Think Progress’s Man of Hate

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The Holy Land Foundation case did more than bring down the primary fundraising entity for Hamas in the United States; it also exposed the unwillingness of Muslims in America to make a clean break with their sympathies for Islamic terrorism.

So it is not surprising that Wajahat Ali, one of the authors of Fear Inc, the Center for American Progress’s recent report on “Islamophobia,” was also a passionate defender of the Holy Land Foundation, denouncing the prosecution of the “once highly-respected HLF” as a pro-Israel policy initiative and a notch on the Bush Administration’s “get a terrorist’ club”.

A portion of the article was devoted to a defense of Sami Al-Arian, the head of Islamic Jihad in the United States. On his blog, Wajahat Ali ran a third-party piece which described Al-Arian as “one of the earliest victims of the ‘war on terror’” and listed a site to help donate to his legal campaign.

The “Fear Inc.” report boasted of exposing a network of Islamophobes stirring up prejudice against Muslims; but that made it all the more curious that some of those targeted in the report were Muslims.

Zudhi Jasser, President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, was condemned because he “dangerously and incorrectly labels mainstream Muslim-American organizations as subversive.”

The Holy Land Foundation represented one such difference of opinion between Ali and Jasser of what constitutes a “mainstream Muslim-American organization”.

While Jasser’s American Islamic Forum for Democracy hailed the guilty verdict for its willingness “to hold Islamists accountable for their countenance of front charities and organizations which support terrorism either directly or indirectly”; Ali instead chose to side with the Holy Land Foundation and against the United States.

The “Fear Inc.” report continues the battle by attacking some of the Muslim and Jewish figures who have taken a stand against Islamic terrorism and their front groups in the United States. Rather than directly defending groups like the Holy Land Foundation, it instead tries to silence their critics.

Not only do Ali and his co-authors attack Zuhdi Jasser and Tawfik Hamid, a former radical and current reformer, but Ali also slurred Irshad Manji, a lesbian feminist and reformer as an “info-tainment prostitute” and one of the “paid henchmen” of the “Islam-haters” for questioning the divinity of the Koran.

Does questioning the divinity of the Koran make one a tool of the “Islam-haters”, if so the standards for what qualifies as Islamophobia are defined down to questioning Islamic theology in any significant way.

What would lead Wajahat Ali to defend Hamas’ bagmen, bitterly denounce Mubarak long before Tahrir Square, attack Israel over Gaza and finally smear moderate Muslims who criticize Brotherhood front groups or dissent from conservative interpretations of Islamic theology? The common denominator in all of these is the Brotherhood, the theologically reactionary mothership organization of Hamas in Gaza, with ambitions to rule Egypt.

During his college days, Wajahat Ali was on the board of the Muslim Students Association. The MSA is the original Brotherhood front group, which the NYPD called an “incubator for radicalism” and former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo described as “a recruitment tool to bring Muslims into the Brotherhood.”

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  • Avi Greenfield

    This is the dumbest piece of work I have ever seen. FrontPage Mag should be ashamed to publish this.

    • stern

      Explain, or shut up.

      • Avi Greenfield

        It's very simple. This piece is about instilling fear. Anyone who questions Israeli policy is automatically labelled a "Jihadist" and their reputation is blacklisted. There's my explanation. Any questions?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It's not an explanation, it's a general smear that fails to address the specific issues in this case.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          It's very simple. This piece is about instilling fear. Anyone who questions Israeli policy is automatically labelled a "Jihadist" and their reputation is blacklisted. There's my explanation. Any questions?

          Stop the pretense, you aren't questioning Israeli policy. Instead, you are deliberately inciting hatred and violence against the Jewish non-Muslim unbelievers in Israel in the hopes of facilitating a second mass genocidal holocaust of Jews, which would be the inevitable outcome if the Jihadists you sympathize with like a useful idiot were ever successful in achieving their goals and aspirations.

        • monst0r

          Fear of an actual threat is a rational response. Say a bull elephant is charging at you, fear would be a rational response. To not fear the charging elephant is stupid.

          And I do have a question. Is saying "I'm just questioning Israeli policy" a defense against "Jihadists" ramming planes into buildings?

          • Avi Greenfield

            Give me one example where he justifies hatred? One example.

          • livingengine

            Hi Avi,

            I can give you an example. You are not going to like it, but it is "Fear,Inc.".

            If you haven't read it you really should. besides being loaded with words like "sinister", "bigot", and "hate" the entire argument that Breivik was inspired by Spencer, Pipes, Emerson, Gaffney, and Yerushalmi is an insult to the reader's intelligence.

            Wajahat comes across as a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. I am not just throwing words around. Just look at the way he handles himself, look at what he says, and cross reference that with his play.

