The Israel Haters Among Us

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Across the wide seas, there is a magical place where people live in a similar setting to that here in the United States. They live with democracy, freedom, individual human rights and prosperity – just like here. Although much of their population embraces one faith, they allow all faiths to flourish – just like here. They welcome (legal) immigrants – just like here.

And, in perhaps the most compelling commonality of all, they are targeted for destruction by the forces of Islam – just like here (just like all of Western Civilization, in point of fact).

So, naturally, this magical place is absolutely loathed by American Leftists. After all, they hate their own country, so why shouldn’t they hate Israel? These haters walk among us. Let’s spend a few minutes calling them out (and in some cases, laughing at them hysterically)… To start with: the self-proclaimed protectors of human rights.

10. The United Nations

No, they’re not American. But they are here in America, are they not? Perhaps it’s (long past) time that we kick their fannies off U.S. soil. The U.N. “Human Rights Council” is obsessed with Israel’s “many human rights abuses” and loses no opportunity to condemn the country, while not managing to muster up any indignation toward Iran, Libya, China, Qatar… oh, wait! Maybe it’s because those nations are all part of the Human Rights Council! Which makes perfect sense, if it was Opposite Day. Unfortunately, every day is Opposite Day at the U.N. – like the day they applauded terrorism toward Israel:

At least under George W., the U.S. boycotted this kangaroo human rights court. But Obama has us going back, so that we can receive human rights counseling from North Korea, Nicaragua, Cuba, Egypt, and yes, even Iran! Our president apparently believes we have much to learn from these nations. WARNING – this video is not for the weak of stomach:

9. Hedy Epstein

Hedy Epstein is a little old lady who is being misused by the so-called BDS radicals – the Israel haters pushing for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. These people make much of Hedy’s involvement in their cause. And it is terribly sad to see a little old Jewish lady participating with them.

However, she’s not a Holocaust survivor. She was a refugee from Nazi Germany, and she did lose her family to the Nazis, but she was living in England during the war, not in a death camp. You can read her real story here.

And you can see how she’s being misused in this comically angry “flash mob” protest against Motorola at a Best Buy store in St. Louis (just look for the only 85-year-old “dancer”). Who really knows why Hedy went over to the dark side… maybe she’s just senile:

8. BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) groups

What do these Israel Haters have against Lady Gaga, anyway? Everywhere they go, they commit songrape against the Gaga hit “Telephone.” Come on, big-mouthed Israel boycottophiles! Pick on another song!

In this catchy version “performed” in Philadelphia, the lyrics are tortured into an assault on Sabra hummus. Yes, you read that right. And the dancing is every bit as bad as the singing. Worse, in fact, which is odd considering that quite a few of the participants look gay, and I thought gays were good at choreography! Wait – hasn’t anyone told them that Islamists KILL gays? Guess not! Anyway – again, if you have a strong stomach – take a gander:

7. David Beckham and wife Posh Spice

Okay, not the REAL David Beckham and Posh Spice. But when you watch this video (the last of the BDS types, I promise), you will see how I got confused. After all, they got someone just as handsome as Beckham and just as lovely as Posh to impersonate them. Although I should really put my glasses on and take a look to be sure… wait… uh… sorry… let’s see, with the old specs on board… it seems that these people are actually… uh… oh. Actually, these people are hideous!

Ha ha! Just kidding. Sort of. But the real reason to show you this video is in the interest of fairness. After all, I did ask them to stop butchering Lady Gaga and move on to something else. So they did! The target, again, is Motorola – “Moto’s killing children so say goodbye!” – you’ll be humming it all day:

6. Hollywood – as exemplified by Jean Luc Godard

There is no greater narcissistic self-lovefest than the Oscars, and this man, Jean Luc Godard, is who Hollywood thought deserved an honorary Academy Award this past year. Now granted, this man is French, not American. But Hollywood, last I checked, IS American, although you’d never know it, would you?

So Jean Luc Godard is a bigshot fancy-schmancy pants movie director. And he’s also a virulent Israel hater, again not only walking among us but enjoying showers of accolades. Here’s how my NewsReal Blog fellow writer Dr. Phyllis Chesler describes him:

“Godard has… described Israel as a ‘cancer on the map of the Middle East’; visually, in paired flickering images, has compared Golda Meir to Hitler in one of his films; defended the 1972 Palestinian terrorist massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich and suggested that an image of the Palestinian camps should be ‘broadcast before every Olympics finale’; justified Arab terrorism by describing Israel as a ‘paradoxical form of Nazism’;  insisted that German television is ‘financed by Zionists,’ and demanded that the Germans, instead, allow ‘us’ to buy ‘weapons for the Palestinians to attack Zionists.’ In one of his many films, ‘A Married Woman,’ Godard has a character state: ‘Today, in Germany, I said to someone, “How about if tomorrow, we kill all the Jews and the hairdressers?” He replied, “Why the hairdressers?”’ In other words, Godard, in both his films, and in interviews, is an out-of-control racist and he has wielded his considerable cinematic talent and influence to legitimize a far less talented industry of exterminationist propaganda against the Jews and Israel.”

