The Vile Candidate

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In a letter on behalf of his ex-boyfriend to the court, Norris called Nawi, an “intelligent, honest, trustworthy, good and moral person.” Norris described himself as a “strong supporter of Israel” and emphasized that he had “been widely mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in the forth coming elections for the Presidency of Ireland.” The court, which was not likely to be conversant with Irish politicians, was left to assume that jailing Nawi would alienate a world leader.

Norris urged that Nawi be given a suspended jail sentence with community service, claimed that he had probably been entrapped by the police and warned that Nawi might commit suicide in prison.

The Nawi letter had remained out of sight until the blogsphere came to the rescue in the person of John Connolly, who blogs at The System Works. Since Connolly was pro-Israel, Norris supporters cried conspiracy. Connolly was accused of being a Mossad agent. The innuendo went far enough that the Israeli embassy was forced to explicitly deny any involvement in the release of the letter.

By then Norris had become an embarrassment. He was still the same man he had been all along, but the controversy now had more bite to it. From his letter on behalf of Nawi, it was clear that he had been thinking of the presidency for over a decade. And after having come so close, he was thwarted by his own words.

There was an element of tragedy here, but not one that Norris or his supporters were capable of appreciating. Norris’ views remained acceptable so long as they were in the abstract. It was fine for him to attack Israel or speculate about ages of consent, so long as he didn’t actually put them into practice. The Nawi letter was the intersection of Norris’ anti-Israel politics and his shifting stance on pedophilia. And it did him in.

But the larger question is not Norris’ feelings on child abuse, but why so much of Ireland’s political elite was willing to back a man for a position where he would have been a national spokesman, despite his ugly views.

Norris demonized, mining the Holocaust for venom to hurl at the people who had suffered the most by it. He didn’t just disagree with the War in Iraq, instead he again deployed Nazi and Holocaust rhetoric. The base of support on his side meant that the ugliness of his views were not isolated, but represented a standard of discourse that had become the political mainstream in Ireland.

Had Norris not brought himself down, we would be reading articles shortly about the first gay president of Ireland. And Norris would have had a prominent stage to deploy his vengeful rhetoric against the victims of terrorism.

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  • reneeca

    Thank God this man did not win the election. I would hate to see Ireland go to the dogs and this man was truly a dog of the lowest caliber!

  • tarleton

    This is shameless hysteria…. ''strongly favoured to be the next president ''….that creep Norris had about as much chance of being president as Ron Paul did in the US
    Ireland is still one of the most religious and conservative countries in europe and it's a Leftist fantasy that they would elect a botboy for president …infact this is national enquirereske !

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I don't live in Ireland, but media consensus seemed to be that he was the favored candidate.

      • Lady_Dr

        The media consensus is always that the most loathsome creep (or sexual predator, corrupt politican, unpatriotic political pimp, out and out criminal or air-head) running will win. Why else do you think BHO, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, "little" Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, or Sen. Patty Murray made it big time? These are people who either have never had a real job, or could not get elected if they didn't have the press supporting them. No normal person would seriously want these cretins to have any power. If they public knew what they were really like they would want to, as Nixon said, "boil them in oil" (literally).

  • aamador1776

    Worrisome to me is that even this much tolerance for a piece of s**t like him could exits. The passive acceptance of corrupt morals and values of our society, that could allow crap like this to get on the ballot in the first place. Has the Left propaganda finally began to work. There seems to be a general tolerance of corrupt evil practices in the world. It seems to require a fever pitch threshold of bad behavior before people finally recoil from it.

    That worries me

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Media control goes a long long way. When the media keeps presenting a point of view as the default one, it begins to sink in.

  • Flipside

    The things the Hasbaras say about you when you criticize Israel is amazing. But if you say something like, “Ehud Olmert is a corrupt pig,” it’s antisemitism.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I call Olmert a corrupt pig all the time. So feel free to stop making up things to complain about.

    • ajnn

      huh ?

      this article is about a pedifile being given a national stage under the guise of 'tolerance.

      what has israel to do with this ?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        For people obsessed with a certain group, everything has to do with it.