            I think he is amazingly hostile.

  • StephenD

    "Does questioning the divinity of the Koran make one a tool of the “Islam-haters”, if so the standards for what qualifies as Islamophobia are defined down to questioning Islamic theology in any significant way."
    It seems to me this is the crux of the movement. The true intent is to get a law passed in America against "hate speech" which would incorporate any "Religion" being called into question.
    I would contend that if your faith is based on writings that can so easily be offended than perhaps its foundations aren't strong enough to begin with.

    • pagegl

      You can be sure that if such a law is put in place that some religions will be more protected than others.

      • Roger Cole

        But it's already effectively in place world wide (especially Europe), haven't you noticed?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Of course, blasphemy protection.

    • Ameer Raschid

      Questioning the truth of the Qur'an as divine revelation or the mission of Prophet Muhammad was done at the onset by pagan Arabs, Jews and Christians and now today by apostates and Zionists with an agenda to demonize US and European Muslims as planning to take over by stealth US institutions and the glorious 4th of July patriotic "America First", "Love it or Leave it" "My country right or wrong" Judaeo-Christian Pat Robertson American way of life. All on orders of neocon Zionist conspirators to isolate Muslims from mainstream as "untermenschen" to keep AIPAC's control over Congress and Israel as the child that can do no wrong negatively impacting on US foreign policy
      and national interest in the ME.Yes to theological debate and dialogue but no to hate promoting propaganda for political purposes that divides. Americans as loyal or disloyal because of what is in the Qur'an and interpreted by a predetermined political or religious agenda. 9/11 was political terrorism carried out by fanatic and misguided Muslims in response to US policies in the ME like Netanyahu's"right to self defense" to justify anti-Islamic principles as Israel violates Jewish ethical ones.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Breathe… breathe

        When you people assume that other Muslims questioning the Koran are part of global conspiracy by America and Zionism… is it any wonder that your cultures are so violent and repressive?

      • ObamaYoMoma

        All on orders of neocon Zionist conspirators to isolate Muslims from mainstream as "untermenschen" to keep AIPAC's control over Congress and Israel as the child that can do no wrong negatively impacting on US foreign policy

        Let's see…there are approximately 15 – 16 million Jews worldwide compared to approximately 1.6 billion Muslims, and thanks to a freak geologic accident of nature, the West has transferred approximately 13 trillion dollars of wealth to the Islamic world. Thus, please explain how you figure that one small Jewish lobby, AIPAC, and one small Jewish country, Israel, can manage to influence and control the US Congress and the US's foreign policy at the same time let alone even manage to compete with the hundreds of Islamic lobbies and the thousands of bribes coming from the Islamic world with 57 Islamic countries and that is generously funded with 13 trillion dollars of oil wealth?

        The only logical answer is it can't. Indeed, if AIPAC really had all the influence and power you claim, then Islam would have long ago been outlawed in America and Muslim immigration would already have been banned and reversed.

        • Flipside

          Please explain how one small retrovirus causes AIDS.

    • DeucePrez

      Then that attack & comment should be directed at all religions then; not just Islam.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I would contend that if your faith is based on writings that can so easily be offended than perhaps its foundations aren't strong enough to begin with.

      Islam isn't a faith-based religion, as Islam requires total, complete, and unconditional submission to the will of Allah. Indeed, the word Islam in Arabic means submission and the word Muslim in Islam means one who submits.

      In fact, in faith-based religions adherents are perfectly free to question and even challenge the texts and tenets of their respective religions and to even freely leave their respective religions or convert to another religion altogether. While in Islam, on the other hand, because the freedom of conscience is forbidden, those same actions – blasphemy in the first case and apostasy in the second – are both capital offenses.

      Indeed, how many faith-based religions forbid the freedom of conscience and punish blasphemy and apostasy under the pain of death? The answer is none of them do. Only Islam does that because obviously it is not a faith or a religion at all. Instead, it is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology that masquerades as being a faith and religion to dupe the societies it intends to subjugate into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism via the imposition of Sharia.

      Thus, since Islam isn't really a faith and religion, then it should be outlawed and Muslim immigration should be banned and reversed ASAP.

