Sheila Jackson Lee: Racist and Moron

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Last last year she got up on the House floor to celebrate the victory in Vietnam and the “two Vietnams, side by side, North and South.”

There probably isn’t a single member of congress less fit to understand how the government works or what her duties are. Jackson-Lee opposed repealing Obamacare because that would violate the Fifth Amendment’s right to Due Process. An Amendment that had so little to do with the topic at hand that she might as well have picked it by throwing a dart at the Bill of Rights. In one sentence, she proved that she had never read the Bill of Rights and had no idea what Due Process even means.

But while Sheila Jackson-Lee might know as much about the Bill of Rights, as she does about Vietnam or what a hurricane is– she does know how to get attention. Before a State of the Union address, she makes sure to get herself an aisle seat so she can be seen shaking hands with the president. But not only is she an aisle hog, she’s also a floor hog.

Jackson-Lee’s floor hog antics got so bad, that congressional staffers ran a pool for the rare day when she doesn’t get up to speak. Because someone has to denounce those racist Pepsi commercials and call for affirmative action for hurricanes. And with Traficant fresh out of jail and Cynthia McKinney on a boat to Gaza– it’s all up to her.

Whether it’s trying to barge into the Treasury Building or demanding First Class upgrades or an entire row of seats to herself from airlines– rudeness and entitlement are second nature to a woman whose only achievement in life was to ride a sponsorship as the crony of the most corrupt company in America to a lifetime race card.

“I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen,” Sheila Jackson-Lee once reportedly said. It may be that she knows so little about government that she actually thinks she was elected to be a queen. The Queen of Racism, perhaps. Racism is her answer to everything. If there’s a problem that can’t be solved by crying racism, Jackson-Lee has never heard of it.

Should the dumbest woman in congress, who began her career serving a corrupt corporation, and has a 3 percent rating from Citizens Against Government Waste, who can’t tell a planet from a satellite, doesn’t know what the Bill of Rights says and uses her position to denounce commercials she doesn’t like from the House floor, really even be in Congress?

Of course she should. For the 174,000 dollars we pay congressmen, the least we can get back is a little entertainment.

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  • Jo C, Dallas, Tx

    Like good ol' Charlie Rangel, the ugly Queen snags her seat by demographics of her district. What a piece of work, she gives me the worst ah-che-tu. You can't fix stupid.

    • Jack

      Yeah, and the fact that she continues to be reelected, just shows what kind of district she comes from.

    • tagalog

      "Ah-che-tu?" Do you mean agita?

      • Blues man

        You sound stupid

        • tagalog

          Oh, I see I've got it right.

    • Fed Up!!

      Watching her on CSPAN in debates really wonder how she got elected to Congress?? Talk about a bigot she is worse than Jackson,when she talks on the floor that is all she talks about how blacks are the victims but watts in LA love her, Houston must be a dumping ground for delusional Congress people.

    • Ralph


    • Honorary

      You forgot another word that clearly describe this woman "despictable n166er".

    • marion

      I used to work with her husband, now there's a piece of work, too. He loved to fondly himself in front of teenage girls at the University of Houston, where he wants to be called DOCTOR Lee, as he is an attorney, just like his lovely wife.

    • Mr. DWF

      Like her Prince Obama, she is a dumb as a box of Rocks, a typical black female with a mouth that as big as her trunk. She should never be re elected.

    • Houston,TX

      OMG this post is just like her!!!! LMFAO i just called her office to repeal obama care and her staffer said thanks for the comment. I asked when is she voted out of office again? (just to see if he knew how government worked) the man (antwan) said uhhhh idk, I then asked when was she voted in? uhhh idk. I said are you kidding me right? You work there and you don't know? well i don't know off the top of my head sir. I said go look around and find it now. He then started mumbling idk idk

    • Linda

      Please LEARN from your mistakes people. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU VOTE BY COLOR. Yea, you know who I'm talking to.

  • mikidiki

    The article is much too ingratiating .. she is not that clever, is she?

    • Martel64

      In the childish,racist ,uneducated minds of the likes of her, and the Black voters who keep her in office, yes, she is extremely clever!!!!

    • Roxanne

      She is one ugly, ignorant person who deserves to be out of office trying to find a real job.

  • ezra

    the funniness thing about this article she's one of the smarter one in congress, but pobably funnier that most!!

    • Jack

      How do you mean funnier? Looking, talking, acting,, or all of the above?

    • chikn_n_waffles

      She sho am good! dis cuz she gots the funniness!

    • Fed Up!!

      She could not be to smart being a Democrat??? But you are right she is funny!!

  • tanstaafl

    Maybe NASA could send her (with a flag of course) to Mars. Just a thought……..

    • bill

      if there is life on mars they would just send her back and probley sue us for putting
      an idot on their planet

    • Bob

      You have a good idea but at the end Mars would send her back

      • Tanstaafl

        I suppose, but the good congresswoman proves that you won’t go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American pubic.

  • StephenD

    This was very entertaining. This would make for a great stand-up act if it wasn't so sad. Can you imagine if other nations watch CSPAN and see her? No wonder they think America is in decline!

  • Figgy

    The blacks are the only group in America that is actually going in reverse. All the others are making strides to move up the ladder. Crime, out of wedlock births and crime seems to be the only things that they’re good at. Oops sports also. This country has given them every chance and has bent over for them and guess what? Still cries of your a racist or its racism. We have a president, whom everything he touches turns to crap and is a true loser. All we hear from the liberal left and the blacks that we are racists. That 100% bs! They seem to blame everybody else for the lack of smarts, education and living off the gov mint for generations. Time for the blacks to wake the f*k up. We tried of your same old cries. Do something about it and for this pos, she is a waste of life.

    • DrBukk

      In the ongoing effort to prove we are not Hitler, 60 years of reverse eugenics has brought us here.

    • Amazedamericzn

      And we the people pay them to be continually stupid. Shame on us.

    • chris turner

      Unfortunately she is a ( pos) as well as her flock of anti white, anti wealth, anybody who has a job hatred. Just wish we had more black politicians like Rep Alen West, Herman Cain, JC Watts, Condelesa Rice who did it the hard way, They Earned It.

      • NObama

        Technically Herman Cain is not politician although WHEN he wins the Presedancy he will be. Fingers Crossed.

        • In your dreams

          White people deny their blood thirsty and perverted history.they are far far from Godiva

    • franko35758

      I met a south african (white) diplomat at a golf tournament in N.C. in "82. he said then that if America ever got a black president, America was doomed.
      he said that everything the black touches in south Africa, they screw it up.
      just take a look at the Black Caucus in the congress. RACIST to the core.

      • GX8R

        The elephant in the room is that if your ancestors had just stayed in Europe you would not have to care. No one told them to go to Africa, Asia, or the Americas. Yet they came anyway. Whites have made their bed, now they should lie in it. Don't cry racism when you are still the current masters of racism.

        There are going to be changes in the future. The world is going to be less"Euro-friendly". These places are theirs not yours. You do not belong in any of these places. That Boer (or Afrikaner) you spoke to knew that sooner or later things would get bad for whites in Africa. They (S.A.) went so far as to develop nuclear weapons to remain in power. That is why they were sanctioned. They honestly expected blacks to be kind to the same people that brutalized them for so long. In time, African countries will find their own way on their own terms. If whites that are there do not like this rough transitional period then they should leave.

        Whites just do not get it. All history matters old or new. Have you ever wondered why the Chinese do not respect copyright law? The way they see it ,whites never paid them royalties for gunpowder, the compass, or paper. Arguably these are the most important inventions of the ancient world. These inventions allowed whites to dominate later on with guns and cannons, usable maps, and information transfer. Also, a certain nation fought a sea battle to keep them pacified with drugs. This is ancient history to you, but to everyone else it is not.

        Whites got to where they are by the barrel of the gun. Western Europe is not wealthy because they are smart. It is because the colonial maritime powers had enough sense to steal the gold and raw materials of the places they colonized. They took the mineral wealth from the Americas and Africa. Now those places are poor while Western Europe still benefits from these ancient thefts.

        Lastly, you do not know what racism is. Having an all black group is not racism. You just do not like it. There hundreds if not thousands of groups that have nothing but white men. Where is your outrage over that? There is none because from your point of view it is normal. Nobody seems to complain when there are too many whites. However, if there are too many blacks, Asians, or Hispanics it is a problem.