So, let’s give him Hollywood’s highest honor! I could write an entirely separate article about the self-hating nature of the self-hating Jews in places like Hollywood – but NewsReal Blogger Lisa Graas already did!

5. Muslim students on American campuses

The Muslim Students Association. It’s a fixture on many major United States campuses. And that’s great, because clearly if the Muslim students are HERE, then they must admire and maybe even love the U.S., and so they’re learning the kind of tolerance and open-mindedness which the university experience should inculcate. Right?

Well, maybe we can ask Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. He had an interesting experience with the Muslim Student Association at the University of California at Irvine, when he came to speak about Israel. This video really highlights the kind of fair and thoughtful debate for which Muslims are known:

The students were asked, again and again, to show respect for the speaker. Mr. Oren, showing a great deal of class throughout the ordeal, asked them specifically to allow him to speak (clearly, a request he should not have had to make). But these Israel haters are haters above all.

Speaking of hate at the University of California, it seems appropriate here to revisit another Muslim student, star of a video that went viral last year from UC San Diego. The video is compelling because of its jaw-droppingly shocking hatred, expressed clearly and simply:

4. Bard College

Is this campus really on American soil? I was wondering, because it proudly proclaims that it has an “Alger Hiss” Professorship of Social Studies. Alger Hiss was a Soviet agent and Communist, dedicated to the destruction of both our free markets and our liberty. So anyway, isn’t that super awesome that Bard College administrators have named a chair in their social studies department for this spy?

But I digress. There are far more interesting (and current) scandals at Bard College. Bard is home to a chapter of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which is just another way of saying “really radical Muslim students, or just Muslims.” Writer Lee Kaplan talks about his efforts to get Bard President Leon Botstein (another self-hater, apparently) to stop allowing his campus facilities and student activity money to be used to train ISM activists who are then sent to the West Bank:

“The ISM at Bard has actually invited Huwaida Arraf, a co-founder of the ISM and one of the main organizers of the Gaza Flotilla boats that continually try to run the Israeli navy’s control of the sea lanes to Gaza to import weapons for Hamas. Arraf was invited to campus to do recruiting for ISM terrorism enablers once before and I alerted Botstein then, too, who did nothing about it. The Bard ISM campus group even recently raised money for the Gaza flotillas that included IHH, an al Qaeda-affiliated ‘charity’ that was involved in the millennium bomb plot to blow up the LA airport in 2000. It is common knowledge the ISM organizes these flotillas in order to try to enable the Iranians to run weapons to the Hamas to attack Israeli civilians on Israel’s southern border with rockets and mortars. Photos are available of ISM activists receiving medals from Hamas leaders in Gaza… Bard ISM recruits are trained in how to lie to the Israeli border police in order to enter Israel illegally and go to the West Bank (also illegal) to assist in fomenting weekly riots from the mosques against Israel’s security fence… getting a college like Bard to foot the bill through student activity money and lend legitimacy to their actions is quite a feather in the ISM’s cap. This is one reason why there are not other ISM chapters on colleges across the nation. That is, so long as some college presidents unlike Botstein don’t let them fool people into thinking they are part of the academic experience instead of terrorist enablers, the others don’t train activists to physically aid Hamas… (whose) charter calls for not only destroying Israel, but wiping the Jewish people off the world map.”

Kaplan goes on to note that most campus Muslim groups engage in propaganda and street theater at worst, but “Bard’s ISM chapter is a different animal entirely.” You can read about the whole sorry mess here.

As a quick side note, not EVERY college in America is a haven for Israel haters. At my alma mater, the University of Southern California, administrators recently reprimanded their campus security (and security apologized) for siding with the Students for Justice in Palestine after a member of the pro-Israel group “Stand With Us” was forcibly ejected from a public event. What’s more, new USC president C.L. Max Nikias has issued a courageous statement AGAINST the BDS movement.

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  • UCSPanther

    The MSM? So much for the claims from Neo-Nazis and Islamists that Jews control the media….

  • Jim

    What sort of adminidtrators allow such hate groups to practice their bigoted trade in a university. It is time to remove the administrators and replace them people who know what a University is for. What kind of people are we to tolerate racism in high places wether the UN or a University. Do not the Americans all have a target on their backs?

  • SemperCivis

    this historic interview on Israel National Radio of artist Marc Rubin explains the real unrevised history of the ancient world, including how Islam started and who these people really are.