Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism

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In a staggering expose, the Center for American Progress has released a 130-page report revealing that organizations which investigate Islamic radicalism are funded by money, not sunshine. One of the report’s authors, Faiz Shakir, was immediately invited to come on Keith Olbermann’s show to discuss this amazing discovery.

The Center for American Progress’ campaign for donor transparency, however, stops at its own doors. While its own budget is many times that of the organizations that its report targets — the CAP’s policy is to keep the identities of its own donors secret.

The CAP report attempts to suppress dialogue on Islamic terrorism with the charge of Islamophobia, but the center itself is part of a conservaphobia and Israelphobia network. An industry that pays quite well, as its annual budgets in the tens of millions show.

Where does the money for the Center for American Progress come from? From shady billionaires, like Herb and Marion Sandler, listed by Time Magazine (together) as one of the 25 people to blame for the financial crisis, and George Soros, convicted in France of insider trading.

That dirty money goes to pay people like Faiz Shakir, Wajahat Ali, Eli Clifton, Matt Duss, Scott Keyes and Lee Fang — the authors of the report. And their collective credibility is about what you would expect from an organization whose known donors include a rogue’s gallery of the financial industry.

Lee Fang has been described as a serial fabulist for repeatedly manufacturing conspiracy theories that aren’t actually supported by the evidence, like the claim that the Chamber of Commerce was using “foreign money” to influence elections. Fang generates talking points for the Left by making wild claims, and then moves on.

Fang isn’t the only liar of the report’s authors. Faiz Shakir tried to falsely pass himself off as a conservative blogger to get on a Republican senator’s press list. He exploited the tragic murders in Norway to promote the false claim that Breivik had cited Robert Spencer 162 times, when actually Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto had pasted in hundreds of documents, one of which was an independently assembled collection of quotes from Spencer, Tony Blair and others on Islam.

How much credibility should be assigned to Shakir, who offered to provide “comment and analysis” on the links between Breivik and Spencer — based on conclusions he drew from using the “Find” function in Word, without realizing that most of the hits he was getting were from one document that Breivik didn’t even write?

The idea behind the CAP report was probably lifted by Wajahat Ali, from a Max Blumenthal piece that Ali posted on his blog, Goat’s Milk, back in 2010. The Blumenthal article used many of the same talking points to write about an Islamophobia “network” funded by Jewish donors.

The piece is similar enough to the CAP report that Blumenthal should probably be credited as an author, but the report does not appear to even mention him. That’s not so odd, as Blumenthal’s article charged that “representatives of the Israel lobby and the Jewish-American establishment” had conspired to conduct a crusade against mosques and Islam.

Blatant bigotry and Blumenthal’s rants about baby killing rabbis would have made him too dangerous to credit, but his influence is present in the CAP report, from its opening statistic that blames researchers into Islamic extremism for a 10-point drop in Muslim approval, to its conspiracy theories about an “Islamophobia network” funded by some of the same foundations that Blumenthal had mentioned last year. The same dated material that Shakir and Ali are now trying to pass off as a major scoop.

Israelphobia is a common denominator among the majority of the report’s authors.

It shows up in Wajahat Ali’s writings as he conducts an interview with the Israel Lobby’s Walt and Mearsheimer, and denounces Israel’s “egregious crimes” and America’s “slavish loyalty” to it.

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  • tekow

    So best defense is offense, huh? So in order to stifle the legitimate discussion of Islamophobia, you pull the antisemitism card. It is quite legitimate from a societal point of view to look at the background of those people who make it their vocation to shape the public debate about Islamic extremism. So if one scrutinizes the credentials of those whose claim is that they are experts in the matter one concludes rightly as the report does, that the central players are imminently unqualified to speak on the issue. They have no formal training in Islamic studies or for that matter history or philosophy. Without any authority on the matter, then what can be motives to defame and spread hate for a whole group of people? They do it for the money and personal grudge. They either used to belong to a christian minority in the middle east. Look at Spencer. He is in the hate business because he hates the Turks. And then you have the Lebanese Maronite or the Egyptian Copts who hate the Arabs. Of course these people are biased and they have no academic credential to talk about Islamic anything. So why pick all these talking heads from grudging minorities? Why not an expert from credible institutions such as universities? What does Horowitz have to do with Islam? He knows nothing. So when ignorant bigots come together to bad mouth a religion, only motive they have then is spread fear and hate. That is Islamophobia for you.

    • teq

      You don't need any "formal training in Islamic Studies" to know that 99.9 percent of all terrorist attacks in the last ten years have been committed by Muslims. Who am I going to believe — you, or my lying eyes? When Muslims stop sticking bombs in their panties then we can stop criticizing them. Until then, I want to know what they are doing and I'm glad that there are at least seven organizations who have the courage to investigate and report.. Islamaphobia? Damn right! I'm scared of these creatures.

      • fadsgsfdag

        from 1980 to 2005, 6% of terrorist attacks in the usa were by muslims

      • PatriotX

        I’m scared of people’s complacency towards it. People who say “oh, it could never happen here, Dearborn is just an isolated incident, the constitution would never allow it” Yea, right we’ve seen how much this administration regards the constitution. The only time they seem to respect it is when it suits their political bs agenda. This country needs to take a serious jumbo wakeup pill and open it’s eyes to not just what’s happening in our own country but others, Amsterdam, Germany, Sweeden, U.K….etc, realize that it CAN happen and is happening right now.

    • old white guy

      good god tekow, read the bloody koran.

