Meet Libya’s New Islamist Boss

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In this week’s issue of The Australian, Sheikh Hamza Abu Fas, Libya’s new Minister for Religious Affairs, gave Westerners a taste of the “free and democratic” that NATO had been fighting for.

The law that allowed a first wife to veto marriage to a second wife will be overturned. “The woman is not equal to the man in the body,” explained Sheikh Hamza. Thieves will have their hands chopped off: “If this happens it will only happen once because other people will not want it to happen again and will not commit theft,” said the good Sheikh.

Islamic banking will be the only kind of banking in Libya. “In the future, we hope all banks will be Islamic,” Sheikh Hamza said. “The Islamic bank is best for all people. All Europeans and Australian people will realize the best solution for banks is Islamic banks.”

While the Australian article is careful to refer to Sheikh Hamza Abu Fas as a professor rather than a sheikh and emphasizes his title as “Minister for Religious Affairs,” he is actually a closer counterpart to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. His role is to promote Islamist rule, not to blandly manage religious affairs.

In his message to the “People of Libya” on September 18th, 2011, Sheikh Hamza was already at it, writing, “It is known that the Libyan people, all Muslims are eager to apply the law of Islam, of which they were deprived of by the tyrant [Kaddafi], who even tried hard to discredit the law.”

How extreme a figure is Sheikh Hamza? In Feb 2010, he participated in a symposium on “Revisionist Studies of the Concepts of Jihad, Verification, and Judgment of People” held under the auspices of Sheikh Salman bin Fahd al-Awda, secretary of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Qaradawi’s organization, and a member of the European Council for Fatwa, another Qaradawi group.

Sheikh Hamza has participated in sessions of the European Council for Fatwa and in Muslim World League events. The Muslim World League is another Muslim Brotherhood group for the promotion of Sharia and is funded by Saudi Arabia.

Al-Awda is a Wahhabi revivalist who had been considered too extreme even by Saudi standards and was arrested and incarcerated during the nineties for extremist activities. He was reportedly one of the figures who inspired Osama Bin-Laden to take up arms and has figured in Gitmo reports as encouraging detainees to seek out terrorist training camps.

Also present at the symposium were leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is the local affiliate of Al-Qaeda. As well as Sheikh Osama Salabi, the Brotherhood’s man in Benghazi, who also plays a leading role in Sharia finance. The Islamic banks that Sheikh Hamza is talking up will mean money for the local Brotherhood power brokers giving them a permanent power base.

“Revisionist Studies of the Concepts of Jihad, Verification, and Judgment of People” was supposed to be the LIFG’s means of reconciling with Kaddafi and transitioning to political activism over violent terrorism. While Western diplomats celebrated it as a victory for moderate Islam, it was actually the LIFG being guided by leading Brotherhood figures to follow the Muslim Brotherhood’s path of moving from violent terrorism to a popular front overthrow of the government.

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  • PatriotX

    Pretty much as most intelligent people, who have any knowledge of past events or history, predicted.

    Congradulations Obama, you….oh…ooops…I’m sorry, NATO, have strengthened one of our biggest threats, Islamists.

    Could there have been any other possibility as far as an outcome goes? Really? What did people think was going to happen? Did the officials who backed this airheaded idea of supporting these goons think they were going to come to us and ask for a copy of the “Constitution”? Once again the U.S. and it’s gaggle of craphouse lawyers (the Obama Administration) pushes aside something “oppressive” only to invite something to fill it’s spot that’s a hundred times more oppressive. Yet I’m sure, that lame stream media won’t give this it’s coverage and during the next elections, (may it be God’s will that someone loyal to the U.S. and it’s fundmental ideas actually win), if it’s winner be a conservative, the media will start covering the situation and put him/her in the hot spot with questions on what to do about the mess. Ironically, liberal-progressives call republicans war mongers and accuse them of meddling in other nation’s politics. How tragically sad!!!!

    • topeka

      …. it's a feature not a bug…

      sorry for the cliche' but I am not laughing… it really is a feature. If it wasn't there might be some good news… if only by accident.

  • StephenD

    What is surprising is folks that think, even after seeing the reality of the situation, that Obama and his counterparts made a mistake. I believe it is EXACTLY what he wanted to happen. We now will give up our tax dollars to support this "mostly secular" regime for years to come; probably at least until they discover they can do without us or are in position to foster the same "movement" here in America.

    • PatriotX

      Good point!

  • waterwillows

    The world today is definitely not in any short supply of fools.
    That men would fully choose to follow a organization that promotes sexually thighing babies, buggering toddlers, screwing goats, beating and imprisoning women, supporting the right to rape and murdering anyone who happens to disagree with this…..??

    These are men who have set their feet on the path of their own self destruction. All that they have accepted in following this doctrine, shall be done unto them. The injustice that they accept and promote for others, shall be all for them. Their misery shall be great and they shall be the slaves of misery.
    Some choice.

  • winoceros

    We tried to warn them. They do not listen nor do they care.

