MSNBC Gives a Violent Racist a TV Show

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Imagine if MSNBC gave a TV show to a violent racist who led angry mobs against Jewish and Asian communities and businesses. Mobs that gathered outside a Jewish synagogue chanting “Heil Hitler” and “Death to the Jews.”

Unimaginable, right? Wrong. After years of accusing FOX News of racism, MSNBC gave a violent racist his own show. Of course MSNBC would never give a white racist like David Duke his own show. But they have no problem giving one to Al Sharpton.

Sharpton is many things—a cunning gutter clown, a hate-filled agitator and a savvy trader in political favors. Those qualities have taken him from street riots to a kingmaker role in the Democratic Party to the White House, where he has become its link to the black community.

Sharpton has eclipsed Jesse Jackson as the national agitator with the highest profile, adopting Jackson’s old role of middleman between the Democratic Party and the black community, and his business model of blackmailing corporations with boycott threats to fund his organization. The National Action Network, Sharpton’s organization, commands appearances by Obama and Biden, and true to his usual financial dealings remains deep in debt while paying him a six figure salary.

But there can be no talk of Sharpton without discussing the trail of debris behind him. Yankel Rosenbaum, the University of Melbourne student, stabbed and beaten to death on President Street among the stately manors of what was once known as Doctor’s Row, was the most famous victim of Sharpton’s Crown Height Pogrom, but not the only one.

There was Anthony Graziosi, a white, bearded Italian electronics salesman wearing a dark suit, who was mistaken for a Jew, and died for it. Bracha Estrin, a Holocaust survivor, who saw the mobs chanting “Heil Hitler” and “Death to the Jews” and believing that history was about to repeat itself, jumped rather than fall into their hands.

Twenty years ago this August, a line of bodies was lowered into the ground. And Sharpton walked away with a higher national profile than ever. Three years later, another round of racist protests at Freddy’s Fashion Mart with protesters screaming, “Burn down this Jew store!” led to an attack that killed seven minority employees.

The Freddy’s protests were led by Morris Powell, head of the Buy Black Committee at Sharpton’s National Action Network. Powell had been previously put on trial for breaking the head of a Korean woman during one of his pickets.

Sharpton’s MO was to create chaos, and then represent himself as the man who could stop it. The uglier the confrontations got, the more people died, the more credibility he gained.

In 2001, he went from terrorizing entire neighborhoods to claiming control over the outcome of the mayoral election. Shortly thereafter the New York State Democratic Party made it clear that attacks on Sharpton were no longer acceptable. Senate candidates were expected to court the hatemonger and did. And then it was presidential candidates.

Sharpton’s presidential run utilized the same tactics at the national level that had worked for him at the city and state level. He wasn’t out to win, just to cause enough chaos and uncertainty that the party would buy him off. And it worked.

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  • Axe

    I've heard him speak, and I've heard him say strange things, but on his show, he sounds like English is a second language. But I think I figured it out: he can't read. I mean he has trouble reading the prompter for some reason. Dyslexic, just a slow reader, bad eyes — something. I don't think its ever going to work for the guy.

    Not that it matters. 5000 other people on MSNBC are going to say exactly the same things he would have said anyway.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He's also not used to reading normal text, more to getting in front of a microphone and shouting out some slogans. And you can't do that on MSNBC… yet.

      • mlcblog

        Can't read well. I love it!! What a fitting fall from grace. To be slow on his delivery, ever so imperceptibly less enthusiastic. Love it!! people may yawn.

    • bearone7777


  • Flipside

    “The Crown Heights POGROM?” I thought it was the Crown Heights Angry at The Lubavitcher Rabbi for mowing down children with his motorcade Riot. I thought it was the Black people sick of slumlords and cheap liquor riot. I thought it was the black people still angry about Bensonhurst riot. Nice revisionist history, Bub. Try telling it to someone who hasn’t seen the Lubavitchers migrating through the town like geese, expecting the world to stop for a half hour. Tell it to someone who hasn’t seen giant Clear Channel billboards for “The Jewish Messiah.” You should really reread the beginning of Tale of Two Cities.

    • Guest

      And this justifies what? Murder? Arson? Race baiting? Lying? Hatred? Inciting the same? What? In your universe of hatrred, morality is simply what you don't want or like.

      • Flipside

        This whole website is an act of race baiting.