        • Blues man

          White people deny their blood thirsty and perverted history.they are far far from god

    • T-boy

      Excellent synopsis.

    • mcc

      I found this article to be true, entertaining and necessary info to pass on. From what I have seen she should not represent any American and hold an open forum to the World. Racism as a weapon is disgusting and has no place in government. As an educated black person I am proud of strides we have taken forward and dismayed about some of the missteps along they way. Your remarks about black people are based on what you may see on TV or hear from others as opposed to real life experiences, I don't know you so I can not say for sure. Keep in mind that the president was born, raised, educated, elected and now vilified by non-blacks. I woke up a long time ago, all of my friends no matter what race have awakened also, the only thing I have to cry about is people that say or post before they think.

    • King

      Internal racism is a huge problem in the black community. Me and my wife have a patent and offered it to the President as a possible solution to help the economy. Blacks here, including Shelia jackson-lee, are against us. Maybe they jealous because we are Rastafarian. We are manufacturing in America and selling in spite of the oppostion but we need more advertising dollars (see: check us out! help US out!!!

      • Guest

        Friend, no one is against you. No one is jealous of you. No one cares that you are Rastafarian. Frankly, I cannot tell the difference between you and anyone else. I admire your passion for your product, but at the end of the day you have created nothing new. The economy is not going to be fixed with the creation of more wallets. You may as well be making tee shirts. Also, you have the audacity to beg for money on a public forum. I am a subcontractor that makes a part of a guidance system used in certain munitions. I am doing enough business that it is self sustaining. I am under a Non Disclosure Agreement as to the nature of the part. What you described is not internal racism. Black or white, no one likes an arrogant braggart. I am proud of your achievement, but do not overestimate your contribution. It is just a wallet.

        There are more blacks involved in manufacture than just you. Perhaps you should reach out to them. Instead of believing that blacks are jealous of you for some idiotic reason. There is no one ethnicity of blacks that is above the rest. I have met islanders(Haitians, Jamaicans, and all Caribbeans) that think that they are somehow better that American blacks. One only has to look at the condition of these places to reason that they are no better than anyone. These places are the poorest countries on this side of the planet. All sub-groups have some good and some bad.

        Despite all that, I hope that we (the diaspora) can come together in the spirit of cooperation. Infighting solves nothing and we are stronger united.

    • Blues man

      You are a klan member don't deny sound like a coward.

  • emmess1

    Looking over the border, southward, into the United States I wonder what happened to government of the people, for the people and by the people. She may represent the only part of that trio that still exists: of the people. She may be a perfect representation of, if not for, her constituency. For the people and by the people are both long moribund notions in a government that serves only pressure groups like labor unions, GE, tree huggers and mideast oil and by the people has long been replaced with bureaucrats, paranoid men in black and those with the money or backing to buy elections. In other words, it's the best government money can buy.

    • Blues man

      You sound like u wish it was a all white country.why not move to Germany they love your kind.

      • emmess

        Spoken like a true leftist. If you can't debate, vilify. If you have no facts, call your opponent a Nazi or fascist. Anything but face the issue square on. Can't you see my posting was a lament for an America that is no more, when "liberal" was the opposite of tyranny instead of a euphemism for socialism and welfare. There was a time when "progressive" meant something positive instead of a political system of entitlements. The U.S.A. exists as a "corporate" entity but America, sadly, is dead.

  • BS77

    I do not blame her….but the idiots who vote for losers like her.. If you have ever watched Jay Leno's hilarious interviews of people on the street, or other impromptu interviews…you would be stunned to learn the average person is nearly illiterate, uneducated and ignorant of rudimentary US civics, history, science etc etc. These are today's voters. They would vote for an onion if it ran as a Democrat.

    • buddha12

      Isn't that what you call a "Yellow Dog Democrat"?

  • patroitwork

    Shelia Jackson-Lee can't be a racist and a moron. She was a member of the U.S. House of Representaqtives.

    By the same reasoning, Barack Hussein Obama can't be a racist and a Marxist and dedicated to the destruction of what has made this country great. He is president.

  • "gunner"

    but she is a "queen", a genuine drama queen, in her world its all about her.

  • waltjr

    I have never heard the expression “dumber than a bunch of rocks caught in the hubcaps of a slow bus going the wrong way on a one way street in the middle of a flood.” it really is quite fitting for Ms Queen Sheila Jackson Lee :0)

  • brimp

    The flag she was looking for was not on Mars at all. It was on the Sun. The only time that a picture can be taken of it is a night time since it is too hot, and bright, to take a picture of it during the day.

  • Martel64

    "Sheila Jackson Lee: Racist and Moron"

    And typical Black Leftist / Democrat politician. There should be a college course – Black Racist Politics 101 to learn the pathological,childish,incompetence and insanity of such political mindsets, and why they're nothing less than 100%poisonous and destructive.

    • Nikita63

      There might have been such a school and Barfly Hussein Obama might have been a Summa Cum Laude graudate but, you will NEVER know it because he has spent $2million to hide that and otherunsavory choices which would cost him his cherished role as messiah and Caligula all rolled into one in a heartbeat; preferably his, as we rip it from him and chuck it down a pyramid in Mexico. See, Illegals are good for SOMETHING after all!

  • mrbean

    J. C. Watts had her and the rest of that racist Black Caucus pegged as a bunch of race hustling poverty pi*mps and that is exactly what Shiela Jackson Lee is.

  • Lady_Dr

    Check this out she has a B.A. (1972) in political science from Yale and a J.D. (1975) from the U. of Virginia School of Law. That is the problem with affirmative action – schools are forced to keep up their quotas. I had some great minority classmates in graduate school but there was one who got lost in the building all the time, it was generally assumed the poor woman had suffered a head injury because she could not seem to do the simplest thing – after one term she disappeared (maybe she just got lost coming back). It WAS ALL ABOUT NUMBERS – AFFIRMATIVE ACTION leads to people like Jackson-Lee in high places. Scary. But it doesn't answer my question – how did Patty Murray make it to the senate – she's white and equally dumb.

    • Stan Lee

      There's an Affirmative Action quota for dumb, white, Democrats also.

    • garretso

      She ran as the soccer mom in sneakers. Isn't that qualification enough?

    • Dean

      Patty Murray? How about Nancy ("um, we have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it" ) Pelosi. My God! If Sarah Palin said that the MM would still be writing headlines about it. Bill "the left wing dope" Mahar would still be making jokes about it, and David "I'm still relevant, aren't I ?" Letterman would have her at his #1 of his top ten list of dumbest things ever said. The Democrats are a magnet for the not so bright people of the world. Just look at who is in the White House.

    • Reason

      Whites also have their own types of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. If you are a man and became a part of the "good ole' boy" network, the rules would bend for you. You no longer needed a degree or proper training to be qualified. All you needed was a couple of " ole' boys" to "vouch" for you and that was it. If you had a parent that went to a university you could get in through legacy admission. Even if you were not qualified to be there. If you are a white female doctor then you probably have been part of a quota. White females gained the most from the civil rights movement. Why were there so few white female doctors before 1970? Was it because of a lack of a general aptitude to be a doctor? Certainly not, it was because they could only do what they were allowed to do or afford to do. You should be grateful. You are standing on the shoulders of other white women who never got a chance because they simply could not go into fields that were traditionally men's work. They could not afford it because they were paid less. If not for their sacrifice, you would be someone's secretary. It is a pity that you honestly believe that nothing done in the past made it easier for you.

      • Lady_Dr

        I am grateful ut the fact is that I got in on my own merits as no one in my immediate family had a college education and I ha no status. As to being able to afford it – that has nothing to do with anything. As Herzl said 'if you will it, it is no dream.' I willed it by working a part-time job year round, plus a full time job in the summers. I was someone's secretary for four years between undergrad and graduate school and during that time I waitressed in the evenings and saved my money.

        As to your last line 'It is a pity …you.' I never said anything to that effect, however what made it easier for me was my grandfather's death when my mother was a child – she and her siblings, and my grandmother had a work ethic that they passed on to me. America was the land of opportunity – it is becoming the land of entitlements and I for one don't want to live in a variation of Europe. .

    • peace

      @Lady Dr.

