The Left’s Worst Crime in the Middle East

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The left’s worst crime in the Middle East has been its support for the region’s Arab-Muslim majority at the expense of its minorities. It has supported the majority’s terrorism, atrocities, ethnic cleansing and repression of the region’s minorities. Very rarely has it raised a voice in their support, and even then only in muted tones completely different from their vigorous defense of the nationalism of the Arab Muslim majority.

The left is obsessed with the Arab Spring, which rewards the ambitions of Arabist and Islamist activists at the expense of Coptic, African and other minorities. It is dementedly fixated on statehood for the Arab Muslims of Israel, (better known by their local Palestinian brand), but has little to say about the Kurds in Turkey or the Azeri in Iran. The million Jewish refugees and the vanishing Christians of the region never come up in conversation. They certainly don’t get their own flotillas.

The Africans of Sudan could have used a flotilla, or an entire UN organization dedicated to their welfare, which the Arab Muslims who had failed to wipe out the region’s Jewish minority are the beneficiaries of. But instead they had to make do with third tier aid.

Unlike the Arab nationalists and Islamists of Libya, the French, English and American air forces did not come to their rescue. They came to the rescue of the Libyans who showed their gratitude in the time honored way of the Arab majority by massacring the African minority. All under the beaming smiles of the selective humanitarians of the left. But what’s a little genocide between friends?

The left embraced Pan-Arabism, a race based nationalism, in line with the Soviet Union’s expansionist foreign policy. Pan-Arabism’s socialism made it easy for the left to ignore its overt racism along with the admiration of many of its leading lights for Nazi Germany. The same left which refused to see the Gulags and the ethnic cleansing under the red flag, turned an equally blind eye to the contradiction of condemning Zionism for its ethnic basis, while supporting Pan-Arabism, which was ethnically based.

Under Zionism, Israel retained a sizable Arab minority. The Pan-Arabists however drove their Jews out with mob violence, political repression, prisons and public executions. The left’s criticisms of Zionism are rendered moot by their own support for Pan-Arabism. In the Middle East and North Africa, Arabization has led to repression of non-Arab minorities and the destruction of other cultures through the insistence on unity through race.

As the sun of Pan-Arabism sets, the left has turned its attention to Pan-Islamism with equal enthusiasm. While Pan-Arabism allowed Christian Arabs some representation, Pan-Islamism excludes them based on religion. Having endorsed a racial tyranny, the left has fallen so low that it now champions majority theocracies.

The left’s fledgling support for Kurdish nationalism has faded as Turkey has gone from a secular ally of the Western powers to an Islamist tyranny dreaming of empire. This perverse twist of affairs has the left abandoning the national struggles of an oppressed people when their rulers align themselves more closely with the bigoted regional majority.

The War on Iraq, which the left hated, removed a tyrant aligned with the region’s Sunni majority and the Libyan campaign, which the left supported, removed a tyrant who had deviated too far from the positions of that majority. So too in Egypt, where Mubarak’s excessive tolerance for minorities, led the left to endorse the Pan-Arabist and Pan-Islamist calls for his overthrow. And in Tunisia, where a government tolerant of minorities has been replaced by Islamists.

The pattern repeats itself over and over again as the left rises in support of racial and theocratic rule. And for all the left’s critiques of American and European foreign policy, its own foreign policy which endorses racial and theocratic rule and works to bring it about is the true crime.

It is no coincidence that the one country in the region that the left hates above all else, is neither Arab nor Muslim. Just as it is no coincidence that the Arab Spring replaces regimes tolerant of minorities with Islamists and Arabists. The left’s true regional agenda is the racist and theocratic agenda of its Arab and Muslim members. The Arab Socialists and the Islamists who have defined its regional positions have turned the left into a vehicle for their racial and theocratic agendas.

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  • Underzog

    If the Left is supposed to /hate Islam because Islam with its reason denying theocracy (Allah's hand is not chained); its racism; its worse than Nazi style antisemitism; its sex apartheid; etc., is against what the Left claims to stand for, on a deeper level Islam is for what the Left is for.

