Obama and Israel

No previous American president has had so strained a relationship with Israel as Barack Obama. As Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said last year, “Israel’s ties with the United States are in their worst crisis since 1975 … a crisis of historic proportions.” Author and scholar Dennis Prager concurred, “Most observers, right or left, pro-Israel or anti-Israel, would agree that Israeli-American relations are the worst they have been in memory.”

This past spring, David Parsons, spokesman for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, said: “There’s a traditional, special relationship between America and Israel that Obama is basically throwing out the window in a sense.” Former New York City mayor Ed Koch lamented, “I believe this is the most dangerous and critical period that Israel has ever faced and regrettably it does not have the support of the President of the United States, which in past difficult situations it could count on.” David Rubin, a U.S.-born Israeli author and expert on the Middle East, puts it this way: “President Obama is very harmful for Israel and very dangerous for the future of Judeo-Christian civilization.”

The author and economist Thomas Sowell asserts that Obama’s relationship with Israel has been consistent with the president’s pattern of “selling out our allies to curry favor with our adversaries.” Political analyst Charles Krauthammer observes that Obama has “undermined” Israel as a result of either his “genuine antipathy” toward the Jewish state or “the arrogance of a blundering amateur.” Meanwhile, the Israeli populace remains jittery. According to a recent poll commissioned by The Jerusalem Post, only 9 percent of Jewish Israelis believe that the Obama administration is more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian.

What underlies these deep concerns about President Obama’s relationship with Israel? What accounts for the widespread perception that Obama is not seriously committed to protecting Israel’s welfare?

These questions are explored and answered in Obama And Israel, a new report by DiscoverTheNetworks.org, which lays out Obama’s words, actions, and key affiliations vis à vis Israel not only during his 32 months in the White House, but during the two decades preceding his presidency as well.

To view the full report, click here.

  • Fred Dawes

    Obama only has one word..about Israel..HATE.

  • Spider

    So many people act surprised at his treatment of Israel. If you look at his background there should be no surprise all. He grew up attending a Madrassa in Indonesia where he was probably force fed negativism of Jews and Christians western culture etc. Then he attended Columbia and was force fed the same. How can anyone expect any different attitude from him toward Israel ?

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Israel should stop begging for welfare.

    • maturin20

      Yeah, if your friend acted this way, you'd cut them off for good.

      • ziontruth

        If I could really trust Ron Paul just to cut off, no problem. Thing is, I don't. The guy talks like a Marxist on U.S. foreign policy, blaming his country for Islamic imperialist aggression; being like the Leftists on that, there's nothing to prevent him from being like the Leftists in striving to appease the Muslims on the Jewish State's expense.

        True isolationism? That'd be swell—Israel needs a free, unencumbered hand in expelling all the Arab settlers from her territories if she is to ensure her long-term survival. But most "isolationists" are only pretending to be such.

        • maturin20

          Where will those Arab settlers go?

          • ziontruth

            To any other Arab state outside the Land of Israel that is willing to receive them. Surely their oil-rich brothers can fund their resettlement. When the Jewish State received all the Jews of Islamic states who had been expelled after 1949, we were cash-strapped and had no help from outside, yet we managed it, thank God. If we were able to pull it off, the oil-rich Arabs surely can.

            They don't want to, you say? Not our problem. It's not the Jews' duty to give up their one and only tiny piece of land in the world for the needs of a certain part of the Arab nation. Brother must take care of brother, so let them petition the possessors of black gold for their redress.

          • maturin20

            What if no Arab state is willing to receive them?

          • ziontruth

            Um, I answered that right in the post. Read it again.

          • maturin20

            What, that it's not our problem? Why isn't it our problem?

          • ziontruth

            Because it's not any nation's duty to give up its lands for the welfare of another nation. Especially not when that other nation (the Arab nation) already has an abundance of land well in excess of its entitlement and needs.

          • maturin20

            It might not be a duty, but it might be in that nation's interest to give up some territory. It usually happens at the point of a sword, it's true.

            So you accept the various Arab states as a single nation?

  • Scotland

    I think Mexico and Canada should start building on USA land without their permission.

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

      Me too. No one has "attacked" us recently. How can we proceed as a nation?

  • maturin20

    Time to stand on your own two feet, Israel. "Is this the little state I carried……"

    • effemall

      Looking back over the past decades, one would have to say that Israel stands pretty well on its own two feet. When all its neighbors attacked, they beat them off without any help from U.S. forces or any other country. When PLO terrorists hijacked a French plane and took over 100 Israeli hostages to hold at Entebbe in Uganda it was not the French or other friends of Israel who rescued the hostages. It was little bitty Israel. When all the free world looked for the Nazi Eichman, it was little Israel who found him in Argentina, captured him, tried him and executed him. When we can find a president to make America as decisive and effective as Israel, I'll vote for him. We keep sending our young men to be killed in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. We could learn a thing or two from Israel.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        This is getting racy.