    The only glimmer of naive hope I held out was the sheer geography was important to US and European interests. If you peek at the map, you'll see that the hop, skip and jump from Tunisia to Italy. It was often the gate of Islamic conquerors to the civilized West. When we began to assist and support the Tunisian effort, I hoped it was because they knew that if Tunisia went utterly Islamic, then the flow of illegal refugees to Europe would be overwhelming.

    When that happened anyway, I hoped that the assist to Libya was in some misguided effort to keep the flow of jihad from using newly Islamic Tunisia as a gate. But when I watched them pick sides, and pick the "rebels" (what a valueless word), I knew they were just plain stupid.

    Who are these intelligence analysts? What idiots. Europe is doomed. Do they not know what Turkey is doing?

    Do they not realize that the future caliphate is tightening the noose from the Tyrrhenian Sea east? The Brotherhood has learned that a diffuse and unrecognized leadership is the only way they can proceed. Pay attention you under-educated fools!

  • tanstaafl

    Once again, back to the stone age past.

    • winoceros

      good to see you, tanstaafl.

    • topeka


      don't insult cavemen…. ;-)

  • Questions

    I could see this coming a mile away. Kadafy (or however he spelled his name during his last year on earth) was a corrupt, brutal tinhorn despot, but ultimately nowhere as bad what has replaced him. And at least he had a sense of humor and cool sunglasses. Muslim extremists have nothing but their smelly little orthodoxies and inanities.

  • Adam

    "Kaddafi and the West were tricked into a Muslim Brotherhood ploy that offered up a “kinder, gentler Jihad,” freed hundreds of LIFG terrorists from prison and put the movement on a path to seizing power through a coalition revolt."

    The sad thing about this is that it wasn't even the Muslim Brotherhood or LIFG or any other extreme Islamist group that did the tricking. Those who were tricked, were tricked by the extreme leftists of the West. Obama and the Liberal Media did the tricking. Most logicaly thinking people knew this was exactly what was going down, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda did nothing to hide their involment, and they have never sugar coated their intentions. It is just that Obama and all his brain dead followers believe that Al Qaeda is righteous, and only doing the things they do because America, Jews, and Israel are so evil even whent he facts contradict that.

  • Adam

    We can no longer keep believing that all the mistakes made by the various administrations in Europe and here int he US are accidents or mistakes. This Western wide recession, the half @ssed attempts in Iraq and Afghanastan, the supporting of the Arab Spring in the Middle East, are all INTENTIONAL and have a single end game in mind. These are not stupid people. Obama knows even threatening to raise taxes will cause the economy to head south even further, IT IS ALL INTENTIONAL. They are co-conspirators in the war against the Western way of life. The bankruptcy of Greece and other European countries are INTENTIONAL. Economics is widely studied, these governments KNOW WHAT TO DO TO FIX IT, yet here we are and every action they take is INTENTIONALLY being done to aid the Islamist Fatwa. Greece is trying to bankrupt all the other countries in Europe that will not get on board with the plan. The Republicans and Democrats are doing it together here. This upcoming election is our last hope, choose wisely.

    • Uwe

      You are right!

  • Ghostwriter

    The Islamist smell a perfect opportunity to try their Islamic finance on American banks/ They smell an opportunity,now that our economy is weak right now.

    • Adam

      The current Economic/Banking mess is orchestrated for this exact reason.

  • LindaRivera

    It came as no surprise that America backed the Muslim terrorist rebels in Libya. Behind the scenes, America worked to oust America's ally, moderate Mubarak, in order to bring to power American leaders' big favorites, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is the DESTRUCTION of civilization.

    UK Daily Telegraph: Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising
    The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

  • LindaRivera

    United together in JIHAD, US/NATO, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah triumph over Libya.

    Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and the commander of the U.S. European Command told the U.S. Senate that Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah fighters are among the Libyan rebels currently receiving support from the US and its NATO allies. This was confirmed by one of the Libyan rebel officers, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, who leads one of the Al-Qaeda units.
    (US Aid to Israel’s Enemies, Oct 13th, 2011,

    U.S/NATO joined with Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah terrorists to wage relentless war for months. Bombing Libya back to the stone age.

    Barbaric Al Qaeda and Hezbollah who MURDER our troops in Iraq were considered desirable for placing in power in Libya. US/NATO have great guilt in making the world a far more dangerous place.

  • LindaRivera

    Kaddafi took care of the Libyan people and gave enormous financial help to other African nations, but with the US/NATO/Al Qaeda/Hezbollah/other Muslim terrorists' triumph over Libya, Libya's vast oil wealth will now be used to wage global jihad against hated infidel nations. A HUGE VICTORY for GLOBAL JIHAD. Every single Muslim terrorist organization on earth must be rejoicing — and hoping US/NATO will also help them.
    Why Libya Was Attacked
    By Stephen Lendman

    Gaddafi supported pan-Africanism – a United States of Africa.

    He also wanted Libyans to share in the country's oil wealth, a notion foreign to America and other Western societies.