      A B.A. and a J.D.—-yep,that means she's smarter than you—but you racists can't conceive of a black person being smarter than you even if there's absolute proof that he or she is. Let me educate you on a little something—affirmative action only gets a person's foot in the door,PERIOD. Once you get inside that college, it is entirely up to YOU to keep your grades up to stay in there and graduate. Also, white people have had their OWN affirmation action as long as this country has existed—funny how white folks NEVER seem to bring up legacy preferences—where they can get shooed into admittance into certain colleges simply because their parents and grandparents went there, or donated a huge amount of money to the school. If that ain't affirmative action, I don't know what the hell is.

      What did this ONE black student who obviously had some problems have to do with affirmative action? Did you ever bother to ask her, instead of making lame and stupid jokes about her? You never met ONE white student with issues,huh? Yeah, right, whatever—I can't stand you smug stuck-up bastard conservatives who think you're so damn superior that everyone must bow and kiss your a$$. You f**ked up the economy during the reign of Bush, with his stupid a$$, yet we're supposed to just that you'll get everything back together after you get Obama out of the White House? Get the hell out of here with that BS,and go to hell with it!

      • Lady_Dr.

        Peace, Peace, First of all I made it clear that I have some great, and competent minority classmates. And color really has nothing to do with intelligence or ability. Only the ignorant (which racist are) would believe such a thing. But the one black student I mentioned had EVERYTHING to do with my point. She got into graduate school solely on the color of her skin. The fact is that very often because of Affirmative Action black students are not just admitted but graduated without putting any effort into it or learning anything because everyone is terrified of a law suit if they are failed. I know, I was once a university professor. Yes, I had plenty of white students with problems as well, but I wasn't in fear of failing them if they could not make the grade. So what is happening very often is that people like Rep. Lee whose maximum intellectual ability might actually be a B.A. goes to law school because the school must meet an Affirmative Action quota although she was probably over her head. Doesn't make her a bad person, or stupid. Just not J.D. material – but she got an J.D. despite this because of her skin color.

  • Kendrick1

    Leading Darwinian Award candidate Sheila Jackson-Lee, is also the frontrunner for being named the poster child for the organization: "Living Proof of the Abysmal Failure of Federal Aid to Education!!!"

    If she really wants to talk about racism, how about our National Symbol of Racism, The Congressional Black Caucus!

  • zsqpwxxeh

    And her ghetto constituency will be returning her to office until she retires or dies. Wait a minute–doesn't that apply to most of the Congressional Black Caucus?

    To paraphrase Khan in a Star Trek movie, "It is very blaaaack…in space."

    • jek

      Actually, it was very "cold" in space……Khan said that revenge is a dish that is best served up cold.

  • miketaylor18

    She needs to be removed from office and I need help doing just the! Please help me remove the queen from her throne.

  • Rick_in_VA

    I feel sorry for the people in her district who are actually smart enough not to vote for her.

    Heck, I even feel a little sorry for the people who do vote for her, in a pitying sort of way.
    I guess they don't know any better, which begs the question. Are they voting for her because she's black, or because someone told them to in order to keep the welfare coming.

    • Dave

      Rick, I hope you intended "Are they voting for her because she's black…" to be a rhetorical question, because I am certain nobody with a lick of sense has to think twice about whether or not there is any other reason for her fat can to be warming a chair in the U.S. House of Representatives. Besides her skin color, what other qualifications has she ever displayed to make her eligible for a position of that importance?

      It's a sad thing to see the type of people that are elected by "minority" majority districts. Remember the clown who asked, in all seriousness, if we weren't worried that the island of Guam might tip over if we put too many troops and equipment there? This sort of thinking goes beyond "ignoramus" to all new levels of idiocy!

    • Name

      Everyone believes that their rep is not the problem. We should fire them all and start over.

    • Davaros

      We have been electing unqualified idiotic white guys for centuries. I guess blacks had to get in on the action too. Democracy is wonderful isn't it.

  • j_shawn_t

    hey she is good them hurrcanes aint fair sho is funy. Dis article is fake cuz she is agood person and all the white people hear dont want her to be succed. evrything is made to be reacist cuz thats why it is. done yall is stupid i seen this white persun the other day get a free hamburger cuz white

    • Roger

      I hope this is sarcasm, if not get in line with Lee.

    • jalinatx

      Your response shows you have very little intelligence,j shawn t, but you do speak great Ghetto Lingo. You must have gotten your education like sheila jackson lee, did through affirmative action and we all know that only promotes idiots! Now go back to your crack pipe.

  • temarch

    I wonder how she and Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga) get along. He was the one last year that expressed concern that the addition of 8,000 service personnel and their families onto the island of Guam might cause it to tip over. As Christina Wilkie wrote in The Hill, it is attached to the ocean floor as the other islands are.

  • Ltdskilz

    I really wish you had not written this. Now that the secret is out we no longer can tell when a fellow traveler is from Houston by whether or not he gets our inside jokes about our "unscrupulus" congresswoman who is "ashamed to be from Texas" (at least when a Bush is President).

    • Yewave

      What's the most dangerous place in Washington?
      Between SJL and a camera.

  • big bob

    She is what happens when a New Yorker moves to Texas…..

  • Patrick Martin

    Oh Daniel!

    Thank you, uou made me feel much better, I thought I was only one considered her 'Dumber Than Dirt'. I almost called her 'Single Digit IQ', but that's way over-rating her, she's off in negative land!

    • T-boy

      She's merely an unbridled racist.

  • Sound&Fury

    I hear that she is teaming up with former rep Cynthia McKinney & rep Maxine Waters for a remake of the Three Stooges.

    • oldseabee

      Moe, Curly and Larry are astrophysicists compared to Rep. Jackson-Lee. By the way, her surname is a contraction of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and Robert E. Lee ,both superstar Confederate generals. I'll bet that thought never crossed her mind.

      • demonot

        Is there any truth to the rumor that even BET network wouldn't have them?

    • Pat from Texas

      I didn't hink that anyone could be dumber than McKinney, but I may have misjudged her. No wonder we can't get anything done with all the morons taking up space in Congress and Senate.

      • Kill the Pork Barrel

        About 80% of Congress and the Senate are probably morons. Most of them will not even fully read or understand the bills that they propose. Besides, whites keep electing the same idiots too.

  • Creedmoorer

    She is as laffy as Khadaffy!

  • Yetwave

    SJL, as she is know in Houston, is the representative from the Texas 18th District. Her able predecessors include Barbara Jordan and Mickey Leeland. Since Leeland's death in a plane crash while on a humanitarian mission to Ethiopia, the seat has been held by two representatives who were and are as incompetent in their terms as Jordan and Leeleand were capable representatives of this mostly African American district.
    SJL's predecessor, Craig Washington was a joke. She's just the punchline.

  • semus

    I'm willing to bet Obama likes her.

  • Lloyd

    If you can't say something good about a person, say nothing.

  • Lloyd

    If dumb was money, Jackson would be the richest person the world has ever known.

  • TL Albert

    Was she on food stamps before being elected to Congress? That is if she could figure out how to get them. Ah, but I'm sure her neighbor's all knew how.

  • Larry N

    She is a post turtle, but has half the brains.

  • No fool

    I'll bet Sheila Jackson-Lee and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) came from the same gene pool, LOL.

  • Dave of Tennessee

    I agree Lee is a race baiting moron, but is she any worse than the guy from Gerogia who asked an Admiral during a hearing if placing additional facilities on the Island of Guam would tip it over? That to me was the zenith of stupidity. I don;t remember the guys name, but I think he was the replacement for the America-hating Cynthia McKinney.

  • Zam

    I believe about 95% of the blacks in the United States will tell you they are incapable of being racist simply because the blacks are a minority in the United States, and therefore, they have suffered and continue to suffer (on a daily basis) great PAIN at the hands of America's big-bad-white-man. The only thing is the mexicans and the muslims want a piece of this action (scam), too. Consequently, 95% of the mexicans and 95% of the muslims in the United States also claim they are incapable of being racist, and they also claim (on a daily basis) they have suffered and continue to suffer great PAIN at the hands of America's big-bad-white-man, too. The whole thing is a scam. Call it "The Great Racism Scam"–biggest scam ever perpetrated in the United States.

