Scotland Goes Mad for Islam

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The West Dunbartonshire Council led by the loony Scottish National Party has decided to ban books from Israel. The first book on their list should be the Bible, a notorious Zionist tract which claims divine sanction for a Greater Israel. But the Bible will likely remain on the shelves of West Dunbartonshire libraries, while zealous SNP members will keep a watch for books by Amos Oz, who agrees with them on all the essential details.

The silly thing about European boycotts of Israeli books and movies is that it almost always comes down to leftists boycotting other leftists. Imagine the UK boycotting Michael Moore to protest the War in Iraq and American leftists reciprocating with a ban on Ian McEwan. Purging Amos Oz from libraries and Samuel Maoz from theaters does Israel a favor. It also does America and Europe a favor by sparing them from the prolonged leftist diatribes of the cafe crowd. And maybe that’s why directors like Ken Loach and writers like Iain Banks bring down the axe, it spares them the competition. Why import leftist writers and directors to Europe? You might as well ship coal to Newcastle.

Keeping Israeli books off the shelf won’t help the people of West Dunbartonshire, which has the worst unemployment in the UK, with thousands out of work. It might move another one or two of Ian McEwan’s depressing tomes to the register and into someone’s suicide kit, but it won’t create any more jobs. It does however make for a useful distraction. The SNP will try to divert attention from their funding cuts with a round of “Bash the Jews.” Considering the minute number of Jews in Scotland, they have to make do with Israel.

Of course it’s not entirely fair to blame the SNP for all this. The actual idiotic motion came from Councillor Jim Bollan, of the Scottish Socialist Party, formerly of the Communist Party. To clear up any confusion between the two, the Scottish Socialist Party has a red flag with a yellow star, with optional clenched fists on it, and its abbreviation is one Cyrillic letter away from that of the Soviet Union. It’s not clear what the difference between the SSP and the Communist party is, except that it’s easier to get elected to the West Dunbartonshire Council as a Socialist than a Communist, whereupon you are then free to tackle such vital issues as the surplus of Israeli books in community libraries and boycotts of Marks and Spencer for selling Zionist underwear.

According to itself, the Scottish Socialist Party is a “fresh, forward-looking party which dares to be different.” And there is no better way to be fresh, different and forward-looking than by waving the red and yellow flag of a bankrupt ideology that not even the Russians and Chinese want anything to do with anymore. But what doesn’t sell in Russia, China or even Cuba still passes muster in Scotland, where the welfare state has become a way of life and the SNP makes David Sutch’s Official Monster Raving Loony Party seem downright sensible.

Scotland is in the midst of an economic disaster and the SSP and SNP are bent on turning it into an even bigger disaster. The SSP has a bold program of opposing the war, independence and taxing the rich. This distinguishes it from the SNP which also opposes the war, wants independence and a local income tax. But neither the SNP or SSP really want independence. Their own economic policies make Scottish independence all but impossible. Their only real election program is the welfare state, and independence would kill the golden goose that makes it possible. Instead,  they look to the EU to take over where the UK would leave off. But someone still has to foot the bill.

For a party running a country into the ground during an economic crisis, the Scottish National Party spends a peculiar amount of time obsessing over Israel. But then considering the SNP’s dueling Marxist and Fascist roots, that’s hardly surprising. Before Arthur Donaldson headed up the SNP, he was cooling his heels in a cell for his enthusiastic desire to be Scotland’s own Vidkun Quisling. SNP founding member Hugh MacDiarmid championed Scottish fascism before switching to the Communist party. Another SNP founder, Andrew Dewar Gibb, met with Nazi emissaries to prepare for an independent Scotland under German rule.

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  • Andrew

    I am sorry Daniel,but this piece is just plain daft.

    Scotland is not going "mad for Islam". A group of fringe politicians in small council in a small area of the country have made a decision that has been widely criticised by politicians and activists and thoroughly mocked by the media. Most local people's view is that they should be making sure the trash gets picked up, repairing the holes in the roads and scrape the doggy doo off the sidewalks, not developing a foreign policy.

    • jacob

      ANDREW :

      May I remind you that neither the USSR's Communist Party membership was
      just ONE MILLION PEOPLE and likewise was the NAZI PARTY ???

      So don't hand me this crap of being just a bunch of loonies what Mr
      GREENFIELD is writting about. Nazis were also considered "loonies" and
      look what they inflicted even on your own country…

      And I certainly do not believe for a split second his assertions to be false…

      By the way, what was the take to free the LOCKERBIE tragedy perpetrator on
      the laughable reasons for freeing him ???

