The Israel Haters Among Us

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3. President Obama

Obama has been no friend of America’s best friend. Washington-based British journalist Nile Gardiner sums it up quite neatly:

“In the space of just over a year, Barack Obama has managed to significantly damage relations with America’s two closest friends (Israel and Britain), while currying favour with practically every monstrous dictatorship on the face of the earth. The doctrine of ‘smart power’ has evolved into the shameless appeasement of America’s enemies at the expense of existing alliances. There is nothing clever about this approach – it will ultimately weaken US global power and strengthen the hand of America’s enemies, who have become significantly emboldened and empowered by Barack Obama’s naïve approach since he took office… the Obama presidency is causing immense damage to America’s standing in the free world, while projecting an image of weakness in front of hostile regimes. Its treatment of both Israel and Britain is an insult and a disgrace, and a grim reflection of an unbelievably crass and insensitive foreign policy that significantly undermines the US national interest.”

Let’s see… Obama has publicly insulted the Israeli president. That’s not how he treats dictators with American blood on their hands – he got all buddy buddy with Venezuela’s murderous Hugo Chavez. (Who has repaid him by pledging to build a new world order with that lunatic currently running Iran). Obama even literally bent over to bow for the king of Saudi Arabia – a country in which nobody votes, women have no rights, and Christianity is illegal. Obama also has compared the deaths of millions of Jews in the Holocaust to the “occupation” of Palestinian territories…  he’s humiliated Israel in a hateful speech at the U.N., and pretty much blamed Israel the for the Middle East conflict… his minions (Clinton, Axelrod, Gibbs) have publicly flogged Israel numerous times.

Wow – with friends like that, Israel doesn’t really need any enemies! Of course, sadly, it has many.

Too bad America is beginning to be one of them, thanks to our current president.

2. NPR (surprise!)

Yeah, I’m being sarcastic, of course. Nobody’s surprised by this. If it’s a cause that’s either stupid or Leftist, NPR is all over it like a bad rash. Last week NPR ran a piece all about how Israel is so mean to its (illegal) immigrants, quoting – well, illegal immigrants, naturally. Ira Stoll sums it up:

“Never mind Juan Williams: What really gets me about National Public Radio is the way it manages to cover Israel in a manner more reminiscent of Tishreen’s or Al Jazeera’s style than that of an American news outlet. The latest egregious example is a piece from NPR’s Morning Edition that runs on the NPR website — and this morning was the lead story on the NPR home page —  under the headline ‘In Israel, No Welcome Mat for African Migrants.’ The article accuses Israel of being inhospitable to refugees. There’s no mention whatsoever of Israel’s welcoming 1 million Jews from the former Soviet Union or tens of thousands of Jews and others from Ethiopia, which, last I checked, was in Africa. Nor is there any mention of whether any other countries are laying out welcome mats for refugees. It’s hard to think of a country other than America that has been more welcoming to refugees than Israel has, so it seems likely that the NPR piece is afflicted by a certain confusion between a ‘refugee’ and an ‘illegal immigrant’ … NPR quotes one illegal African immigrant it states has been in Israel for 16 years as saying that Israel ‘ends up not a place for people who are different. It’s a place where people should be, look, all the same.’ Again, there’s no reminder or reality check from the NPR correspondent to the effect that Israelis, who may be Ethiopian immigrants, black-hat Orthodox, secular supermodels, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, you name it, hardly ‘look all the same.’ NPR has responded to complaints about its Israel coverage by commissioning an independent review every three months of its coverage of ‘the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.’ But this isn’t even coverage of the ‘Israeli-Palestinian conflict’; it’s just a hit piece on Israel.”

1. The American mainstream media and the “intelligentsia” that run it

Although Ira Stoll (see #2 above) expected more from an American news outlet, the fact is that no mainstream American news outlets are friendly to Israel, and some are among the worst Israel haters in the country. Shoot, the recognized elder stateswoman of the White House Press Corps, arguably one of the most famous longtime reporters in America, slipped and let her true colors show this year on the subject of Israel. (The Society of Professional Journalists named their Lifetime Achievement Award after her!) Then there’s the fact that Saudi money is controlling some aspects of the American media giants (including, yes, Fox News).

But leftist reporters being leftist, once they get an idea embedded in their gray matter, it just colors how they view – and do – all their reporting. Here and here, read how critics carefully deconstruct Israel-related reportage to show the persistent, insidious, and sometimes very subtle-but-nevertheless-enormous bias. It’s remarkable. And it is how virtually every Israel story is reported in the mainstream press.

Some figureheads in the mainstream media are very open about their biases, as blogger Ron Radosh reports in his biting takedown of current New Yorker editor David Remnick, an arrogant blowhard who could be crowned king of the self-haters.

A footnote: The big social media outlets are not really in the category of “mainstream media,” although the biases of sites like Google and Wikipedia have been fairly well-documented. But it’s sadly instructive that Facebook, an American invention, currently hosts a number of “We Hate Israel” pages – with thousands of members between them.

So here in the greatest Western civilization currently on earth, where we should have great respect for what Israel has accomplished economically, politically and culturally – here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A – the Israel haters walk among us. They spread misinformation or outright lies, they spread their ignorance of history and current events, they spread anti-Semitism, and of course, they spread hate.

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  • UCSPanther

    The MSM? So much for the claims from Neo-Nazis and Islamists that Jews control the media….

  • Jim

    What sort of adminidtrators allow such hate groups to practice their bigoted trade in a university. It is time to remove the administrators and replace them people who know what a University is for. What kind of people are we to tolerate racism in high places wether the UN or a University. Do not the Americans all have a target on their backs?

  • SemperCivis

    this historic interview on Israel National Radio of artist Marc Rubin explains the real unrevised history of the ancient world, including how Islam started and who these people really are.