The Islamist-Environmentalist Alliance

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Environmentalists agree with most of this, knowingly nod their heads and go back to singing the praises of green jobs. Their solution is to cut the flow of money by forcing Americans to cut back and investing in high cost and low efficiency alternative energy programs. Even if their approach were moral and legal, which it is not, it would still be a hopeless failure. Even expensive oil will beat even more expensive green power, and fighting political tyranny abroad by implementing it at home is no solution.

Every time environmentalists kill a project in America, they revive it overseas with less oversight, more pollution and without the human rights. The death of Keystone XL means more pollution in China and war in the Middle East. Crusading environmentalists helped kill America’s industries and kept the regime in Beijing alive. The tanks that rolled over the democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square were as green as their environmentalist backers. Both of them painted in the resplendent color of American money.

Islam’s second act was funded by the same policies that gave the People’s Republic an opportunity to transform its population into our non-EPA, non-union and no minimum wage workforce. And the petrodollars still keep pumping out of the United States and into the regimes funding the growing Islamic sphere of influence. A sphere that is moving to enclose us.

The ANWAR drilling that never happened was money that went into arming and training a new generation of Al-Qaeda recruits, into firing Hamas rockets at Israeli schools and filling the pockets of the Revolutionary Guards commanders in Iran. Every time another resource development project dies, another Mullah gets his suicide squad wings.

Environmentalists claim that they are safeguarding our natural resources, but who are they safeguarding them for? Do they imagine that the Environmental States of America will be a thousand year entity that will go on fighting for the red misaligned hoopoe even as the sphere of Islamist influence spreads across the world?

Someone will drill in ANWAR and South Dakota and run pipelines down out of Canada. It might be us, but it doesn’t have to be. If we keep turning dollars into petrodollars, then the Saudi-funded mosques will go on flowing like an oil spill across the continent until the Koran replaces the Constitution. The new Islamic States of America will have strict policies on unaccompanied women, unsigned cartoons and unmarked infidels, but it will have no objection to drilling anywhere the black gold on which it built its influence can be found.

We don’t have to build platforms in the Gulf or Frak for shale oil. All we have to do is wait around for those who will. And those dark bubbles will be the final wages of the environmentalist-Islamist alliance.

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  • Fred Dawes

    Don't we all know that fact?

    • ddave

      No,we do not all know,even if it is obvious

  • Alexander Gofen

    Exactly: "environmentalist-Islamist alliance", but not only. There are several more alliances in the play such as the Lefts-Islam, Progressives-Islam, State- Department-Islam, One-World-Government-Islam, White-House-resident-Islam, Ron-Paul-Islam – the confluence making the perfect storm:

  • StephenD

    Again I must point out that there just isn't enough clamor from the Right. To let this "stuff" continue with nary a word is a disgrace. The President touts his concern for jobs as paramount and then kills the pipeline. Why aren't there Conservatives beating drums at the W.H. over this? I hate to say it, but it appears more often than not that…we get what we deserve.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Actually, what the West really needs to do is not only marginalize the suicidal environmentalist wackos, but also invade those oil rich Mideast Islamic countries to seize the oilfields and to confiscate their unearned oil wealth. Otherwise those resources will be used together perpetually to wage violent and non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad against us forever.

    • NotaBene

      Is this shmuck for real? Never mind that what you’re talking about is pure theft; where are the money and troops going to come from?

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Is this shmuck for real?

        Schmuck, hell he is too dumb to spell it correctly and that loon sounds like a leftwing self-hating Jew.

        Never mind that what you're talking about is pure theft;

        Not really. Of course, because you are a self-hating moonbat you are not aware that they are already using that massive unearned oil wealth to finance jihad perpetually against the West.

        where are the money and troops going to come from?

        With respect to the money to pay for the troops and the war, obviously from them. In any event, it's either we remove those resources from their possession or otherwise they will use those resources to wage jihad against us perpetually per the dictates of Islam, and just because you are a moonbat that doesn't have the first clue about Islam, doesn't mean that people that are much smarter than you shouldn't act in self-defense to preserve their freedom.

      • Alexander Gofen

        "Never mind that what you're talking about is pure theft"

        And you NotaBene is so much for "justice" that something obvious completely escapes from you mind. This "obvious" is that trading is not always the answer. One must not trade with a mortal enemy empowering him (see )

        …"Where are the money and troops going to come from?"

        To defeat islam and to make available its oil reserves one must not really occupy the entire "world of islam". It is enough to destroy its symbols (see the link).

  • Flipside

    Israelis depend on Muslims for neoconservative fascism. Why can’t environmentalists depend on them for clean air?

    • Ken

      What a jackass!!