        • Dennis X


      • screwutoo

        it does if your white or a jew.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Glad you think a car accident is a valid excuse for a race riot.

      Try telling it to someone who doesn't know you're a bigoted troll good for 15 seconds of mild amusement.

      • Flipside

        Most importantly, the Crown Heights community is reconciled thanks to the blacks and Jews who are not racists embracing the better path, which is living together. Your BDS campaign against Al Sharpton (even though he is a doofus) required making the Crown Heights riot look like Treblinka, and perpetrating the lie that Jews are a helpless people and Blacks are savages. What an obnoxious blast from 1991 and the Foxman / Farrakhan War.

        • intrcptr2

          Glad to see you recognize that the blacks who rioted in Crown Heights were racists (Likely still are).
          Pity you didn't catch yourself doing it, though.

          Now maybe you can explain Sharpton's role in stoking the flames; at least Madame Dafarge stayed in the background deciding who got theirs.

          • Flipside

            I know Sharpton’s a jerk. But he a bigger jerk or racist than these people trying to censor him off the television? I don’t think so. This reminds me of back in 91 when all this stuff was still hot. Foxman, Farrakhan, Horowitz, Hale, Duke, all a bunch of obnoxious racists.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Sharpton is not part of the Crown Heights community. He's a racist agitator who goes where he can get some attention.

          • Flipside

            That’s what the KKK said about Michael Schwerner.

          • Jacob

            Flipside, the comparison between David Duke and David Horowitz is idiotic (to put it mildly). The former is an antisemitic and racist hatemonger, while the latter is a legitimate conservative activist combating the destructive enterprises and influences of the left. Come back to planet Earth.

          • Flipside

            David Horowitz is a high profile sophist who trolls college campuses to advertise Brand Israel and feed off the student fees (albeit modest ones) while telling the students how intellectually depraved they are. Because college students are hypersensitive and politically naive, he is able to whip them up into a frenzy. Even though he is erudite and articulate, his arguments are seasoned with bunkum. Let me paraphrase his statement about Muslims and say: "There are some good Jews, who are peace loving and hard working and are just trying to feed their families, but their institutions and organizations… on campuses and all over America are just fronts for the Kach Party and Kahanist terrorist groups. So the first thing I ask Jews is 'what do you think of the JDL?'" When I do that, you can see how obnoxiously racist and inflammatory he is.

          • Marco

            "What do you think of the JDL?" Well, what do you think of the Black Panthers?……The "high profile sophist" sure gives you generous space on this site for mental masturbation.

          • Flipside

            Let's not stigmatize masturbation. I acknowledge that the attitude on this site has improved dramatically over the past few years. If asked, I would have to say Frontpage revised its strategy from "why should a privately owned website allow people who vehemently oppose the opinions there speak there" to "the marketplace of ideas benefits from competing views." That is a positive element of this site of late. What do I think of the Black Panthers? I think they were necessary in the first incarnation. I think they were admirable for a while, and became a fetish later. I am a supporter of militia movements when they endorse legal activity. The country was founded on militia movements. The Constitution specifies that we have a militia. Black people needed a militia in the 1970s. Now, I agree with Bobby Seale that the best way to fulfill the BPP platform is economically by supporting self-employment. I think the NBPP is stupid.

          • Jacob

            Why did black people "need a militia"? Was it the inherently racist nature of American society that required blacks of a previous era to adopt a thuggish, adversarial stance towards the country in which they lived? I have asked this many times to many different people, and have yet to receive a good answer. Also, the "MSA:Muslim Brotherhood" as "Hillel:JDL/Kach Party" is a ridiculous analogy, and I think you are aware of that. Once that is conceded, which it ought to be if you are intellectually honest, the entire "Horowitz is a racist" calumny collapses.

          • Flipside

            The United States was founded in a revolution. The benefits of that revolution were not equitably distributed to African Americans until they "got the bomb" of self-determination. We still had de-facto segregation in the country through the 1990s. We still had the FBI trying to assassinate black leaders through the 1990s. Nowadays, black and white Americans are at parity in their degree enfranchisement or at least very similar in the degree of their disenfranchisement. Yes, sometimes a thuggish, adversarial stance toward the country is required. Sometimes a country requires a good beating to reduce the pomposity and parasitism of its sun kings. Remember the American Revolution, the historical reset to the British hubris. Also, steadily in the United States, blacks became a group which was not merely enfranchised by the proclamation of a President, but by their own proclamation. Indeed militias were a significant part of that process.