  • Ameer Raschid

    Front Page and other Zionist Islabmophobes will not like Netanyahu apologize for their well funded hate campaign to demonize Islam and US Muslims for "stealth" takeover of Us institutions in order to marginalize them in society to prevent an alternate view than that of AIPAC and Rupert Murdocks Zionist media. To slander the AKP government of Turkey of ruthless suppression of secular opposition.massacre of civilians and support of terrorism is a"blood libel" worthy of the Passover blood one and is shameless Israeli inspired

    Trash pure and accuse AKP government of ruthless suppression of secular opposition,massacre of civilians and support of terrorism is a blood libel and like the
    propaganda of Goebells repeating lies often enough to be taken as truth! PKK is terrorist organization and AKP trying to give Kurds more rights and counter mistakes made by miliary run governments in past. You are stoking the flames of hatred and spinning facts to
    suit your evil agenda. Let Israel live without oppressing others in the name of self
    defense.More power to J Street and liberal Israeli Jews that follow the Jewish tradition of
    defending justice for all. Public apology for this as for murder on Mavi Marmara and arrogance that knows no bounds as long as Congress gets money from Zionists to pervert the truth to suit their paymasters.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      How many political prisoners does the AKP keep in jail again?

      How about those chemical weapons the AKP has used on Kurdish civilians?

      You should be ashamed of yourself for defending the atrocities of a genocidal state.

      • Ken Makky

        Are you referring to Israel?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          I'm referring to the AKP, from a country which has actually engaged in genocide and criminalizes even discussion of it.

          • HermitLion

            When it comes to islamists, there is no real defense – only smearing of anyone who dares speak the truth.

            A culture that has never developed self-criticism cannot even understand the notion of being judged by their actions, because for its members, judgment is the result of one group holding more power than the other.
            Thus, islamists constantly accuse others of committing crimes (real, or imaginary), without ever admitting their own.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Indeed, they have only one response to everything.

          • Ken Makky

            sounds like Israel to me.

      • turkp

        Unlike apartheid theocratic Zionist state, Turkey is a democratic country. There are no political prisoners in Turkey. Unlike militaristic fascist state of Israel which indiscriminately used phosphorous bombs on civilian population of Gaza, Turkey uses utmost caution against PKK. Unlike the undemocratic state of Israel, Turkey is a member of International court of Justice and European human rights court. Any one who is wronged by the Turkish army can take its case there. israel repeatedly uses inhuman means to subdue occupied peope who have no recourse to justice. You should be ashamed to lie. Now, it is up to you support your claim, if not, you are nothing but a right wing zionist farting from your mouth.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Really? Tell that to the Kurds or the endless "conspiracy" which now includes anyone who might get in Erdogan's way.

          Tell it to the Kurds murdered by Turkish invasions of Iraq, or the Kurdish parliamentarians bumped off so Erdogan's cronies could take their place.

          The Kurdish elected officials sent to jail for merely speaking their language.

          Stop the lies and deal with the truth, then you can move along the path to reform.

          • turkp

            The reason why Likudniks are so scared of Palestinian statehood is because they will finally be held responsible for all their genocidal treatment they have accorded to the Palestinians.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            No response then I see. Just more robotic propaganda.

            Looking forward to the liberation of Kurdistan from Turkish occupation.

    • Roger Cole

      You Muslims really know how to make your arguments rationally and calmly, don't you? That's why we love you all so much. You even managed to avoid saying anything beginning with "Death to……" or "such and such must be killed/die" You are making real progress, keep it up!

    • aspacia


      • DeucePrez

        To the Islamaphobe, that literally means "Islamaphobes lying to discount and diminish any and all truth stated by Muslims".

        There's your version of "taqiyya"….! You Islamaphobes are all liars. Either you tell outright lies or lies mixed with some truth. Either way, it's all lies.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Yes, truths like Islam is a Religion of Peace.

          Surely no one could honestly disagree with that.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      First of all, Ameer Raschid is a classic stealth jihadists. Of course, he's non-violent but so are the vast overwhelming majority of jihadists in the world, as only a few jihadist elect to become violent jihadists, with the vast overwhelming majority of jihadists electing to become non-violent jihadists like our taqiyya spewing friend Ameer Raschid.

      In fact, the Cold War was a war fought primarily via covert espionage and non-violent jihad is the Islamic world's version of covert espionage. However, because the world has been duped into conflating jihad with terrorism and into believing that Islam is a so-called Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of radical extremists, the Islamic world's version of covert espionage for the most part takes place almost unacknowledged and unopposed.

      Rupert Murdocks Zionist media.

      That's hilarious because Fox News – the neo-con and RINO news media – is just as anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and brainwashed as the leftwing media when it comes to Israel and Islam. If Ameer Raschid were more competent, he wouldn't be making such absurd statements on a right wing website without doing research first because it exposes him for the dishonest taqiyya spewer he is.

      Let Israel live without oppressing others in the name of self defense.

      Israel is a liberal democracy and doesn't oppress anyone other than criminals that have been convicted in a criminal court of law or jihadists caught in the act trying to kill Israelis. Meanwhile, Christians and all other non-Muslim unbelievers living in every Islamic country in the world are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether. Thus, before you falsely accuse Israel, you Muslims need to clean up your own house first.

