Obama: Egypt’s Hostage

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But his policy of appeasement toward radical Islam has yet to have any bad consequence. We have had some terror attacks, to be sure, but none have risen to the level of a cataclysm. But losing Egypt to the grip of Islamic fundamentalism would be a huge blow to the United States, to Israel and to the entire Western world.

It would literally open the door to a theocratic Iranian-style empire stretching from Morocco to Iran. Inspired by an Islamic takeover in Egypt, he may find himself confronted with a Middle Eastern version of the old domino theory, where one nation after another falls to Islamism, with each new theocratic conquest destabilizing its neighbor.

Remember that Iran has a population of 79 million and Egypt has 75 million. Together, their 154 million almost equal the combined population of all the other nations in North Africa and the Middle East. If Egypt and Iran were to work in tandem, they could control the region.

By failing to back Mubarak and telling the Egyptian military to pull its punches and let the demonstrators take over the streets, the Obama administration has come to own responsibility for the outcome of the Egyptian revolution. If it goes south and leads to a disastrous outcome, it will be his foreign policy that will rightly shoulder the blame.

Obama should be backing Mubarak. Remember that Egypt was the first Arab nation to sign a peace deal with Israel and the only one to work with the Jewish state. It was in pursuit of peace that Anwar Sadat, Mubarak’s predecessor, gave his life.

With the U.S. supplying $1.3 billion in annual aid to the Egyptian military — in addition to $700 million in other assistance — we have great leverage, particularly over the military. Our demands that they behave gently toward the demonstrators may doom their efforts to preserve the regime.

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  • Wesley69

    Radical Islamists may have studied Obama and his tendency toward appeasement and calculated it was the ideal time to strike.

    Look at what has happened since Tunisia: Lebanon Egypt, Yemen, Jordan have had changes of government or uprisings. Turkey and Pakistan appear to be moving down the road toward Radicalization. Already, the Islamic Theocracy of Iran & its ally, Syria, are trying to destabilize Iraq. Obama & the world could be facing the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate. The fall of Egypt makes this a possibility. Since Saudi Arabia has control of the key religious centers of Mecca & Medina, it will be targeted. This in turn would endanger the flow of oil, and would send prices skyrocketing, ruining the economies of the US, Japan, China, India and other industrialized countries.

    If this wasn't enough, the Islamic Caliphate would turn its attention to the destruction of the state of Israel. Faced with a fate similar to the defenders of Masada, Israel's nuclear arsenal would be unleashed on its enemies with deadly results.

    Egypt may be the least of Obama's problems as he faces reelection. Couple that with an Islamic Super-State & a world in deep recession, possibly depression, and that would spell the end of "hope & change.” In the worst scenario, war in the Mideast could spread across the globe.

    Pray that the military of Egypt can put a lid on the revolution.

  • Ivanvivian

    Obama did not lose Egypt. He gained it purposely for the Muslim Brotherhood. While I support the Jews, sometimes they frustrate me no end. They believed in Hitler, even as Hitler was burning their families in the furnaces. AND so they continue to believe the best of Obama, while he has raised the furnaces around Israel.

    Oh my Israeli Friends, you continuely allow yourselves to be duped over and over again. When will you learn that you cannot trust a man, but only the Most High God, YHVH?