            I do not concede that the Kach Party is not analogous to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Lee

      Well, you were wrong!

    • Choi

      Flipside is a JEW-HATING RACIST defending a Jew-HJating Racist,Sharpton.!

      • Flipside

        I’m not defending Sharpton. But who is Greenfield to act as the MSNBC hiring department? Even though it’s now called The Freedom Center, it’s still “The Center for the Study of Popular Culture,” an unappointed, Neo-McCarthyist censorship and blacklisting ministry.

        • Chris Nichols

          First off, McCarthy was right. Second, I don't see anywhere in the article where Greenfield is trying to tell MSNBC who to hire, or censor, Sharpton. He is merely pointing out the facts regarding their poor choice of who they give programming air time to.

          • Flipside

            Nah. He’s clearly saying Sharpton shouldn’t be employed by anyone with a video camera. As drama, he turned the Crown Heights Riots into a Jewish passion play. This all goes back to Jews and Blacks fighting for Who Was The Most Oppressed, which then evolved into the Judeocentricity vs Afrocentricity debates of 1993-1995 (Lefkowitz vs Diop) and then the Ebonics debate, and then Horowitz’ college tour to rally against slavery reparations. What’s ironic is that people on here attack Cornell West, who helped broker the Crown Heights big calmdown. Some guys like Greenfield think people forgot or their gaze wavered.

          • Chris Nichols

            Well, he shouldn't, now should he, at least not by a an entity that calls itself a news network. Like I said, he is merely giving his opinion and supporting it with facts. Let me try another tack. Mr. Greenfield has no say in the decision making process at MSNBC and Sharpton does have his own show, so your censorship screeching is moot. Second, does every moron with an opinion deserve his own show? People and organization censor themselves all the time depending on their situation, it's a matter of discretion and taste, Sharpton has none. Also, it is both disgusting and amusing how you spin Sharpton's incitement of a riot which ends up with him being a accessory to murder as a "passion play".

          • Flipside

            It is a passion play. It is is the passion play of "Remember when Al Sharpton led a pogrom against the Jews?" The Jewish Defense Organization, a Kahanist terrorist organization calls Sharpton a "Black Nazi." I am sure everyone would be just OK with Mordechai Levy having his own MSNBC show. It's not OK for Americans to be patriotic, but it's OK for Mordechai Levy to have a paramilitary training camp in New York. Stupid double standards. It's OK for Irv Rubin to pipe bomb Congressmen, but not OK for Al Sharpton to be on a TV show. It's OK for JDO member Ron Kuby and Curtis Sliwa to have a radio show, but Al Sharpton can't be on TV. It's OK for G. Gordon Liddy or Oliver North to have a TV show, but not Al Sharpton.

          • Infidel 4 Ever

            Flopside, Curtis Sliwa, G. Gordon Liddy nor Oliver North ever fronted, promoted a hoax like the Tawana Brawley charade, never incited a riot that left people dead like Al Sharpie Sharpton did in Crown Height riot and Freddie Fashion Mart. .

            Now Ron Kuby is a Socialist AHole, that's a whole other matter.

            Try again homey.

          • Flipside

            G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North perpetrated far worse things.

          • ron kuby

            Only jumping into the crazy pool in order to note that I was never a member of the JDO. In fact, last year the JDO (all three of them) protested in front of my home. They made a video of it and posted it on their website–hysterical. I was a member of the JDL in 1970 when I was 14 years old, but I grew older and wiser after living in Israel. I was the only voice on WABC radio that was critical of certain Israeli policies and was almost fired for my comments about the Israeli war in Lebanon. So please, hate me for what I actually do and believe. Thanks. Ron Kuby

          • Flipside

            I apologize for that. That was a typo. I meant to type JDL. I don't hate you, actually I respect both you and William Kunstler and think you both made bold choices on who to defend in court. I was really frustrated by Kunstler's death after jamming up the FBI in the Qubilah Shabazz case. I followed it very closely and it was the subject of my senior thesis in college. I think it is of consummate importance that people like El Sayyid Nosair, Rabbi Meir Kahane, Timothy McVeigh, et al receive top representation in open public trials and are not simply jailed or executed. Tarring with a broad brush to make my point that censorship is bad and everyone who makes his way on to TV and Radio should be free from being pilloried, blacklisted, or harassed around the clock, I did not mean to say you are a crazy.

