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Top 10 Facts About the Arizona Shooting to Educate Your Friends on the Left

Posted By Diane Schrader On January 19, 2011 @ 7:00 am In NewsReal Blog | Comments Disabled

Like many of you, I was flabbergasted by the response to the tragedy in Tucson. Yeah, we know now that about 3/4 of the country gets it – they realize the media/Left’s blame game was just so much – well, “vitriol.” But that still leaves millions of people who do NOT get it, and apparently many of them were tweeting in the hours and days after the shooting – tweeting some pretty appalling stuff:

Now, THERE’S some hate speech for you.

Some of these misguided folks may still be salvageable. They may not be buried so deeply into the leftist hate trough that they will still listen to reason. And there are others out there just like them, ignorant and sheeplike, who simply have not heard much (if any) truth on this issue. These people are probably among your friends – almost certainly somewhere among your Facebook friends. So, if you don’t step up, where are they going to hear the truth? Surely not from the (increasingly lesser) mainstream media!

Feel free to use this “rhetorical ammunition” (Heh heh!) whenever the “ever so civil” Left gets all up in your face, regurgitating the party line about “Right wing rhetoric,” hate speech, the stupidity/incarnate evil of Sarah Palin, or any one of the million other pathetic Leftist talking points currently infecting threads all over the Facebook landscape. There’s a lot here; you may want to pick and choose your favorite weapons (Heh heh!).

First up: where’s the smoking gun?

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