Targetting Darwish

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The recent conviction of the Irvine 11 was a reminder of how far the campus arms of the Muslim Brotherhood will go to silence dissenting speakers. For all their protestations during the trial, they don’t believe in free speech, what they believe in is a monopoly on campus speech.

Nonie Darwish, an ex-Muslim and an informed critic of Islam, has had her talks assailed by Brotherhood campus affiliates numerous times. In 2009, at Seattle University members of the Muslim Students Association did their best to disrupt a speech by Darwish. That same year at Boston University, a fire was set in a bathroom right before her speech to scuttle her presentation. Now, as Darwish was set to speak at a Federalist Society event at the George Mason University School of Law, another Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR, deployed a slightly more subtle line of attack.

While Muslim Brotherhood front groups routinely bring extremist speakers to campus, such as Imam Abdel Malik Ali and Norman Finkelstein, CAIR wanted the Federalist Society to provide equal time to a Muslim speaker to “balance” her views. The MSA has never extended such an offer to Jewish student groups, yet the Brotherhood expected it to be granted to them.

In her speech at George Mason University, Darwish described arriving at her first job in America and seeing a sign that said it did not discriminate. “For the first time in my life, I felt free and equal to men under the law.”

But the form of discrimination that Darwish escaped in the Middle East is coming to America, and the modern campus is ground zero for its advance, as followers of a racist and sexist ideology use political correctness and intimidation to decide who can and cannot speak.

As a critic of Islam and the founder of “Arabs for Israel,” Darwish has been a natural target for a movement that believes women shouldn’t be seen or heard, and that Israel should be a radioactive pile of ash. For two years the Brotherhood, through its campus and off-campus affiliates, has been stalking and harassing her. And if CAIR had been allowed to shut down her speech at a university named after the “Father of the Bill of Rights” it would have been a major victory for Sharia law in America.

But instead, Darwish’s speech went ahead as scheduled to the dismay of the Brotherhood, whose chief criticism of her has been that she is “unqualified to speak about Sharia law.” Since only male scholars can be truly qualified, their position forbids the chief victims of Sharia law from speaking out against it. Banning women from criticizing Sharia law is like prohibiting African-Americans from speaking out against segregation.

According to the Brotherhood, Darwish’s life in a Sharia society where she came into contact with polygamy and honor killing does not qualify her to speak about Islam. Similarly, Western leftists claimed that the refugees who escaped the USSR or Cuba were unqualified to discuss Marxism-Leninism because all they had done was live under it.

Darwish and other women like her are so very important because they take the Sharia debate out of the sphere of the purely academic and into the practical. While the Brotherhood spends a great deal of time discussing how a Sharia state should be run, Darwish comes loaded with experience on how they actually are run. And that is what makes her so dangerous to them.

Theories of perfect societies are seductive in academic circles, as the campus affinity for Marxism and now Islamism demonstrates. But beneath the ivory towers and golden domes the system is upheld by the oppression of hundreds of millions of people who are prevented from speaking unless they agree with the dominant ideology. The alternative for them is death.

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  • al-Kidya

    I take all the criticism of Nonie with a grain of salt. The Brothers know she is a threat to their existential ideology and they would put her in an early grave if given the chance.

    Nonie speaks the truth about the rights of Muslim women and their subjugation under this evil political Islam. May god bless her for her work in getting the truth out.

    • Martin K.

      Sharia Law was put in writing not by "Mohammel" the spokesperson for a "stoned-gawd" allah. Written hundreds of years after the lice-ridden profiteer oops profet was already dead and gone, how can Muslims say that their "sources" are 100% correct? Muslims in the West claim often that the "radical extremist" fringe minority misread the kooran and the oral traditions, for their violent purposes. Well how can we with 100 absolute certainty rule out that the koraan was not "tampered" with, when it was put together? Men who had no direct communication with allah, were able to write 100 % correct laws, based on oral traditions on hearsay only coming down the history, and they are convinced which he gave them?

      A demented deity like allah is just a figment of imagination of a very SICK SOB… I apologize to Mohammels mother, as she was long dead, when he invented his religion….