          • peacedog

            Flipside. You are articulate and educated and capable of good argument, which I find odd considering it is usually a rarity for people supporting your views. But given all of what you said, lets simplify things:

            Is Al Sharpton an established pre-meditated liar? Does he then have the credibility for a talk show?

            Has Al Sharpton used race as his primary means of gaining popularity and attention, and as a means of extortion? Do we need people like this on t.v. Could you find a relevant example for whites?

            Have things for the black community improved due to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to any significant degree, or would things (economic, educational, cultural, criminal, etc.) be much better if they had never stepped in?

            Is Al Sharpton articulate enough for a talk show? Or, is it simply an embarrassment to the network. I tried to watch him and his lack of articulation made me cringe and actually feel sorry for him, and I personally can't stand him.

          • Flipside

            Al Sharpton is a defender-of-the-race. I think he is analogous to Alan Dershowitz in that they both pop up, debate fists swinging any time a damning observation is made regarding their respective peoples. I realize they have different occupations, minister vs lawyer, but the public social function these men perform is the the same. They are both tribal fierce men, defending their tribes against perceived monsters. I think they rival one another in credibility and veracity. Both resort to apologetics and not merely facts when making their boisterous public defenses. I do think they both lie premeditatedly in the Platonic fashion, for the perceived greater good. I think they are both boobs but neither of them are unsuitable for television. I am uneasy at the idea of making television seem like a place of trusted authorities, anyway.

    • David Stein

      I the kid was accidently ran over, the jewish man was killed on purpose, bad try at moral eqeiously. Hater

    • UCSPanther

      I love how you justify how Sharpton and his fellow race hustlers stirred the pot and caused a huge swarm of some of the worst examples of ghetto society, such as street hoodlums, junkies, coke fiends, ne'er-do-wells and other assorted human trash to converge on a peaceful neighbourhood and basically trash, loot, burn and attack the inhabitants.

      Too bad none of the Jewish inhabitants at Crown Heights fought back like the Korean merchants during the Rodney King Riots.

  • Misfit

    Excellent article. It doesn't surprise me, lets not forget what we have at the white house an incoherent, incompetent, bias "leadership" and now we are paying for it; and the sad thing about this whole thing is that they are taking us down with them. I am sure that the MSNBC executives know how to get the repoublican (conservative) white, pissed off and deflect the political attacks to Obama by having "rev AL" distract anyone from the real debate; also he wants to keep Obama's base

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And pick up a few hundred viewers too..

  • tagalog

    One season.

  • Cuban Refugee

    We have reached a new, low point in our ever-declining society when a charlatan like Al Sharpton can be given credibility with undeserved promotion through a TV show. Anyone who lived in the NY area at the time of the Tawana Brawley case still wonders why his criminal antics did not add an orange jumpsuit to Sharpton's hideous wardrobe. He is not a spokesman for the downtrodden masses, but a voicebox for evil — a vociferous, narcissistic man with a chip on his shoulder, and a lot of hatred to disseminate to those willing to listen. What was a local problem has been given a world stage by the geniuses at MSNBC, and Sharpton's incitement to riot may soon kill many more than the innocent Yankel Rosenbaum's of this world.

    • Debbie A.

      Certain groups are given a free pass. It is the way of the socialist, New World Order, the Agenda.

    • screwutoo

      Stop kissing ass them crackas wouldn't piss on your cuban refugee ass if you were on fire.

      • Cuban Refugee

        SCREWUTOO, while I normally would not respond to anyone whose confrontational anger was as evident as yours, I felt compelled to inform you that, if any part of my anatomy were on fire, my Jewish husband would know how to put it out. You must learn some relaxation techniques, and perhaps take up yoga, SCREWUTOO, as your negative attitude and dark emotions can only serve to adversely affect you both physically and mentally. Oh, and take off your hateful glasses, and look at all people — regardless of color, nationality, or political ideology — through the same prism, and you will find you are looking into a mirror …

        • screwutoo

          Since I said crackas and not joows then the bet is still, them crackas wouldn't spit on you if your ass was on fire.

          As for relaxation techniques, you can save them, I'll relax when racist/white supremacy is replaced by justice. You must be one of those white cubans, cause you sound pretty indoctrinated.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Maybe less

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Sharpton became too useful to the left to ever be held accountable.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    HOw about the show on LATINO HBO named "Koran for Latinos."

