When the Race Card Runs Out

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Reprinted from Sultanknish.blogspot.com.

Last week, Congressman Clyburn reached into his deck, discarded the queens, aces and jokers, and played the ‘Race Card’. “The fact of the matter is, the president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin,” quoth Clyburn. Not the economy, an unwanted war or a politician who acts like a social butterfly while his constituents shovel spam from jars and dine on government cheese. It’s the color of his skin.

But does anyone seriously think that if Obama had brained himself with a golf club early in his term, that Biden wouldn’t be equally besieged by angry voters and the political opposition? And unless Biden successfully pulled a Clinton, and claimed to be America’s third black president, he would have had to do it all without the benefit of a race card.

We have discovered that just about anything you can say about Obama, besides ‘Messiah’ is some sort of racist code word. Two years it was revealed that calling him a socialist is racist. This week we learned that calling him European is also a slur. Calling him a ‘European Socialist’ might just qualify as a hate crime.

This isn’t really about racism. If it were, much more overtly racist comments made in private by top Democrats like Harry ‘light-skinned with no negro dialect’ Reid or Bill ‘Obama would be getting us coffee’ Clinton, would have lasted for more than a 5 minute news cycle of outrage. It’s about the political uses of race. The bigotry farming that makes racism into a constant part of the political landscape.

To Democrats, racism isn’t a problem. It’s a solution. Their speeches about looking forward to the end of racism, are as genuine as oil executives talking about the day when we get all our energy from the sun. Sure it sounds good in theory, but it would also put them out of business. One day we’ll all join hands and sing about brotherhood. But today we’ve got to go on MSNBC and explain how objecting to higher taxes is coded racism.

The Democrats have played both sides of the racial divide going on a century and a half. They have been the Klansmen and the civil rights activists. The bully club boys and the reformers. If you can think of a position on race, you can find a Democrat hiding behind it. In politics they call that ‘divide and conquer’. And from segregation to desegregation, that has been their game. Create and exploit divisions. Then promise to heal them.

The civil rights legacy of the Democratic party is one of pandering to white and black racists. From George Wallace to Al Sharpton, the Democratic party has played host to racists of both colors. And Asa Earl Carter who penned Wallace’s ‘Segregation Forever’ lines, also wrote Oprah’s favorite book about a little Indian boy suffering from discrimination. Over the course of two decades, the party reinvented itself along with George Wallace as the ‘anti-racists’.  But this was a change in orientation, not in ideology.

Depression era economic malaise had served the big government agenda under FDR. But economic boom times forced the party to shift their narrative from the economy to race. Eisenhower showed that the Republicans couldn’t be beaten on the old economic social justice line anymore. But healing racial conflict was another matter.

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  • Supreme_Galooty

    Well, I am a black man who's skin colour is completely, totally WHITE. My father is Irish, my mother is Dutch.

    How can I POSSIBLY be black? 'tis true, mi amigos, 'tis true. Think about it. Marvel. Call THE Reverend Jackson and invite him to my homecoming. We will set the racial world on edge! A white black man! Think of it!

    A truly marvelous thing.

    (The Supreme Galooty waits for one of you folks to ask the previous question…….)

    • Dennis X

      You wre already done in watermelon man

  • ClaireSolt

    There ae probably few pure blood blacks in America. We have lived together for four hundred years.

    Thisw is well written. However, I never saw Spam ion a jar. It comes in a tin.

    • Jacobite

      Yes, the blacks have been here for 400 years and they still haven't assimilated to white culture. Are we getting close to the point where you'll admit that they never will? Guess what, the Mexicans won't either. Race is real, and it never goes away. The only places on earth where race is not the issue are places like Iceland, where only one race resides.

      • coyote3

        Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of what you call "Mexicans" were born here and their ancestors were here before most of the Eastern Europeans, and have assimilated. I don't know what "race" you are talking about, but Mexicans are a nationality, not a race.

        • bill

          You're right, Mexican nationals are indistinguishable from Americans of Euro ancestry. Why, with their light skin, wavy brown hair and light-coloured eyes, The only way you know they're Mexican is to investigate. Yes, this is sarcasm.

          Mexicans are the descendants of the Aztecs (who called themselves Mexicans). They are a meso-American people of very distinct facial characteristics.

          Please have a point when you post.

  • Rick Z

    "There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."

    – Booker T. Washington, 1911

  • kafir4life

    The democrats need their Black presidents to have their DNA "tempered" with white blood. Harry Reid put it perfectly for the dems, and does represent what they all think. Notice their racism that they didn't think that a descendent from slaves would be a good fit, so they found one that they could pass as black when it suited them (on census forms, and to try to paint the other side as racist), but also be white when necessary (like when visiting Ireland). They are also the party of the KKK. I'll be looking forward to watching them squirm over all the old sound bytes should the Republicans nominate a REAL Black person. At every turn, on every issue, we'll be able to say "face it….you're a racist that just doesn't like the idea of a person of color being the leader of the free world". Then they can pack up their faux black man and go home.

    • Dennis X

      And who will run this real Blackman , the right, please! Herman " I hate myself cause I have Black shin" Cain? The President is half African , he's an og brother with a white mom and its still killing you on the right. Four more years!!!!!!!!!!