    • Daniel Greenfield


      The original article title was Scottish Leftists Gone Mad for Islam. You can see it in the closing sentence of the piece.

      However this attitude goes beyond the council and colors the SNP which is not that fringe at this point.

      • nina

        I like your style. You write with a sense of humor. That is what is needed, even about serious events.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Thank you Nina

    • Marianne

      Andrew, you're absolutely right. The Jewish community has as usual been whipped up into a frenzy by the official mouthpieces. These idiots have written to councillors, MPs, etc., all for something which one of the councillors of the small council said he knew nothing about, and was not going to be discussed at their council meeting at all, let alone implementedc.

      It's about time we stopped this knee jerk response to imagined slights. It hardly makes us look rational, reasonable or credible.. This is why the aforesaid mouthpieces should be sidelined, and quickly. Muslims see us behaving in this way, constantly complaining, and they do it too. Consequently the non-Jewish/non-Muslim citizens in the UK class us as mouth-frothers, and no different from Muslims. I think the phrase is "A plague on both their houses."

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Actually this was a piece on the SNP's eagerness to pander to Islamists, and slamming Israel is one way of doing so.

      • nina

        Actually, it's a pox. You could be right in what they think, but pho phooing the boycot of Israeli goods and intellectual output speaks for itself. And your knowlege of the Arab mentality is lacking. They don't need to learn to whine. Victimhood is their game. Anyone who doesn't think like they do, is an enemy.

    • Jack

      Really,that small fringe has now been 'elected' to the Scottish parliament.Salmond has done the begging tour of the Absolute Monarchies and Despots of the Gulf states,saying"Scotland is just like Qatar".
      They've introduced laws that take Harmans' equality even further and echo the Istanbul process,pro Hamas anti Israeli sentiment is on the rise and Islamic schools and Sharia law have been introduced,even although the SNP said there would be no Sharia in Scotland.
      The SNP favour unlimited immigration,where do you think they'll come from ?.
      Last but not least they are slavish followers of the European Union which folllows Sutherlands insane doctrine that the EU should "actively undermine the homogeneity of European cultures"
      They have given workers rights to Turkey and have plans for the same for North Africa,they also plan to bring in anther 20 million immigrants on top of the 20 million already admitted.
      Europe will have an Islamic majority and the friends of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Scottish government will be well placed to implement Islamic law in Scotland.
      Hyperbole ?,fantasy ?
      Not according to EU plans and projections about immigration and the Islamists who see the dangerously naive idea of multiculturalism as the perfect vehicle for a beach-head for Islamism in Europe.
      The population in England,if birthrates remain similar will be a majority around 2 generations.
      Wake up Scotland before you are minorities n your own country,which might not have been deliberate when New Labour opened the borders but it is one distinct possibility.

  • Wulle

    Yer a bawbag!

  • Dave Coull

    No, Scotland certainly hasn’t gone mad for Islam. The picture which David Greenfield paints of our country is unrecognisable to anybody who actually lives here. Also, as the father and grandfather of children who (on their mother’s side) came from a New York Jewish background and had ancestors who fled from pogroms in Eastern Europe, I think Greenfield’s article is actually quite offensive. He asserts that Muslims are “replacing” the native population of Scotland. That is exactly the same kind of argument which was used against Jewish refugees from Europe in the early 20th Century.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Except that the Jewish refugees didn't insist on "conversion or death"? We're talking about the same country that boasts of William Wallace, here?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It's not an assertion, it's a statement made by those who have actually been looking at the demographics of the situation.

  • BS77

    They must give up the Haggis…'s enough to drive anyone mad.

    • Tim Bus

      No. Haggis is halal.
      So long as you slit its throat while its alive.

      So David Pearl was halal.

      • Guest


  • semus

    I've never felt this way before but I'm disgusted, and ashamed of my heritage.

  • tommy

    they probably cant read anyway

  • L. Patterson

    Its makes no difference which side you are on. If the other side wishes to demonize you it may do so without fear, thats freedom of speach. Sometimes freedoms can be taken a little to far "yelling gun in a crowed" or "condeming someone with out a proper trial or assessment of the facts". Is Scotland becoming anti-jew? In the name of all that is holy I hope not. As an american scott I'm proud of my ancestry and its participation in the battle for freedom (ask edward about that). Scots have fought in every war in human memory, it has always done so with pride and dignity, it has always stood for the freedoms of man (and women) and it has done so without fear or favor. Lets pray it continues.

