Prince of Lies

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“A Prince Among Slaves” was one of the more ambitious efforts to sell African-Americans on Islam. Aired nationwide on PBS and still making a tour of the United States, the documentary claims to tell the story of an African Muslim prince who was sold into slavery in the South.

The story of Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori is used as a springboard to incorporate Islam into American history, misrepresent it as an anti-slavery creed and convince African-Americans that their cultural background is Muslim. The website set up for “A Prince Among Slaves” even claims that the Blues originated from Koran readings.


But there’s just one problem with trying to present Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori as a victim of slavery and a role model for African-Americans. The Prince was actually a vicious racist who was a mass murderer of Africans and a brutal plantation overseer.

Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori despised Africans and considered himself a Moor. So much so that he would actually have been more at home in the Klan, than in some of the Black churches and cultural centers where “A Prince Among Slaves” has been screened.

A contemporary fundraising letter on his behalf read, “But Prince states explicitly, and with an air of pride, that not a drop of Negro blood runs in his veins. He places the Negro on a scale of being infinitely below the Moor.”

The letter then goes on to emphasize that his brother was considered racially inferior because of an African mother, and that if Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori were to return home he would have a superior right to the throne than his impure sibling.

In Rahman’s own account, he describes going to war against an African tribe and razing their towns. After the natives fought back, Rahman boasts that he proclaimed, “I will not run for an African.” This assertion of racial superiority proved to be a poor choice. The Africans caught Rahman, tied him up and sold him to some slave traders.

Far from being a hapless African sold into slavery, Rahman was actually a Muslim Moor who despised Africans. It is hard to think of a worse role model to present to African-Americans than a mass murderer of black people, whose expedition against them led to him being sold into slavery by the very Africans he despised.

“Prince of Slaves,” the Terry Alford book on which the movie is loosely based, documents Rahman’s racism. And as overseer his abuse of African slaves on the plantation. Another letter mentions his blood-thirsty disposition and writes that:

“M. Foster actually made him manager of the plantation, had continually to keep an eye upon him and to curb his sanguinary temper to prevent him from exercising cruelty on his fellow servants…”

Alford is skeptical, because such an image of Prince Rahman would destroy the entire purpose of his book. Yet it is wholly consistent with Prince Abdul Rahman’s statements and attitudes. With his entire history of slaughtering Africans and viewing them as an inferior race.

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  • insecticide

    The proper name for such people is “Afrofascist”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      actually Islamofascist, he considered himself a Muslim Moor and despised Africans

  • Amused

    " incorporate muslims into American history " ?? Yea , Tripoli , Barbary coast Pirates , the term : " Leathernecks " , major cause for the formation of the U.S. Navy , kidnaping and ransom by muslim entities in Africa , of any westerner ….the lisy goes on . Muslims do hold a place in American History ……ONE OF INFAMY !!

    • Toa

      Nail hit on head!

    • Fred Dawes

      Thank you we need to stop the muslims but our government loves the pigs listen to savage nation.

  • Amused

    Other than that and 9/11 ,they have NO PLACE in American history worth any mention .

    • Fred Dawes

      Our government wants to make a place in our American history and that place will make us all dead or make us all enslaved to boy raping muslim pigs.

  • Texas Mom

    Like a virus, they incorporate into an already existing culture and claim it as their own.
    Read and suscribe to Jihead Watch and you get the true picture……..for some of us 9-11 was the true picture.

  • skulldiggerin

    Where's the poblem ?
    African tribe chiefs and Islamic Arabs were and still are the greatest purveyors of slaves.
    Let this "prince" go complain to the profet of Islam.

  • skulldiggerin

    An Islamic "prince" or an African one is not worth one beggar in the West.

  • Chezwick_mac

    This is no small issue folks. The Islamic usurpation of our own nation's cultural patrimony is insidious…and dangerous.

    It was attempted via Native Americans in the scandal 5 or 6 years ago involving Algonquian history. US public school textbooks were about to be revised under pressure from Muslim-advocacy groups, making the claim that Muslims discovered America long before Columbus. The proof was based on the fabrication out of whole-cloth that an Algonquian prince-ling of centuries past was named 'Al Rahman'.

    For as long as the opposition to this blatant bastardization of history came from professional historians of European-American background, it was dismissed by the left-wing educational establishment as racist. It was only when the Algonquians themselves were informed and then protested that the powers-that-be subsequently relented.

    But the lesson learned was clear: Islamists will leave no stone unturned in order to obtain a cultural advantage…even if it means engaging in the most blatantly obscene historical revisionism. And our educators are all too eager to accommodate.