      • ebonystone

        "an og brother"…. More like an "ugh" brother I'd say.

    • Liana

      So you prefer the "one drop rule" to demonstrate a politicians qualification to perform their duties?
      How do you quantify a "REAL" black person.African Americans in general only carry 70% African dna now.What percent is agreeable to your Afrocentric ideology ?Would you demand dna tests on all cantidates to prove their color?
      And what benefits would all Americans receive from your mythological real-pure black president?
      Who are all these mysterious KKK monsters we hear about? Could you please furnish their names,living locations,confirmation of KKK membership and details of their current threats and crimes?

      • MrCoulter

        I have one perfect example to give you – and the old saying goes, for every one you can see, there are ten others you can't.
        And that would be Robert Byrd, U.S. senator, and Exalted Kleagle of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Granted, he is no longer a threat, and will commit no more crimes – because he is (thankfully) stone cold dead – but here was a man who had it all. He could spit on the black man, then appear to do a complete 180 after he 'saw the light'.
        Don't take my word for it (and I am sure you won't) – it's all a matter of public record now. Enjoy your crow.

  • dirtybird

    Democrats play the race card for the same reason they drive their Prius', not to save the planet but to improve their image.

  • SwampFox2U

    Just wait until the Native Americans flood in from Mexico and have their own leaders to demand racial equality as the true Americans. How will the Democrats do the Racial Two Step between the African Americans and the True Americans.

    • wasicu36

      Would you be referring to the ancestors of the aztec human sacrifice nuts? The ones that were run out of the country by the Lakota, Comanche, and Apache among others, BECAUSE they sacrificed humans? We'll runthem off again buddy

    • coyote3

      Not very many "native Americans" left in Mexico. Most are mixture of Indian, Spanish, French, and yes, even some Irish. The "natives" are treated pretty much like they were by the Spanish, and that would make what the Anglos did, looks like social work.

    • Liana

      What would their claims be based on? South America is not North America,the majority have no ancestors that lived here and the US purchased the majority of the land you are refering to.
      What inequality are you referring to? Are natives in the US denied education,jobs or land purchases?
      What about the "natives" that lived on the land prior to Indians and that do not have Indian dna?
      What "race" are you talking about? Do you mean tribes ,culture,skin color,time period,dna,facial structure,archeology ,blood type? Pick a race by your personal opinion and prejudice?
      America did not exist until 1776.

  • tagalog

    Personally, I'm a Native American. My family arrived here from England (via Holland) 390 years ago. While they were here, my ancestors married a Mohawk Indian, a German, a Scot, and an Irish person. I am one of this generation's products of that mixture; if I were to return to my "homeland," what homeland would that be?

    I'm a Native American.

  • voted against carter

    Well if you are NOT a DemocRAT,.. then you ARE RACIST. PERIOD. END of argument.

  • Rochmoninoff

    I love this so much:
    "[Democrat] speeches about looking forward to the end of racism, are as genuine as oil executives talking about the day when we get all our energy from the sun. Sure it sounds good in theory, but it would also put them out of business."

    That was pretty much the blog in toto.

    The conservative response needs to be more active. Instead of getting tight-lipped an frustrated with the apparent illogic and hypocrisy they need to get positive:
    1. A man (note the lack of color) stands up for himself
    2. A good government gets out of the way of a man
    3. Programs that treat blacks differently un-man them
    4. We want our men (of any color) to be men not tools of the government.

  • ebonystone

    Congressman Clyburn [said] “The fact of the matter is, the president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin,”

    So Obama's ignorance, arrogance, corruption, and bigotry are all due to the color of his skin? So Rep. Clyburn is saying that this level of politics is all we can expect from a black man? He makes a good case for never voting for any black politician.

  • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

    I couldnt care less if they use this dumb card til they are blue in the face.
    It means zero to me.
    I am in AZ, we are burning down.
    Liberals/Bolsheviks/Progressives, whatever they call themselves THIS week can burn in hell with all of their bogus cards they use.
    We are sinking deep in the mire, here in America, the manchurian imposter selling out secrets to Russia and all they have is this 'race card' bs.
    Rot in hell.

  • Guest

    Everything that is happening in this presidency has to done with obozo's skin color. If he were white, the media would never have let the idiot get elected. He would have been crucified as soon as if was found out he went to a racist America hating church or when he said the 57 states. Everything that happens in modern America has to do with race.

    Just visit Stuff Black People Don't Like.

  • USMCSniper

    The race card will never run out. Latest Black on White mob assault example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2gqgFNyPL8

    HPD Chief McClelland eho is Black still has not issued warrants for the arrest of the Patti Labelle, her son Zuri, and her two bodyguards for felony assault and battery and for obstruction of justice by lying to the investigating police for the incident at Bush Airport? The video tape shows a felony assault on the West Point Cadet and demands it. The two inept police officers who botched or maybe even falisfied the police report have not been suspended nor has the person in HPD took it on themself to call West Point Police about the young West Pont Cadet (the victim) making out he was the assailant? Either Chief McClelland is totally incompetent or he is just another tribalist "Hating Whitey" racist afraid he won't be popular with the bruthas and the sistas if he enforces the law. If the monitor removes this post – same on her or him.