  • kafir4life

    I don't know a lot about the muslim brotherhood, so please correct me if I'm mistaken. As they call themselves "muslim", does that mean that they read the terror guide, the koran that was shat from the anal orifce of the pedophile mohamat, the same mohamat that invented the gutter cult of islam, and is seen as a perfect example of pedophilic maniacs by muslims world wide as they attempt to emulate that sack of pig poop?
    That them?

    allahu snackbar!!

  • dodo

    Muslims are terrified of the truth about their belief system of lies and liars

  • davarino

    Nonie is a very courageous woman and I applaud her in what she does and thank her for helping us all fight against "radical" islam.

    • StephenD

      Davarino, I only question your use of the term "radical." I can't seem to separate it from "moderate" when viewing the Qur'an. I wonder how those in the system do it.

  • C"H"Martel

    My book, "Satan's Trinity: Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad," will be available within the month and one may pre-order at For the first time in history "HSM" appear together on a book cover. The idea behind the book is to make headway against the ludicrous idea that Muhammad should be conjoined with any religious leader/founder. Once this comparison, driven by actual names, has been made then it must be attacked. Once the attack has been launched then the attackers will be forced to defend their attack. Since the attack is indefensible then the "religion" Muhammad (if he existed) founded will begin to be viewed as the scam it is. This book has been written under the principle of KISS. And nothing is simpler to understand than Hitler and Stalin…..and now, Muhammad. Thank you for your time…….C"H"Martel

  • maturin20

    It's good that she got to give her talk. The almost total lack of interest in politics in the US, especially foreign policy, allows for tiny groups of cranks to take too large a place in the national discourse.

  • tanstaafl

    Islam is 95 percent political and 5 percent religion.

  • salty

    A great female warrior against the religion of evil.

  • mrbean

    Dhimmi "Useful Idiots" of Islam don't realize that the Muslims don't want to be tolerant, they don't want allies, they don't want to assimilate, they want to change America to conform to Islam and Sharia law. Useful idiot Dhimmis just want no conflict and the alligator to eat them last. Muck the Fuzzlims! Kill 'em all, wrap 'em in theirprayer rugs and put 'em all in piles, burn 'em all using pork grease for a starter, and let Allah sort 'em out. Oh deaaaarrr, I am just sooooo awful

  • tlwinslow

    Hardcore Muslims can get so bad that they get good, and we fall into the trap of fascination and admiration, a la the Evil Empire in Star Wars.

    Get back to banal reality with the Historyscoper's new Muslimscope, which fills your brain with all the key orgs. and leaders of the modern Muslim world, free:

  • UCSPanther

    They don't like her because she speaks the truth

  • SchlomoBagelbaum

    OK, I admit it, it was I who set that bathroom on fire at BU on the afternoon of Ms. Darwish's speech. But it was an accident, I swear! Oy, never again should such a thing happen! I was trying to light up a cigar in the bathroom, but so flatulent was I on that fateful afternoon that the whole fakakta bathroom went up in flames. My favorite tallis was scorched beyond recognition. Looked like it had been in a machine-gun fight it did. It was awful, just awful!

    • stern

      Not funny.

    • Sashland

      Oh, come on, Stern, have a sense of humor… isn't arson so funny, especially when directed at the pigs and monkeys? It was just a little fire, after all. Its not like a little arson even hurt anybody, has it?

      Come on, we have been treated to a most unique humor niche, the Stand-Up Anti-Semite. Coming soon to a bathroom near you.

      Stormfront lives! [inside the diseased brain of hate mongers]

      Can you believe there are actually people like this who take their time to search out blogs who support freedom so that they can post their hate? {maybe it keeps them too busy to actually attack people} What a 'looser'.

    • Ishmael137

      The Divine Wind of Islam is one of the most powerful forces on earth…you toy with it at your own peril.

  • LindaRivera

    Muslim Brotherhood group, CAIR, especially seek to silence courageous Darwish.