  • Monty Lasovsky

    It's all a matter of degree. The Islamics have managed to work their way throughout Europe America and elsewhere. In New York and Amsterdam streets are closed so that the jolly good Muslims can pray in their normal manner and the traffic and and citizens are inconvenienced beyond belief and this goes on sanctioned by the city councils who do nothing stop this. They are even allowing Mosques near ground zero. So who is surprised by Gaddafi loving Scots waiting for another Lockerbie bomber to arrive in his suicide vest or having the call to prayer played on the bagpipes. Even worse-the end of scotch whisky in nigh!!!

  • Kalifornia Kafir

    You could boycott Scots Whiskey in favor of Irish Whiskey. Come to think of it, that might not be such a wise trade given some of the pro-Palestinian rubbish coming out of Ireland.

    Buy American. Buy Bourbon.

    • Tim Bus

      Aye to that.

      The likes or Mary Robinson, the O'Keefes, the Corrigans, the McGuires,
      Helen Thomas…

      • Tim Bus

        Helen Thomas is Lebanese Irish.


      • nina

        She is from Lebanon.

    • Domus Canus

      Bravo. As an Irishwoman I hardly recognize my own country anymore-so many out of towners.

  • jim

    Actually, the article is pretty damn accurate. The SNP is really just a "Scots First" version of Socialism which is committed to Stalinist levels of public spending, with something like 75-80% of GDP government spending. It has record levels of heart disease, alcoholism and unemployment. All this England gets to pay for. If Scotland became independent, it could get by for a time on its oil wealth until they either taxed the oil companies to death or nationalized them. After adopting the Euro, they would then get bailed out by Germany, France and their old enemy, England. The SNP's positions are seriously out of sync with those of the Scottish people but he who pays the piper calls the tune.

    • Brian Innes-Will

      So " out of synch with the Scottish voters" that they won 69 of 73 constituency votes at the recent elections?

      What a load of – piffle on the economics. It is really ironic that all the propaganda about being 'too wee. too poor, too stupid' aimed at the Scots – has been believed by the English – and dismissed as rubbish by the Scots!!

      Feeling rejected generates emotional over-reaction. No need for feeling rejected and no need for the emotional misrepresentation either. Independent statehood is the normality. Views like these were expressed when Norway split from its union with Sweden back in 1905. Scotland and England can both be perfectly friendly and successful running their own shows.

  • Dave Coull

    "The SNP will try to divert attention from their funding cuts with a round of Bash the Jews" – no they won't. They will blame the British government for the cuts, and say we would be better off being independent.

  • Dave Coull

    “neither the SNP or SSP really want independence” – complete nonsense. Of course they do. I didn't even vote for either of those two parties in the recent election, but I recognise that they genuinely do want independence. There will be a non-party-political referendum on independence, a large majority of the population will vote "yes", and negotiations will then take place with the British government on the timing and details of independence.

    • Will

      you've missed the point. They do want independence from Britain, yes, but they will switch immediately over to EU because their policies make it absolutely infeasible for Scotland to maintaint its independence in all but name, was the point Daniel made.

  • Dave Coull

    Yes, Hugh MacDiarmaid welcomed Mussolini taking power in Italy. So did members of both the Republicans and the Democrats in the USA, as well as Winston Churchill of the Conservative Party in Britain etc etc etc. Every political party has such skeletons in its cupboard. It doesn't prove anything about the SNP in particular, you might as well condemn both major parties in the USA, and both major parties in the UK, with as much reason.

  • Dave Coull

    And of course Joe Kennedy, senior Democrat and father of President Jack Kennedy, was actively pro-Nazi.

  • Dave Coull

    Okay, I made the mistake of calling Daniel Greenfield "David". But he has made far bigger mistakes in his article. The mood in Scotland now, since the May 5th election, even amongst folk who didn't vote for the SNP (which includes me), is one of cheerful, positive, optimism. It's one of the few places in the West where that is true today. But you would never guess that from reading Daniel's gloomy piece.

    • Bob A

      It looks like the Muslims and the homos are in firm control and getting stronger. It couldn't happen to a meaner bunch of misanthropes. LOL

  • Dave Coull

    By the way, I am totally against banning books. Any books. If councillors in West Dumbarton really did ban Israeli books (and I don't actually know if there is any truth in that or not) then they were idiots to do so. But that doesn't excuse Daniel Greenfield turning some local stupidity into an attack on Scotland.