    Psychologically, the adherents of Islam are like spoiled, violent children and so is the Left. Both want it now; both cannot deal with criticism, the Muslims cut off the heads of those who disagree with them, the Left uses bullying tactics of pushing, shoving, threatening to hack the Fox News website if they don't stop reporting on the filth of the OWS movement. Both the Left and the Muslim world are driven by envy. Both the Left and the Muslim world support feudalism. Socialism's feudalism of the future where they are the kings with princes, vassals, and serfs. Do the Muslims dig hashish? The Left loves its mary jane, lsd; etc. Mohammed got his start killing Jews and driving them out of their city Medina (Yathrib) and the Left's Mohammed, Karl Marx, wrote on the Jewish question, where he looked foward to a society liberated from Judaism.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    The left call themselves socialists.But the word socialism did'nt I' ve heard
    that same word before with the same bitter after taste?
    Why is it that the left loves Arabs and hate Jews.Is it fear that if you don't show
    them love they will kill you. But if you don't show them love they will kill you
    anyway. You know that comedian with achmed the dead terrorist? I kll you…
    no I kill you …shut up you face or I kill you. Socialism smells like………..

    • Herman Caintonette

      On what basis do you claim that "the left loves Arabs and hate Jews?" People can oppose Zionist land-theft without hating Jews, as not all Jews agree with how Israel was created. And who can argue about the benefits of self-determination? It seems that you are only happy with democracies which are pro-Zionist democracies.

      Socialism is the Right's boogy-man. Israel is far more socialist than the U.S.; it has universal health-care, but you aren't complaining about it.

  • aspacia

    They are afraid of losing the lifestyle — they know Muslims will attempt to murder them if they criticize Islam.

    • Larry

      Even if that is the case, there is only so long you can stand bent over with you pants around your ankles before even such incompetents as arabs score a direct hit.

  • StephenD

    Mr. Greenfield, again splendid work sir!I grow increasingly concerned when I attempt to lay this out for folks. Many are oblivious and don't see the connections. Some begin to see them and think maybe it is us looking for "Conspiracies." The sad truth is if they continue to slumber, those that can make a difference, will be cast aside after the damage has been done. Now is the time to speak up. Now we should be exposing the imbalance in our treatment of these powers that be. If there were a way to set standards by which a foreign entity must meet in order to garner support, of any kind, from the US and these standards included a few simple rules like sharing our value, through their laws, of Personal Liberty, Individual Responsibility under a Constitution that is equal to all, most of these entities would go without…as they should.

  • steven l

    For the left, to be on the right is equivalent to apostasies!

  • Hatta Yathrib

    An excellent piece indeed. But are we not approaching the point at which the terms 'left' and 'right' are redundant? For many years we discussed the chimeric 'red-green-brown' alliance of leftlims, muzlis and nazists. Now we witness the tortured birth of their wretched, nithing mob movement in our central business districts, with all three groups ably and amply represented. Leaving aside arguments as to whether National Socialists were or are left or right, the fact remains that their cultural infrastructure remains far to the right of the institutional, international left. They are, of course, allied to the left, and to jihad only by their a***kite status. In other words, since we've nearly all had the opportunity to learn a little something about the state of the universe, and since most of us are permitted the exercise of at least some level of free will, are we not on the cusp of some frightfully old-fashioned and oh-so-manichean Freedom versus Fascism, Good versus Evil kinda confrontation? I rather think so, since there's just no talking to them.

  • mrbean

    In his book , Jamie Glazov shows how the same people who once sang the praises of Stalin as an anti-fascist leader now praise Islamic terrorists who seek to attack the West. While many learned from 9/11 that the West had real and very dangerous enemies, major figures of the once pro-Soviet Left apparently felt rejuvenated, viewing the attack on the twin towers as the revenge of the masses for American oppression of the Third World. For these people, Glazov writes, 9/11 was a 'personal vindication,' since they saw 'only poetic justice in American commercial airplanes plunging into American buildings packed with people.

  • Herman Caintonette

    Greenberg: "Under Zionism, Israel retained a sizable Arab minority. The Pan-Arabists however drove their Jews out with mob violence,"

    …in much the same way as the Zionists forced the Arabs out at the business end of their panzers.

    "There is no choice: the Arabs must make room for the Jews of Eretz Israel. If it was possible to transfer the Baltic peoples, it is also possible to move the Palestinian Arabs."

    • Western Canadian

      Your ignorance and jew hating are showing again. Sorry. Showing STILL.

  • Herman Caintonette

    Greenfield: "The War on Iraq​, which the left hated, removed a tyrant aligned with the region’s Sunni majority"

    This was a Republican-instigated resource war, conceived by the Jews and Christian religious nuts of PNAC. If Iraq and become Shari'a states, the PNACers have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Herman Caintonette

    Greenfield: "It is no secret that the left is totalitarian and that it is attracted to totalitarian movements."