  • demonot

    “I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen,” Sheila Jackson-Lee once reportedly said.
    I think she might have meant to say "queer". She most certainly IS that! (See Webster's.)
    Who are the fools who elected this mouth to represent them? Or is that steal? One can only surmise that she, and they, are the "best and brightest" that the Public Schools in her Congressional district can graduate. (Makes one wonder when the NEA and AFT and their university/college branch, the AAUP are going to be either labeled terrorist organizations or, Obama awards them The Presidential Medal of Freedom for their contributions to America over the past 4 decades or so.

  • quillerm

    Sheila Jackson Lee is a gift that keeps on giving. It doesn't matter what the issue may be, she will play the race card. Economics, Illegal Immigration, Healthcare, National Security in her mind are all 'race' issues. Her treatment of staffers has been reported as insulting and demeaning, she appears to be fantasizing herself as the head of a Plantation, arrogant self-serving and self-absorbed. In reality all we have here is a pathetic, dimwitted, dolt.

  • Dark Knight

    Loved the line on the Deathstar. LOL!

  • exdem

    She is the result of the dumbing down of the american educational system. It became necessary after integration to ensure blacks could graduate. Unfortunately, we are now rated seventeenth in the world in education. Whether we like it or not, the facts don't lie.

  • peggy morris

    speaking of maxine waters, has the ethics case against her gotten off the ground?

  • Paul

    The ONLY reason this idiot is in congress is because the blacks in her district are dumber than she is, if that IS possible. Reverse racism at its best. Wait! Does congress have a minority quota it has to fill. How can anyone be this stupid?

  • jesse

    Her name should be Shaniqua, La Shanda or Latrina, to represent the many loud-mouth ghetto types on Jerry Springer!!!! She fits right in.

  • jesse

    This can only happen in a society where promotions are granted not based on merit, hard work and honesty, but the color of skin. Wake up, America.

    • petywon

      yes your white entitlement, arent you sick of spewing hate across the globe against these inferior lot, you hatefull B%$^3rd

  • EdwinS

    Forgetting the word 'sheets' suggests that she might be in the early stage of dementia. Not that forgetting vocabulary is demented – lots of us older non-demented folks do that – but her other bizarre behavior could be a sign that something bad is happening to her brain.


    AND there you have it! A TYPICAL DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OY!

    Hey Yentil !
    You want to take a break from your delusions of grandeur and actually provide some credible analysis… or didn’t they cover that in zionist 101. Why is it that Jew’s think average American’s will believe them about Islam, frankly Jews lie and steal too much to be taken seriously. VIVA Palestine!!!

    • wsk

      What a mucking foron you are. Move to SJL's district.

  • T-boy

    This is an excellent forum forlike minded folks.

  • debbie vasquez

    After hearing Ms. Jackson proclaim she was brought here in shackles, I called her office to find when she arrived in the shackles. They have no comment.

  • steve

    Racist Black Moron.

  • myomy

    Shelia Jackass Lee is living proof that the black man will have sex with an gorilla.

    • Petywon

      You Pillagers, You have it all, the great looks, all the entelligence, all the world wealth why are you people still such hate monger.. Who did your ancestor have sex with ? Is it a dog or the Benobles. Let you tell it.

  • Tired of it

    SJL is the epitome of black leadership in this country. She represents exactly what people dislike about the black community as a whole…………ignorance, arrogance, and a total lack of class…….

    It really is a shame to see the progressive decline of black culture in America. Blacks want to complain about race relations in America when, at the present time, they are the cause of the majority of the strife between races. It seems like in just the last 14 years, since I was in high school, that the reverse-racism, puling the race card, and the number of uneducated, chip on the shoulder, arrogant, and ignorant, give me a handout blacks has increased exponentially.

    I've never been called racist. I had black friends in high school, and have a few black friends now, but the fact is, the black friends that I've had and have do not subscribe to the black culture. They are well educated, have good morals, have jobs, live responsibly, and, not surprisingly, are embarrassed to be black.

    Its amazing that the black community is so offended when they are looked down upon when:

    1. they are consistently uneducated ( less then half of American blacks finish high school ) yet Affirmative Action get them into college and jobs over qualified whites. I do much of the interviews and hiring at my business and you would be amazed at the applications I get and the attitude and horrible appearance of most of the blacks in interviews, even the ones who have are in, or have graduated from college.

    2. Blacks make up 13% of the population, but commit over 70% of all violent crime in the U.S. More than 1 out of 3 black men over 16 is in prison for a felony or is on parole following a prison sentence.

    3. Blacks make up over 40% of the welfare state and over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, many to mothers who already have children. It is not unusual at all to see a single black woman who has 4-8 children to multiple fathers. They benefit from a country that pays them to be lazy and have children. Somehow "the man" forced them to be lazy, uneducated, unemployed, do drugs, and have unprotected sex. Oh, and yes, the stories of black women buying filet mignon and lobster at the grocery store on food stamps is true, as well as the "Grandma Foster Parent" scam that many are using to make 6 figure incomes.

    4 Everything comes down to race. Nowadays it seems like every black person has a chip on their shoulder and their black "leadership" and white apologists have taught them that anytime they want something, or don't like the situation that they are in, whether it was caused by their irresponsibility or poor judgement or not, they can merely cry "racism" and everything will be better. Liberals, the welfare state, the corruption of family and moral values, and the race card has brought up a generation of blacks who are lazy, morally bankrupt, and believe that the world owes them something for nothing. They believe that everything should be given to them for less, or better yet, for free and they have lost all understanding of the phrase " you reap what you sow". They believe that they should get the same rewards and privileges of those who work hard to earn the things that they have and they feel that they shouldn't be accountable for any of their crimes, errors in judgement, their laziness, or their poor attitude.

    So, someone can read this and call me racist or they can read it and take a good look at the black culture out there and realize that I don't hate black people, I hate what their culture has become. Its hurting them, it is hurting others, and it is hurting our country as a whole. When my family has to pay more taxes , when my wife ( who is a GM at a very nice hotel ) has black hookers and pimps renting rooms ( they can't turn them away )and selling sex/drugs or assaulting customers and she has to worry every time she goes to her car because the black ghetto is getting closer and closer to the nice parts of town, when my mother in law's house is broken into and is beaten and nearly raped by two black teenagers………………then is affects me. So, its not racism, its people getting fed up with a worthless way of life and culture that brings nothing to this world.

  • Adriana

    What an idiot!

  • James Paul

    This is why blacks don't move forward…How embarrassing!

  • wayne taylor

    I have a dream! I have a dream that one day I will live in a country where a person is not judged by the colour of their skin but by what comes out of their mouth. Shiiiiiiit! Now go finish ya fried chicken and water melon and repeat after me. I love my trailor park trash…I love my trailor park trash……

  • Brotha Jones

    What wearnt there no BLACK stromtroppers on the death stars? What up with day?

  • gml

    This gal could hide her own Easter eggs. What an idiot.

  • Jack Mitchell

    Call Shelia Jackson whatever you want but certainly not a “moron.” She graduated from Yale and the University of Virginia Law School. Her husband, Dr. Lee, holds the dual position of Vice Chancellor and Vice President for Student Affairs of the University of Houston System and the University of Houston, respectively. Her son went to Harvard, and her daughter to Duke. Doesn’t sound like an uneducated bunch to me.

    I wonder what the educational background is of some who have posted negatively here?

    • MofromMo

      I've met many educated morons in my years. God love 'em, they haven't a clue.

    • Jason

      How much of her education did SHE pay for?
      Attending a school is the easy part… I’ve been working to pay bills so others will get there food stamps, welfare and various pell grants in a timely manner.
      Again, how did SHE pay for her schooling?

  • El Guapo

    I believe very strongly that ALL elected politician SHOULD take a test about history and geography at the elementary school level. If they fail, they should take remedial classes at the local Washington Public Elementary school. They should not receive ANY special favors. If they fail again, they do no deserve to serve in office.

  • James D

    In South Africa we have equally inept morons personified by the President of the African National Congress Youth League, Julius Malema (Juju or Genius Dilemma etc). Imagine the offspring if he and Sheila got together !!

  • Ricardo X

    I was way ahead of y'all on this. Hell, everything I need to know I learned from Mary Jo Kopechne.


    Just when you think you have heard allWell, it appears our African-American friends have found yet something else to be pissed about. A black congresswoman (this would be Sheila Jackson Lee, of Houston), reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names.

    She would prefer some names that reflect African-American culture such as Chamiqua, Tanisha, Woeisha, Shaquille, and Jamal. I am NOT making this up!