    • Infidel 2

      Have you been living under a rock tekow? The hate business?? You better read the Koran and read about "Hate"!!! Ask David Letterman about Islamophobia…is it Islamophobia when they want to kill you?? DUH!!!! Good luck with your ignorance my friend!!!

    • Stephen_Brady

      And your defense is what you accuse Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Spencer … you go onto the offesne. You really don't have any evidence you can cite to refute the arguments in the article. All you have is attack.

      By the way, Islam is not a religion. It is a theocratic political ideology.

      Sir, your ignorance is showing …

    • Daniel Greenfield

      So best defense is offense, huh? So in order to stifle the legitimate discussion of Antisemitism, you pull the islamophobia card.

      Your argument is all over the place, you're complaining about formal degrees, then attacking the ethnic and religious backgrounds of the experts, and then whining about bigotry.

      If you target the race and religion of experts in a field, then you're the bigot.

      • tekow

        obviously you have a comprehension problem. What makes you an authority to speak on Islam? Do you have an academic interest in the matter so that your knowledge is based on an academic study? Far from it, you have no academic qualifications. you are just a journalistic polemicist. or are you a practicing muslim so that you have experimental knowledge of the islamic religion? as far as i can tell you are a Jew which does not give you any sense of Islam either. Obviously, one would not go to a butcher to have a medical operation unless one is crazy.. then, why should it be different for a religion. why should i ask a budhist what judaism is about? why should you, a jew, tell me, a turk, what islam is about? of course I feel insulted. now, if there is a bigot here, a racist bigot, it is you sir.

        • teq

          You're the one with the comprehension problem, tekow. Do I need to be an academic expert on Nazism before I can criticize it? Most of my knowledge of Nazism comes from William Shirer's book, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich but he was no scholar — just a journalist, so what does he know, right?. How do you defend 9/11? Let me hear your apologies and excuses for it.
          It's true that conservatives are the main ones who take Islam to task and that is to the everlasting shame of anti-western liberal elites who think it's cool to defend those who are trying to kill them.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          So you're insisting that speaking about a religion is the same thing as engaging in a medical operation on a patient?

          I wonder what Moses had a degree in.

          • tekow

            this is dense.. are you comparing Spencer to Moses? I did not know that Spencer talked to bushes too.. a very versatile guy indeed.. when is he going to part the ocean?

          • Valaki

            Tekow, please read something for crying out loud and stop making an a$$ of yourself. Like Koran. Or look up "What the West needs to know about Islam." Or read Serge Trifkovic "The Sword of the Prophet." You're an embarassment.

        • aspacia

          So one has to be a Christian to critique Christianity? A Jew to critique Judaism?

          Individuals have a right to be concerned about Islam when numerous, continuous attacks are carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam.

          A fact is a fact regardless of one academic training or history. If Hitler walked in a room, and pointed to a wall, and declared it a wall that would be a fact regardless of his background in construction or architecture.

          • Flipside

            As Kevin MacDonald already pointed out in his book Culture of Critique, Jewish socialist have already burned the “critique” scam. Time to critique themselves.

    • Chezwick_mac

      "Without any authority on the matter, then what can be motives to defame and spread hate for a whole group of people? They do it for the money and personal grudge."

      1) What a bizarre assertion. You seem to be saying that unless one is an academic authority on a subject, one's motives for criticizing that subject are AUTOMATICALLY for "money or personal grudge". In a single sentence, you've stripped all mankind of the powers of personal reflection and opinion.

      2) Spencer has a Masters in religious studies. He has studied Islam independently for decades. This makes him an authority.

      I can prove #2. I challenge you to find a single assertion of Robert Spencer about Islam in any of his books or articles that is factually incorrect. Being that he's not an "authority" in your eyes, this shouldn't be hard.

      We're all waiting.

      • tekow

        The publications of Spencer belong to the class of Islamophobic extremism that is promoted and supported by right-wing organizations, who are perpetuating a type of bigotry similar to anti-Semitism and racial prejudice. They are to be viewed with great suspicion by anyone who wishes to find reliable and scholarly information on the subject of Islam. I make these remarks because Spencer was invited to speak at UNC-Chapel Hill in the spring of 2004; I shared these observations with UNC students at the time to indicate that his views have no basis in scholarship (he has no academic training in Islamic studies whatever; his M.A. degree was in the field of early Christianity). For further information on Islamophobia, see my book Following Muhammad: Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World (UNC Press, 2003), and The New Crusades: Constructing the Muslim Enemy, ed. Emran Qureshi and Michael A. Sells (Columbia University Press, 2003). Note that both of the latter books are published by university presses on the basis of blind peer review by qualified scholars.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Since you've already displayed your bigotry here, you have very little credibility when accusing Spencer of bigotry.

          And there are any number of academics who are also bigots. A degree is no defense against bigotry.

          • tekow

            but it helps if you know what you are talking about.. Study and learn.. before you shoot your mouth..

          • welldoneson

            we have learned that Islam is infested with inbred murderers

          • kafir4life

            tekow – I have studied islam, and get all my information from renowned islamic thinkers, and the conclusion I've reached is that islam IS in fact a gutter cult, and its inventor, the peodphile mohamat was a disgusting piece of filth. Sorry for the inconvenient truth. I'll agree with you on one point. We don't need Spencer when we have muslims teaching us islam.

        • fmobler

          Your attempted bank shot of poisoning the well and appeal to authority is risible.