      • shawn g

        Well done

  • Gene W.

    Get to the point! The Koran’s god is a deceiver, lair counterfeiter and hates the God of the Judeo-Christians. The adherents do not pray to the same god! The only room for fellowship is acceptance as Jesus Christ would have since they are created in God’s image and have a soul bound for Hell if they to not establish a personal relationship with Jesus.

    The real battle is Evil versus Righteousness. God authored the Bible, as a single page proves on, and established Israel and USA. Satan has fought Judeo-Christians from the beginning and has worked to bring down the USA via the greed of land and railway barons, then the Federal Reserve Bank (which Lincoln warned against) followed the expansion of the One World Government (OWG) via the League of Nations which evolved into the Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg’s controlling the UN (80% Muslim countries), hence the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). This brazen OWG has evolved to dictate, write and control the laws and politics of our country. Stop being lazy and study what these organizations are and the influence they wield.

    • DeucePrez

      Your comment is typical of Islamaphobes and not a new one. God is God. There is no other. Just because He's known as one name in one language and another name in another language, that doesn't change who He is!

      Another typical overzealous comments is "God ….established Israel and USA". He established the PEOPLE of Israel, but I don't recall USA (i.e. the United States of America) being mentioned ONE TIME in the Bible!


  • Ben

    Greenfield family! We are used to the Jewish antisemites.Is this family represent the Jewish Islamists?

  • aspacia

    You do realize that the Kurds have been continually victimized and massacred by Muslim majority governments. If not you are putting you head in the sand.

    The Marmara violated the legitimate blockade, and the terrorists instigated the violence. There was no violence when the IDF boarded the other members of the flotilla.

    Actually, Muslim terrorist attacks are the primary cause of my fear of most Muslims, especially when they make excuses for attacks against civilians

    The world has numerous Muslim majority governments, and you scream about a tiny bit of prosperous land ruled by Jews. You jealous==PROBABLY.
    Without appreciation, regards nor respect

    Deist, Feminist, Goy, Zionist

  • Fred Dawes

    With people like that who needs hitler? and it will not only be jews who will be murdered but the people who made this country Great, we can see with total and unpolluted vision of mass murdered and violence that has never been looked on by people in 2000 years.

    Evil is at the door and our low life government with the help of many Enemies of Life meaning the one world dicks who have been building hate for freedom for over 60 years are how about to attack us all, the end of this nation is at hand the question you must ask is what side will you be on?

    The movement of millions of third world people has been part of this evil plan the ideals of historical dim witted kids and adults and systems of really dim schools is sad to see but part of the plan of mass murder.

    2012 will see the end of the USA It will become a police state of total murder and rape and camps, so what can you do? call the monkeys in your state tell the monkeys you can still fight against evil and mean it.

  • tlwinslow

    I'm afraid of dogs that have hydrophobia. What was that about "Islamophobia"?

    Islam is a dead ideology. Allah is dead. The Quran is a dead book. But the backward Muslim world still has 1.x billion believers or nominal believers, hence the zealots will pull out all stops because they know their time is short. It's Muslims who have the phobia – that the 1.x billion Muslims will finally see that Allah is dead and chuck Islam.

    Fly with the eagles:

  • xlent

    Yo, Yo Moma…Well put!

    tlwinslow…here's a thought.. "Woe to you earth and sea, because the devil has come down to you! He is filled with fury because he knows " his time is short"". Think there might be a connection?

  • EC Everett

    "After the inauguration, Ali warned that Obama; 'must at the very least interact with democratically elected Muslim governments and representatives, such as Hamas and Mahmoud Ahmadinijad of Iran” and added that “a wholesale demonization and rejection of Islamic based governments and political groups is an affront to the Muslims who elected them.'

    I don't think this line will go very far with Obama. He's busy with the "…wholesale demonization and rejection" of American-based governments (Congress) and political groups (GoP and Tea Party types) even though it is an affront to the Americans who elected them.

    As for the anger, it is the manifestation of serious doubts, and a life of relative privilege in the U.S. and the tenets of Mohammedism clash, forcing one to choose when they do not wish to choose. It is not the faithful believer who rages at the questioning of his creed, but should that believer have his own doubts they can not bear the weight of another "skeptic" questioning their creed. Rage ensues.

  • crypticguise

    Of course in an Islamic Nation, questioning Islamic Theology or the Koran is a "death sentence". Thank you for the continuing exposure of radical Islamists amongst us.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Your father isn't the devil, he's the guy who fetches the devil's cigarettes.

    Now put down the Koran and try to be rational about this.