        • maturin20

          And they have nukes. What more could you ask for?

  • Fred remington

    I keep hearing that Israelis are occupying Muslim land. Is there a statute of limitations on occupation? Palestinian Jews had freed themselves from Byzantine occupation in 614 C.E. only to by occupied by the Muslim hordes 24 years later. For nearly 1,400 years the Jews of Palestine were an oppressed minority. Jews have fought and regained their ancient patrimony. Karma?


    • Scotland

      Karma? So the Native American should get their Country back? You idiot.

      • GKC

        which tribe? And what about the preceding tribe that settled in that particular area that was eliminated by the next tribe? Did any of the tribes consider the entire land mass as theirs? Please explain..

        • Scotland

          Certainly not your tribe.

          • GKC

            Certainly not your tribe

            .I'd say stay out of this based on that.

  • Moishe Pupick

    F., 09/23/11 common era

    Barack Husein Obama didn't create the heavens and the earth, but he thinks that he did.
    The current State of Israel, so I understand, constitutes only about 10% of Eretz Israel.
    This Torah fact ought to give G-d haters and Jew haters food for thought. Israel should finally treat the Palestinian Moslems as a sworn enemy and deal with them accordingly, not caring what the White House, Vatican, U.N., E.U., Kremlin, or Moslem Brotherhood things.

  • chuck

    everyone is always talking about what Obama is doing wrong or what he is doing right. Why do they not understand? Obama is making all the right decisions! Is it not clear the problem is that no one will state what his goals are. Obama is making all the right moves if his goal is to take America down or to take Israel down. Thus far all his moves are right on target.

  • The concerned

    I think it will be great if Israel will help to settle a Christian aincent nation like the Assyrian in their ansestral home land of Mesopotemeia. ( between the 2 Rivers). Then in the most crucial area of the Middle East you will have two truly democratic nations one Christian and one Jewish helping each other among the enemies.

    • ziontruth

      "I think it will be great if Israel will help to settle a Christian aincent nation like the Assyrian in their ansestral home land of Mesopotemeia."

      I'm not for Israel doing things outside its own affairs, but the idea of a state or two for Christian Arabs (as well other states for non-Muslim peoples in the Middle East) is a good one. I'll also add that it's what GWB should have done right from the start, instead of his misguided "nation-building" democratization initiative that has brought nothing but Islamic theocrats to power and made the life of non-Muslims in Iraq a living hell.

  • Ghostwriter

    With President Obama,I subscribe to the blundering amateur theory. He's virtually in over his head on this issue and he refuses to see it.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The greatest act Americans can perform for Israel is to vote out the Mullah Obama
    next November and in the interim investigate what he has done with trillions
    of tax dollars and how he has enriched his leftist/Islamist cronies. The greatest
    help America can give Israel is to declare Israel and American protectorate,
    any attack on Israel is and attack on America, not saying much today but when
    the evil administration in power in Washington is gone all will change and America
    will heal…………………………………William

  • voted against carter

    If you are Jewish,… Obama and the DemocRATS want you DEAD.

    Just like his ARAB buddies do.

    They want you DEAD. The SOONER the BETTER.

    Barry just said so.

    What part of that do you NOT understand.

    Oh, and FYI,, to all you LEFTY NON RELIGIOUS JEWS,.. the KEY part of your name is JEWS.

    Barry and his ARAB buddies WANT YOU DEAD TOO.

    You are a USEFUL IDIOTS to them,…

    WAKE UP. Before it IS to LATE. again.

    fyi I stand with Israel

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    A few observations about the article in the New Yorker, "The First Jewish President,"
    by John Heilemann. First and foremost, it is pure arrogance; and the entire piece is based on the assumption that if only Prime Minister Netanyahu, and those nasty
    Israelis did what Emperor Baracus wants, peace would result. That is, land swaps for a return by Israel to the 1967 borders. Second, it describes Obama's rude treatment of Netanyahu in their White House meeting, as retaliation for Israel's mistake when V.P.
    Biden visited Israel a short time before the White House meeting of March 2010.
    History indicates that peace will most certainly NOT result from a return to the 1967
    borders, and you know what they say about assumptions.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    In addition, if all it took to cause Obama to retaliate against Netanyahu, with rude
    behavior, was Israel's unveiling of plans to build new housing in Jerusalem–on their own land–you know that Obama isn't friendly towards Israel at all. Liberals like to talk about how Obama gave Israel $205 million for Iron Dome; but Obama didn't say a word about the Itamar massacre, and he has also given a few billion to the Palestinians.
    Demanding that Israel commit suicide by a return to the indefensible 1967 borders; betrays a pathetic lack of understanding of Israel's day-to-day experience.

    • GKC

      Good comments!

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