          An earlier poster asked you to cite a single instance of Spencer writing something false. You have not done so. Instead you fall back on credentialism.

          Then you tip your hand by claiming your books were published "on the basis of blind peer review by qualified scholars." Having published a few academic books and knowing scores of others in the business, I could not seriously characterize the academic book publishing business as anything like blind review. Your reviewers may not have been formally disclosed to you, but you'd have to be incredibly thick not to know who they were. Such is the small world of academic publishing. Indeed, I'd bet you have provided sympathetic reviews for your 'blind' reviewers' own books at various times. This is how it works.

          By the way, based on your postings here, I'd give your editor a raise. That's damned hard work.

          • tekow

            the well is already poisoned, just showing where the venom comes from..

            the post you refer to is not mine, it is Prof. Ernst's from University of North Carolina. His expertise is in middle east studies and Islamic religion. His expert opinion on Spencer's work is obviously valuable. If you don't like that then I challenge you to bring your expert opinion on Spencer.

            what Spencer does is childish any fool can do it.. he takes Koranic verses and hadiths out of context to give them a very specific meaning which is not there.. he plays with the word jihad without knowing what it means.. he tries to make the point that those terrorists who blew up the twin towers are not misguided, that it is indeed what Koran dictates.. to anyone who is familiar with islam knows that this is libel.. anyone with venom, can turn bible, torah or koran into vile books

      • aspacia


    • stern

      tekow, you say that the Lebanese Maronites and the Egyptian Copts "hate the Arabs", which, according to your reasoning, makes them unqualified to criticize the Arabs, in the same way that Spencer is unqualified because he "hates the Turks". Gee, you don't think the Copts and the Maronites have rational concerns? You don't think they may have a problem because the Egyptian Arabs and Hizbullah have a serious hate on for these respective groups, killing them by the hundreds, discriminating against them in every way, making their lives miserable and doing their utmost to drive them from their homes? They have no right to criticize?

      Your screed is the saddest piece of illogic I've seen in a long time.

      • tekow

        you misrepresent my point. I did not say that Christian minorities don't have legitimate gripes.. not so much as the Lebanese Maronites, but more so for the Egyptian Copts.. these are complicated and complex social issues.. the struggle is about the Egyptian identity.. socially, all religious minorities prefers less emphasis on religion in public life, a more secular state, than the dominant religions.. this is true in the US as well as in Israel and Egypt. Secularism is a protection for minority religions.. In the older times it was Jews who were non christian minorities.. that is why Jews and African Americans formed a social coalition that used to push secular agenda.. this dynamic has changed.. now there is a very small muslim minority as well.. Liberal Jews still view secular nature of the American public life.. that is why liberal Jews and African Americans are more welcoming to the muslims than the rest of the Americans.. Religious right on the other hand, whether christian or jewish see the muslim issue as a potential vote winner.. so they play on the mistrust of largely uninformed public to win votes.. this is no different in the middle east, just the players are different… but wherever this strife goes on it is secularism that will prevent divisions in the society.. it is important to push for secularism both in the middle east and the US.. coming back to my point the previous post, I had mentioned that if any one is truely interested in Islam, the best way to get it is from the experts.. that is because they are the only group ho does no have a self interest.. christian minorities in general are not good sources of objective opinion about Islam, because in general they are not objective.

        • wri7913

          Tekow said “I had mentioned that if any one is truely interested in Islam, the best way to get it is from the experts.. that is because they are the only group ho does no have a self interest..”

          You. Are. Full. of. Crap

          Of course Imams have self interest in propagating Islam. Its coded in their holy book. They are instructed to spread Islam far and wide and institute Sharia law into whatever land they reside. Their war book is the Quran and it is their guide for infiltrating a host society and rotting it from within.

          It’s funny how IMAMs seems to be in the news more and more these days.

          There have been Imams in the news lately being arrested for inciting terrorism, supporting terrorism or engaging in Terrorism. Imam Anwar Al Awlaki, billed by leftists and mainstream media as supposedly “moderate” muslim is now wanted by both the FBI and CIA for terrorist activies. Imam Anwar Al Awlaki was the Imam for Dar Al Hijrah (Hijrah means Migration) Mosque in northern Virginia in 2000. He was Imam when two of the 9/11 hijackers were attending the Mosque. The Ft. Hood shooter also attended the same Mosque. Many of the attendees of this same mosque have been indicted and arrested for supporting Terrorism. Now Imam Anwar Al Awlaki is under investigation for supporting ties to 9/11.

          And these are the kinds of people you want us to seek out about Islam because we can’t possibly figure it out ourselves?

          You sir are nuts!

    • wri7913

      So someone who willing takes up the cause of exposing Islam and its intentions is in it for the money?

      Nevermind that Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have death fatwas and repeated death threats issued against them.

      Nevermind that both must also have a bodyguard around them 24/7/365 due to those threats by “peaceful” muslims.

      Oh and lets talk about someone like Bridgette Gabriel who experienced first-hand the persecution of non-muslims by MUSLIMS themselves. You say Bridgette does it because she holds a personal grudge? You are damn right. I would hold a personal grudge too if Muslims tried to kill my family for being Christian because its what the QURAN TOLD THEM TO DO!

      The Quran is sold in daw’ah as easy to understand and easy to read. It was recited by an illiterate “prophet” after all. So why then should anyone need to have “academic credentials” to speak about the Quran? Ah yes its all about control of information. I have read the Quran, I understand its intentions and I see clearly its hatred against all who are not Muslims. The reason many of us worry about Islam is because 60% of the Quran talks about Non-Muslims. In my opinion this makes it a Political Ideology, not a Religion.

