The Palestinian Muslim Money Hole

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The Palestinian Authority is facing a budget crisis. It has reached its borrowing limit and has a 585 million dollar deficit. So naturally its leaders are asking the West for another handout.

Back in 2007, 7.4 billion dollars was pledged to keep the terrorist edifice of the Authority running. The PA claimed that it needed 3.9 billion for budgetary shortfalls alone. And after pissing away far more than that, the men who give the suicide bombers their marching orders are back passing around the plate.

Even as the Palestinian Authority pushes forward on a statehood bid at the UN, not only is it unable to pay its own bills, but its only real revenue stream is foreign aid. Few states can claim to have failed, before they are even declared– but the PA is on its way there.

But do “Palestinian People” really need billions more in aid? The World Bank report for 2011 found that only 16 percent of the West Bank under PA control was living below the poverty line.

How serious is a 16 percent poverty rate? It’s better than the poverty rate in Washington D.C. which hit 18.9 percent. That means that politicians in Washington D.C. are diverting money that could have been used to help needy Americans a few miles from their offices, to help the comparatively better off terrorist populations in the West Bank.

Contrary to the barrage of news stories on the suffering of the Palestinians, the poverty rate for America and the West Bank aren’t that far apart. The California poverty rate is at 15.3 percent. And the national average at 14.3 percent is hardly that much better.

If a 16 percent poverty rate requires billions in international aid– then where is Washington D.C.’s international aid. Why isn’t there a UN aid facility distributing food near Foggy Bottom? And if being a failed state with no budget discipline requires international aid, then where are California’s aid pledges?

Many of the PA’s chief donors have poverty rates in the same range. Some are even worse off. Greece’s poverty rate is at 20 percent. Spain’s is nearly as high. And 17 percent of the EU population is considered to be at risk of poverty. Even Germany’s strong economy still has a 15.5 percent poverty rate. A few percentage points away from the West Bank.

But most damningly Israel’s poverty rate is nearly 24 percent. Worse than in the Palestinian Authority. About half those numbers come from its Arab population, which unlike their cousins in the Palestinian Authority, aren’t the beneficiaries of vast amounts of aid.

What’s the West Bank’s economic secret? 16.9 percent unemployment, a better number than among many of its international donors, funded by those same donor countries.

The dirty secret of the Palestinian Authority is that it is a wholly subsidized enterprise paid for by American and European taxpayers. And most of the money goes to the same place that it does in California– to the local government and its vast army of employees and their pockets.

The Palestinian Authority payroll stands at over 150,000 people. That’s in an area with only 840,000 adult males and 1.5 million adult males and females. That’s one government worker for every 10 adults in the West Bank. 1 government worker for every 5 males.

In July, the PA announced that it could only afford to issue half its payroll for the month. The terrorists on its payroll would have to make do with 115 million, instead of 225 million. This stunt is meant to bully international donors into kicking in more money so the Fatah employment agency stays open.

Why the sudden payroll crisis? Last month the PA passed a law putting all imprisoned terrorists, even members of Hamas, on its payroll. Now the Palestinian Authority is having payroll problems and expects foreign donors to bail it out– so it can continue paying money to convicted murderers.

And what else is all that money paying for? 1.3 million to computerize the records of the PA’s Religious Courts. So no offenders against Sharia law can hope to dodge the Islamic justice system. Plus another 29 million to construct “model buildings” for religious courts.

8 million to identify and survey Waqf land for Muslim religious authorities. 32 million to construct “National Security Training Camps”. 15 million to computerize the “National Security Agencies”.

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  • StephenD

    I've said it all along, hold them by their wallets and their hearts and minds will follow. Put real conditions on any aid. All aid should STOP until and unless it is for a society that shares our values for personal freedoms in a Western Style Democracy (Like Israel). Otherwise, they should be left to their own devices. If all aid was conditioned as I stated, they would either conform or go without…so be it. It is foolhardy to give aid to a system that is diametrically opposed to our system. When they look at Israel receiving aid they would be able to see a shining example of where any hope lies.

    • hrayspitz

      We should be waging war terrorists money. We should look for the organizations and individual contribute or handle terrorrists' money and destroy them utterly.

  • Likud of Holland

    Indeed, if more people know what the money is used for, the more chance that they will receive less, not more.

  • Sound&Fury

    I know! Maybe we can get ATF to supply guns to the HAMAS prisoners to "enhance" their security. Wait, just kidding, Mr. Holder.

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  • BobSmith101

    Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

    You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


    Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

    In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

    In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

    You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

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    • Anonymous

      In the UAE, and most other Gulf Arab countries, it is not uncommon for foreigners – mainly westerners – to wear offensive garments (rude t-shirts printed with sexual slogans, mini-skirts that barely cover anything, even bathing suits in the mall). What happens is that people give you a lot of eye-rolling; sometimes, a Muslim will approach you to try to explain that it's politer to wear different clothing next time. And if it's really bad, i.e. offensive to a Prophet Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, or to Islam, then the police are likely to arrest you. If you are Christian, you would probably be given a warning and a stern lecture, and requested to change your clothing. If you are Muslim, you will probably be in hot water, and you will be sent for religious education If a Christian gets another warning, he would likely be fined or jailed for a few days. Continued warnings would and then result in jail time and deportation. If a Muslim gets caught again, then he may suffer severe punishment, for rejecting Islam after having accepted it.
      However, if you distribute overtly anti-Islamic literature to people, you will certainly get jail time, religious education, an opportunity to recant (and and maybe a death sentence, which may or may not be commuted.

