Something Rotten in Norway

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Anders Breivik’s attack on the youth camp of the Norwegian Labour Party has its most obvious precedent in the Maalot Massacre when Palestinian Muslim gunmen attacked an Israeli elementary school, taking over a hundred children hostage, and then using automatic weapons to kill as many of them as they could. But the link between Maalot and Utoya is more than casual. The Workers Youth League which ran the camp had a long history of supporting the same kind of terrorists who had perpetrated the Maalot Massacre.

Lars Gule, is the Secretary General of the Norwegian Humanist Association, and a defender of Muslims having the right to discriminate against women and gays. (The two are not a contradiction in Norway.) He was the leader of the Workers Youth League at the University of Bergen– and a DFLP terrorist.

The DFLP were the perpetrators of the Maalot Massacre. And two years after that attack, Lars Gule was trained by the DFLP and dispatched to Israel via Norway with explosives hidden in the covers of his books.

“The Suspect had made ​​it known to his employers that he wanted to take human life…  to strengthen Palestinian fighting spirit and morale,” Norwegian police records noted.

None of this impeded Gule’s career in any way. He went on to the University of Bergen and served as the head of the Workers Youth League, the organization that was targeted in the Utoya attack. Today he is a prominent figure on the left.

How can we make sense of this? Glenn Beck compared the Workers Youth League camp to a Hitler Youth camp. He was close, but not entirely right. The roots of the Workers Youth League are actually Communist.

Norway’s Labour Party was a member of the Communist International. The Workers Youth League was formed by the merger of the Left Communist Youth League and the Socialist Youth League of Norway. We often use “Communist” as a pejorative– but in this case the Utoya camp, literally was a Communist youth camp.

The day before the massacre, Norwegian Foreign Minister Gahre-Store visited the camp and was greeted with banners calling for a boycott of Israel, and Gahre-Store responded with an Anti-Israel speech to cheers from the campers. There is something ominous about such indoctrination of hate. It is not quite on the level of the Hitler Youth, but neither is it a world apart.

In the 1930’s, Germans were encouraged to blame their problems on the Jews. In this decade, Norwegians are encouraged to blame their problems on the Jews. There are few children of workers at the Workers Youth League camp. They are for the most part the children of the party, the sons and daughters of bureaucrats and party leaders, training the next generation to perpetrate the Labour Party state.

Breivik came from that same background. The son of the left wing elite. And if his parents’ marriage had not collapsed, with the young boy allotting a share of the blame to the Labour Party, he would likely have a comfortable spot in the socialist state. Breivik may have turned against his roots, but the idea that terroristic violence is a legitimate solution is one that he could have easily picked up on the left.

Gahre-Store may have been greeted with a banner calling for the boycott of Israel, but he would never have been greeted with one calling for a boycott of terrorists. And indeed if there is an Islamist terrorist group that Gahre-Store doesn’t support, it’s hard to find. Gahre-Store had called for negotiating with Al-Shahaab in Somalia, an Al-Qaeda offshoot, he spoke with Hamas leader Khaled Mashal and called for a reconciliation with the Taliban.

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  • Steve

    If you want to get people to reject Islam, stop saying they don't accept homosexuality.

    • myomy

      no, make a civilized non believer live among them until they kill him and then as his throat is being sliced he will reject islam.

    • BigNickKudzu

      No idea what the two have in common

    • Jennifer Fricker

      GREAT idea Steve, I can't imagine why no-one's thought of that before!!! (Whilst you're going about it Steve, why not point-out that people deformed like me, i.e. part female and part male have nothing to do with homosexuality either?)

    • kafir4life

      If you want to see something funny when at the airport, tell the screeners that you are a muslima trapped in a Jewish man's body.
      "Everything I tell you is a lie".
      "I am lying to you".

      It gets like that.

    • haine online

      It takes only to be a delusional zionist to condemn muslims for the recent massacre and terror committed by a zionis-lovign crusader. But, this delusion is a good news. It is a sign that only a few people with swallow this sick propaganda. The world is discovering the cancer called zionism. Wait and see.

  • David M

    Everything is rotten in Norway (politics, massmedia, academia,…) and I'm afraid that there are other bad apples. Do you remember Left-Hamas-Hezbollah riots during DC tennis matches between Israel and Sweden in the city of Malmö? The Norwegian broadcasting NRK is as bad and dishonest as the Swedish SVT and the British BBC. And what about trade unions and the Lutheran church? Not a bit better but worse. Something is rotten in Norway; something is rotten in Europe; and something is rotten in the West.