      Even if you continue to talk about credentials, someone like Raymond Ibrahim who has a PHD in Islamic Studies still proves what we have said all along is correct. Imagine that!!


  • Alexander Gofen

    Quite an informative article, thank you Mr. Greenfield. I suggest however to avoid usage of tags like "bigotry" at all because liberasts made them vague and senseless.

    According to them, the "guilt of bigotry" is any negative stereotyping of the entire human group disregarding what is the essence of the group.

    Yet it is quite legitimate to treat negatively certain human groups entirely, such as communists, nazis, and yes, all consistent moslems. Some entire human groups are adherents to the enemy ideologies, and should be treated as such. "Bigotry" towards the enemies is good and welcomed.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There's bigotry over race, gender, etc which is what a person is. And then there is criticism over the ideology that a person chooses to adopt, e.g. Nazism, which is a choice that a person makes and reflects on him.

      • Alexander Gofen

        I hear you, and I do understand what you mean.

        However you own subtitle

        "Why Think Progress's report on "Islamophobia" is an act of bigotry"

        places you in a bad company on the enemy field.

        "… is an act of bigotry": so what?.. The word is an overused liberast cliche intended to stop unpleasant discussions… Not to mention that bigotry is justified and welcomed if applied against enemy ideologies, immorality, abomination….

  • The Infidel

    Instead of going after the reporters of the jihadists using Islam as their basis for killing everyone within reach, instead of going after those who report on the fatwa issuers, the mosque immams who issue religious rulings to kill and maim and otherwise be distructive. go after those who put this out there, the immams, jihadists and fatwa issuers, they are your real inlamaphobic hate preachers. I would not even be here if it wasnt for jihadists and immams yelling about killing everyone who isnt the right type of muslim according to them, so stop blaming the messengers, and blame those who actualy do the crime.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Sure, shooting the messenger is a shortcut to making the problem go away.

      • Flipside

        If the message is anthrax, it’s ok to shoot the messenger.

  • Gene W.

    This problem with Islam is spiritual and is only manifested as political. God authored the Bible [one page proof at ] and Muslims do not pray to the God who created, rules and controls this universe.
    You do not need to silence the Muslims if everyone understood the Biblical truths. Satan is real, active and the basis for anti-Israeli and anti-Judeo-Christian sentiments or expressions.
    Darkness cannot remove light but light eliminates darkness.

    • aspacia


      The problem with your claim is that Muslims believe Allah authored the Qu'ran.

  • Flipside

    What is staggering is watching you play the Communist card, railing against Herb Sandler’s moneybags and then quickly dealing it back to play the Conservative card against George Soros. Even more staggering is that you think you can conduct a Jewish onslaught against Muslims and still think people won’t see it for what it is. Even MORE staggering is how the left, Clintonian neocons flock to the CAP while the right neocons flock to the AEI and national review. Even more staggering is that you think you can erase the FACT of Anders Breivik’s slavish implementation of Robert Spencer’s ideas. People have read the manifesto! We know! It is late in the game to do damage control. OF course people say these anti-Muslim warmongers are Jewish. You ARE Jewish. And you are the primary warmongers against the Muslims. Here you are complaining that the AEI and NR’s other predominantly Jewish rival, the CAP are taking the soft line approach to war. What is staggering is how run to whomever is in power and repackage yourselves. Kudos to Walt and Mearsheimer for having you pegged.

    • Ken

      You know, if you an anti-Semite, have the intestinal fortitude to say so!

      • Flipside

        I would.

    • Stephen_Brady

      "Neocon" – leftist code for Jewish and/or Zionist.

      • Flipside

        You can save the scare quotes. Neocons invented themselves. Wait for history to get a little older before you revise it.

        • Stephen_Brady

          Scare quotes? You seem to have mastered the art of fearmongering and hatred. The sad part of it is that you don't even know that you're a hater …

      • trickyblain

        Actually, the term was coined by Irving Kristol, whose circle had views the reflected their (flawed) interpretations of Leo Strauss' political philosophy of "benevolent hegemony."

        • Stephen_Brady

          Actually, Irving Kristol coined the term "neoconservative". "Neocon" is a code term used by leftists, and kooks, to hide the fact of their anti-Semitism. Those on the left who openly hate Jews don't bother with it, unless they can see an advantage to using it in debate (which is sometimes given to them by libertarians).

          • Flipside

            It's a Richardian. By definition, only Jonah Goldberg and David Horowitz (a minute subfaction of the neocons) strenuously oppose the use of the term, even though it is the proper term. Like the God of Abraham, how dare people utter his name?

          • Stephen_Brady

            Besides the anti-Semitic code inherent in the use of the term "neocon" by the Left, it is misunderstood what the term actually means.

            A neoconservative is someone who saw the fall of the Soviet Union as a unique opportunity to spread Western values and government … especially government … throughout the world. Democracies rarely make war against each other, you see.

            Unfortunately, this time is long past. There are no neoconservatives, today. Their opposite numbers are qute active, however. Islamists and communists (many times, they are joined together at the hip) are spreading their filthy ideologies in the West, and are being supported by a new breed of useful idiots.

            I'll leave it to you to decide who the useful idiots are …

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There's no Communist card involved in pointing out corruption. Capitalism doesn't mean turning a blind eye to abusive and criminal behavior by the rich.

