A Budget Deal: Republican Suicide

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We all watched in amazement and horror as the Democratic Party led its minions off the cliff and made them vote to jam through Obama’s health care law. We knew it was mass suicide, but we watched with incredulity as they bravely stepped up to drink the Kool-Aid. Now it is the turn of the Republicans freshmen — the very people who inherited the seats of those who walked the plank — to march off a cliff of their own.

The electorate that impelled the GOP triumph in 2010 will not tolerate a breaking of the Republican promise to cut $100 billion from the budget. They will accept, of course, the pro-rated share of the advertised total — $61 billion over seven months — but not anything less. It is a simple matter of keeping one’s campaign promises.

Any freshman who votes for a budget deal below $61 billion will face a primary and likely defeat either for the nomination of in the general election. That is just the fact of political life.

The Tea Party supporters and the aroused Republican electorate will not stand for it. The myopia which obscures Boehner’s and Cantor’s view of this reality is as blinding as that which made Pelosi, Obama, and Reid sacrifice their majority over health care.

If Boehner comes to a deal below $61 billion, he will face the massive defection of his own party. A fundamental split between Tea Party and establishment Republicans will have opened up and will not heal for the balance of the session. If Boehner needs to cross the aisle to borrow Democratic voters to pass the deal, he will become a coalition speaker — a coalition of donkeys and RINOs. The real Republican conservatives will be in the minority. But they will have with them the vast bulk of the GOP electorate, a re-alignment which will become painfully clear in 2012′s primaries.

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  • Jim

    If the Funded RNC and Democrats wish to continue doing business as usual and out wit the new Republicans into a compromise then large groups of both parties may finally consider forming a third party based on democracy. . Blacks and Hispanics are getting disillusioned by Obama. If a democracy third party arose the dispossessed may think it through and realize only a clean slate can correct the corruption of the old guard .
    Only a clean slate can restore democracy and thus restore equality of opportunity .
    Only fear of the unknown keeps people from breaking away from power and wealth control of Congress. The dispossessed must conceive of the party before they can make one. They must dream it first ;then they must plan;then they must organize.

    • jim

      And that party would, one hopes, realize that the growing income disparity between the rich and everyone else is leading the U.S. towards a third world existence. The path this country is on, one that sees a a diminishing middle class, will result in more homelessness, less healthcare resources for the elderly and low income folks, and general suffering. I believe that good people believe that the Tea Party philosophy protects individual rights. But to leave the social policy of this nation to the self interest of free market economics will benefit the few and hurt the majority.

      Unfortunately, the people are going to have to experience a lot more depravation before they stop buying the personal liberty lines the Republicans espouse before they realize they are getting screwed.

    • John

      your out of touch. I am an independent who is now suffering because of recent Republican actions. I find that I can no longer support candidates from a party that lies behind false data and a party that brings fanatical religious beliefs into politics. We should be creating jobs and get out of the business of being the whole world's policeman. Cut the military budget, not social. Do we need another aircraftcarrier? Because of budget cuts, I now teach elective classes of 44 middleschool students. Another 4000 teachers in LA alone have just lost their job. This fall all grade levels will have 35 plus students. My classroom hasn't been cleaned in months because the district laid off most of the janitors.

  • Flickering bunny

    People don't care about anything besides job creation.

  • From NJ

    Florida governor Chris Christie? For this Mr. Morris is paid the big bucks?

  • mac

    We the voters of the US must come to understand that the pols who promote the "rich" vs the "poor" stories are not our friends.
    Poor or rich, whatever that may be, as I suppose anyone with a $ more than me is rich. The politicians and their salesmen only want to promote envy.

  • mac

    We the voters of the US must also come to understand that outlandish promises made by candidates are not possible. Change you can believe in, close Guantanamo, get rid of obama care, stop all abortions, tax the rich more all these things may sound good if you turn off all thought but rational folks should know they are not going to happen.
    These pols use the same systems that con men use.

  • Eric


    Just to let you know, it looks like you mistakenly wrote “Florida governor Chris Christie” instead of Charlie Crist.

  • Eric

    Start a third party!!!

    • WildJew

      Better to punish the recalcitrant Republicans – who followed Boehner's lead – at the polls like Dick Morris suggests.

    • davarino

      I agree. I was hoping the repubs were going to change and become the conservatives they are supposed to be, but I have had it. They are a bunch of wimps with no spine. All they could fight for was 31Billion? They couldnt stick to the 100? 100 billion is still chump change, but that is what they said they would do. We are drowning in a sea of debt and this is all they could do? To hell with all of them. I dont care if the dems win again in 2012, I aint giving them another chance. Good luck numbnuts.

  • Gerald Berry

    To heck with Boehner and the old guard AND anyone else that votes for this sellout. Why did the Republicans propose defunding Planned Parenthood if they did not have the balls to stand by their guns. I can't wait for the vote to see where each member of the house and senate stand.

  • 11Hotel

    I agree with Morris; and Boner blew it! I disagree with the we can not cut money from social welfare programs crowd-that is pure nonsense. Talk to anyone who has been a recipient of said handouts. Drop the entire admin costs (and 50% of the personel) to the states with block grants, and wish them good luck!
    It is not like every recipient is eating cat food kids; most recipients live quite well, even rich compared to many around the globe that are truly poor.

    I would not rule out a third party, or at least a good old Rep vs. Tea battle for the next 6-10 months. Also, any shut down damage would be gone by election day, which is light years away at this point.

  • 77patriot

    We need to get these RINOs out! This is yet another example of Bernard Goldbergs' complaint that there are "Crazies to the left of me, wimps to the right." At least the crazy lefties acted with boldness(with some lying, cheating and arm-twisting thrown in, of course) to get Obamacare passed. It's time we got some real men to lead!