    Let us remember the Stalinist maxim: He who controls the past, controls the present; he who controls the present, controls the future. We best not let our enemies usurp our cultural/historical patrimony. Slavery was as Islamic as it was trans-Atlantic…and the blues emanated from the organic fusion of African rhythms with the depredations they endured under such an inhumane system.

    • ebonystone

      This is a variation of the "Black Athena" or "Out of Africa" hogwash of the '80's and 90's, according to which ancient Egypt was the source of all learning and scholarship and art, but its works were stolen by the nasty Greeks, and claimed as the Greeks' own. And since Egypt is part of Africa, and Africa is the homeland of the blacks, therefore the ancient Egyptians were blacks. [In fact the ancient Egyptians despised the black Africans, regarded them as only fit to be slaves, and used a derogatory word for them akin to our own dreaded "N-word"]. Supposedly Greek scholars and scientists went to Egypt to study, and brought back Egyptian learning which they then claimed was their own work. Thus it was claimed that Aristotle "learned all he ever knew" at the Library in Alexandria. [In fact, Aristotle was in his mid-50's before Alexandria was even founded, and was long dead before the Library was established. When a (white) classics professor pointed this out at a "Black Athena" public lecture, she was booed and threatened by the crowd. Mustn't let facts stand in the way of feel-good fantasies.

      • Toa

        Well stated. The Egyptians' view of Black Africans was no different than that of the more recent Islamic rulers in Khartoum, Sudan, who even killed and enslaved fellow Muslims for being what they see as the "inferior race".

    • kafirman

      Good stuff. Unfortunately, the ideological war against Islam is already lost. Barring a national political leader who might dare to openly question the wisdom of granting a 501(c)3 tax exempt status–under religious auspices–to an Islamic group, our servility is clear. To grant Islam with this tax exempt status is to concede the legitimacy of our mortal enemy. Abortion severs America's understanding of her moral and spiritual ground: the self evident inalienable rights and the notion that all men are created equal.

      • Chezwick_mac

        Actually, CAIR recently had its 501 status revoked…a rare example of anti-dhimmitude inside the US government.

        • kafirman

          CAIR's revocation had nothing to do with its Islamic doctrine per se. CAIR revocation owes to a failure to disclose, not jizya tax, genocide or sex slaves.

  • Ozzy

    It is telling the the left will acknowledge African Islam but not African Christianity. Do you know why this is?
    It is an effort to disenfranchise Black Christians in order to create the false image of Christianity as a White religion.
    Ask your liberal friends, What color are Christians?
    To the Left the Black American Christians are non-existent.

    • Toa

      "To the Left the Black American Christians are non-existent."

      With the exception, of course, of the Reverend-aaah Jaaaackson and Jeremiah Wright types. Black Christians who follow the true Messiah are despised by the Leftist phonies, both here and abroad, in the same way Black Conservatives are hated.

  • LindaRivera

    It is inexcusable that American taxpayers were forced to help finance Muslim propaganda, whitewashing of Islam and the revision of history.

    Would our government have the ethics to finance a film that told the truth about Islam? They would not. They prefer lies using Americans' tax dollars to do it.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammad, was a HUGE slave trader. Mohammad, murdered/beheaded hundreds of Jewish men because of the Jews love for, and allegiance to the Creator – the Glorious and Magnificent G-D of the Universe. The Jews refused to follow the new religion of Islam and the god of Mohammad. The Jews' wives and children were seized for slaves to lives of living hell.

    When Mohammad was in his fifties, he married a six year old child and consummated the marriage when the child was nine years old. For Muslims who follow their religion, Mohammad is considered the perfect man and role model.

  • LindaRivera

    "The Prince was actually a vicious racist who was a mass murderer of Africans and a brutal plantation overseer.

    Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori despised Africans and considered himself a Moor."

    The movie is filled with lies, taqiyya and deception. And they call it a documentary? All helped paid for by the U.S. government. Muslim hate and violence against blacks continues to this very day.

    Millions of indigenous Black African South Sundanese Christians have been murdered by Sudan's cruel Arab Muslims.

    Hundreds of thousands of black South Sudanese Christian women and children have been taken for SLAVES by Sudan's Muslims. The American government is eager to HIDE this terrible truth and instead finances LIES to Americans. It is despicable and evil.

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs


  • LindaRivera

    "The public faces of UPF are Alex Kroenmer and Michael Wolfe , Muslim converts who pull down roughly 200,000 dollar salaries for their work at UPF. Both Kroenmer and Wolfe are the products of Christian-Jewish interfaith marriages. Wolfe describes this as “my mongrel background” and writes that he was “repelled” by Christianity. "

    Jesus taught from the Jewish Scriptures.