  • palidin 911

    This is what happens to a population on welfare. And make no mistake, the Palestinians have been living on handouts for the last 60 years. They have failed fail to develop in the best sense of the word. They have instead become statically frozen in time, fixated on their animosity of the Jews, abetted by their Arab neighbors, and the international leftists who see the Palestinians as nothing more sacrificial cannon fodder.

    Human beings are at their best when they strive to achieve, to compete against each other, to strive for progress. Instead most Palestinians walk down the streets of Gaza, holding hands, united with a single purpose in life, to kill the Jews and take Israel for themselves.

    If by some miracle, they acquired the land of Israel tomorrow, they would still be the basket case of the world.

    To continue wasting money on the Palestinians is is a failing venture. Let them struggle for their existence for awhile until the destruction of others is no longer foremost in their minds.

    • kafir4life

      It's just islam.

  • Sandy

    Was the point of this article simply a way for the writer to state he does not think the Palestinians should get more foreign aid? He could have said what he said in one line. Using unemployment and poverty line examples in Israel and the US makes no sense. The World Bank's poverty line is $1 per day. There is no one living in the US or Israel on $1 per day.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Why should those who celebrate the 9/11 atrocity get any aid? It is time these feckless parasites were made to fend for themselves. The stumbling block to bettering themselves is Islam.

    • mjazz

      You don't think someone should back up their opinions with facts?

    • Fred Dawes

      if the muslims can we would live on nothing, why? we would all be dead.

  • Pathena

    The Arabs miscalled "Palestinians" should not be given a penny of aid. Now that they are united with Hamas, it is against American law to give them money, since Hamas is officially designated as a terrorist organization.
    ("Palestinian" was synonymous with "Jew," and "Palestine" with "land of the Jews" since the Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Judea to Palestina in 135 A.D., after defeating the last of the Jewish rebellions under Bar Kochba. That is why Great Britain, after World War I, was awarded the "Palestine Mandate" to be the "homeland of the Jews."
    Gamal Nasser and the Soviet Union, haters of Jews, in 1964 in Cairo, invented the "Palestine Liberation Organization" with all the phony history and propaganda to go along with it.)

  • Carol

    This from another article I read tonight. Have we nothing better to do with our money?
    Reports of corruption and the plundering of PA coffers under Mahmoud Abbas have pervaded the Israeli media for years – with Channel 10 running a report last year that Abbas himself had withdrawn millions from PA accounts in Amman and Cairo.
    Abbas, however, is not under investigation.

    How about this? US bailout for Palestinian economy – only if Abbas drops UN plan was a headline in Debka a couple of days ago.

    When will we learn?

    • mjazz

      Arafat & the PA confiscated billions- that's with a 'b'.
      Arafat's wife lives in Paris and gets 22 million a year.

  • LindaRivera

    There are no words to describe the utter HORROR of American taxpayers being FORCED via their taxes to finance the Muslim terrorist organization, PLO/Palestinian Authority.

    And that for several years, America has given and continues to give advanced military training to the Palestinian Authority army.

    One of the U.S. trained Muslim terrorists told journalist, Aaron Klein, that all of the military training is used against Israel (which is obviously what it is intended to do). Our beloved ally, Israel, is treated by U.S. leaders, like an enemy to be destroyed. It is unforgivable and evil.

  • LindaRivera

    Whilst Americans are desperate with worry how they are going to survive the coming, much warned about Great, Great Depression, the government is on a wild spending spree, spending and borrowing like there is no tomorrow.

    Going into unbelievable debt. Massively printing money out of thin air GUARANTEED to destroy America's economy. Fighting wars we have NO money for.

    Every year giving away many billions of dollars especially to the oil-WEALTHY Middle East and Muslim terrorist organizations, PLO/Palestinian Authority/Hamas who fill their war chests, build mansions, and laugh all the way to the bank with FREE infidel American money. It is immoral and evil.

  • mjazz

    This is a great post. It has a lot of information and facts that prove the fallacy of the palestinian "cause".

  • xexon

    Zionist nitwits.

    You've given racist apartheid Israel over 100 billion dollars so far. What did they do with it besides build their war machine?

    Israel get's their "cut" every year, no matter how bad our own economy is. If their economy is booming, why are we underwriting their defence budget?

    Says more about you than about me…


  • Amused

    Pat Condel says it all .

  • Sabre

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    • M. C.

      Sabre, you must repeat this post again and again + again…

  • Asher

    Barack Obama is Pro-Palestinian, and that is why we are seeing more aid go to Middle East Terrorist organizations.

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