    Council on American-Islamic Relations: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." – Omar Ahmad (CAIR co-founder).

    Addressing a youth session at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine's annual convention in Chicago, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) founder Omar Ahmad praised suicide bombers who "kill themselves for Islam,"

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The messages of Nonie Darwish and Wafa Sultan, relative to the media whore Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, which is the subject of another article featured on FPM today, are far more legitimate relative to Jasser's message who is either a moron or more likely a taqiyya artist. Likewise, the writings of Daniel Greenfield, relative to Ryan Mauro, who wrote the stupid article defending Jasser today, are far more legitimate relative to Mauro's writings which are always totally absurd and extremely lame.

    • aspacia

      Again, Jasser is far more courageous than you OYM! He risk his family and himself to publicly condemn radicals and his own Imam. Similar to many Catholics, he cherry picks the Qu'ran for what works for him.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        While that publicity whore and taqiyya artist easily fools a gullible useful idiot like you, rest assured he doesn't fool Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Debbie Schlussel, or me.

  • Ishmael137

    The terrorist powers behind CAIR assure us they have the best of intentions, but engage in vile actions such as attacking Darwish…and they wonder why they have such a bad rep. Their other actions include direct intimidation, lawfare, infiltration of governments, espionage and bribery. That they have grown so powerful with government help is especially troubling.

  • kafirman

    "Theories of perfect societies are seductive in academic circles, as the campus affinity for Marxism and now Islamism demonstrates." Mr. Greenfield, please cease and desist from using the phrase "Islamism." The employ of such a phrase is only to show that you have succumbed to multiculturalism. "Islamism" is a red herring and your use of the term deflects attention from Islam to some red herring. Please sharpen your subsequent writing. Remember the victims of Islam. Remember the Mohammad of Islam and the Koran of Islam.

  • R Qiddis

    It seems that these commentators know nothing more than parrotic phrases they heard someone uttering with ,however I hope someone will introduce Islam to them through authentic characters of real Muslims ,this will let them respect this religion then to ask about its doctrine.In all cases Islam receives only human beings who view all other people as human beings as well.

    • aspacia

      I frequent numerous sites for English translations of what Muslim-majority media, governments and religious leaders claim, and the facts are nasty.

      For example,what about the Christian woman, with 5 children condemned to death for blasphemy?
      What about the Islamic convert to Christianity condemned to death according to Sharia.

      The list is huge and you cannot deny nor refute facts. If you,like Jasser condemn radical Islam and Sharia Law and Jihad I may listen. Oh, and Jihad is a call to perpetrate violence against infidels—you see I have read your book, all three interpretations on the website before it was scrubbed.

  • chaz

    We should not even have to discuss sharia law in the US.It is not an acceptable form of jurisprudence in the US beacause it undermines and violates our human rights and freedoms of religion and speech. sharia is not standardized ,it is defined by a singular religious beliefs, but varies by the hundreds of sects of Islam .

    It is unconscionable that Mrs.Darwish's speeches have been disrupted and disrespected by opposition and educational facilities.Mrs.Darwish has an interesting and valuable story to tell the US.We have the right to hear it,unmolested,just as much as she has the right to tell it,without prejudice and harassment .

    But true to liberals,muslims and the hate group CAIR,they think their opinions,beliefs and importance is far greater and the only correct ideology so they degrade,attempt to dominate and force themselves into every aspect of our political,public and private lives.

    In their self-righteous,self-absorbed fanaticism ,muslims violate US citizens rights every day.They respect no one and nothing.

  • vlparker

    "The Brotherhood speaks of peace and justice, but they mean only such peace and justice as is to be found in the messages of a delusional 7th century warlord."

    Don't forget child rapist.

  • Raymond in DC

    Many employees working at US embassies are, in fact, locals. They're not US citizens. It wouldn't surprise me if the employee in question was, in fact, an Egyptian expressing common Egyptian cultural sentiments. The US Consulate in eastern Jerusalem (aka the US Embassy to "Palestine"), to take another example, employs Palestinian Arabs (but, to my knowledge, no Israeli Jews).