    Jewish Scriptures, Micah 6:8 And what does the L-RD require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your G-D.

    Was it these teachings that repelled Mr. Wolfe and caused him to convert to Islam?

    Jesus said in the Bible, Matthew 7:12 Treat people the same way you want them to treat you for this is the Law and the Prophets.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    610 AD Mohammad receives his call. Is choked by the Angel Gabriel three times.

    It is known that the Muslim Gabriel was also known as( do not pronounce this name) Dobiel, a corrupt and evil angel, a demon, one of the special accusers of Israel.

    Mohammed said that Gabriel (or Dobiel) was the formost enemy of Jews. St. Paul loved Jews and prophesied that the Jewish elect would be saved before the Last Day. Only
    demons are enemies of the elect. Moon – O – Theism Vol 1 by Yoel Natan and Dictionary of the Angels. Bamburger

  • sedoanman

    What do you expect from PBS? They're the same folks who brought us the "documentary", Islam, Empire of Faith that just happened to overlook some inconvenient truths.

    • BS77

      More leftist indoctrination from the PC liberal agenda….whitewash evil, make up history, twist facts and fancy together for a "political" message…..PBS should be ashamed, but the liberalistas have no shame.

  • Edward

    Louis Garbagecans fellow Muslims sold black Africans into slavery…

    and STILL sell black Africans into slavery in Sudan and Mauritania.

    • Martel64

      ….and have ALWAYS been THE GUILTIEST religion / race, in the history of enslavement and brutality inflicted upon Black Africans, and slavery itself.

  • wadingacross

    I first heard about the Islamic heritage of slaves in an American History class in college a decade or more ago. I understood the gist of the professor's comment then as you've articulated now – black Americans should look to Islam, not Christianity for their religious heritage (that "Christianity" was "forced" upon them).

    Only, the question I had then is one I still have now. What were those African peoples before they became Muslims? Sure, many were pagans and animists, but many, many were Christians. The heritage of north Africa perhaps all the way down to sub-Sahara and both Eastern and Western coasts was Christian alongside paganism, as it still is today. So, if modern American blacks were trying to be all "ethnic" and getting "back" to their roots, then if they're Christians now, they've no reason to leave their faith, especially if God has truly saved them.

    If anything, while not under good circumstances, contact with the West brought Christianity back into those African's lives who might never have had contact with it otherwise. A gracious silver lining.

  • Larry

    A great many of the slaves that were sold down the river Niger (where we get both "sold down the river" and Negro from) were done so by the preexisting muslim slave trading networks. As such, under sharia, they could not have been muslims. At the same time just as many if not more were going north to slavery in the Mahgreb, Egypt, and as far as the Levant.

    Meanwhile, on the east coast of Africa, you had Zanzibar (which means Island of the Slaves, not Island of the Blacks), from whence tens of thousands of slaves yearly were dispatched to Arabia and the Persian Gulf region. Amongst them were thousands of eunuchs, and the survival rate of castration was less than 1 in 10.

    Consider this then, where are the descendants of those black Africans taken as slaves in their millions today in the muslim world? They don't exist, as any children they may have had were killed.

    It is the same as the Jews, whilst there were an estimated 12 million Jews in Europe in 1940, there were just under 1 million in the muslim world, and yet we are told that the Jews were better treated by the muslims than by Christians. If that was the case, why weren't the numbers the other way around.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is all a PBS work that supports the defunding of the network, it has gone from
    cultural advocate to political quackery in the past few decades. I am just wondering
    how many in the Christian Black Churches will speak out against this fraud.
    Is it possible that the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have already
    ordered their turbans while Louis Farrakhan is doing a devils dance of satisfaction.
    There will be more false teachings and teachers coming on, was Santa Clause
    a Muslim, why of course and so was Rudolph!………………………………………….

  • Anamah

    Islamics are slaving Christian today .. !!! It is so despicable…

  • Attila the hun

    The time has arrived to pull the plug on PBS/NPR.

  • skulldiggerin

    One present day African emulator of "Prince" Abdul Rathcistman Ibrahima Sori :
    Omar Bashir of Bashiristan, sometimes known as North Sudan.

    For Islamics, religious fanaticism is thicker than blood,
    religious sectarianism is thicker than religious fanaticism,
    and racism is thicker than religious sectarianism.

  • 2maxpower

    yes it is strange that the blacks follow into islam so easily. islam and non black muslims think of all blacks as inferior, always have.