    • mah29001

      Flipside the flipping imbecile Jew-hater….

  • Mach1Duck

    Least we forget, many of our Federal officials are looking for lobbying jobs for the Arab states, is that not correct, Bill Clinton?

    • StephenD

      The only problem with your theory is why should they pay Bill when they've got Hillary doing their dirty work for free?

  • Herman Caintonette

    DG: "Choosing between the tyrants and the Islamists is like flipping a coin between the Ebola virus and the Black Plague"

    With the Zionists being Zyklon-B.

    • Ken

      And Jackass #2 presents himself. Big shocker!!

      • Herman Caintonette

        "The conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem. Unless we solve that problem it will avail us little to solve all others." — Theodore Roosevelt

        • Cmav

          Quoting Theodore Roosevelt does little for your argument considering that you just stated how much respect you have for Jews. I happen to be an environmentalist, and creeps like you really muck up the issue and only prove the author's point that environmentalists and Islamofascists are in it together. I disagree with this, but after reading your comment…why don't you just crawl back to your hole and quit releasing so much greenhouse gas into the air?

    • Cmav

      "With the Zionists being Zyklon-B" – I bet you weep your Nazi eyes out every time "Horst Wessel" plays on your ipod. Anti-Semitic creeps like you love to compare Jews to Nazis, for the simple reason that you hate Jews, have always hated Jews, and blame Jews for everything from acne to hemorrhoids – something that you probably possess in abundance.

      • Herman Caintonette

        Not all Jews are radical Zionists. I happen to agree with those who find Israel problematic.

        As for Jews behaving like Nazis, see the bantustan of Gaza.

        • Ghostwriter

          Even now,you can't help yourself. You constantly say you're not anti-semitic,but say the most disgusting things about Israelis and Jews just so you can feel superior to them. You have no shame or decency.

          • Herman Caintonette

            What are you babbling about? The poster referred to "the tyrants" (as near as I can determine, liberals, moderates, and libertarians who don't believe we have an obligation to do anything for Israel) and "Islamists" as a rough equivalent of Ebola and the Black Plague. Given that statement, calling the Zionazzzis Zyklon-B is merely tit-for-tat. What's fair for the goose….

            As for the Palestinians' moral right to respond to Zionist oppression with lethal force, this is Christianity 101. Any violent result of struggle against an oppressor is morally "attributable to the aggressor whose action brought it about." Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, Sec. 55, Encyclical Letter on the Value and Inviolability of Human Life, Mar. 25, 1995. See also, Paul Butler, By Any Means Necessary: Using Violence and Subversion to Change Unjust Law, 50 U.C.L.A. L. Rev. 721 (2003) (invoking international law principle of "just war" to justify targeted assassination). I don't see how this is even the slightest bit controversial.

          • mah29001

            And you endorse children dressed up like suicide bombers then….

        • pagegl

          So,I guess the problems of Gaza have absolutely nothing to do with Hamas and all they rockets they launch into Israel. Nor nothing to do with the fact that they tend to launch them from populated areas.

          Then again, the photos here tend to belie your appellation of Gza aas a bantustan:

  • g_jochnowitz

    As Bruce Bawer reported, we really kowtow to the Saudis:
    I wrote about the Marxist-Islamic Alliance way back in 1988:

  • NotaBene

    You guys crack me up. So every attempt to develop cleaner, cheaper (in the long run) alternatives to oil and gas is part of an islamofascist-communist-enviro-feminist-homosexual conspiracy? Please take your meds and avoid Internet posting for a few days.

    • Alexander Gofen

      "… cleaner, cheaper (in the long run) alternatives to oil and gas" are far beyond the horizon defined by the present day Physics. – see below.

      • Herman Caintonette

        2011 may well be "far beyond your horizon"….

    • Magpie4062

      Which "cleaner, cheaper" alternatives were you referring to? " In the long run" Thermal-Nuclear Energy will replace oil, but it is highly unlikely that anything else, will. Certainly not solar, wind, or ethanol. Without a current, reliable, and cheap source of energy, our USA society will not survive to see the "Cheaper Alternatives" come to fruition. There is no common valid reason to stop every attempt at energy independence, while funding our enemies. We will not drill off of Florida's south-eastern shore, while the Chinese are angle drilling for oil that lies below our domination. WHY?

      • Al Dente

        Magpie, don't expect Hermie to answer any logical question. He'll just divert his response to more baiting and name-calling. Like all dhimmi marxists, he's in it to stir the pot. Later, he'll pretend to be a muslim to save his own worthless neck. When the poop finally does go down, we can expect to fight the leftists along with the muslims…count on it!