  • greatj

    I would'nt be suprised if Obama and the Democratic party told their pal Jeffrey Immelt of General Electric to hire this race hating fraud for their propaganda network M.S.N.B.C. Sharpton can't even speak a disgrace.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Certainly it plays into Obama's agenda to have his voice to the black community get an MSNBC show.

    • wsk

      No longer owned by GE. Talk to ComCast

  • yahsdaughter

    he is a lame, and the people behind him as as well…Dont care about his color, what falls out of his mouth (heart) is absolutely uncalled for. And for a president to back such a person speaks highly for his own self. Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to this country and he ALONE is destroying it…but all he does is finger point but still spends that $ on him self while WE are suppose to cut back and scrimp and save he spends ridiculus amounts of money…what is up with parties to taj mah hall taking 27 plus people and it costing America like a 100,000 or more and her birthday for her way over 10,000. give me a break???? He is also ushering the sharia law becuse he is a blood born muslim, dont you people get this yet??? get over the color thing for goodness sake, he does ramadan and does away with national day prayer for our country. Why dont you study the quran and see for yourself what he is all about, their beliefs are stated they are to "lie" if it benefits them or the situation. Look at Dearborn MIchigan, this is what is fixing to happen to all America…God help us to get this man out of office and these people out of the U.S.
    Yes, I said that because their agenda is not comin over here for freedom or peace its to rule in the name of allah and kill whoever gets in their way.

  • mrbean

    MNSBC is giving a platform to a racebaiting poverty pimp who hatew white people.

    • screwutoo

      and if you want the opposite just slip on over to Rupert "the phone hacker" Murdoch and his peeps.

      • mrbean

        Murdoch personally had nothing to do with the illegal phone tapping you idiot. So cake wawk fuh meh, sho meh dah shuffal, calls meh dah honkay cracka. yassah.

        • screwutoo

          What's wrong with you? did you have a stroke or do you have a dick in your mouth?

          Murdoch's company so Murdoch get's the blame. It's calling painting with a broad brush, you know, like how you "honkay cracka" do to everyone that's not a "honkay cracka".

    • Dennis X

      You mean beck is back on TV, oh , who hates white people not Black people.

  • Neils60

    Personally, I think that the Rev. Al fits in very nicely with all the other moonbats on MSNBC. He complements their inanity and their "Kool-Aid" drinking style that every single one of them exhibit.

    • screwutoo

      unlike fox of course.

  • keoke888

    There will always be something against which to direct the daily two minutes of hate.

    • mrbean

      Why can't we just all get along Waahhhhh boooo hoooo.

      • keoke888

        Because then hate preachers would lose their funding.

  • Bob

    MSNBC is nothing but a mouthpiece for the white house. This election will all be about race .. Obama can not run on his record so he will guilt people or have Uncle Al ramp up the rhetoric to start a race war.

  • OvirYonda

    Sharpton is a born coward, and a liar and a hater. On top of that, he is black. When we add all of these together, we have a glob of snot for an excuse of a black person. Which means MSNBC is a glob of snot for an excuse of an organization. Everybody knows Sharpton basically resides on the same level as his "rappin, crotch-grabbin, drive-by shootin, flash-mobbin" brothas. They all be brothas, don't you know. Which leads me to ask "Wouldn't it be great if Sharpton was deported?" For that matter, wouldn't it be great if all of his "rappin, crotch-grabbin, drive-by shootin, flash-mobbin brothas were deported with him? How about they all be deported to the moon? What would be wrong with that? If only there was a rocket shop to do this. I wonder if Obama would give some money to NASA so that it could build a rocket ship to send Sharpton and all of his "rappin, crotch-grabbin, drive-by shootin, flash-mobbin" brothas to the moon? But, would Obama give NASA the money to do this? That's the BIG question.

    • keoke888

      I know you don't want to hear it, but black people were 80 percent of the wealth of the United States back in the day, and the country has a responsibility for this, despite the intense corruption of the people who have "tried to help". Sharpton arguably represents white liberals more so than the black community.
      Socrates was put to death for asking questions, and if you question someone in the white liberal community as politely as possible, there will be verbal abuse. Not so with gang members. I had a conversation with someone who considered Tookie Williams a friend, about how Arnold Schwarzenegger had no incentive to let him live because if there was an incident it would be his responsibility. The high ranking gang member saw my point, no problem. No way would I bother trying to talk to a liberal about that, or anything else, they simply do not have the philosophical mindset.