    This is the rhetorical equivalent of saying that all Zionists are Nazis-in-training. When you scream "anti-Semitism" when anyone tries to lump all Jews together, you have no standing to demonize others with the same tactic.

    • Western Canadian

      Anyone who tries to equate zionists with nazies should be using a variation on david duke as their alias.

  • Herman Caintonette

    Censor, censor, censor!!! When will David Horowitz start practicing what he preaches?

  • Dispozadaburka

    Obama wants a muslim brotherhood takeover here.

    Maybe the FEMA camps aren't there just in case there is an emergency..

  • Zena

    Lefties are too brainwashed to even consider this. A sort of living death — thinking the same old things even when the facts are contrary.

  • esperantominoria

    Are Muslims and Leftists Correct in Saying the West has an Islamic-Muslim Heritage,specially in Science and Philosophy?

    The answer is NO,read all the details:

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Pretty cool site, but please someone fix that issue with the commas and periods, which makes everything so hard to read. There is suppose to be a space after commas and periods, but there are no spaces.

  • Irandissident

    Greenfield is right.
    I have seen famous leftist/feminist (!) leaders defending the Taliban's treatment of women, claiming Afghan women need "protection" from their savage men !!! The Left's unprincipled justifications have reached incredible levels. They are united in their anti Americanism; everything else is just a cover.

    Greenfield is wrong though, about Iranian Azeris. The Iranian Azeris, historically known for their vanguard role in Iranian revolutions, have been exceptionally calm in the past 30 years because of three reasons:
    1- Azrei Shiite zeal, exceeds their ethnic or linguistic identities,
    2- Many top level Islamic leaders in iran, ARE AZERIS: The supreme leader ( Islamic King of Iran and the real power in the country) and dozens of first rate officials are Azeris.
    3- The Azeris are present in Tehran in their millions, mostly as successful Bazaar merchants, small business operators, developers and government officials.

    The only ethnic monorities permanently in opposition to the regime have been the Kurds and the Baluch who are SUNNI Muslims.
    All Shiite populations have been contained within reformist demands, due to their religious beliefs.
    In Iran, Shiite religion has indeed been the opiate of the masses !!!!

  • Flipside

    Americans are committing CRIME in the Middle East because of their beliefs here? That’s an interesting, if obnoxious, opinion with no merit.

  • John of Chaldea

    While I agree with the gist of Mr. Greenfields' article, he is dead wrong about the Kurds. The Kurds are ethnically cleansing the Assyrian & Chaldean Christians, seizing their lands and asassinating their leaders. Also, during the Kurdish civil war of 1994-95, not only did Barzani & his KDP receive aid from Iran, he also informed Saddam Hussein of a CIA-backed military plot to assassinate him. The grateful Saddam sent in a division of Republican Guards to support Barzani. The Kurds are muslim supremecists just like every other muslim group. Barzani+Iran+Saddam=pure evil.
    P.S> Barzani is also supporting the PKK, because he wants to cleanse "kurdistan" of Turkmen. He can't seize Kirkuk because of its' sizeable Turkish minority. Let the Turks, arabs, Kurds & Persians all kill each other. The less we'll have to do later!

  • Ben

    The leftist`s aim is always the cruel dictatorship of rhe majority.Communists established "dictatorship of proletariate" eliminating not only rich but ethnic minorities.Leftist anti-semitism having long history has the main base the Jewish eternal separatism. Leftistism in all its forms hates the individuality and is inhuman thereof.

  • Underzog

    The left is not making appeasement for peace and democracy, but to destroy democracy as the Communists sided with the Nazis to destroy the Weimer Republic of Germany (the Weimer Constitution was inferior to our Constition, btw….).

    If the Left thinks they will triumph over Islam with its long history of warfare and dirty/war criminal like fighting, then they must be smoking a very inferior brand of hashish compared to the Muslims.

  • SpiritOf1683

    The Communists didn't side with the Nazis, but they had their own agenda. However, when the Nazis eventualoly triumphed, with the aid of aDutch Communist who burned down the Reichstag, leading Communists were arrested and thrown into concentration camps. And a mere 33 years ago, Iranian Communists made the serious mistake of siding with Ayatollah Khomeini against the Shah in the forlorn belief that they would grab their share of power, and 200,000 of these 'useful idiots' were liquidated by the theocrats once they'd served their purpose.