Senate Democrats Drink More Kool-Aid

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Last week’s Senate vote to reject the repeal of Obamacare offered stark evidence that the so-called moderate Democrats in the Senate will be forced to walk the plank and vote for Obama’s liberal positions in the 2011-2012 legislative session, guaranteeing that many don’t return. Every single Democrat stood up and voted against repeal (except for one absentee and independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut).

Harry Reid and Obama might well have let them off the hook. They could easily have let the likes of Sens. Jim Webb, D-Va., Joe Manchin, D-W.V., Ben Nelson, D-Neb., Bill Nelson, D-Fla., Bob Casey, D-Pa., and Jon Tester, D-Mont., save their seats and vote for repeal. Then, either the remaining Senate Democrats could block a vote, or more likely, Obama would veto the repeal legislation and no override would be possible. Such a posture would have gone a long way toward saving the Senate Democratic majority.

But Obama and Reid would have none of it. Like Captain Ahab accepting no excuses for not killing the white whale, they are determined to sacrifice the cream of their Senate majority in order not to repeal a law that the courts are going to throw out as unconstitutional anyway.

And the “moderate” Democrats in question lacked the guts and integrity to stand up to their leaders and vote to repeal this massively unpopular law. So much for their supposed “moderation.”

Now the Republicans must trumpet their votes in their home states with ads that will assure their defeat in 2012. Remember, Blanche Lincoln, lately defeated for re-election in Arkansas, did not lose her seat in the fall of 2010. She fell hopelessly behind in the spring of that year, when she voted to pass Obamacare despite the pleading, importuning and outright begging of a majority of her constituents.

By the time the fall election had begun in earnest, she opened the race more than 30 points behind.

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  • USMCSniper

    Testifying today before the House Budget Committee, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf confirmed that Obamacare is expected to reduce the number of jobs in the labor market by an estimated 800,000. In addition, despite the fact all of these wienies took an oath to support the Constitution, they ignor that the federal court in the massive 26-state challenge to ObamaCare held that the health care law's individual mandate is unconstitutional. And, even more importantly, the judge accepted the argument that the mandate cannot be separated from the rest of this 2,700-page legislative monstrosity, and struck down the entire law declaratively.

  • amber

    Why do they all look this angry?
    Hugs, Amber
    cam to cam

  • Guest

    There are no moderate Democrats and definitely no DINOs. They only campaign to the center but once safely elected always fall in line like trained seals and vote far left.

  • BS77

    Democrats are not the only ones drinking Kool Aid…..Republicans who think Ron Paul is a viable candidate are also imbibing. Ron Paul will not even get as many votes as McCain did in 2008. Republicans should consider Donald Trump. He's a winner, he's a bottom line guy….he's an executive. His show The Apprentice was very popular. He's the man for the job.

    • Richard W.

      Trump could never be elected. He's too rich – the average
      american wouldn't vote for him. He's also too Hollywood.

      John Bolton, in my not so humble opinion, would make a great president.

      • BS77

        John Bolton would make a good Sec. of State. Trump is not too rich….that's nonsense. The average American would vote for someone with sound economic ideas: jobs, manufacturing, progress and production…something Mr. Trump understands. Americans love success…..that's what most folks strive for in their lives…….Trillion dollar deficits, ten percent unemployment , soaring foreign debt and dependence upon China and other countries for ALL of our domestic goods ain't cuttin it. I think Mr. Trump or someone like him would make a great leader for our nation.

      • Morrissey

        "President John Bolton"? That's almost as simultaneously hilarious and horrifying as the idea of a McCain/Palin regime.

        Bolton is lucky, like all politicians in the United States, that TV interviewers are so deferential, even cringingly so. But in Britain, it's another matter: Crazy John has repeatedly been shown up on British television as incompetent and easily flustered.

        Here he is being humiliated on the BBC by the aging British politician Tony Benn…

  • Morrissey

    Dick Morris? Can anyone recall why this guy was expelled from the Clinton administration?
    ANSWER: To work out the answer, unscramble the following sentence about Russian food…