        • Flipside

          You’re the one who said “vile.” that makes this a Hasbara hit piece. Is he also “virulent?” Does he “spew venom?” When are people going to stop plagiarizing Abraham Foxman?

  • StephenD

    I don't see how this guy was able to get any traction at all. The Irish folk I know would possibly have had a chuckle over him as a passing nuance but they would give him no credence to be sure. I hope Tarleton is right. I hope this is a fluke and not a glimpse into Ireland’s future.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The same way they get traction here. There's a common decline happening in the First World overseen by the left and its media outlets.

  • steven l

    Norris and Irish's practice a religion based on bigotery and vile ignorance. Not so much different from what one billion Muslim do.

  • Amused

    As the irish so often say about the Brits ….FOOOOK the Irish . First thing they oughta do is get rid of all their pedophile catholic priests

  • GKC

    Hey, and I thought the "fat cats" were the root of all evil….

  • Maura Collins.

    I am an Irishwoman and what Daniel writes is correct. This Norris had an altogether different agenda we were not privy to when it came to his views on pedophilia. Until a journalist gave an interview she had with him several years ago, we would never have heard of his views on the subject of pro man-child love except for her outing him. But it was his letter of appeal to the Israeli government on behalf of his ex lover, Nawi, that brought his campaign for the Presidency to a screeching stop. His hatred of Israel is well know in Ireland, his followers are of the rent-a-mind variety so they are the pupils who sally forth amongst the public to drop the seeds of doubt in their ears when it comes to Jews. For many centuries, Ireland was known as the 'Land of Saints and Scholars', today, we are a bankrupt nation, morals and morality have been tossed out in favor of the current 'enlightenment of entitlement' of a welfare mentality and it is Ireland and her people who are the worse off for this destruction, and not the likes of Norris and his rather revolting and effete lifestyle. Jews have lived in Ireland since the 12th. century and aside from a few glitches in the past they are superb people to live amongst. It is only in recent years, since the arrival of arabsmuslims, and the likes of Norris and his minions stirring the pot that this anti-Israeli mood has taken hold. There are less than 2 thousand Jews now residing there, yet somehow this seems to antagonize the latest arrivals beyond comprehension. I thank you from my heart Daniel for this splendid article. Maura Collins.

  • Steve Vercelli

    IRISH jews? Honestly, I didn't think that was possible..!

    Menachem Hanrahan?

  • I. Hollander

    Corruption and immorality are no longer in the Surprise category. This is our age, those we have elected, or might have. With the right financial and strategic backing, worthless scum can fashion and convey an inspiring message. Politicians are the mere puppet-actors of monied powers that don't want to get their hands dirty in the public realm. The mad grasping for power and control usurps any outdated concept of integrity or grand, inspirational projects for the betterment of the nation and its peoples. Each aspirant for himself (a porous, opportunistic self which entails his genie-like backers and orchestrators). This is the state of things: power at any cost. The public weal be damned (although that as well is corrupted by rising minorities of those on the dole in western, socialist-democracies). Force from below, from the revolutionaries, is as catastrophic as disintegration from above, the leaderlessship. And sandwiched in the middle, by historical forces, is the honest, hard-working common man and his family. So what's new in our evolution? Merely the speed of communications that hasten the ancient process of rise and decline, predictable as the seasons. The internet appeared and sustained as a great boon for lifestyle and knowledge; but now it too is merely a tool for mass exploitation and local subversion; its worst features and abilities co-opted by the angry, amoral rabble. Hopes and Changes are relative, subjective terms. Now in play are those that decent people would not recognize as humane or rational. Welcome to the new millennium! Even those of the once leading light, the U.S., seem but a prescription for rapid implosion and a values inversion. Chaos, crisis and anarchy growing rumors of the future.

  • Ghostwriter

    All I have to say is that what a creep David Norris is.

  • Noel

    I am pleased to inform one and all that, the very day after he finally received enough support for nomination, Senator Norris is now already leading the field – well ahead 2nd favourite M.D Higgins.

    The first sentence of this article is therfore – for the time being at least – as gloriously wrong as the general pitch of the whole piece.