      • Herman Caintonette

        If humanity could capture one tenth of one percent of the solar energy striking the earth – one part in one thousand – we would have access to six times as much energy as we consume in all forms today, with almost no greenhouse gas emissions.

        A good rule of thumb is that power from petroleum sources is 5 cents per kWh. Wind is competitive right now, and tidal energy, even cheaper than that. See,… Green energy is more than just solar.

        Oil is only going to get more expensive, and more dangerous to retrieve. Fracking appears to create earthquakes, even in geologically stable areas such as Denver and Oklahoma. It also fouls the water, which is the most precious substance on the planet.

        If you kill the coral reefs, you kill the ocean. And that won't come without cost.

  • Alexander Gofen


    "… cleaner, cheaper (in the long run) alternatives to oil and gas" are far beyond the horizon defined by the present day Physics. Today – the oil is the best accumulator of the energy…

    And in order to discover another technologies far beyond the Physical horizon, we need decades (if not a century) of research, and the scientists that cannot be grown in rotten American schools.

    If islam is allowed to trade oil further on, we will be dead much earlier than we ever discover viable alternatives to oil…

    • NotaBene

      And you’re basing this on what? Oh yeah – nothing whatever except your hatred of liberals and their association with the Green movement.

      Is there anything on earth as self-destructive as a right-winger?

      • Herman Caintonette

        In a word, no.

        • pagegl

          Actually, the left continues to prove that, one, they don't learn from their mistakes and, two, no matter the damage they cause societies and themselves, they will continue to be the image next to Einstein's definition of insanity.

    • Alexander Gofen

      I based my statement on the Physics, on the knowledge of where are the energy sources, what is their density and the technology for extracting the energy. Today there is no alternative to nuclear sources of power, and no better way to portably store (accumulate) the energy than in the form of carbon products like oil.

      The wind and solar power sources lag behind in orders of magnitude.

      And by the way, do buy Prius as I did. In so doing you would literally made the gas for you cheaper 3 times vs. non-hybrid Lexus or 2 times vs. any other non-hybrid. The 2011 Prius' milage is 50 mpg (yet with about 180 pick horse power).

      • pagegl

        Our "friends" HC and NB tend to forget that man has been working on battery, solar, and wind technologies to replace oil and coal for over forty years and we are still quite a way from making them anywhere near as cost effective as hydrocarbon or nuclear based. Not to mention that currently those technologies are dependent on hydrocarbon and/or nuclear based energies for their manufacture.

        I guess that since leftists tend to believe that they are smarter than anyone else and that the truth is what they say it is we will be able to replace the bad energy with 'green' energy overnight.

        • Herman Caintonette

          Nonsense on steroids. We can make fuel from biomass for an unsubsidized cost of $2/gallon.

          If we spent all the money we wasted on our bloated military budget on "green" energy today, we could leave Middle East and tell them all to eat their own oil. Going green is in our national security interest.

          • pagegl

            Maybe, their web site says a projected cost of $2 per gallon. And that's their manufacturing cost, not the consumer cost. But, if the price oif natural gas, which they plan to use in the plant they're bui9lding in Louisiana goes up, so does their manufacturing costs. So, I'll give this one a wait and see and I wish them the best.

            Of course, we were talking about cleaner energy than hydrocarbon based fuels. Sundrop claims their method of converting biomass to gas produces less carbon than other techniques. Could be, but burning it is going to produce CO2, so, it's still going to be one of those nasty hydrocarbon fuels. So, nice try at a redirect to get away from the original comments which had to do with clean energy and not a reduction in usage of Mid East based petroleum.

      • Alexander Gofen

        To Herman Caintonette:

        1) Bio fuel is … well also fuel, chemical fuel, thus storing high density energy. No contradiction, to what I wrote above. Processes for obtaining (carbon-based) fuels were known and applied long ago: say gasoline from coal.

        2) The problem with this particular bio fuel is, that the pamphlet does not quantitatively show how much society should crap, crop and litter to produce enough source material for feeding the entire energy industry.

        3) No amount of researches would ever make solar and wind energy feasible for satisfying modern energy needs because it is physically impossible.

        Portable storage of energy (liquid fuels, batteries, capacitors) may be improved, but the the best energy density is achievable on the atomic level, and it is achieved in carbon fuels.

        As to the sources of the energy for our growing industrial needs there is nothing but the nuclear sources.

  • LindaRivera

    It is treasonous to prevent oil drilling in America. We have a lot of oil in America. But ruling elites prefer that we finance global jihad by buying oil from the Muslim Middle East instead of drilling for our own oil. It is UNFORGIVABLE.