    She would also like the weather reports to be broadcast in 'language' that street people can understand because one of the problems that happened in New Orleans was, that black people couldn't understand the seriousness of the situation, due to the racially biased language of the weather report.

    I guess if the weather person says that the winds are going to blow at 140+ MPH, that's too hard to understand

    I can hear it now: A weatherman inNew Orleans says…

    Wazzup,? Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be headin' fo' yo ass like Leroy on a rocket! Bitch be a category fo'! So, turn off dem chitlins, grab yo' chirren, leave yo crib, and head fo' de nearest FEMA office fo yo FREE shit

  • Bob

    She never met a camera she didn’t like….until yesterday! Will somebody in the 18th dist PLEEEZE run against this moron! She needs to GO. What an embarrassment to the city of Houston, the state of Texas, and the United States.

  • Ruben

    Look up the word racist in the dictionary and you will find several pictures in there…….Shelia Jackson Lee, Fredrica Wilson, Al Sharpton, Jesse (what the hell did he say) Jackson, and Louie Farrankan. Now,…..if the blacks were smart and wanted to get ahead,………al they would need to do is get rid of these racist and BINGO,…….easy street. But all these idiots do is use their own people, keep them thinking we are the bad ones when in reality its the fools I just mentioned.

  • http://aol Randy

    You can take blacks out of ghetto but cant take ghetto out of blacks

  • Charles

    Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.

  • T.J. Carr

    Sheila Jackson Lee its more like Shelia Jackson Leeave ME ALONE!!She is one of the worst examples of how even the worst can rise up. She is an embarrassment to Texas and especially her district . I spent over 20 yrs working as a Peace Officer in Harris County. She was nothing more than a joke to the other political officials. I have heard her ridiculed for attempt to sound profound in her public addresses. She came over more like a simpleton trying to use big words and sound important. Being the racist egomaniac narcissist she is she has elevated herself in her own mind only. This is the woman who went to Obama's inauguration ceremony hour early to get a a good "photo op" seat only to be upset when he entered by another route. She is also the one who took the FEMA supervisor around. She did not show them the most devastated areas of Harris County

  • eva

    since she is my congress WOMAN and she has never done a thing for our area, I wish she would retire and give someone who cares for the few whities and hispanics in her district a chance to serve us better

  • @Frmula382

    Queen Sheila go to hollywood where you can be appreciated, in the meantime please tell us who your owner was and how much he had to pay to get rid of you! There will be a flight to Mars at some time and we hope you will be the one to plant the flag!

  • Libtardia

    Sheila Jackson Lee is the total package of liberal idiocracy, lunacy, and entitlement. She is also the embodiment of America’S current trend of LCD, lowest common denominator. A person this unintelligent, this naive, this ignorant could not possibly get elected as a studnt council president in a U.S. high school, yet she can get elected, and re-elected, to the United States Congress.
    Now, knowing this, immediately ask yourself this question….and then try to answer it. What does this tell you about the state of America today?

  • blight14

    I fail to see how this utter buffoon can be considered ‘racist’, doesn’t the term imply a feeling of superiority over other races? SURELY she/they aren’t that stupid, are they? Superior to whom?

  • Harold

    I AGREE-Jackson Lee is a complete and total IDIOT. She should be in a mental institution, not in Congress!! She stated to defund states with ‘Stand your Ground’ laws because of the Zimmerman verdict. Her and Obama should both be tossed into prison over their deep hatred for anyone not with their race! This had NOTHING to do with race or stand your ground!!

    • Ben Dover

      Agree completely that she is an Idiot and one of the dumbest people I have yet to hear of. The thing that scares me most however is that knowing she is and idiot and low on the IQ scale what are the IQs of those who voted her into her position in the first place? Roll that thought around in your head. Yep we as a country are sunk!!

      • texasjo

        Unfortunately, there are more of “them,” than the bright, informed ones that vote. It does give me a sinking feeling.

    • LaBelleBoho

      What is YOUR educational background? Jackson-Lee went to Yale and the University of Virginia and even if you don’t agree with her, she is a well–educated woman with a legitimate academic background. As for her objection to the so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws, they have been little more than a hunting license to shoot young black males. Dunn is even worse than Zimmerman. Of course, politicians are sensitized by their own backgrounds and experience, particularly when they represent constituencies that are adversely affected by legislation. So why wouldn’t she oppose “Stand Your Ground”? She is the mother of a black son. Get your own house in order and your own mental bill of health before assigning an elected legislator to a loony bin that would work even better for you and “Libtardia.” (What a handle!!!)

      • scouteliot

        obviously not all educations are the same, some are more like a gift and not earned.

      • munacra

        I’m sure YALE is eager to remove her name from their list of alumni..

      • InsertNameHere

        The ‘Stand your Ground’ laws were not cited in either case of Zimmerman or Dunn. Both were Self Defense cases.

        • Etickets

          Ironically, stand your ground would be more of a justification for Trayvon attacking Zimmerman if anything. Stand your ground does not apply to Zimmerman at all. He was physically attacked. It is legal to defend oneself in all 50 states.

      • ebonystone

        “… the so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws, they have been little more than a hunting license to shoot young black males.”

        So where are all the young black male victims? Not in Florida. But there are hundreds of young black males shot every year in Chicago, even though Illinois has the toughest gun laws of any state. But in Chicago, almost all of them are victims of other young black males, so I guess they don’t count.

      • Todd

        AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! Yup! I’m certain that Yale is proud to have her. More Federal Dollars. I really don’t care what her race is or her gender. She’s and idiot and a puppet. Biden is the exact same.

      • ColoMom

        Zimmermans defense was ‘Self defense’. And do some reading. the ‘Stand your ground laws’ have benefitted blacks more than any other race

      • Etickets

        If you think that man landed on Mars you can’t be all that bright.

      • 3catmama

        No one as dumb as she is “earned” a degree from those educational institutions. She is a total product of affirmative action. She got in these colleges and got a degree because she was black! End of debate!

      • August

        Here is my problem with your argument. Please name 1 case were a black person was minding there own business and a guy ran up and shot him? I know you are going to say Trayvon but he attacked zimmerman (i do believe that zimmermans over zealousness is to blame for the whole thing) besides arguing over Trayvon, please name an instance were a black youth was minding his own business and was shot. There isnt one that i know of. When you want to mess with people in a threatening manner you run the risk of getting shot by someone that is scared. This goes for any and all colors of people. Problem is black youth seem to benthe ones getting shot over it more often. If you leave people alone your risk drop astronomically regardless of race.

      • robert

        just to let you know. my personal opinion.. you have constructed your point of view with intelligence.. you could take place of Sheila and be more productive than her.. since you know what colleges she went to, by chance would you know her GPA? I’m thinking on the low end do to affirmative action that got her in both. after all she thinks the Constitution is 4oo years old.. no one could be that stupid and be in office, who attended 2 top universities..

      • Viet Vet

        Obviously Affirmative Action. Your comment(s) would indicate you are not much smarter.

      • RealityCheck

        Shelia Jackson Lee has proven an affirmative action idiot cannot be “well educated” even at Yale.

        sjl actions and what comes out of her mouth, proves our point.
        I expected Texas voters to do a better job of electing their representation. sjl is an embarrassment to most truly educated Americans who have earned their education!
        Enough said!

      • American1959

        LaBelle, I have seen teenagers that were more intelligent than she is, Yale or no Yale. Hell, my 11 year old grandson is smarter than her! Just like O, who went to a big college (or two) and got a degree, yet can’t seem to remember what the Constitution means. Don’t give me that “well-educated woman” crap. She floated through on race alone, and proves it time after time.

      • Michael Hess

        LaBelleBoho… a hunter who obeys the law, I have a question for you. If the “Stand Your Ground” law is just a “hunting license” to kill young black males, tell me….What’s the daily limit ?

        • LaBelleBoho

          Ask your mother. She’s probably on the hunt every day.