    • John of Indonesia

      The rotting is an infection carried from the muslims world.

      • kkkkokpj

        People say I have Islamaphobia……..DAM RIGHT!!! They really ARE trying to kill us.

        • Dan

          I thought a "phobia" was an unreasonable fear. How about you (and me) having a reasonable — evidenced — fear (and disgust). Also of Commies (international socialists) and Nazis (national socialists) and other Communitarianists.

    • Marjorie

      Agree, Amen, David.

  • Viking

    "Breivik may have turned against his roots, but the idea that terroristic violence is a legitimate solution is one that he could have easily picked up on the left."

    Yes, he even mentioned in his manifesto that he used to be friends with members of Blitz (communists known for violent demonstrations, intimidation, assault, drug abuse and crime) and SOS Rasisme (communists taking refuge in "anti-racism", with members known for physically attacking political opponents. And he used to agree with them politically as well, until he got in trouble with immigrant gangs in the 90s. (One of the leaders in SOS Rasisme threatening with violence.)… (A leader convicted of several incidents of violence.)

    The Norwegian right have no traditions of political violence. Without a doubt this is something he picked up from them.

  • Amused

    oh , you can ,huh ? just spit it out ugg , say what you want to say ……and stop trying to be "mysterious " ?

    • garyhustin

      I’ve read through a number of the articles in your website , and I love the way you blog. I included it to my favorites blog site list and will also be checking quickly.
      stop snoring pillow

  • Amused

    I see a very very sick mentality and rationale rising here .

    • Tanya

      Where do you see this? Whose side are you on?

      • mrbean

        Amused is looking in the mirror

        • Amused

          you're a fool mr.beano

  • jacob

    I don' believe the pierce of smut called the NYT would dare publish such an article,
    even it it wpould be the frank confession of the perpetrator…

    It is a miracle the stable of writters and reporters haven't yet implicated Israel and the
    MOSSAD in this action but with patience, they'll get there…

    And the meantime, the N. York Jews keep on supporting it….

    Talk about masochism……

  • myomy

    never trust any muslim…. never spend any money with a musllim…. never support any muslim…. islam is the cesspool of the world.

    • Moby

      I agree…I do not purchase from any store with Muslims in it.

      • Karmafish

        Oh, for crying out loud!

        Don't you realize that you do no one any good with this kind of blatant bigotry?

        Jesus Chris on a cracker.

        • Shel_TR

          @Karmafish: You are totally correct! Support of Israel, Judaism, human rights, etc., etc. All of those actually speak AGAINST racism / bigotry / prejudice.

          The enemy is Islamo-Fascism, NOT Islam. To make Islam, itself, the enemy would be utter suicide (global Muslims number in the bilions) and sheerly stupid (as Daniel Pipes agrees, moderate Muslims may be a large part of the solution to the problem with Islam-Fascists).

          If Islam were the enemy, Israel would be doomed. However, Israel has very intelligently made peace treaties where possible with moderate Islamic nations (e.g. Jordan, Egypt) and has muti-layer relations with other Islamic nations (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Turkey). Although they've had uneven results, there's never been any question in Israel that this is the only sane approach.

          We must be clear: Islam is not the enemy of the West, or of Israel. Religious-based hatred is hatred, and we (Jews / supporters of Israel) must vigorously oppose it.

          • SpiritOf1683

            If you werwe alive in Vienna in 1529, I wonder if you would have dared tell Johannes Graf von Salm that Islam wasn't the enemy? Perhaps not, because you wouldn't have fancied having a sword buried in your stomach, or fancied seeing the Janissaries pouring into Vienna. Try telling the families of the Beslan victims that Islam isn't the enemy. You wouldn't dare.

    • kafir4life

      I would never hire a muslim. It's too costly, and makes others feel unsafe. I won't shop in muslim owed businesses. I've informed other businesses that I feel unsafe when I see a muslim (I know, most of them don't explode, but as kafir, how can I tell the difference) working there. You can't eat muslim prepared food, because sometimes they put feces in it (not all of course, but more than none). I wouldn't get into a cab driven by a muslim, because I may be carrying alcohol (and it may offend their muslim sensibilities).

      • guest

        what about the lawsuits, foot baths, prayers 6 times in the day, and needing halal food? You MUST accommodate these workers. And no pork, but you get Sharia.

        If you have a female there she MUST NOT be alone with any males. I figure a couple hundred grand needed for these special programs.

      • myomy

        you are so right my friend…. thank you…

    • Indioviejo

      Boycott their shops and businesses. I have.

