Obama’s Phony Oil Company Tax

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This would be a great time to expose Obama’s failure to issue oil-drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico, his opposition to ANWR drilling and his refusal to allow horizontal shale drilling and fracking.

Obama is following a strictly left-wing playbook as he gears up for re-election.

— He invites a rapper to the White House whose lyrics drive people up the wall

— He digs up his amnesty proposal for immigrants, an idea he failed to push when he could have passed it in 2009.

— He rails against oil companies as gas prices go up.

— He casts himself as the defender of Medicare in the face of a radical GOP and demands tax increases for the rich.

Class warfare, economic populism and encouraging minority turnout are his re-election strategies.

Unfortunately for him — and fortunately for us — they won’t work. Each tactic drives up turnout among Republican voters, too, more than offsetting his gains. And each creates the impression that Obama is anti-business, which fosters the idea that he is prolonging the recession by his divisive rhetoric.

Finally, every time he speaks like a candidate, he undermines his own presidentiality and weakens his hold on the office. People want a leader, not an advocate, as president.


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  • tanstaafl

    I don't want to be the first one to lecture the President on economics, but…………..

    It's all about supply and demand, Mr. O. If there is increased demand (the Chinese), then the price will go up. If we drill, we increase supply, create domestic jobs and lower our balance of payments. We probably increase the value of the dollar, but if you would cut all of that spending – that might help a lot more. I know, Mr. President, that's not what they taught you in "Economics for Socialists". But you can't legislate supply and demand.