  • Bill Jones

    sounds like she IS qualified for DHS..Look the the supreme allah’s OTHER appointments..Lois Lerner PAID VACATION, Timmy Geitner TAX CHEAT, Hillary Sec of State, Kerry to replace HER, Susan Rice NSA (yea we all know why she got that CUSHY POST!) Caroline Kennedy Ambassador to Japan (yea RIGHT!) allows Eric Holder to investigate the DOJ Phone tapping records…..RIGHT!!!!!! Stupidity runs amok in this administration……

  • Dick John

    If anyone still has any question regarding arguably the most ignorant person EVER to serve in the congress, ask it of any reporter who covered city government when she was on Houston’s city council. Those who sent her to congress are almost as stupid as she. We can only hope she’ll manage to derail the Obama administration. It just COULD happen; she’s that stupid. And then some ..

  • gehs72

    Corrine Brown of Jacksonville/Orlando’s gerrymandered racial “gimme” district comes in a close second for lack of Constitutional knowledge & IQ.

    • Texan357

      Check out SJL’s district ( ). As a resident of Houston, I can attest personally to the “quality” therein.

    • drdbiggs

      Google Gwen Moore’s ooking and eeking in response to Scott Walker against unions. Funniest video clip ever.

  • Jack Levitt

    You should write about Rep. Frederica Wilson next.

  • dvh

    Really the flag on mars you frickin dumbass idiot. Just goes to show what a 8th grade education can do for ya.

  • snickit

    But how in the world does she continue to be reelected? smh

    • exumas11

      Black racist district. Unfortunate, but true.

  • Peter Heisenberg
    • Peter Heisenberg

      I cant respect anyone who votes for these assholes anymore

  • Jeff Maxey

    If you think she is stupid, look at the people who voted for her.

  • pudgey1

    I love listening to her talk ……now if you could get her and Hank whats his name in a debate it would make my day.

    • ColoMom

      Hank Johnson

  • pudgey1

    Johnson ……That’s it…….

  • cpsanjunkie1

    she is going to take over the dhs job being vacated by another hairbrained female- janet napolitano – face it, we are not in kansas anymore and we should kiss our behinds goodbye.

  • cpsanjunkie1

    oh yes, after watching the black caucus and the southern baptist conference on poverty and race, the blacks of this country do not want equality, they want dominion-

    • August

      The saddest part is that dipshit white people will make this happen by there votes. I will say this! Black America is smart enough to elect who they feel will represent them. Whites elects blacks that despise them and they sit there like bobble heads nodding to there racist actions against them…weird!!! Twilight zone is here!!!!

      • WBH_Houston

        August…”Their” votes elected a buffoon!! If this numbskull represents the interests of the citizens from her district, they should all be embarassed!! Over “there” is where your English teacher is shaking her head…Both Yale and the University of Virginia have lost credibility being associated with Ms. SJ-L…

  • Texan357

    Hers is a fairly large, and obviously carefully gerrymandered district ( ). The worst apartment I ever lived in is located there. She is Houston’s – heck, outside of Austin, all of Texas’ – greatest shame (#2 being Quanell X). In order for this idiot to be ousted, her district would have to be redrawn – it’s majority Black.

  • swordfisher2013

    She is a complete idot! Listen when she talks, have of the words she can’t pronounce, this is one of our black brothers and sisters who got into the government because needed to put SOMEONE in there. She’s as dumb as a rock. Thank God she’s up there and not in Houston! Everybody who had a brain new she was stupid. How she got as far as she has is a true miracle!

    • LaBelleBoho

      And how YOU could criticize anyone’s speech is also a true miracle. Your writing is incoherent. You said “have” for “half” and “new” for “knew”…. What a scholar!!!!

      • Theresa Easley

        You know you are losing when you have to stoop to correcting a person’s grammar. Pathetic liberal.

  • What would Jesus say

    I am a republican conservative and I have one question for some of my conservative friends on this blog. Are you Christians? If yes why is there so much hate and vitriol on the congress woman?

    • Inane Rambler

      I’m actually a conservative Republican, and I say your opinion is unnecessary.

    • exumas11

      I am a Christian and a conservative Republican, but I do not try to be politically correct when the truth is right in your face. I suppose you have the same attitude to abortion issues, etc? No matter what the issue is, be politically correct sounds like your stance. Of coarse…..

    • Glitch Girl

      Why the half veiled race card? Why not come out and just say it – you’re playing the race card.

    • texasjo

      It’s love the person, hate the sin. She’s sinning.

  • drdbiggs

    Is that a new fashion statement or a snow tire on her haid?

    • merc

      that is a 14 inch ATV tire.

  • Rev. Johnson Jack


  • tbone

    She has a degree from Yale and a law degree from the University of Virginia. That says a lot for those 2 institutions.

    • texasjo

      I’d like to see her grades, and question if she got any assistance with grades, as blacks did, the same as athletes. I think she should have to take a test to be accepted in congress…In fact, all of congress should.

      • Scott Knowles

        I believe passing a test on government and especially the Constitution and Bill of Rights should be a requirement.

        • Viet Vet

          Yes, by all members of Congress. After all they pledge an oath of fidelity to the Constitution. It’s easy to see that most, either have no idea about the Constitution, or don’t care.

          • Scott Knowles

            Yes, but it should be for ALL in ANY government job. Also you must not owe any back taxes.

    • merc

      guess who paid for her education so she could move out of the streets and eventually into congress? us.

    • LaBelleBoho

      George W. Bush had good academic paper too, and his ignorance was an international embarrassment. God bless him, let him paint and think about all the young men he sent into Iraq on a false premise. Forget Jackson-Lee; W was dumb AND deadly.

      • drdbiggs

        How stupid must John Kerry be when he got worse grades than Bush!! No wonder they call him lurch. A liar and a fraud concerning his war record but Pres Obozo surrounds himself with like idiots!!

        • LaBelleBoho

          And your hero, Rushbo, couldn’t even make it out of college. A druggie and a hypocrite. No wonder they call him OxyMoron!

          • drdbiggs

            Your hero Obozo:

            A lot of people might call those things on the side of Pres Obozo’s head ears but anyone with an IQ of more than 2 above plant life calls them, GAY LOVE HANDLES!!

            Google Larry Sinclair or Reggie Love & Obozo’s life membership in Chicago’s oldest gay bath house!!

          • LaBelleBoho

            So now you’re into tabloid journalism tales? What a bottom-feeder!. If all of that BS was true and he won the presidency twice, then he is the most brilliant political operative ever. Even better than Putin. And just think, one of YOUR guys, Rand Paul, who just won the CPAC straw poll, was caught plagiarizing WIKIPEDIA? That’s Dan Quayle’s level of stupidity. It’s not the President’s ears you hate, it’s the fact that you lived long enough to live in the USA with a black president! Straight or gay, it just kills you, doesn’t it? Get over it…he isn’t going anywhere until his last term is up! Maybe he was dating your brother and father too…you racist imbecile.

          • drdbiggs

            You are defending a lying negro racist?

            Just shows how stupid liberals are.

            Your boy can’t even give two coherent sentences w/o a teleprompter.


            He gave up his law license because he lied on his application to the state bay and the 1st sasquatch was going to be procecuted for insurance fraud!!

            You ought to quit being the house negro for democRATS and get off the liberal plantation, you moron!!

          • LaBelleBoho

            And you are choking on Rush Limbaugh’s semen…but once the Oxycontin kicks in, you won’t feel a thing! I’m stooping to your level, God forbid, but I have never seen such outright hatred for any public figure. How did you ever believe a thing Rick Perry said since he was so drunk or dumb he couldn’t remember his own platform as a candidate? And he’s running again? Maybe you can show him how to use a teleprompter if it will help him. And did your lying Texas cowboy ever find his weapons of mass destruction/distraction? The presidency is a tough job and George W did the best he could. I never called him a “dry drunk” or dwelled on the documented history of the Bush family’s collusion with the Saudi’s, who constituted most of the 911 terrorists. I am not an apologist for President Obama or any other public figure. I just think folks ought to just agree to disagree and vote for the candidates of their choice. Until then, it’s all moot. Good night and I hope you make it through another day of knowing your President and Commander in Chief….is B-L-A-C-K! Have you cut the holes in your new sheets yet? Are your nooses ready for the first Obama look-alike? And your fire accelerant poised for action? That is the world your wretched soul lives in. You’ll be so comfortable in hell…the perfect setting for a nice, warm Tea Party.

          • drdbiggs

            You still shuck and jiving for a lying POS? I would think you would get tired of flapping your blue gums in a losing cause!!

            I might be all the things you have been accusing me of but 24/7 for the rest of your life you are a dumb negro!!