      And please point me to where Robert Spencer called for a massacre of a children's camp.

      I'll wait.

      • Flipside

        He doesn’t have to call for a massacre. All he has to do is keep intoning and repeating and enumerating the “problem” and saying it needs to be stopped or stamped out, or that it existentially needs to go away. Eventually some crank will take it upon himself to pull the trigger. You can’t keep running a hate machine and oiling it’s wheels and then bemoan the fact that a young man is going to try to drive it. And you, you keep drooling bitterly over rich men when they fund a Hasbara in the opposite direction. How hypocritical.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          So anyone who keeps criticizing Republicans is responsible if someone shoots a Republican judge, for example.

          You can't keep running a hate machine and oiling it's wheels and then bemoan the fact that a young man is going to try to drive it.

          • Flipside

            You are diminishing the word "criticizing." In other words you are lying. First off, let's get this straight. Robert Spencer is not a Republican. He is a Communist who worked for Bob Avakian at Revolution Books. That's Revolutionary COMMUNIST Party, USA, e.g. a group that advocates violent political upheaval, per the dictates of Lenin. He is no more a social critic or political critic than Fanon or Adorno or Geoff Waite is. He is a Communist without a Soviet Union who has turned his rage into academic polemicism and punditry. But then he's a Catholic, but then he worked at Revolution Books. How the hell does that work? But then he calls for the destruction of Islam all day long, but then when someone destroys some Muslims in his name, you cry foul? This is Robert Spencer. This is not Keith Olbermann. He is not merely criticizing a political party. He is trying to eliminate one of the five major world religions.

            Is someone lobbied that hard to eliminate Judaism, you would accuse him of antisemitism and genocide.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            See there's that hate machine going again.

            Now if someone sends Robert Spencer a death threat, you are going to have to acknowledge responsibility for your part in oiling the hate machine.

          • Flipside

            No. You know how it will probably go down. Some time after quadruple bypass, some enraged Muslim will probably kill him after reading his hate filled screeds. The rest of us will just say "Whoa! Never saw that coming." Then the Hasbara machine will spray crocodile tears. Norman Podhoretz will say what a loss it was and how poignant his books were. Pamela Geller will scream bloody murder as she tries to squeeze her leathery cougar body into another overtight piece of spandex evening wear and look for another obese Kahanist to lean on. Whichever country it happens in will be blamed for hating Israel.

          • aspacia

            Communists are atheists and Spencer is Catholic and currently advocates capitalism.

          • Flipside

            Nice of him to come around to it.

    • UCSPanther

      More gibberish from everyone's favorite left-wing antisemite…

    • aspacia

      Flipper, anti-Muslim warmongers are Jewish??? Now let us count the number of cowardly attacks ununiformed Muslims make from within civilian crowds, and those by the uniformed IDF. Your pals are just lousy shots.

      More Muslims commit violent attacks against Muslims and nonMuslims under the religious edicts of their imams. Your argument is ludicrous.

      • Flipside

        If I type "Radical Islam" into Google, this is what comes up first:

        Frank Gaffney — The Clarion Fund
        David Horowitz — Discoverthenetworks
        Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
        Reuel Gerecht — PNAC/CIA
        Pamela Geller — Atlas Shrugs
        Jeffrey Kuhner — NRO
        Daniel Pipes — Middle East Forum
        Stephen Suleyman Schwartz — NRO
        David P Goldman — Asia Times

        • DeShawn

          You pathetic Israel-firsters got pwned!

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Don't forget that high ranked Wikipedia result. I hear Jimmy Wales is deeply entangled with them Jews.

        • aspacia

          So what? Why are you personal/character attacks regarding the messengers? Why no verbal attacks against those who call for and implement violent Jihad in the name of Allah?

          You are scapegoating Jews. In contrast, you provide ample excuses for Islamo fascists who are the real war mongers. What is the latest count? 20,000 + Muslim terrorist attacks in the name of Islam.

          Currently, Christians and Jews do not fight wars in the name of faith. Big difference.

          • Flipside

            I am not scapegoating anybody. They are goats of their own accord. I am simply saying who is who, and naming the people who run this anti-Muslim Zionist jihad. I am not a Muslim, or a proponent of Islam. I am an American sick of the redefinition of American life around the Jewish obsession with Islam. I’ll jolly well say they are Jewish if they are Jewish. Sure Jews got annihilated in WWII. Sure they have a right to live in Israel and have a nation there. But they have no intrinsic right to enlist every American and his wallet and his freedom into the abyss of racism. They don’t get to say who gets to be on MSNBC and who gets to go on an airplane, and who gets to speak at a college, and who gets to be President of the US. No. screw them. Israel is wide open for immigration. Let them move there.

    • Tomato Cain

      ANYONE who still insists there is no difference between Muslims and Islamists is 'staggering' around in their own fantasy. Stagger away!

      Thanks Mr. Greenfield, Thanks AILC!

  • Bashy Quraishy

    "Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism" posted by Daniel Greenfield Bio is a classic example of hypocrisy and double morals practiced by anti-Islam campaigners and Islam haters.
    I have read the report by The Centre for American Progress on Islamophobia and the forces behind it and there is nothing, which is untrue. Monitoring Islamophobia for the last 10 years, I have also noticed the names mentioned in the report and what is being dished out on the name of freedom.
    As I have said time and again, there is nothing wrong in criticising Islam, Muslims and norms and traditions among 1.7 billion Muslims in 60 countries. But this is not what anti-Islam forces like do. They go after the religion and not its followers as well as paint all Muslims with the same dirty brush.
    Any neutral observer of anti-Islam rhetoric can quickly see that there is a lobby behind such attacks, which use extremism and terrorism committed but few to malign Islam for a political agenda and take sides in Middle East conflict.
    Kind regards
    Bashy Quraishy
    Secretary General – EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg/Copenhagen
    Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR – Brussels

    • old white guy

      bashy. i have read the koran and it is one dangerous piece of work.