      • myomy

        I have too. Every muslim must give some of the money earned to their mosque and from their some goes to the jihadis who are trying to kill us. It's stupid to ever put any money in a muslim's hand.

    • winston_2010

      i live in an area chock full of muslims.. (mostly from Pakistan, Bangladesh & india)
      Most are the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. It is more common to see the the older generations (male and female) wearing traditional garbs..(I see a veiled women too but then the usually the daughters are not veiled. They choose not to. I understand not every girl has this choice but in the majority of cases people, generation after generation become assimilated. Religious extremism is just miniscule minority. (as you can see from the small numbers of people who join protests all over youtube of UK 'radical Muslims screaming for Sharia in the west). But we are being conditioned to believe this is much greater threat to justify the 'war on terror' and you can see the results of that fear and ignorance all over this website.
      "Communists" were enemy not long ago.. and we fought a deep terrible war in Vietnam against this dreaded "red menace," over what we were told were profound and irreconcilable economic ideological differences and yet less than 2 years after turning tail and abandoning Vietnam we gave them, our defeaters the communists, billions of US TAX DOLLARS in "reconstruction aid."

      • myomy

        stop with your anti American propaganda… There is no place on earth where muslims fully assimilate into western culture or any other. You certainly are no authority on this subject and your ignorance is evident by your false statements. You couldn't be more wrong in stating "we are being conditioned to believe this is much greater threat" etc. In case you haven't noticed our politically correct media and our government bend over backwards to misinform and minimize any thought of islam posiing a threat to western civilization. Pres. Bush even lied and said "Islam is peace". My ass it is. And Communists are still our enemies you moron and some are even in our government now. I served during the Viet Nam war and you sir are a damned liar about our troops. Our government refused to let us win that war you idiot just like they are doing today in the middle east. You are an America hater pure and simple. Why don't you get the hell out and take your miserable muslim ass back where you came from?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Will the parents of the dead youth consider that maybe they made a mistake, playing
    with fire can so easily get you burned. Norway is not a complete sick society as there
    are some good people there, I know of them and they are worried sick as to what
    the left is doing and it is understandable with the Nazi Government forming there.

    • nina

      If they are sick, why aren't they doing something about it? They have the same rights as the leftists. They can vote, they can demonstrate, etc.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        They may say and do nothing for a generation, we are not talking about
        a very active people, I can not understand how leftism has taken over their
        Nation but I am mystified as to why they have a vocal minority running
        the government. It may be that they are set in their ways no matter who
        is in government or who sets the rules and short of and invasion they
        will stand around like trees blowing with any wind that comes along. We
        must wait and see what happens but I expect silence for the most part.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Every country that wishes to remain free must acknowledge that terrorism is not exclusive to just one political or ethnic persuasion. Also, we must not overlook the whacko element. There are those that kill people just to kill. They are just nuts. When a whacko kills there is a tendency to want to lay the guilt on persons or organizations that had nothing to do with the act. When Oklahoma City went down a number of people on the left tried to blame Rush Limbaugh. 911 went down a number of people claimed that Bush and company knew in advance and/or conspired to make it happen. In the end we must not come to conclusions in the of facts.

  • StephenD

    Perhaps there can be some good that rises from the ashes here.
    Exposure of the mindset and political movements that support terror, being opened for the world to see is a good thing.
    "Chickens coming home to roost" or "Lay down with dogs you're going to get fleas." One more, "Live by the sword, die by the sword."
    I like the idea of folks knowing that if they support terrorists, eventually it will come back around to their door step. Some would call that "Karma."

  • mikidiki

    Norwegian politicians have a serious inferiority complex. They know that theirs is a two bit country of a mere handful of people which has encouraged immigration of mostly impoverished islamists so as maintain in power a left wing government. There will be more lunatics like ABB emerging from the shadows .. the old Norway is doomed, destroyed by the very people elected to safeguard its social fabric and its traditions.

    • Odd

      Good article that summarizes my experience as a Norwegian citizen.

  • Marty

    Norway has no moral basis for continuing as a political democracy. Its government and people are catering to the totalitarian movement of islam. The country will reach its tipping point soon enough and then it will be too late to prevent the establishment of a scandanavian caliphate. Its Jewish community had better leave as soon as possible.