            Maybe if you pulled out your butt plug, got up off your hands and knees drained the swamp (so to say) all the backed up fecal poisons wouldn’t cause your only brain cell to be dead?

            Just saying.

          • LaBelleBoho

            Oh, that same swamp where your mother lives and fornicates with and transmits her STD’s to crocs and gators? And who can forget the pro-abortion video she made with your picture in her hand urging others not to make the same mistake she did. That is, allowing a brain damaged child conceived with her brother to be born and grow up to perpetrate such ignorant race-baiting filth as “drdbiggs.” You don’t know me or my ethnicity, but I sure do know yours. White trash douchebag obsessed with nonwhites, including the president of the country you live in, so that you can feel better about your sorry self. Please understand that I am an independent thinking and voting American citizen who is not hoodwinked by any politician. I support policies not people; reason, as I see it, not race or rhetoric. But the browning of the American electorate is something everyone like you is going to have to deal with ultimately. You resent every nonwhite immigrant while the U.S. freely opens its doors, resources and citizenship to Europeans like the Chechyans who killed and terrorized at the Boston Marathon, while hardworking Haitians are turned back. The Native Americans were very careless with their immigration policies. Your family was allowed in. Adios Dirtbag Biggs!

          • Theresa Easley

            You were hoodwinked by Obummer. Idiot. The reason people can’t stand him is not because he’s black (he’s not even full black) but it’s because of his policies. Playing the race card is old and has been beaten into the ground. It’s not even taken seriously anymore because of jokers like you that keep aimlessly throwing it around.

          • LaBelleBoho

            Whatever I thought of George Bush and his father, both puppets of the Saudis, it did not keep me from respecting the office that both held, if not the men. But you and your kind are incapable of having any kind of dialogue without the most childish, vicious name-calling, most of it racially oriented. I pity all of you. If brains were cotton, yours couldn’t make a tampon for a flea.

          • drdbiggs

            The only thing a knuckle dragging simian like you has respect for is a coupon for a free cheeseburger at Mickey D’s!!

          • Viet Vet

            Indeed, it’s because he’s a communist and an America hater and a U.S. constitution hater. He’s also extremely incompetent on both domestic and foreign fronts. And yes, the race thing has been played out, especially in view of the fact that the purveyors of race politics are historically the racists.

          • drdbiggs

            Ignorance can be fixed with knowledge but stupidity like yours is forever! You can’t fix stupid!!

            N’est Pas?

          • drdbiggs

            A lot of personal venom coming from a knuckle dragging sow incubator.

            I can’t see you you can be independent thinking when you posts prove you are incapable of intelligent thought.

            Yo sho beez a funny negro though!!

          • Mike Jones

            Thank God racist fools like you are a dying breed and as you people die off so does the Republican party’s chances of ever occupying the White House again.

          • Edub

            And the acceleration of Amerika to third world status will then commence.

          • Viet Vet

            Sorry, but one-partry rule in the U.S., would only beget a bloody Civil War and your demise. As American Patriots, we have the guns and ammo!!!
            Ben Carson for President. Remember when the democommie racists stopped Janice Rogers Brown from advancing in her career??? Remember when the democommie racists tried to end Clarence Thomas’ career? Remember the vile democommie racist insults thrown at Condi Rice? Remember how the democommie racists treated Herman Cain and Allen west???? Remember how the racist democommies voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Remember how the racist democommies voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act??? Get out of here you fkg democommie racist.

          • drdbiggs

            You speak the truth!!

          • drdbiggs

            Thank god people are waking up to race hustling frauds!!

            Google Noah Jackson if you want to read about the gang scum Jessie Jackson introduced his brother to and the good “revrum was part of.

            I get so upset every time I read about a Chicago bongo party shootout and only a couple knuckle draggers made good. Can’t negros shoot straight?

          • August

            I agree with you on all of your points except you state basically that you judge each candidate on there record. You seem to be an intelligent person but partial to Mr. obama because he is B L A C K. There are many brilliant black Americans! Unfortunately, black Americans and white American like to vote for the inept and incompetent black leaders. Look at Marion Berry, Kwame Kilpatrick, Sheila Jackson, President Obama, etc.. Any successful black American is considered a sellout, uncle tom, etc..because they preach personal responsibility. The first black President isnt President Obama! He is half white! He is the first mixed president. Yet the black populace considers him black. Mr. obama has as much right to speak at a white caucus as a black one. My personal choice would be Thomas Sowell!!!!! He is brilliant and would be a man that would bring us together as Americans! Unfortunately Mr. Obama has been the worst thing for race relations EVER.

          • Viet Vet

            Your disgusting and vile rhetoric tells me you’re a queer. Ben Carson for President you dumb pervert.

          • 3catmama

            He didn’t “win” those elections, especially 2012. So many cases of voter fraud that had more people voting in districts than were even registered to vote and voting machines rigged to change the vote to Odumbo. I don’t care if he is black, white or purple. He is a fraud, a liar and an enemy of the United States of America. A president that has his records sealed has a lot to hide. I had to show more documentation to get my certification to teach than he has shown to be president! SMH And, don’t be so sure that he will finish his term. Americans are waking from the fog everyday and he will be impeached, but he needs to be arrested and tried for treason, along with his minions. He is a total disgrace to our great country. I feel sorry for the Blacks that have used the opportunities afforded them and got an education and made something of their lives. They are the real losers of this presidency because Obozo has really let them down. How sad!

          • Mike Jones

            With all the Gerrymandering and voting irregularities that the Republican party are responsible for(remember Bush didn’t even win the first election) You shouldn’t really be talking about what the Democrats are doing.

          • Viet Vet

            Mr Bush didn’t just win the 1st election, he won 4 recounts, and by larger margins each time. This notwithstanding the gargantuan democrap attempt to steal the election by first gathering thousands of illegals and derelicts to vote for Gork, then manipulating the recount. Unhappily for the democommies, most ot the illegals they bussed around to polling places couldn’t read or speak english and had never seen the inside of a polling place or voting booth before.

          • Viet Vet


          • drdbiggs

            Maybe a lot of the voters for Sheila Jackson-Lee came from incubator sows like yourself, as long as we are talking about maybe.

          • Mike Jones

            You racist fool, Bush was the worst President in US history and a war criminal(along with his staff) to boot.

          • drdbiggs

            Your heronis a coke snorting, pot smoking liar, and in his own words. A worthless fa99ot negro!!

        • Viet Vet

          Both John F’n sKerry and AlGork’s military GT scores were 5 points below Mr Bushs’. And Gork flunked out of Divinity School.

          • Scott Knowles

            Due to global warming I think, caused his homework to burst into flame ;)

      • August

        We agree on W was the worst president (that i know of) we ever had. But unfortunately for us Obama has beaten him. Think about that for a minute. We have had roughly 14yrs of incompetence in the white house. The good thing about W was at least he didnt try to make wholesale changes to doom us all. obama seems hell bent on destroying this country (financially)

        • George W Bush

          Bush put 2 wars on the country’s credit card and cut taxes to the wealthy at the same time. Plus he bailed out all the banks with tax dollars telling them they never had to pay it back. He lied about WMD’s to the country, to Congress( a felony) to the UN, and to the world. He decided that since Saddam tried to kill his poppy he was going t0o sacrifice the lives of thousands of US soldiers and 1.3 million Iraqi civilians. Oh yes I forgot the fact we also invaded Iraq so his fat cat buddies could get giant government contracts over there with our tax dollars. He destroyed Iraq. George W Bush is the worst President in history, Obama isn’t even in the same ballpark. If screwing up was to hit home runs Bush would be Babe Ruth.

      • Viet Vet

        I suspected you were stupid by your comment above, but now I know you’re stupid. Or are you still trying to propagandize that false premise thingey.

    • drdbiggs

      Says a lot about social promotion and affirmative action!!

  • JC

    Her district is basically the welfare district in Houston. It includes Greenspoint (Bad Area of Houston), Houston City Center itself, and other wonderful areas that nobody really wants to go into unless they absolutely have to. It’s all about the handouts!