    • jacob

      Bashi :
      Would it be up to me, there wouldn't be a single Muslim left in this USA…
      I have read the Koran, the Shaaria laws, the subsequent dictums of Islam
      "scholars" (a la Jewish TALMUD) and in my opinion, this creed shouldn't
      be allow to exist, as Nazism shouldn't either….
      I still wonder where from did our "President" take his statement that American
      independence had a debt with Islam, other than perhaps Muslims having been
      the purveyors of African slaves to the Americans engaged in such trade…
      And to end, I fully stick to what YOSHIRO SAGAMORI once wrote in the
      Jerusalem Post :
      Now I dare your to prove to me that this assertion is wrong…
      What I will never be able to understand is how can anyone ever exposed to
      Christian teachings, could ever embrace ISLAM but then again, there are
      cults like so many there have been for years and of which many people are
      aware of…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Bashy, your comment is an example of the same scapegoating and bigotry behind the report.

      Instead of addressing the problems in your community, you try to shift blame onto the Jews.

      Isn't this in a nutshell the trouble with the muslim world?

      • trickyblain

        I may have missed it, but I didn't see the word "Jews" in his comment.

      • aspacia

        So very true!

      • guest

        Danny boy, how about in your response you note your disgust that your followers write things like "Would it be up to me, there wouldn't be a single Muslim left in this USA" and "every practicing Muslim is a terrorist". (this is right above your response in case you missed it.). The efforts by the extremist anti-Muslim movement (well represented on this website) to distance itself from the violent extremists are not believable for a even a minute.

      • guest

        The vile racism of this site (and Islam is indeed another in the long parade of white proxies for non-whites) is impossible to ignore. This Greenfield character is obviously reading the comments but has nothing to say about the eliminationist sentiments expressed. The links btw. Frontpage/Jihad Watch,/Geller, etc and the Breviks of the world become more and more clear each passing day.

    • pagegl

      Bashy, have you ever read the holy book of your religion? How can pointing out what the Koran and haddiths say be anti-Islamic rhetoric? If you truly believe that your religion is a religion of peace will you stand against the imams and other leaders of Islam that daily call out for violent jihad against non-Muslims?

    • No dhimmi

      "As I have said time and again, there is nothing wrong in criticising Islam, Muslims and norms and traditions among 1.7 billion Muslims in 60 countries. But this is not what anti-Islam forces like do. They go after the religion and not its followers as well as paint all Muslims with the same dirty brush. "

      What nonsense. What YOU have done is present the same mendacious doublespeak we are fighting against. How can we criticize Islam and then not "go after the religion?" You say there is "nothing wrong in criticising Islam," but then you rant about people criticizing Islam. So, what you are saying is that there IS something wrong with criticizing Islam.

      Moreover, you think it's okay to criticize Muslims, but then you LIE about people criticizing ALL Muslims – I've NEVER seen ANY writer at Frontpage "painting ALL Muslims with the same dirty brush." What you have done is paint all Frontpage writers with the "same dirty brush."

      In addition, if there are so many Muslims who just can't seem to behave properly, what does that say about Islam? THAT'S why we criticize Islam! Come on, man, grow a conscience. It's obviously ISLAM motivating all these "bad" Muslims – if Allah and Islam are real, how come so many Muslims become so violent and insane from Islam? Perhaps there's something wrong with Islam – you said we could criticize it, which means there must be something to criticize.

      Like I say, more mendacious doublespeak designed to compel us to accept this violent male-dominant cult.

    • aspacia

      I for one, admire Jasser, and do not paint all with the terrorist brush. Albeit, even if it is only 1% of the Muslim populations are radical, this is approximately 12 million who want me and my brethren dead.

      Quit whining and prevent your brethren from attacking others. Out those who may be violent and quit playing victim. It is your violent brethren who victimize others.

      Join Jasser, and realize there is a huge problem in your community.

    • kafir4life

      Have you thought about taking this to the muslims? Perhaps if they didn't behave the way they do, they wouldn't be thought of the way they are thought of. No? You can't or won't tell the muslims to stop behaving like animals (no offence to the animals intended)? These muslim DO represent you. It's not islamophobia. It's islamoawareness.

      allahu snackbar!

    • wri7913

      The problem for people like Tekow is there are non-muslim scholars of Islam who have PHD’s and say the same things as people like Robert Spencer.

      Raymond Ibrahim is one of those scholars and he was the person who discovered the “Al Queda treatise” written in Arabic which show that Al Queda’s current grievances are nothing but a cover for Jihadi intentions that have been going on for 1400 years.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The problem with Islamists is that they have a very pervasive hatred for other religions and for the Jews in particular. Their religion requires they murder Jews and others. A Israeli friend of mine from the late 60’s told me how Arab parents would give their sons a bucket of rocks to throw at Jews. Usually old Jews. Also, a times these young Arabs would go out to stab Jews. This was considered appriate sport. Now the Arabs are using surface to surface anti personnel missiles. These are attempts to kill and maim. It is also the position of the left that it is up to Israel (the Jews) to show restraint. How much restraint as shown by the Arabs when they fired the missiles in the first place? The Islamists in the mideast will expel all non-Muslims from the mideast by any means available.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Expel, subjugate or massacre.