  • Guest

    As I read this article, I thought of William Ayres: he and his wife gave Barack Hussain Obama his start in Chicago politics;: Ayres was a member of the Weatherman Underground, a terrorist organization that set off bombs and killed policemen in the US in the 70s (Ayres is quoted saying "Im guilty as hell and free as a bird"). Ayres worked with BHO in Chicago politics and they used $50 millions from a trust fund on left-wing Marxist indoctrination on Chicago's mainly black schoolkids instead of on badly-needed educational material and courses (and Chicago's public school system is still one of the poorest rated). Ayres and BHO seem to have had links with groups raising funds for the 'palestinians' and the Los Angeles Times supposedly has an unreleased video of a 'charitable' social gathering for that purpose. The way in which the Left, in most Western countries, has brazenly, almost proudly, made terrorists part of their inner circle while perverting youth to their causes (presented as 'peace' agendas but subtly inculcating hatred) needs full exposure. This article is an excellent start.

    • Bernadette de Wit

      Do not mix up Weatherman Bill Ayers, married to terrorist Bernadette Dohrn, with talkshow host Bill Ayres.

  • Infidel 4 Ever

    I have no sympathy for norway.

    norway is a example of what happens to a country that embraces socialism and islamofascism.

    • guest

      first to die will be the politically correct when Islam takes Norway. It is in the plan.
      They don't trust traitors. Like Stalin, and Hitler did.

      We won't miss them, and they will get no help from Israel.

  • aspacia

    Disappointing article that makes backhanded apologies for the monster, Brevik (sp).

    Regardless of his history, or the terrorism the left often supported and still supports, there is zero excuse for targeting unarmed civilians. This is very close to Muslim apologetics.

    • digdigby

      You don't seem to care for the truth. You would rather not know anything about this 'youth camp'. 'Nice' is a convenient pose that calls for zero brains and zero sacrifice on your part or on the media's part.

      • aspacia

        Facts are facts. There is no moral excuse for anyperson to massacre unarmed civilians.

        The claims made in this article resemble the Muslim claims or excuses for murdering unarmed civilians.

        If the Norwegian Labor Party is a major problem, make your voice heard, convince others, and vote them out of office.

    • Jim_C

      Integrity, consistency, and a sober concern for facts rather than fuel for rage.

      Indeed–what IS the point of this article, after all, but to suggest that maybe the people on the island had it coming because they were Islam-coddling commies?


  • Edip Yuksel

    It takes only to be a delusional zionist to condemn muslims for the recent massacre and terror committed by a zionis-lovign crusader. But, this delusion is a good news. It is a sign that only a few people with swallow this sick propaganda. The world is discovering the cancer called zionism. Wait and see.

    • Izy

      you are just a Nazi creature and will endup like one

    • SpiritOf1683

      We have rediscovered the cancer called Islam. What a pity we couldn't have had another set of Crusades around 1685 in the aftermath of Vienna as Sobieski wanted, and destroyed the Ottoman Empire, freed Greece and made Constantinople its capital, and imposed Christianity and Judaism in the lands of the former Empire of Evil. And why were you given your Jewish-inventred medicines and vaccines, barbaric parasite?

    • aspacia

      I am a Zionist, and make no excuses for this animal who massacred unarmed civilians. In contrast the Left and Muslim make apologies and excuses for Muslim massacring nonMuslims.

    • Eric

      Well Edip Yusel, I guess you are about to admit to the world conquest passions of Islam. It is time to stop targeting the Israelis who only desire to remain within their borders. Sell your hash to someone else Yuksel.

    • Bernadette de Wit

      Hi there slave of Allah, I love your islamic Newspeak. I can see who is your favorite hero after Mohammed.
      Tell me, isn'it time to replace your thumbed copy of Kavgam by a fresh one?
      They have all sorts of nice covers:

  • effemall

    This was an eye opener. I knew nothing of Norway. Their attitudes are so inexplicable. Could their long winters have atrophied their brains? If they truly favor Muslim immigration then they'll deserve everything they'll get.

    • Norwegian

      The Norwegian government loves Muslims.
      The Norwegian journalists loves Muslims.
      But the majority of the people don't want them here.

      • nina

        Oh, you poor people! Why then if the majority doesn't want immigration, it still happens? Don't you have elections? Why don't you express your feelings? And if you really are the majority, why is the Labor pary always in power? Something doesn't smell right.

        • Viking

          The explanation is quite simple: There is a major difference between the people actively supporting immigration and the people who support it passively. A minority actively support it, like I showed in the poll. And if there ever was a referendum, there would be a change. But it is not going to happen.