    Under his 1999 Decision No. 111, all Libyans got free healthcare, education, electricity, water, training, rehabilitation, housing assistance, disability and old-age benefits, interest-free state loans, as well as generous subsidies to study abroad, buy a new car, help couples when they marry, practically free gasoline, and more.

    Literacy under Gaddafi rose from 20 – 80%. Libya's hospitals and private clinics were some of the region's best. Now they're in shambles. Some, in fact, were bombed or damaged in other fighting. NATO lied saying only military targets were attacked.

    NATO's imperial strategy involves targeting civilians and vital infrastructure, including power, communications, medical care facilities, and other essential to life sites.

    Before war began, Libyans had Africa's highest standard of living. According to David Blundy and Andrew Lycett's book titled, "Qaddafi and the Libyan Revolution.

    In eight months, NATO's killing machine destroyed 42 years of achievements, benefitting all Libyans. Why else would overwhelming numbers support him?

    After NATO attacked, hundreds of thousands rallied openly for him. On July 1, 95% of Tripoli's population (over a million strong) expressed support in Green Square.

    Libya's Great Man-Made River (GMMR) was developing an ocean-sized aquifer beneath the desert for irrigation, human consumption, and other uses. At 2007 consumption rates, it could last 1,000 years. No wonder Gaddafi calls his Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS) the "Eighth Wonder of the World."

    He advocated a new "Gold Standard," replacing dollars with gold dinars.

    • topeka

      if true…

      upshot; even a malevolent evil dictator is better than an Islamist nation run by violent crackpots??


  • Brujo Blanco

    Taking out one bad guy and replacing him with another is a bad idea. Obama aspires to be a dictator. He is constantly testing the people of this country to see what he can get away with. He has made it clear that if he can or get something done through Congress he will get it done through executive order. Will Obama have an emergency and seize power as a American dictator. The things that have happened during his tenure were not accidental.

  • Rhyscurrency

    the Obamatrons are learning from the previews in Libya, and already have the kill switch.

  • raul

    When oloser tries to repeal the 2nd amendent and confiscate the Americans guns through force there will be another revolution unlike any other in American history! barrys attempt at dictatorship must be stopped at all costs!

  • LindaRivera

    Why is it now considered ACCEPTABLE for US/NATO to make WAR on INNOCENTS?

    WorldNetDaily, AUGUST 06, 2011

    Two U.S. sources currently in Tripoli told G2Bulletin that Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim, who is part of the embattled Gadhafi regime, told them that the Warfalla tribe – one of the largest in Libya – is being joined by other tribes to fight the rebels because of what is described as indiscriminate killing of civilians by Western alliance-backed troops.

    The sources said that Qatari troops, tanks and helicopters "are openly killing these unarmed tribal members. They have their Qatari tanks in the streets of Benghazi. They are actively shooting on unarmed civilians."

    Repeated NATO bombings also have included hospitals, Ramadan food storage warehouses, the country's main water distribution infrastructure, private homes and "more than 1,600 other civilian sites."

  • LindaRivera

    There is mostly silence about the horrors taking place against Libya's blacks.
    STOP the GENOCIDE of Blacks by the U.S. backed cruel Libya rebels!

    The Obama-supported rebels left in charge are now conducting a “large scale cleaning in the areas under their control with the extermination of all blacks in the capital”, according to The Independent.

    Barbaric atrocities, kidnappings and ruthless genocide of blacks in Libya by US/France/NATO backed Al-Qaeda/Hezbollah rebels has been going on for months.

    US/NATO who have waged war for months for Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda
    who MURDER our troops in Iraq-are RESPONSIBLE for stopping the genocide.

    US/NATO are also responsible for rescuing the many terrified blacks kidnapped by the rebels, including the kidnapped black children who have been horrifically abused by the black-hater Muslim rebels.

    Blacks must have human rights!


  • Ben

    West continue its suicide course of support Islamists from Afganistan,Pakistan to Gaza and Lybia just as they did for nazi Germany and for USSR`s oil based economics.

  • skai

    Worry about this at home

  • Hannes L.

    hope the lybian people get peace and prosper for the future without islamic radicals in their new goverment!!!
    Feinkost kaufen ueber den Feinkostversand

  • jacob

    Nobody more blind than he who doesn't want to see or deafer than he who
    wouldn't listen and that's what happened with OBAMA becoming President
    in spite of his "socialist" baggage….

    What absolutely all those promisors of "CHANGE" ever gave their people,
    was the classic jump of the frying pan and into the fire and it can be proven
    watching contemporary history.
    Russia from Czarist to Communist, Germany from monarchy to Nazism,
    Italy with Fascism, and more recently, Argentina with peronism, Cuba with
    Castroism, Venezuela with Chavism and now perhaps USA with Obanism
    OBAMA backed NATO's attacks against Khadaffi and it so happens that
    what he achieved for the Lybian people is a jump from the frying pan into
    the hell of absolte Islamic HELL, which is the same which will happen to
    IRAQ once he moves out the US Army out.
    And leat but nor lsst, what is this braying of Iraqis suing US military
    personnel for alleged atrocities ????