. "Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken in right circumstances" Prov. 25:1.

  • hammar

    islam faith is nothing more than faith of death, faith of sinfulness, faith of the anti-Christ, faith of no faith, faith that can rape, murder and suicide. Can you think of some more…

  • voted against carter

    ' TAQIYYA '
    Do your own research about it if you don't know what this means.

    i s l a m IS EVIL. PERIOD.

    i s l a m strives for world domination.

    The q u r a n commands m u s l i m s to exercise jihad.

    The q u e r n commands muslims to establish s h a r i a h law.

    The q u e r n commands m u s l i m s to impose i s l a m on the entire world.

    i s l a m is NOT a religion, it IS a totalitarian ideology.

    i s l a m IS and has remained a death cult from its beginnings.

    i s l a m wants to dominate all aspects of life, from the cradle to the grave.

    s h a r i a h law is a law that controls every detail of life in a i s l a m i c society.

    From civic- and family law to criminal law.

    It determines how one should eat, dress and even use the toilet.

    Oppression of women is good, drinking alcohol is bad.

    The core of the q u r a n is the call to j i h a d.

    J i h a d means a lot of things and is a r a b i c for battle.

    i s l a m means submission, there cannot be any mistake about its goal.

    i s l a m and freedom, i s l a m and democracy are not compatible.

    They are opposite values.

    m o h a m e d 's "wife" was six years old.

    That makes m o h a m e d a P E D O P H I L E!!!

    And you want to base a "R e l i g i o n" on this a z s -holes rantings?

    Are you INSANE?

  • Brad

    Interesting read. I think it would be wise to make the distinction, however, that religious fundamentalism is more of a symptom than a disease. It's no coincidence that the most prosperous nations have the highest degrees of non-belief. However, this is not BECAUSE of their lack of religion, I believe it's quite the opposite – higher standards of living, employment, education and social community leave little room for self-delusion in the sense that there is less hardship. I personally think this is because thriving societies have little use of the hope and/or belief that there is a better world after this one to inhabit. And in my opinion, that is why organized religion has always been dished out to the masses – a formless, weightless consolation for poor living conditions and social turmoil.

    I would openly encourage multiculturalism, as it provides differing world perspectives. This can tend to be far more beneficial than segregating these people to nations where their beliefs are unanimous – this is how religion has prospered – we as a social animal want to naturally band together, and in entire countries of the same ideology, it is very possible for these beliefs to go unchallenged. So go, I say – allow the entire world to come together. Logic and reason will eventually trump irrational belief, as we once deemed the Earth flat and the sky to be teeming with Gods, so too shall the erroneous thinking of present day be challenged and dismantled.

  • doodie

    Due the to current Burqa ban in France, Various Ninja clans throughout the country are complaining that their traditional garb(similar to a burqa) is now under fire. It's really causing some issues there!!!