  • exumas11

    I can’t stand this activist racist race baiter. She is even more detestable than Michelle Obama; imagine that. I sadly regret that she is from my great state of Texas, all though she is far from my district (thank the Lord!). It was really hard, but I found the courage to visit her website. She held a prayer vigil for Mandela on December 6th. Nelson Mandela in his own right was a great man who fought racism in South Africa and I wholly admired him based on his principles. But what a disgrace to his name is someone that is a race baiter like Jackson-Lee who pretended to honor him based on his accomplishments. Common on, we all know what this vigil was about; Sheila honored him simply because he was Black; would she honor him if he were white? I think we all know the answer to that one. I am so glad that America is waking up and calling out these racists like Sheila Jackson-Lee for what they really are, RACISTS!

  • Siren05

    Sheila j lee is out of her mind there is also another women her pal (can’t think of her name ) just no she dress’s like a slob with her stupid sparkle cowboy hat. Don’t congress have a dress code

    • texasjo

      Oh, I remember that sparkle cowboy hat, when she was talking about Trayvon, the saint.

      • LaBelleBoho

        And YOUR saint, George Zimmerman, the murderer, has shown his true colors since getting away with murder. He can’t stay out of trouble. He has threatened both his wife and girlfriend. They should stand THEIR ground.

        • texasjo

          George Zimmerman has been persecuted by you and your kind. He has been driven to frustration. He is hounded. That’s why he’s had some troubles. I wish he could sue for “peace.” He was protecting himself.

        • drdbiggs

          At least he made Trayvon a “good” negro!!

        • Theresa Easley

          And they took back what they said. I’d like to know what you’d do if some thug was pounding your head on the ground. I would have done the same thing he did.

        • drdbiggs

          He is a saint, made a good negro out of Trayvon and sent him on to receive his just rewards!

  • texasjo

    I just heard her speak, and she strains to sound important, but the words are wrong. I had to smile. It’s as if a third grader trying to sound like a college graduate. The best teacher I ever had said to simplify speech and give punch with powerful words in the right place! I’m ashamed she’s from Texas, but also realize she’s a self-important Democrat. I wonder who her coach is?

    • merc

      Al Sharpton was her coach.

      • texasjo

        Merc, Oh, now I get it! They use “code” words.

    • Victor Jarvis

      She was born in New York and moved to Texas.

      • texasjo

        Victor, glad to hear that! I am ashamed to think she’s from Texas…lol.

      • Scott Knowles

        An attempt to liberalize Texas.

        • Victor Jarvis

          Jackson Lee moved to Houston after her husband, Dr. Elwyn C. Lee, took a job at the University of Houston. Her husband now holds a dual position of Vice Chancellor and Vice President for Student Affairs of the University of Houston System and the University of Houston.

          • Scott Knowles

            Ah, so a liberal politician married to a liberal professor pushing liberalism.

  • Tom Brown

    Reading this I have to ask, who is to blame? Do we blame this woman who has no real clue, and her lack of intelligence? Or do we blame the American who voted her into office? It seems to me that here as of late, intelligence does not seem to to be a necessity anymore. Back in the day people actually researched who they were voting for looked up there real accomplishments, they kinda ha to because of the lack of tv and Internet. Bit now all we have to do is listen to the news and like Obama I believe this lady was elected on color alone. It’s unfortunate that although these elected officials including the president are supposed to be working for us and for our country but the majority only work for themselves and there own goals. And I fear for the future as our children and grandchildren will pay the costs for our failures. If only Americans would see this and act before the damage is to great to be repaired.

    • Mike Jones

      Gee the fact that Obama is one of the best public speakers ever wouldn’t have anything to do with him getting elected, would it?

      • Susan Herda

        He’s a horrible speaker. Just listen to him … how many ummmms and ahhhhhs you hear in any 5-minute stretch. If he doesn’t have prepared remarks, he can barely speak. It’s painful to hear.

      • drdbiggs

        You probably don’t know much about math but you can Google the statistical results from many different independent academic studies on intelligence:

        Blacks score 1 standard mean deviation below white people. One study results demonstrated an average black IQ of 72.

        Plain f**cking stupid is why negros voted for our current fa99ot-in-chief!!

  • Carl

    It would be a complete honor to be Queen Sheila Jackson Lee’s white slave! I would kneel before Queen Sheila, bow down, kiss her feet and do whatever else she commanded me to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • merc

      Well Carl, whatever trips your trigger. I would do just the opposite. I would start by stuffing her in a trash can head first, then by that time I would find other ways to bring her down off her high horse. Jack slapping her would probably be next.

  • merc

    I can’t believe I read this, and from a Texas senator. This woman needs serious counseling and professional help. She is worse than Oprah.

  • southparkmohammed

    If Idi Amin had a daughter. . .

  • Dee

    Well you can add that she believes our country to be 400 years old to her illustrious accomplishments.

  • Doug Leuthold

    Sheila Jackson Lee is dumb at her office, she dumb at her home, she is dumb where she eats, she is dumb where sleep, she dumb taking a crap…Their is dumb and their just plain stupid, well she got both….unbelievable waste of space on the floor of the United States Congress…God help us….

  • ColoMom

    She is dumb , however Hank Johnson is equally dumb. He is the congressman that questioned an Admiral & asked if all the people on Guam were to go to one side of the island couldn’t the island tip over!!! Kudos to the Admiral for keeping a straight face & not bursting out laughing. But one wonders how dumb the voters in their district are to keep voting them back into office. The sad part is that there are many qualified, intelligent, educated & honorable blacks willing to run for these offices. Oh wait…..they are Republicans… so they don’t stand a chance of getting elected. The NAACP will join in condemning them & calling them disrespectful names as they have current Republican politicians.

  • Sean Johnson

    Don’t you know Yale is proud!!! Wanna bet whether she read the Affordable Care Act a/k/a “Obamacare” before voting on it? I suspect that that act is even found to be racist since people of color have also lost their policies and replacement Obamacare policies are more expensive and sport higher deductibles.

  • Sean Johnson

    I suspect her time at Yale coincided with the period when Yale stopped using grades, that and some sort of social promotions.

  • ron8072

    You cannot blame her for riding the wave! The wave creators, the voters in her district elected her. Just shows how even Houston can be duped by idiocy parading about as capable. Shame on Houston. They better fix this foolishness this fall.

  • AR154U

    OMG,.. I am so glad I found this story.
    I needed a good laugh today and will share this with others. Thanks !!

  • TheDumbestPeopleChoseADummy

    Beautiful article.

  • right wing whitey

    president obozo-cause he’s a fucking clown.him,jackson-lee,pelosi,reid,holder,thier all fucking idiots,they should all be sent 2 a mental institution / hospital.

  • right wing whitey

    this bitch is STUPID,LOL

  • right wing whitey

    I bet her parents wished they had a condom the night she was conceived huh,lol

    • drdbiggs

      One BJ swallow from not existing.

  • right wing whitey

    oh my god my toilet is white -oh man I am a racist,lmfao

  • right wing whitey


  • right wing whitey


  • right wing whitey


  • right wing whitey


  • right wing whitey


  • right wing whitey


  • joe smith


  • someone who works 4 ms jackso

    thank your lucky stars you don’t work with this dumb bitch, she’s insane, I mean she should really be locked up ,been working 4 her a couple months & this lady is a mental basket case,she couldn’t tell you the truth about anything if she wanted , she even made comments about the dumb ass people that voted 4 her.she doesn’t even believe the racism crap she spews all the time,she’s admitted its just a weapon 2 divide whites against blacks 2 cause trouble.she just a power hungary politician that doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything except her political party and herself, she made a comment last week -black people are so ignorant the majority vote democrat,they don’t know their history, it was the democrats who wanted 2 keep blacks slaves,the republicans fought 2 free them- we ( the democratic party ) really put one over on blacks in this country , their ( blacks ) will believe anything you tell them she said laughing.

  • shiela jackson lee

    yes I am a moron-wwhat u couldn’t understand what I said ,wait-let me get my lips off president obamas ass,there -can u hear me now

  • Al1337

    Beg to differ. She can’t be the dumbest. There is always Hank Johnson (D – GA)

  • American1959

    *LMAO* Daniel, I want to thank you for writing this article. I’ve laughed so hard my sides are still cramping! That’s the funny part… the sad part is that you’re not lying. Your spin with colorful phrases at least puts some humor into it. Continue on!

  • Grace

    I agree that she is radical but claiming she is the “dumbest person in (and outside) of Congress” is tacky and inarticulate. Attacking rather than debating only pushes progress further away.

  • Rob Rock

    She’s the dumbest and most racist. She represents her district well.