          Since people are voting for these parties anyway, it is because immigration may not be their top political issue. A person who likes 80 per cent of what the Labour Party stands for, but not the immigration policy, is likely to vote for them anyway. The result is an immigration policy the majority of the people does not want.

  • Chiggles

    Except that no one is doing that, Edipsh!t.

  • evy

    Aspacia, this is NOT a disappointing article but a NEED TO KNOW article. It does not apologize for Brevik, but casts light on the facts that are otherwise being kept hidden by a corrupt media. Thanks for posting this, FrontPage.

    • aspacia

      evy, my background is linguistics, specifically Gricean. I am trained to read between the line and through the bs. This article implies that Beivik's target was rational considering Norweigian Labor's history. I stand by my claim, this is not a rational target. However, we do need to target certain terrorist sponsoring governments.

  • Amused

    To the TWO IDIOTS Tanya and Mr.Bean [brain] , who are obviously too brainwashed to see what's happening [or just too stupid] there seems to be a subtle if not overt justification for this Norwegian mass murderer . Comparing this political camp to a den of commies ,nazis and jew haters , so …….MAYBE THEY F____NG DESERVED WHAT THEY GOT .

    You TWO IDIOTS GET THAT ? …or did that go over your PIN HEADS .

    • catcher

      And maybe it is something else you can't comprehend you hard boiled chicken brain?

      • Amused

        Join the two schmucks I mentioned , you qualify ….you're stupid enough .And most likely dont even see the issue peanut brain .

        • nina

          Oh, wonderful. Just keep heaping invectives whenever you lack a rational rebuttal.

    • mah29001

      It's funny how people like you go around and JUSTIFY terrorism to what creates a terrorist. But when you end up being the perpetrator as being the "creator" of a terrorist who brings bad karma back to you….what does that say about you?

      • Amused

        Gee after that incoherent , disconnected statement , I dont even know what you're saying about me . If you're too dimwitted to see that where this article is going , then remain in your ignorance , neither I nor any one else can help you .btw are you on drugs ?

  • Victor Laslow

    The Socialist Liberal Left always did eat their young, it now appears their young will eat them too. Terrorism begets terrorism.

    Victor Laslow

    The Republic Revealed

  • victorlaslow

    The Socialist Liberal Left always did eat their young, it now appears their young will eat them too. Terrorism begets terrorism.

  • victorlaslow

    The Left always did eat their young, it now appears their young will eat them too. Terrorism begets terrorism.

  • Indioviejo

    Excellent article. As Reverend Wright said, "the chickens came home to roost" I feel for the children, but their parents are reaping the whirlwind they have created. Breivik is one of their own.

    • Amused

      oh yea , I can see those tears [crocodile tears that is ] Have fun gloating over the murder of those vile lefty kids .

      • Indioviejo

        Not amusing at all. Hitler Jungen, Little Pioneers, the Norwegian children are all victims of the State, their parents, and the people who kill them. Just leave the children out of political movements until they can vote, if it's not to much to ask. Breivik's parents are socialist who started indoctrinating early and created an extremist.

  • Ghostwriter

    Oh,for the old days when summer camp was about sailing canoes,arts and crafts,and that sort of thing.

  • ehswan

    I had no idea that the net had become so corrupt as to spew the irrelevant garbage that I have just read. SHILLS AND MORONS!

  • Amused

    You got that right jack .

    • mah29001

      You're the kind of turdling who rationalizations how U.S. foreign policy helped create Islamic terrorists….but….what the heck happens when you're the one who is responsible for helping to create another brand of terrorists?

  • Jim

    This story should be spread far and wide on every media possible.

    I wonder what is eating him.

    How many like him are prowling around the US

  • Thomasson

    Norway is a country of sharp contrasts. During WWII Vidkun Quisling had become a metaphor for treason. At the other hand the Norwegian underground was famous for it’s steadfast attitude against the German occupation. With out the actions of the Norwegian underground against the German plant for nuclear research, the Germans could had reached the stage of building an atomic bomb. During the war many Norwegian women did not have any objection against having love affaires with German soldiers. Directly after the war, Norwegians had handled the poor children, born out of those love affairs, as human trash. The cruelty conducted against these kids was horrifying. There are even rumours that the children wear abused in every way; from sex abuse up to conducting biological experiments on them. Now we witness something similar. The Norwegian left wing government doing it’s utmost best to help the Third World. More and more immigrants and “refugees’ from Islamic and African countries can find a new home in Norway. The people who come from those countries (the majority non educated or very law educated) regard the Norwegians as fools and the women as whores. Due to the high immigration rate Norway encounters now a wave of rape conducted by Muslim and African new comers. The government of Jens Stoltenberg (Socialists) is wholly indifferent to the agony of raped Norwegian women and girls (some beneath the age of ten).
    Unni Wikan, a professor of social anthropology at the Oslo university, had reacted on the rape-wave by saying that women and girls are to be blamed for the mass rape, as for they do not behave themselves correctly. Women have to realize that society has been changed; so they must get used to new codes of behaviour!!.
    The author Bruce Bawer, (lives in Norway) had dedicated a great deal of his book “When Europe slept” to the Islamization of Norway.
    More on Norwegian society can be found in the book of Eirik Eiglad “Anti Jewish Riots in Oslo”. It is focused on the Muslim violent riots against the Israeli action in Gaza on January 2009.