  • Dave Coull

    "West Dunbartonshire Council utterly refutes recent media claims that it has ‘launched a boycott on Israeli books’.

    The Council’s boycott does not in any way seek to censor or silence authors and commentators from Israel.

    The Council’s boycott only relates to goods ‘made or grown’ in Israel. The vast majority of mainstream books by Israeli authors are published in the UK and are therefore not affected by this boycott. Only books that were printed in Israel and transported to the UK for distribution would be potentially boycotted.

    In the two and a half years the boycott has been in place there has never been a case when the library service has been unable to purchase a book it wished to as a result of this boycott.”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      So your position is that the council isn't banning books but wasting everyone's time.

    • Bob A

      Oh…so that makes it OK!? The homos hate the Christians and your government supports the homos. The Muslims hate the Jews and the Christians so your government supports the Muslims. WATCH CAREFULLY. Such policies will bring Scotland to its economic knees and rightly so!

    • Will

      Let me quote you back to you: "West Dunbartonshire Council utterly refutes … claims it has launched a boycott on Israeli books. … The Council's boycott … relates to goods "made in Israel'. … books that were printed in Israel would be potentially boycotted". Makes much sense? Of course it does. They've been caught with their pants down, and won't admit it.

  • Dave Coull

    It turns out this "boycott" is two and a half years old, and not one single book has been removed from the library shelves as a result. And since every Israeli author the library service wanted to purchase is in fact published in the UK,, the effect of it has been not one single Israeli author has been "censored". Here is the actual Council motion, from 2009, relating to Israeli produce in general, not specifically to books.

    ‘This Council deplores the loss of life in Palestine which now numbers well over 1,000. This Council also recognises the disproportionate force used by the IDF in Palestine and agrees to boycott all Israeli goods as a consequence. Officers should immediately cease the purchase of any goods we currently source, which were made or grown in Israel. Officers should also ensure we procure no NEW goods or produce from Israel until this boycott is formally lifted by WDC.’

    • jaythehistorian

      Who gives a sh-t what excuse the Scottish Nazis use? They are singling out one nation which is under has been under siege for 50 years and is only defending themselves. There is always BS about how the Scottish were mistreated such as the movie "Bravehart" starring the well known Jew hater Mel Gibson . The Scottish are no different than Germans of the 1930s. The only difference is Jews now have their own nation and don't have to be abused by ignorant, evil Christians. Does it matter to the Scottish Nazis that they persecute Jews because of alleged Jewish persecution of the "Palestinians" who themselves never considered themselves a separate nation, and have no history of being a separate ethnic group? The Fakestinians had no history of living in the Jewish National homeland (Israel, Judea, Summaria and Jordan) until the most evil empire in history : the British empire, took land which the League of Nations designated as the future Jewish homeland to be ruled ONLY BY JEWS, and give it away to Arabs who had no connection to it.

    • Bob A

      Just wait until these Muslims start blowing up Sotts they disagree with, just like they do with the Jews. Once the Califate is in place everything will belong to the Muslims and you will personally experience the mercy of alah! LOL

  • jaythehistorian

    Who cares how the Scottish Nazis spin their Jew hatred." Disproportionate" is a code word for saying Jews have no right to defend themselves. They could shove their boycott up their asses. Israel's economy is one of the strongest in the world and has never been in been in better shape. If the council weren't antisemites they would not boycott a country which has been under siege for the past 50 years. It is typical Christian antisemitism using a total phoney "people" the Fakestinians as their current excuse. Christians always have an excuse for their persecution of Jews which has always been really due to their jealousy of Jews' higher IQs and business success.

    • Bob A

      Excuse me but its the Muslims and Scottish facists who hate the Jews. Not the Christians you idiot!

      • Will

        you're true in facts but not on feelings, buddy. "Idiot" was uncalled for; it was mainly y Christians that Jews were persecuted by for the last thousand years; Nazism was an outgrowth of Christian anti-Semitism in several ways; and it migrated into Arab/Muslim world uncontested since *before* WW2 coz they were pro-Nazi before the war, and after it, the West wanted their TRADE for OIL too much to really contest the Nazi ideology which took root in the Arab Jew-hatred, it was much too easy for the West just to fawn to it, to find ways to justify it with their phony "criticism of Israel" for self-defense.