    • Herman Caintonette

      At what price, Linda? The Bakken formation in North Dakota may contain 100 billion barrels of recoverable oil, — roughly fifteen years at current consumption rates … but if the cost is fouling the entire Mississippi watershed, can we even begin to afford it?

    • Alexander Gofen

      Herman Caintonette ,

      We are engaged in the existential war with islam. First we must win it or at least weaken islam and throw it far away. Even if "fouling the entire Mississippi watershed" were real, our first priority must be to survive as a free Judeo-Christian nation. That is why we must drill and not transfer wealth in a form of oil money to our deadliest enemy.

      • randy

        Are you saying that God,who ever he or she might be, was ok with christians,his or her people, stealing north america from the Natives, to make a judeo-christian nation?

        • Alexander Gofen


          Assuming (against all odds) that you are asking this in a good faith…

          1) We do not know what G-d actually thinks and OKs, except what is in the Bible.

          2) The human soul often happened to be ugly, and the human history is ugly. However the Judeo-Christian civilization is the best that the humanity knows. And also it is MINE meaning that I belong to it, value it, and are ready to fight for it.

          3) And you (if you reside in America being not Native) please be the first to leave it for good passing all your belongings to a first Native that you find…

  • Amused

    Rational , logics remarks like that NotaBene will get ya plenty of thumbs down around here .This gang is made up exclusively of suck-ups to the ogilarchs . Why ? They got "Foxed and Limbaughed " a never even got kissed .lol…and they keep on bending over for more .

  • Anamah

    Our Pharaon choose convenient names to his projects, as by instance now the "Job Bill" but he doesn't care about unemployment. He apply the Cloward and Fox Piven theory to cause chaos and destruction. He can't hide how angry he is because we are still alive…

  • eckleburg

    The environmentalists with their war on fossil fuels have vilified carbon dioxide so much so that governments believing their propaganda consider carbon dioxide a pollutant. They have forced companies at great expense to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Lets get some facts: carbon dioxide is a trace component of air. There is 30 times as much argon in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. There is only .03 percent carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But although it is but a trace gas there is no life on earth without it. Through photosynthesis plants convert carbon dioxide which they have absorbed from the air with water to carbohydrates which is their food. All human and animal food derives from this. The byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen. This is free oxygen that we breathe and it is our only source of free oxygen. Although oxygen is the most abundant chemical element on earth ,it is in the form of water and oxidized materials in the earth's crust. Plants are our only source of free oxygen. An increase in carbon dioxide merely provides plants with more food. Do you notice how green most cities are. This perverted war on carbon dioxide is a war on life itself. These vacuous environmentalists are actually the antithesis of preserving a green earth.

  • Raymond in DC

    One thing Daniel fails to mention is that the Western intervention in Libya disrupted the oil supply from that country, drove the price higher, and hindered our economic recovery. Libya was an Arab problem, yet we took on the burden, while our enemies just stood on the sidelines, smiling at our stupidity.

  • Big Nose

    I wonder why the anti Islamist movement seems to be trying to alienate 'lefties' and 'greenies'. I grow my own veggies, have a commitment to native plant regeneration and have a 3kw solar power system. Yet I hate Islam with a passion. And somehow I am the one causing a problem. I dont think global warming is an issue at all. Lack of petroleum will cause way more problems. Without fuel for trucking most city dwellers will perish through lack of food or be invaded by a country that does have fuel. Look at the population vs food supply data if you want a real scare.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Thank you. According to what you wrote, you are a greeny, not lefty, and nobody alienate you. You are doing things right. And I too love my Prius. The article in particular is against those who prevented the pipeline from Canada, and you do not belong to them.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Odd a well is the Enviromentalists desire to burn food in place of oil.

  • stephenx100

    The only way to fight back is to uise the Alinsky strategy of demonizing individual culprits. By proclaiming the evil of environmentalism and their irrational, brainwashed hordes, the argument is too abstract to succeed in converting anyone to our just cause. The individual that should be demonized is the Sierra club, who are currently adored by the main stream media and the useful idiots who look up to that cancer on our civilzation. It is the Sierra club that is succeeding in the destruction of our economy and the civilization supported by that economy. Focus all complaints against that specific evil and start educating the electorate on who is causing their unemployment and the decline of America. Indeed the Islamists are also seeking our destruction, but today, the more powerful destroyer of America is the Sierra Club. Americans do not typically adore Islamists as they adore the Sierra Club!

  • Beth

    "We don’t have to build platforms in the Gulf or Frak for shale oil. All we have to do is wait around for those who will. And those dark bubbles will be the final wages of the environmentalist-Islamist alliance" (the 'bubbles' containing a darkness so great that enviromentalist ponds could never imagine)

    No one has ever said it better Daniel Greenfield. I think it's important to remember that statement.