    In view of the above mentioned, it is no wonder that the Norwegian ambassador in Tel Aviv reflect such idea’s on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Scandinavian left wingers and Soviet Communists have one thing in common: they don’t want to look in the mirror and see the truth.
    The emerging of a person like Anders, Behring Breivik is not unusual for such an extreme society. The man is highly intelligent and pathological psychopath. Due to his virulent hatred for left wingers, he took the life of so many people.
    His manifest can be divided in two parts: a) A brilliant analyses of the Islam problems in Europe and b) The psychopathic pathological solutions for the problems.

    However, the analysis he is giving in his manifest is real. It should be very stupid to ignore it. It is the hand on the wall.

  • Thomasson

    Norway is a country of sharp contrasts. During WWII Vidkun Quisling had become a metaphor for treason. At the other hand the Norwegian underground was famous for its steadfast attitude against the German occupation. With out the actions of the Norwegian underground against the German plant for nuclear research, the Germans could had reached the stage of building an atomic bomb. During the war many Norwegian women did not have any objection against having love affaires with German soldiers. Directly after the war, Norwegians had handled the poor children, born out of those love affairs, as human trash. The cruelty conducted against these kids was horrifying. There are even rumours that the children wear abused in every way

  • steven l

    Why do Muslims emigrate?
    They do not want to live in a "prison".
    Why immigrants Muslims do not fight Islamists in their host country? They are moderate. They did not put a fight in their country of origin (they are moderate), they will not fight in the host country for the same reason. However Islamists are not afraid or prevented from infiltrating the Muslim immigrants and to blackmail them. Christians and Jews do not do that. Furthermore Jews do not proselytize. Jews do not get involved in terrorism. Muslims do as a way of life and Christians did.
    Jews have NO INTEREST in dominating humanity. Muslims very much do, Christians are slowly learning (Rome still hold to wishful thinking) but will realize that the human spirit is more powerful.

  • IceStar

    This article was enlightening.

    Please keep us updated.

  • Al'marri

    Whilst I don't condone what Brevik did I can understand his reasoning. We in Europe are fed up with the mealy mouthed pro Islamic stance of all our governments. Any criticism of Islam brings forth howls of racism, fascism and right wing bigotry. It really maddens me!!

  • Jan

    In Holland there's a guy called Geert Wilders (he's considered right wing according to left) who's warning for a long time of the dangers of the increasing power of the islam within Europe. his party was the big winner of the last elections. now his name seem to have appeared on a list, that belonged to Breivik, besides a lot of names including that of an English "mentor". now Dutch politicians and even some journalists are holding this Geert Wilders, not directly ofcourse, but indirectly accountable for the killings by Breivik. they say that his speeches of hatred against the islam, for which he never was convicted by a recent court case, there was no evidence according to the Dutch public presecutor, will influence people to do this killings. have you ever heard such nonsense?

  • AJ Weberman

    This sounds like CAIR rationalizing a terrorist attack. You are making excuses for a mass murderer. If it was Horowitz's secretary being murdered in a parking lot you would not make excuses for the murderer.

  • Felix Nagel

    Oh my god, this is so wrong Im not quite sure where to begin.This is the worst article I read for years. Please visit Europe and explore what Socialist Parties and Socalist Youth means in Europe. Its not about communists and surly not about the Hitler Youth. Its a political youth organization and there are such for every political direction (In Europe there a more parties than in the US, the mentioned one is moderate not communist).

    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. All you want to do is to goad simple minded people. Please, just shut up.