        The West been real despickable in their treatment of Israel and the Jew-hating Arab-IZED World, for the last 70+ years. This includes the Brits forbidding Jews entry into Palestine, sealing their fate under the Nazis, not sparing ONE BOMB to bomb the railways to Aushwitz.

  • Brian Innes-Will

    As a lifelong supporter of Scottish Independence and former member of the Scottish National Party executive, I regret that the writer and some of the commentators have vastly over-reacted and inflated a very minor and non-typical event. I m personally deplore the decision that triggered your over-the-top response, but don't over-react.

    For the record, Scotland is one country that has never expelled or persecuted people of the Jewish faith. My parents and their kin were strong supporters of Scottish independence . They fought the nazis and hated their cruelty, stupidity and madness as do the current membership of the SNP..

    Don't fall for the opposition Unionist British propaganda trying to tar the reputation of people who are dead and cannot answer back. Besides, McDiarmid was a radical poet who liked to wind people up by supposedly adopting wildly radical views of whatever was anti-establishment at the time. He was a stirrer – kicked out by the SNP.

    The Scottish National (please note) Party is the vehicle for re-instating Scotland's political independence. Nothing to do with being 'nationalist' hence the tendency to describe the SNP approach as civic nationalism. Ie Of and for, ALL the people who reside in Scotland. Not against others but FOR Scotland. We are an ancient nation that is about to resume sovereignty again – peacefully.

    The largest ethnic minority in Scotland nowadays is from England not Pakistan. Many English support the SNP because they understand that the Party is against over-centralised (incompetent and out of touch) Westminster government and not in the least against the English – or any other people.

    I personally sympathise strongly with those commentators who support Israel and feel under pressure. But misreading one incident as somehow the determining feature of a whole large political party is not warranted and does the cause no good at all. Especially when your people and country have good friends in that Party.
    Shalom, my friends, Shalom
    Brian Innes-Will

    • SpiritOf1683

      The SNP is also a vehicle of anti-English prejudices. It seems the Scots have two enemies – Israel and England. And if the English support Scottish independence, perhaps it is because they see it as a way of getting the Scottish monkey off their backs. Bang goes the Barnett formula. The English taxpayer will no longer subsidise free tuition for Scottish students, free homes for the elderly, free prescriptions which all come from the taxpayer south of the Solway. Scots will have to finance them on their own – and that will mean tuition fees in Scotland, no free care for the elderly, no free presctriptions. it wiill be the end of the free lunch. And that is why the SNP tremble at the thought of hearing the mere words "You're on your own, and you will no longer be part of the UK from tomorrow". Because that would be the day of reckoning, and rather than on its feeet, Scotland would soon be bankrupt and flat on its back, just as it was in 1707.

    • Will

      Don't overreact to the 999th little cut, said the executioner.

      Ever heard of death by a thousand cuts, Sir?

      • Will

        or maybe, "said an onlooker", but what's really the difference?

  • judy nyc

    the scotts are the biggest jew haters on the planet. even outdistancing the brits in their malevolence toward jews. it is quite a putrid state of affairs what with their fabissina faces and mean-spirited "opinions". i especially love the one that states without embarrassment, that we are overreacting. indeed, i am always fondest of that particular thought.
    fortunately, i have no intentions of traveling to scotland or europe for that matter. i have seen, i have done it. america, for all its flaws, smells better.

  • Brian Innes-Will

    Hello Daniel
    Thanks for the reply.
    For those interested, here is some historical context:
    I'll repeat, at the outbreak of WWII a handful of then SNP people were wrongly detained briefly, never charged and never convicted. Many other minority politicians and ethnic groups of the time eg. Italians, suffered detention, deportation to Canada, Australia etc. There was a fair degree of semi-justifiable paranoia loose at the time! One of those 'dangerous scottish nationalists' , Muriel Gibson, went on to be Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army, which might indicate how stupid the original act was. Muriel became Party secretary of the SNP and another colleague of mine.

    You might also like to take into account another prominent SNP former good colleague of mine, Willie McRae, former partner of Levy and McRae, legal firm Glasgow. See for his contribution to Israel.

    I see that the comments equate members of the Pakistani community as being automatically "islamists' Enough to say that that is too sweeping an assumption. The community has been living in Scotland peacefully since roughly the early 1960's and the SNP is simply integrating and engaging with another part of the Scots-born citizenry of all etnhicities.