  • screwutoo

    All you need do is shut up you joowish people and read a the secret relationship between Blacks and joows.

    • jacob

      Hey SCREWUTOO :

      Write to OBAMA…! ! ! ! !

      He may appoint you to a job at the CIA

      If he can have a piece of work like HOLDER as Secretary of Justice, then you
      would fit perfectly at the CIA with the supergenius that claimed the Arab-Israeli
      conflict was the reason for Muslims to kill American soldiers and illustrate all
      of us about your Jewish-Black conspiracy …..

      • screwutoo

        nice try cracka.

  • co2insanity

    Hey! They had to find some nutcase to replace Olbermann. Who better than Al?

  • Fred Dawes

    Al Sharpton is a nazi

  • UCSPanther

    Sharpton should have gone to prison for his role in the "Mini-Kristalnacht" at Crown Heights.

    He's just a black version of David Duke: A race hustling troublemaker.

    • Robert Carpenter

      Robert CarpenterTotally agree but what are we going to do about it.
      I resent David Duke being compared to Al Sharpton, David Duke never incited hate

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What Reverend Sharpton? I thought the Rev. was short for Revolting, how
    could I be wrong? What could possibly be on his show (er-sideshow) maybe
    he will have people like Gaddafi, Assad, Amaddinnerjoke, all victims of
    racist hate…………..well it might be fun………..maybe and improvement
    from Matthews…………………………………………………………..William

  • Charles

    MSNBC is staying true to it's core values and expects the viewer to pay them to employ this revolting toad.

    • hik


  • greatj

    He is a weasel toady bootlicking piece of leftist trash that most likely has Sickle cell anemia.

  • tagalog

    First featured guest: Tawana Brawley

    • hik


  • Jaladhi

    Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley fame – my god what this country has come down to?? Ask the residents of Dutchess County in NY state what they think of this whole sordid affair. Poor girl Tawana was so manipulated by this clown and another African American lawyer that her family left the town when all her charges were proven to be fabricated lies. And our "hero" Sharpton got his start as a "big civil rights leader" of the African American community from this fiasco. Subsequently, he has continued his antics and now he gets his own TV show on MSNBC – these clowns deserve each other!!!

    • jacob

      I remember there was a campaign to finance the lawsuit the NY detective was going
      to bring upon SHARPTON on his accusation of him being involved in the "dissappearance" of this TAWANA girl…???


      Doesn't the rotten apple mayor and his council see anything wrong with the
      Ground Zero mosque ??

      Then how in the hell would scum like SHARPTON and even JACKSON ever
      be prosecuted ????

  • hemiola

    "…Tagalog, cuban refugee…"racism seeths out of the pours of the bloggers on this fear-mongering website. Talk about the pot calling kettle black. Hates permeates the tea party movement; hates Barack Obama the person, the middle class, and any social safety net for the least among us. Yes…true Christian fellowship here.

  • tagalog

    "Hate permeates the tea party movement?" Prove it. Cite some examples of hate by the tea party.

    The pot calling the kettle black? Got some examples of white right-wing politicos making racist remarks or taking racist action? Recent events suggest the right wing is more tolerant in the racial arena than the lefties. After all, it's the right that's trying to keep Medicare and Social Security from going completely broke.

    • wsk

      pot? Black? That's rascist! :)

  • marriagecoach1

    And he dd not even mention Tawanna Braley

  • hemiola

    Open your eyes, but you won't see. The Kenyan references, the birth certificate, the basest attacks of not being an American, a muslim socialist. When YOU use those terms, they're not offensive…to you. Any proof is myth to a blind man…your hate demonstrated by the immediate creation of the tea party, not as a response to the financial calamity of Bush, or two on going wars (unpaid for), days after the election. But fools like you still refuse to believe he is "your" President and the vitriol has not subsided. Anger and hate drives you; no fear here. The Jews of Germany has taught me that witnessing and confronting hate is the first step; so confronting stupidity is the only alternative. BTW, the most hated person in the country is Casey; hate her.