    • mette

      Yes you fool, please visit Europe – see how the immigrants live in segregated communities, where Sharia laws are implied amongst them –
      You have no idea what is talked about – get educated – take a lesson from Libanon, that used to be 85% Christian and a democracy 50 years ago – look what it is now !
      They invited the Muslims to come and live in their midst, and they took over the country – and that is what is going to happen to the countries in Europe one by one, if the muli-culti politicians get their way.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Do not forget that they murdered the Lebanese Christians in large numbers
        and so many have emigrated out to save their lives, Muslims do not make
        good neighbors and anyone that thinks so should go live with them for a
        while and after being raped and if not killed go home and see if your mind
        is changed………………………………William

  • Brujo Blanco

    Situations like these need be evaluated based on the facts. If one renders a judgment not based on facts one will end up with a fictional account.

  • Edward

    Time to BOYCOTT norway.

    There are certain cruise lines that should sail with empty rooms.

    And certain cheeses that should rot on the shelves of distributors.

  • Flipside

    Well, fortunately(?) the IDF made sure that they killed 27 people and wounded 138 refugees in retaliation(?). Breivik doesn't quote the Ma'alot Massacre though. He quotes David Horowitz, repeatedly.

    • SpiritOf1683

      It seems you've flipped, eh Jew-hating troll. You must be so disappointed that Israel is 63 not out now – only another 37 years to its century and Europe's doom.

    • MixMChess

      During the Ma'alot massacre Palestinian thugs MURDERED 25 Israeli civilians, 22 of whom were children in elementary school. The IDF response was to TARGET TERRORIST enclaves in Southern Lebanon. How is it "retaliation" when the IDF targets murderous and blood-thirsty Palestinian terrorists?

      • Flipside

        Nice targeting. They targeted 165 people. They must have all been involved.

        • MixMChess

          WRONG again, Israel targeted terrorists as the majority of those who were killed and injured were terrorists plotting to murder Jews. Perhaps if Palestinian terrorists didn't "bravely" hide among civilian enclaves or use women and children as human shields the civilian injuries would have been lowered. Nice try though.

          • Flipside

            The same could be said of the burning of the Warsaw Ghetto. I don't say it though. Unlike yourself, I do not have any way of making myself accept civilian deaths. At best it could be said that the IDF doesn't target well. At worst, it could be said, and I do say, that a lot of Israeli teenage conscripts are committing genocide.

          • MixMChess

            "The same could be said of the burning of the Warsaw Ghetto. I don't say it though."

            This comparison can be made only out of your sheer stupidity about the Nazi enterprise and about Israel's current fight against terrorism. The Palestinians today do not remotely resemble the Jews of Europe. The Jews were peaceful, patriotic, law-abiding citizens in the countries where they lived. They did not arm themselves, call for the murder of their countrymen, initiate hostilities, terrorism and slaughter against those countries' innocent civilians, or declare their right to take over those countries and expel or exterminate their citizens. Yet this is precisely what Palestinians have unleashed against Israel and it is precisely what Israel is trying to combat.

          • MixMChess

            "Unlike yourself, I do not have any way of making myself accept civilian deaths."

            Israel uses more restraint than any other nation-including democracies– has used against far less provocation. It has tried valiantly to maintain humanitarian values and spare innocent civilians in the face of a terrorist war. The Palestinian goal (not unlike the Nazis), in contrast, is to exterminate Jews. If anyone is to blame for civilian deaths it is the Palestinian leadership that provokes and initiates terror and genocide against Israel.

          • MixMChess

            "At best it could be said that the IDF doesn't target well. At worst, it could be said, and I do say, that a lot of Israeli teenage conscripts are committing genocide."

            Sorry you're WRONG again :-(.

            A study published in Middle East Quarterly found that over 95% of Palestinians killed during the Intifada from 2000 – 2002 were ADULT MALE enemy combatants. During the same period, the study found that only 57% of Israelis killed were combat aged males. Is the IDF really so undisciplined that they are only able to hit their intended target (civilians according to your faulty logic) under 5% of the time?

            Your genocide claims are laughable at best considering that the Palestinian population has EXPLODED under Israeli rule. Did you know that the Palestinian population increased by over 84% from 1993-2004 alone?

            Even Israel's most strident critics praise the state for the care it exercises in ensuring the safety of civilians. Anti-Israel Professor Michael Walzer was forced to admit: "In battle, the Israeli army regularly accepted risks to its own men in order to reduce the risks that it posed on the civilian population. The contrast with the way the Russians fought in Grozny, to take the most recent example of large-scale urban warfare, is striking, and the crucial mark of that contrast is the very small number of civilian casualties in the Palestinian cities despite the fierceness of the fighting."

            Get a clue moron.