    We prefer to encourage constructive and peaceful engagement, not alienation and hostility. Would you really prefer that they were marginalised, excluded or oppressed?
    The SNP Government is about to legislate to deal with Catholic-Protestant football sectarian abuse, which is a disgrace, previously neglected by UK government and past Labour administrations in Scotland. We tackle blind hatred and prejudice wherever and however we can.
    I applaud your enthusiasm and dedication in supporting the Israeli cause. There is a vast difference between some party members being critical of some Israeli government decisions – and misreading differences in opinion about a state's policies as automatically some deep dark prejudice of a whole political party or the Scottish people against the whole Jewish people, which is simply way off the mark.

    Could I point out a much more positive sign? That pro-palestinian clown George Galloway, ex-Labour MP (dumped by his party) , ex-MP for an asian-dominated formerly Labour constituency (dumped by his constituency at the UK general election) was well and truly dumped by the people of the West of Scotland (including a slice of those 'dangerous islamist pakistanis') at the recent Scottish parliamentary elections. He was trounced so severely that he was not even game to turn up at the count. It is his extreme left socialist Respect mob that are the real anti-Israel element in the political mix in Scotland. And they got nowhere. The SNP are 'energetically moderate' – they avoid the stupidities of both Left and Right.

    Again, I wish you well in your efforts, but please don't paint people like the SNP in imagined false colours. We have enough to do fighting the cultural arrogance and stupidity we deal with from the Unionist camp (read two entries back for an example and think how you would take it if it those comments were directed at your people). And I'd gently suggest that you don't need to go imagining false enemies in place of dealing with the real ones.

    You might reflect wryly that at least you have an independent country to defend. We still have to win ours. Our path is one of peaceful, persistent, patient but utterly determined winning through the electoral system, in the face of all the misinformation and black propaganda efforts of our opposition. After independence we look forward to engaging constructively and positively with all other states, including Israel.

    Yours respectfully
    Brian Innes-Will

    • Daniel Greenfield


      Citing a now deceased pro-Israel SNP figure doesn't get around Salmond and Sturgeon's positions and rhetoric in the present day.

      You can dismiss the characterization of Pakistanis in general as Islamists, but what of Osama Saeed who actively calls for a Caliphate under Islamic law? Can you honestly say that such a characterization is unfair. And if isn't, then why is the SNP allowing Islamists to represent the Pakistani community in Scotland?

      Yes Galloway is worse, but that's not much of a standard to measure yourselves against. There are always worse people out there. And finding one extreme does not mean that anyone less extreme is a moderate. The SNP is certainly not.

      I wish the people of Scotland the best of luck as an independent nation, but if the SNP really wishes to have other nations respect its desire for independence, perhaps it should similarly respect Israel's independence and refrain from interfering in its internal affairs.

  • @A2Mac

    Daniel your understanding of Scotland is about as clear as the idiots of west dumb-barton councils underdtanding of Israel.

    I am SNP. My family fought & died fighting Nazis, I am Scottish. I am pro USA I am Pro Israel. I am capitalist. I am against islamist expansion.

    Do not let our enemies in islamist organizations and communists organisations divide who ee are and what wr stand for.

    Freedom, education, equality, for all.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Citing the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister seems rather relevant. On the other hand citing a general statement about Scotland to exonerate the SNP seems of dubious relevance.

    You've addressed none of the points I made in my reply to you.

    It also appears that the number of anti-semitic incidents is on the rise, one wonders how many of them can be attributed to the scapegoating of Israel and Muslim immigration.

    • Basil Metabolism

      On the rise in Scotland or the UK in general? The CST's figures seemed to show they were falling in Glasgow.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        I'm addressing the material that Brian quoted above

        • Basil Metabolism

          i think Brian's figures seem to be comparing '08 and '09 where there's a rise (in the UK in general, not just Scotland) but there seems to be a fall in '10 (according to the CST's website).

          Maybe you've access to more detailed figures – I'd assume that an opinion piece on the dangers to Scotland';s Jewish population would want to be as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            No doubt. However this isn't an opinion piece on that subject. There aren't very many Jews in Scotland. There would seem to be far more danger to the Scottish population from Muslims and the SNP's pandering to Islamists.

  • Brian Innes-Will

    Hello Daniel
    My last reply and overall contribution felt way too long, so I didn't address all aspects of the story. No intention to prolong the postings unduly, nor to risk making you feel 'got at' by me, so I have answered in general, not particular.

