Sheila Jackson Lee: Racist and Moron

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Last last year she got up on the House floor to celebrate the victory in Vietnam and the “two Vietnams, side by side, North and South.”

There probably isn’t a single member of congress less fit to understand how the government works or what her duties are. Jackson-Lee opposed repealing Obamacare because that would violate the Fifth Amendment’s right to Due Process. An Amendment that had so little to do with the topic at hand that she might as well have picked it by throwing a dart at the Bill of Rights. In one sentence, she proved that she had never read the Bill of Rights and had no idea what Due Process even means.

But while Sheila Jackson-Lee might know as much about the Bill of Rights, as she does about Vietnam or what a hurricane is– she does know how to get attention. Before a State of the Union address, she makes sure to get herself an aisle seat so she can be seen shaking hands with the president. But not only is she an aisle hog, she’s also a floor hog.

Jackson-Lee’s floor hog antics got so bad, that congressional staffers ran a pool for the rare day when she doesn’t get up to speak. Because someone has to denounce those racist Pepsi commercials and call for affirmative action for hurricanes. And with Traficant fresh out of jail and Cynthia McKinney on a boat to Gaza– it’s all up to her.

Whether it’s trying to barge into the Treasury Building or demanding First Class upgrades or an entire row of seats to herself from airlines– rudeness and entitlement are second nature to a woman whose only achievement in life was to ride a sponsorship as the crony of the most corrupt company in America to a lifetime race card.

“I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen,” Sheila Jackson-Lee once reportedly said. It may be that she knows so little about government that she actually thinks she was elected to be a queen. The Queen of Racism, perhaps. Racism is her answer to everything. If there’s a problem that can’t be solved by crying racism, Jackson-Lee has never heard of it.

Should the dumbest woman in congress, who began her career serving a corrupt corporation, and has a 3 percent rating from Citizens Against Government Waste, who can’t tell a planet from a satellite, doesn’t know what the Bill of Rights says and uses her position to denounce commercials she doesn’t like from the House floor, really even be in Congress?

Of course she should. For the 174,000 dollars we pay congressmen, the least we can get back is a little entertainment.

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  • Sean Johnson

    Don’t you know Yale is proud!!! Wanna bet whether she read the Affordable Care Act a/k/a “Obamacare” before voting on it? I suspect that that act is even found to be racist since people of color have also lost their policies and replacement Obamacare policies are more expensive and sport higher deductibles.

  • Sean Johnson

    I suspect her time at Yale coincided with the period when Yale stopped using grades, that and some sort of social promotions.