    • aspacia

      Yes, and no Jews allowed. However, Israel is called apartheid while allowing Muslims and Christians to live there, vote freely, practice their faith, provides equal rights.

      Jordan expelled every Jew from Jerusalem; Israel allowed all Muslims to remain, and Israel is called apartheid.


  • TL Winslow

    I could only wish that wealthy patriotic Americans would donate not millions but billions to Islam watchers, but alas, even if 10 times the money alleged in the tawdry Islamophobia report were true, it's a drop in the bucket compared to the lakes of oil money already used by the Saudis to spread insidious pro-Muslim and anti-Israeli propaganda.

    Sadly, the PC media highlighted the report, and blocks all responses. Too bad for them, they still can't stifle the Internet, and the truth shall win in the end. Islam knows that it's time is short and is going all out to make its move, knowing it will be their last. Islam too shall pass.

    Scope the current world Muslim situation including orgs and leaders free and arm yourself with knowledge:

    Fly with the eagles.

  • Marty

    We should take pride in being islamophobic. After all, we weren't made to feel badly by being anti-communist and anti-fascist. islam is simply a third totalitarian ideology that espouses hatred and genocide. mohamad was simply an earlier version of hitler or stalin (though with some pedophilic tendencies). Being islamophobic does not mean hatred of muslims. It is the sin, not the sinner, that should be feared and loathed.

  • No dhimmi

    This asinine "report" is causing me to HATE ISLAM even more.

    Where is the much ballyhooed report about how many BILLION$$ have been spent to spread Islam globally, shoving it down all our throats relentlessly?

    ISLAM IS THE MOST EVIL CULT EVER CREATED BY THE HUMAN MIND. This report simply highlights the diabolical extent to which its adherents and pushers will go.

  • xlent

    ALL! islam is hell on earth. Always has been and will be until it is eradicated.

  • Ghostwriter

    For years,I've heard many Muslims scream on my television,"Death to America" every five minutes. Is it any wonder why many Americans have little respect for Islam? Because it seems that Islam doesn't respect other religions or people's right to exist.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes, but they mean death in a peaceful way.

    • guest

      What channel shows that every five minutes. I have a tv and i've never come across that. Maybe try a different channel. Equating that chanting will all Islam is precisely what links the anti-Islamic radicals in thought to the anti-Islamic radicals in action.

      • welldoneson

        Islam is a cowardly, lying, wife-beating retarded attempt at creating a religion, invented by a cowardly, lying, wife-beating retard from the 7th century.
        everywhere it goes, other religion's holy sites become its holy sites.

      • stern

        Um, it's called "The News".

        • guest

          you mean Fox "News".

  • Indioviejo

    Dan, good article. So few outlets keep us informed on these matters that FPM and people like you are freedom fighters. Stay with it, they can't silence everyone.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No they can't, and they won't. But launching attacks like these helps keep the Soros money coming.

  • Lib Dem

    Why not keep following the money?….my chips are on they created the report to stop following the money….after all…. they have followed the money, so why should any one else want too?

  • George B

    Muslims are cowards. They don't want to fight an enemy (Israel, as they so chose) as men; instead they send little children to blow up themselves along with civilians…

  • Bashy Quraishy

    It will be futile to discuss with people who are cemented in their own narrow vision of the future, but as an ardent student of ancient history and an activist on the humanism front, I have always maintained that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are two sides of the same coin. One has to just take a quick look at Judaism and Islam as mono-lithical religions to notice the similarities these contain. Many religious scholars agree that among all the religions being practiced today, Judaism and Islam share the most common practices. That is why it is not only wrong but fraudulent to talk about Judo-Christian civilization instead of Judo-Muslim.
    Some of my Jewish cousins often forget that while Jews were persecuted massively in Europe, it was the Islamic world which gave them shelter, protection and even status in its societies from Spain to Ottoman Empire, Morocco and Egypt. There is a dire need of reviving the historical spirit of co-operation and intellectual fraternity among today’s Jewish Muslim communities. If we let the anti-Islam rhetoric and hatred continue unabated, it would certainly spill over to Jewish people sooner than later.
    Coming to and other anti-Islam propagandists, I shall only refer to non-Muslim writers, both Jewish and Christian.

    In his article; A nation against Islam: America's new crusade Max Blumenthal, writes ”Geller also benefited from close alliances with leading Islamophobes from Europe. Among Geller’s allies was Andrew Gravers, a Danish activist who formed the group Stop the Islamicization of Europe, and gave it the unusually blunt motto: “Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense.” Gravers’s group inspired Geller’s own US-based outfit, Stop the Islamicization of America, which she formed with her friend Robert Spencer whose bestselling books, including The Truth About Muhammad, Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion, prompted former advisor to President Richard Nixon and Muslim activist Robert Crane to call him “the principal leader… in the new academic field of Muslim bashing.” (The website Politico reports that almost $1 million in donations from Chernick has been steered to Spencer’s Jihad Watch group through David Horowitz’s Freedom Center.)
    Then a German writer Thomas Kirchner writing in Süddeutsche Zeitung/ 2010 says: It has taken a while for the virulent Geert Wilders style of hatred for Islam to get a foothold in the USA. Geller, along with bearded intellectual Robert Spencer (he blogs on "Jihad Watch"), head the organisation "Stop Islamization of America" (SIOA) and are now regarded as the leaders of the anti-Islam movement in the US. They make regular appearances on right-wing TV and radio shows and in David Horowitz have found themselves a millionaire backer. They can also count Republican Newt Gingrich and the neoconservative former UN ambassador John Bolton amongst their prominent supporters.