    Our Unionist BritNat opposition are good at smearing and using any dubious means to try and contain the progress of the SNP by painitning it in false colours as some kind of marginalised loony left/loony right/tartan fools/victims/hate figures/etc etc etc. The kind of tactics deployed against Jews in the past are the same methods of denigration and suppression that we are fighting also.
    Try the UK Daily Mail or the Telegraph, or The Scotsman for a articles and blog columns where there are diatribes of 'do the Scots down' garbage.

    Please check your community contacts in Scotland and please, please don't pick up on the opposition garbage that is fed out. The British media are overwhelmingly anti-SNP so what you read/see is a distorted version of reality, misrepresented and sensationalised by what is predominantly a bitterly hostile press who support the imperialist mindset of the Unionist Labour and Conservative Parties and who will publish any garbage that they think will undermine the cause of Scottish independence and/or belittle the Scots.

    The SNP ideal was, is, and shall remain, that of Robert Burn's ' the brotherhood of man'.
    in the song sung to celebrate the reopening of the Scots Parliament. We will NOT be selective in who those 'brothers' are:

    "So let us pray, that come it may.
    As come it will for all that,
    That man to man, the world over,
    Shall brothers be for all that"

    Yours sincerely
    Brian Innes-Will

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Brian, with all due respect you keep speaking in generalities. Is the material on the SNP site also planted by unionists?

      Not being Scottish, I don't have a position on Scottish independence. But then I must ask why the SNP seems to have such a focused position on issues that do not concern Scotland. And how this ties in with their Islamist candidates.

      • Brian Innes-Will

        I don;t know which of scores of items on the SNP site causes you concern, so cannot answer that one. I suggest you ask the SNP organisation direct about your concerns. Contact Peter Murrell at head office, who is husband to Nicola Sturgeon the Deputy First Minister of the government.

        Your article was a broad assessment of attributed pro-islam, anti-israeli/jewish supposed bias of the SNP, which I reject as completely unrepresentative of the Party, organisation and people from my direct knowledge and experience
        I am a private individual so I answer as I think best. I cannot answer specifics where I have no direct access and experience to cite.

        Political parties in Scotland are expected to have a stance on international affairs as well as their internal affairs. That includes the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

        Because at one time, on one issue, the expressed SNP opinion is against specific Israel Government actions, does NOT equate to inbuilt bias against Israel, israelis or jewish people in general. Totally unrelated.

        If you want me as an individual to condemn for example, Hamas rockets, bombings or whatever, of course I do. Cruel stupidity and hatred are totally deplorable. If you want me to support all Israel government decisions – no matter what, when, where or the impacts they have – sorry that is too open-ended a commitment. Humans are humans, sometimes they err.

        I have put the contra view that an antijewish bias is entirely foreign to the traditions, ethos, policies and practices of the people of Scotland in general, the SNP in and out of office and the SNP government of Scotland in particular.

        To think that hundreds of SNP branch activists who vote on SNP policies and elect the SNP party leadership at conferences are somehow puppets manipulated by one Scottish born candidate of Pakistani origin, is stretching credulity. As far as I can judge without knowing him personally, he is totally committed to peaceful democratic methods and no physical threat to anyone.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Having a position on the conflict and repeatedly attempting to intervene on the side of the terrorists are not quite the same thing.

          Here's a search of the SNP site for Israel

          It's nothing but a prolonged series of attacks on Israel by Salmond and co, while they pander to Islamists at home.

          This isn't about opposing or supporting Israeli policy. This is a simple question why the SNP is so obsessed with promoting the interests of terrorists abroad and at home.

  • Hanoi Paris Hilton

    The twenty year old daughter (same age as my own daughter now) of a Jewish couple with whom I grew up in NY suburbs (his father was our family physician, hers was the local pharmacist) was murdered by the Lockerbie bomber(s) en route home from her long-awaited Syracuse U. French club excursion. The convicted bomber was sprung by crazed Scot lefty nationalist bien pensant hack politicos — on "compassionate grounds" to spend his few remaining days back home in Libya, where he received a hero's welcome. What was that, nearly two year ago and he hasn't had the decency to croak yet? And the American haven't had the cojones to run a Seals Team 7 double tap on him during the present unpleasantness.

    If that episode wasn't an intentional thumb in the eyes of the Yankees (and the Zionists), then what was it? Oh, yeah … it was also to smooth the way for BP.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The SNP fights for independence… for Muslim terrorists

    • Eoin

      Have you ever spent some time actually reading the evidence? Megrahi was a scapegoat and was framed.