  • Signa

    My brother, who lives in Norway and speaks the language wrote to me:
    The power of the internet is disturbing. Google "Lars Gule retten til å diskriminere" and you find a philosopher balancing the right of free speech on one hand with the right to non- discrimination on the other. He argued that discrimination by private and religous groups was not properly a subject for legal intervention. In this, he was actually pre- empted by the US supreme court in Boy Scouts of America vs Dale. Their ruling was completely in line with his logic. It is worth noting that his arguments for the right to discrimate applied not only to muslim religious groups but also christian, buddist, youth and other PRIVATE groups. Remember that he was often controversial in his attacks against islamic fundamentalism but defended the rights of muslims to practice their religion. He was an outspoken opponent of any and all discrimination but also a passionate defender of the right to free speech. When the two collide, you need to sit back and do a lot of thinking. He did so and ended with the same conclusion as the supreme court a couple of years earlier. Now google "Lars Gule right to discriminate" and you find literally hundreds of links accusing him of supporting muslim's right to discriminate against women and gays. None of them mention that he was actually opposed to discrimination. None of them mention that his defense of free speech applied to christians as well as muslims, and all other private groups. None of them mention that what he supported is actally law in the US thanks to the supreme court decision. Because of these omissions, all of them are lying yet they will be cited as truth (exactly like that guy did in the link you sent me) and believed through their sheer volume. Scary, only by being able to read norwegian could you expose this and not many people on this planet do. Thus propaganda reigns victorious :P

  • scum

    Therefore, they should all be massacred. I see your point.

    • mah29001

      I wonder how you can have it both ways when you whine about U.S. foreign policy creates terrorists and dictators, but when Norway fell victim to terrorism because of a policy they promoted….you're the first ones to defend victims of terrorism but not the victims of Osama bin Laden? That people like YOU claim the U.S. foreign policy had "created"?

      Did Norway "create" its own terrorists as well?

  • WowOwow

    This article is an example of distorting the facts to fit your agenda. plain and simple — it is wrong.

  • Nog1

    What a ridiculous article.

    Norwegians aren't encouraged to blame the Jews, they blame the moslims. Breivik was a member of the second largets political party. A party with just two principles;
    1 Blame everything on the muslims
    2 Israel is always right.

    And why this story about Gule? He wasn't in Utoya, hasn't had anything to do with the labour youth organisation for almost half a century.

    You could't find a more appropriate slander to insult dead children?

    Breivik is beyond anyones doubt a fascist. Defending his actions (like this article does) makes you a fascist too.

    That;'s the only good that has come from this. That the so called freedom-and-democratic-pose of the islamofobes has been thrown off.

    Good old fascist that like to kill children.

    • Guest

      Good old fascist that like to kill children

      Yes, just like the Muslims who send children as suicide bombers, hide their weapons where children live, want their children to become martyrs, are proud when their suicide children kill as many as possible, hang children of political opponents fe. Afghanistan, murder Jewish babies and children and are proud.

  • Signa

    Here is what my Norwegian sister-in-law replied on my posting this article:
    Berit wrote: "Statement:He was a leader of the workers youth league at the university of Bergen. Fact: He wasn't even a member. He had been a member of SV (A political party to the left of the labor party) but had resigned because they were not radical enough. Conclusion: Yes, this is a lie.I haven't been able to find any police records on the internet. According to police statements made at the time (1977 college student, did you do anything dumb then?) "He had told "his employers" that he did not intend to cause any casualties and that they had answered that they had three targets in mind and he could choose which and choose the timing". So yes, that is a lie. What does the Maalot massacre have to do with any of this? If we were discussing the Oklahoma city bombing, I could see the connection."

  • toidi tnarongi

    LoL. It is impossible to take this article seriously.
    he is extracting things out of its context using them to write an article that is so far from reality that one should really call it fiction. if one is supposed to write "unfair" and purposely and casually leaves out "un" and types "fair" instead the meaning changes drastically.

  • catmann

    It seems to me that the slaughter of these neo nazis should be a moment to reflect on the carnage Palestinians inflict on Jews with their terror attacks and rockets. Unfortunately these morons continue have a double standard.

    I won't shed a tear. In my mind its 97 less potential terrorists.

  • Guest

    Never forget:

    When the Norwegian attack was made public, Muslim groups cheered. Yes, they cheered and were eager to take responsibility, as that murderous act was according to their taste.

    No one heard that any Jewish or Christin group cheered.
    Nor any other religion for that.

    That are the little things that made me think
    more thoroughly about Moslem intentions.

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