    James Brooks in ; Deep Roots of Islamophobia say: “For example, what is the background to the new bigots' favorite claim, that Islam is a "uniquely violent religion"? The scriptural perspective is simply embarrassing. Both the Old Testament and the Torah chronicle God's recurring commands to the Hebrews to wipe out everyone in sight, so copiously that the Qur'an looks downright tame by comparison. Christian and Jewish fundamentalists defy their own scriptures when they defame Islam as a violent religion”.
    Kind regards

    • aspacia

      Funny how moderate Muslims fear the Islmofascists and do not make excuses for them like the CAIR, MAS, etc. idiots. It is a shame that these moderate Muslims have suffered death threats.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    So what is the double standard about the discourse.

    When an individual does something that is repugnant to humanity at large, and if he happens to be a Muslim, then the media describes him by his religion. By contrast the media and history does not single out Hitler who massacred Jews as "Christian", or more recently, the Serbs and their atrocities against the Bosnians as "Christian ethnic cleansing".

    When in Rwanda an act of genocide took place, although almost all, Rwandan nationals are of Christian faith, no one was presenting the atrocities as religiously inspired acts, although even some priests or nuns also participated in the killings.

    While the recently killed Bin Laden idiotically called for the destruction of the United States, it is described, in the name of Allah, but one never hears of the US bombing and killing thousands of innocent citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the name of Christ. That is the difference. Although many neo-cons right up to the former president Bush himself – in Washington openly considered it as a kind of a religious battle or duty. We have also heard both former President Bush and former Prime Minister Tony Blair openly admitting that they did have divine intervention in their decision to go to war in Iraq, meaning that God has Himself sanctioned their actions.
    Neil Clark in The Guardian, October 20, 2003 wrote;
    ” Arabophobia has been part of Western culture since the Crusades, with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden only the latest in a long line of Arab bogeymen. For centuries the Arab has played the role of villain, seducer of our women, hustler and thief – the barbarian lurking at the gates of civilization”.

    So dear readers of Frontpagemag, please stop hating as ignorant people and start arguing as intelligent and unbiased individuals. This way, people like me and a billion plus Muslims would give you a hearing.
    Kind regards

    • aspacia

      No Bashy, MSM whitewashes Muslim terrorism, usually refuses to use the word Muslim or Islam, but screams Christian or Jew when one is guilty of terrorism (i.e. Brevik, Rudolph)

    • Guest

      Hitler never did his deeds for Christianity. Serbs never did their deeds for Christianity either, it was blowback against Muslim encroachment in Kosovo. As we see now, Muslims are employing ethnic cleansing and driving out any non muslims to make the lands "Muslim only". We can thank Clinton for this.

      You said "While the recently killed Bin Laden idiotically called for the destruction of the United States, it is described, in the name of Allah, but one never hears of the US bombing and killing thousands of innocent citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the name of Christ."

      Right. Because Bin Ladin found justification in the Holy Quran for his actions. Our actions against Radical Islam and its proponents are not done because of any commands in the Bible. You simply won't find it.

      Nice try though. Why don't you simply admit that the Quran is a violent hate filled "holy book" for people called Muslims. It's commands tell their followers to kill non-believers. It is indisbutable as any westerner can pick up any authoritative copy of the Quran and read for himself or herself what the Quran actually says instead of listening to crap peddled by a taqiyya master.

  • Ghostwriter

    Maybe,Mr. Quraishy,that would be true if not for a few facts you seem to leave out. There's a group called the Council of American Islamic Relations or CAIR. One of their founding members said that "Islam is not in America to be one of it's faiths. It is here to be the dominant faith." To them,Islam isn't here to co-exist peacefully among the other faiths that exist in this country,it wants to either subjugate or destroy every other religion in this country,including it's traditional faiths,Judaism and Christianity.
    Also,Mr.Quraishy,I've been treated on my television screen to having Muslims riot and scream "Death to America" a lot. Don't forget that many in the Muslim world danced and celebrated the mass murders of 9/11. The only ones who didn't were the Israelis,who for years have been victims of terrorism. Maybe we would be a little more tolerant if your people showed other faiths the same courtesy,but yours doesn't. A lot of Americans see Muslims are trying to force their religion on to other Americans who are quite happy with their own religion. Maybe,if you would stop with the suicide bombings,terrorism and violence and stop trying to turn the whole world Islamic,then we might have something to talk about,but it seems that you and your people aren't interested in that. You just want to slaughter those who worship a different god than yours.

    • aspacia

      True, try building or repairing a church or synagogue in most of the Middle-East. Zero tolerance toward the practice of other faiths.

  • martin kessler

    Bashy made a comment that is not often heard. In carefully reading the Qur’an one cannot come away but to observe the clear similarity between Judaism and Islam. Read the lines and “between the lines” as well and one is struck by the thought that Mohammad I suspect wanted desperately to be a Jew. Jews had position, stature, status. He wanted to be one within “The People of the Book.” He tried. He was rejected He was unforgiving. He or someone wrote the book. How do people of any book get a book? Happens all the time.

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