  • Jeese M Fisher

    Yeah Al is risky yes but FOX so-call news and all those bozoes who spill hate,posion,etc,etc oh yell don"t forget the cry(we want our country back)

  • tomsextoyshop

    He’s also not used to reading normal text, more to getting in front of a microphone and shouting out some slogans. And you can’t do that on MSNBC… yet.

  • MAfreedom

    Whats good for one should be good for all.
    Hey WHITE PEOPLE, visit and join in on the attempt to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

  • Maxie

    Sharpton's on PMS-NBC to jack-up its' anemic ratings by pulling-in a black audience. That's all it's about but it won't help; it's a terminally ill operation. Calm down.

  • tagalog

    Are the references to Barack Obama's being a Kenyan coming from the tea party, or anyone here? That's what you said, that the blogs here are full of hate, and that the tea party is spewing hatred. The birth certificate was an issue because the President chose to make it an issue by not revealing a copy until just recently; was the birth certificate issue a tea party thing, or did it come from the right-wing lunatic fringe? Weren't most right-wingers calling for those people to shut up because they were embarassing the rest of us? Of course, there WAS Bill Maher saying that the tea party wasn't a problem until -let's see, how did he put it?- oh yes, "Blacky McBlackman" got elected, but that's OK because Bill Maher wasn't being racist, was he?

  • tagalog

    The Muslim thing was understandable, given President Obama's relative attitudes toward Christianity and Islam. Speaking of racism, how's about his grandmother just being "an average white person?" As for his being a socialist, well, just look at his approach to solving our economic problems. Remember him talking about redistributing the wealth to Joe the Plumber? I think people accusing him of being a socialist doesn't fit in a racial template.

    Confronting stereotyping and hatred is important. So, why do you assume I'm a fool? How about the assumption you're making that I don't think President Obama is MY president? That's a left-wing thing. He IS my president; we just have to replace him with someone else, that's all. You're assuming that I think Casey Anthony is guilty but got off wrongfully? Actually, I don't think the prosecution could even prove the child was murdered, much less prove that Casey Anthony was the murderer, no matter how much of a lowlife she is, and fherefore I believe the jury made an absolutely appropriate finding of Not Guilty.

    For a guy who wants to attack improper assumptions, you sure do make a lot of improper assumptions.

  • ruthella10

    Well look at all the posts from people that are suddenly concerned about racism in the media. What about Beck, Limbaugh and the other goose steppers. Bet you dont feel the same way about the rabid racist Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. Al Sharpton is not even close to these vile, despicable, traiterous pieces of sheep drops! Or how about the consistent "dog whistles" from the "now I have a tie on White Citizen Council members" or alternatively, "tea partiers." All you racist hypocrites can take a flying leap off the Brooklyn Bridge for all any of us real Americans care! You only care about yourselves and your kind anyway. No real American expects anything positive or proactive from you useless, self absorbed parasites. Al Sharpton's show is going to be successful because fortunately for him, he is not dependent upon any of you clowns to survive.

  • TruthTeller

    Al Sharpton is a race-baiting neanderthal. It was Sharpton who stoked the Tawana Brawley Hoax, was responsible for the Massacre At Freddy's Fashion Mart, and yelled racial and sexual slurs at the trial of the Central Park Jogger. He has regularly defamed cops and defended the Jenna 6 and the Duke Lacrosse Whore. I'm tired of this race-baiting poverty pimp getting a free ride. Time for the GOP to run some ads in 2012 linking Obama to this racial piece of filth. I dare white liberals and Democrats to defend this racial stench.

  • SharptonSucks

    Sharpton is a baboon.



  • voodoothatyoodoo

    Big Al the kiddies pal!

  • Daniel Greenfield

    MSNBC is becoming a kind of jail for the obscure left.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    So MSNBC is getting desperate. Wonder when they'll give Farrakhan his own show.

  • bearone7777


  • Flipside

    We know how that works already. You put Farrakhan on a show and The Lobby cancels the show.

  • Ghostwriter

    Flipside,are you and Farrakhan pals? It wouldn't surprise me,just like it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Farrakhan and David Duke are pals. Both are bigots,just like YOU!!!

  • Flipside

    No. Farrakhan and I are not pals. Malcolm X was the real deal. Farrakhan, though was the first high profile black man to break Jewish censorship and make a fool out of Time and Newsweek in the 80’s. It was enough so that the ADL tried to start a media blackout for him. Abe Foxman issued his media fatwas. Farrakhan is actually a good lesson on how to talk to gotcha journalists.