  • Brian Innes-Will

    Hello Daniel

    You asked for specifics so here is:

    1. A link to the Council website restating there has been no ban, is no ban and will be no ban on Jewish authors or books. The reason for the councillors decision back in 2009 is stated as being a protest at 'disproportionate force by the IDF'(during operations in Gaza) That is what the ban on Israel-produced goods is about and their perception, right or wrong.
    Nothing to do with being anti-Jewish.

    2. An article in the (pro-Labour, anti-SNP) Herald newsaper, Glasgow.
    The story has been vastly over-inflated and blown out of all relation to the reality, which is to urge political settlement, not violence and bloodshed.

    Lastly you have had a number of comments by others telling you that the story misrepresents reality in Scotland. From what I see you have not had a single comment attacking you, Israel or the Jewish people. Is that not specific evidence that this imaginary 'zeal for Islam' is an understandable but incorrect reading of the actual situation.
    Why is it so hard to accept good news, there is no interest far less enthusiasm for islam, nor any hostility to Jewish people.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There is a ban on books from the Jewish state. Not from China or Russia. This is in line with SNP pandering to Islamists. Much like their position on Kashmir.

      The problem here is that the Pakistani lobby appears to be in the driver’s seat on foreign policy for the SNP and that is raising serious questions about the SNP’s credibility in governing an independent state.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There is a ban on books from the Jewish state. Not from China or Russia. This is in line with SNP pandering to Islamists. Much like their position on Kashmir.

      The problem here is that the Pakistani lobby appears to be in the driver's seat on foreign policy for the SNP and that is raising serious questions about the SNP's credibility in governing an independent state.

    • Will

      Calling the self defense action by Israel in Gaza, forced by thousands of rockets which bombarded Israel for years prior to that, a "use of disproportional force" is an extremely hostile action – adding on top of that the actual BAN on ANYTHING produced in Israel??? You've got to be kidding trying to pass that as "disagreement" with "policies and specific decisions by Israeli government".

      The reality is simple, and Daniel has spelled it out for you, plain as mush as you refuse to see it – to admit it to yourself (being a nice-willing guy as you are, which is also plain in your responses). It is one of PANDERING to Islamists, bordering on FAWNING before them. For whatever reason, be it oil, trade, elections …

      The Islamists' position in detracting Israel's right to self defense is untenable. Trying to white-wash attempts at its justification is untenable as well.

  • Brian Innes-Will
    • nina

      I am impressed with your cultured response to the accusations in the article. As someone who had friendly feelings for Scotland's cultured past, I would have likde to accept your view of the situation, but for the fact that in addition to the boycot on books there is a boycot of goods produced in Israel. This a serious matter. To boycot a country's export which is part of its economy, a tiny country yet, endangers its economic viability. Lucky for Israel, its economy isn't yet in precarious position. Still, it's a hostile act. How would you feel if, a free Scotland were boycotted?

      • Brian Innes-Will

        Hello Nina
        The boycott is not something I agree with personally, so I am not in any way defending it nor justifying it. The reality is that Dumbarton West is a 'small town' council – I would expect that the amount of Israel exported goods that ends up there is about zilch. The ban was a largely symbolic gesture by a bunch of local councillors who took the decision at a time of worldwide negative response to what was portrayed in the media as vastly disproportionate force used by the IDF in the incursion into Gaza. I am not arguing the rights or wrongs of the IDF incursion, nor the councils actions. My point is that jumping from a titchy story to misinterpret the stance of a whole national movement and 5,000,000 people as "Going Mad For Islam" is completely unreal. My sympathy for Israel and its citizens makes it particularly painful to see a perfectly friendly political movement (the SNP) demonised unreasonably.
        We do not accept being painted as in any way being hostile to Israelis or the Jewish diaspora.
        With all best wishes, Brian Innes-Will

  • Bob A

    "Scots feel dominated by the English". Yah, those dirty English should take their dirty money and go home. LOL Then the Scotts can return to their caves and camp fires. LOL

  • Bob A

    Having lived in Dunoon for two years and experience the negative hostility of the Scotts, it warms my heart to see the Scotts embrace socialism, facism, homosexuality and Islam. Can you say, "Down the toilet". LOL

  • islam

    The Queen is an adulterer. Death by stoning.
    Long live the Arabs(and the Turks)

  • Luxury Villa Rentals

    The silly thing about European boycotts of Israeli books and movies is that it almost always comes down to leftists boycotting other leftists. Imagine the UK boycotting Michael Moore to protest the War in Iraq and American leftists reciprocating with a ban on Ian McEwan.