The Obama Doctrine Defined


The words “vacillating” and “aimless” are commonly used by both left and right to describe President Barack Obama’s approach to the Libya war. His political friends and foes alike lament that he has no clear goal in Libya—and that, by failing to articulate one, he is revealing his unease at having been dragged into the fight to oust the regime of Muammar Qaddafi.

Democratic Senator James Webb of Virginia issued a press release on March 21, 2011, noting that the U.S. mission in Libya “lacks clarity.” Former Republican Senator Slade Gorton wrote in the Washington Post: “We should never enter a war halfway and with an indecisive goal. Regrettably, that is where we stand today.”

The criticism has some validity, but it misses an important point: the administration’s approach has logic and coherence in the service of strategic considerations that extend far beyond Libya.

Since his campaign in 2007 and 2008, Barack Obama has declared that he wants to transform America’s role in world affairs. And now, in the third year of his term, we can see how he is bringing about that transformation. The United States under Barack Obama is less assertive, less dominant, less power-minded, less focused on the American people’s particular interests, and less concerned about preserving U.S. freedom of action. It is true that he did not simply pull the plug on the war in Iraq, as he promised he would do, and that he increased the commitment of troops in Afghanistan. But those compromises reflect the president’s pragmatic judgment about the art of the possible, not his conviction about what kind of country America should ultimately become.

Obama determined early on, as the Libyan revolt developed, that no outcome would be more important to him than keeping the United States within the bounds set by the United Nations Security Council. He refused to act on Libya until the Arab League and the UNSC gave approval. He immediately renounced U.S. leadership of the military intervention—and when, due to default by U.S. allies, his own commanders had to take charge at the outset, he insisted they promptly pass the mission to NATO, which they did.

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  • davarino

    O is a bleeding heart liberal who thinks that if you just be nice to a bully he will see how he needs to be nice also. He will realize that his mother didnt treat him well and that he is just acting out.

    O is very dangerous and is working for the other side, whether he knows it or not.

    • Jim_C

      "O is a bleeding heart liberal who thinks that if you just be nice to a bully he will see how he needs to be nice also."

      It is disheartening to watch how he kowtows to Republicans, true.

      • maafla1

        Oh yeah….telling people to "eat their peas" and "tear off the Band-Aid" is high-minded rhetoric. RIIIIIIIIIGHT!! You regressive liberals are so predictable.

      • G Carson

        By "the other side", I believe davarino meant the communists.

      • kafir4life

        I am proud to be counted among BamO's enemies by his own words.
        Punish me Barry, punish me.

  • Asher

    A sinister man with sinister motives. Dictators eventually Fall!

  • claspur

    Soetoro is being directed what to do, as he has been since he was first meeting with Frank Marshall Davis, as a youth.
    The only people running this upheaval, nationally and globally,
    are the globalist Bilderbergers.

    Soetoro isn't even smart enough to screw things up as well as he's done so-far, by himself. Why do you think the Hard Left is so upset with him? (not doing enough!!! ?)
    The only reason he ran-out of talks yesterday-is, he's waiting for marching orders from the oligarchs… much like all the time it took, as it was portrayed, his 'dithering' with getting more troops deployed into Afghanistan.
    Anything he does, he's been told to do it.

    Read and learn what and who makes the world go-'round. It sure ain't Barry Soetoro.

  • Bert

    There is no shortage of excellent writers writing informative articles about how Obama is wrecking America. But it is all talk on our side as we wait for the 2012 election. While we TALK and WAIT Obama is ACTING and speeding up his program to take down America before our very eyes. I see the American Declaration of Independence as a call for civil disobedience. The radical left and the Islamists often employ civil disobedience. It is time to fight fire with fire and do likewise with peaceful but firm actions of our own. As with any political movement we await leaders to step up and issue some marching orders. I sense that many Americas are ready to march if there is leadership.

    • Dan

      I started with boycotts. HBO solely because of Bill Maher. I never watch the legacy networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) or CNN and MSLSD. So no rating counts from me. No GM or Chrysler cars for me, even though I love the new Camaro SS Convertible (I have a Mustang and have three Fords in total. Going to buy an Aston Martin (used to be owned by Ford) and pay the gas guzzler tax later this year. When the RNC or Repubican National Senatorial Campaign Committee (RNSCC) calls, I say: "Take a hike. I only contribute to Senator Jim Demint's Senate Conservative's Fund." (as well as David Horowitz's Freedom Center). We need tens of millions to start regularly sending the cost of a six-pack or pizza each month to good organizations and good candidates; or we hang separately as George Soros types funds media that propagandizes for Marxism/Progressivism and floods the drone air and cable ways.

  • Angel

    Obama is a criminal that should be impeached. I grew up amongst red dipper babies and communists. I understand the mindset. The character of these nutjobs is destructive to say the least, they are willing to throw the nation into the toilet. We must be willing to take the fight to Obama. In my opinion, this man is a criminal and a traitor to this nation.

    • Jim_C

      "In my opinion, this man is a criminal and a traitor to this nation."

      Calling that an "opinion" is a generous way to put it. You see, words like "criminal" and "traitor" have actually have real meanings. If what you said was meaningful in any sense, it follows you could prosecute Obama for whatever crimes he's commintted, and put him on trial for treason.

      But you're just a hyperventilating whiner blowing off steam, I get that.

      • maafla1

        So when people of your political persuasion called President Bush and Vice President Cheney "traitor", "criminal", "Hitler", openly pined for their incarceration or death that was just a bunch of hyperventilating whiners blowing off steam?

        • trickyblain

          Yes, it was. As was the case with the folks here who were labelling "aniti-American anyone who critcized Bush "during wartime."

          Still wartime, right?

          • G Carson

            Yeah, only it's an unconstitutional war with Libya without congressional support, just like when Lyndon Johnson sent troops to Vietnam. So the patriots are really the ones who complain about it, even though Obummer claims it's not really a war.

          • Toa

            LOL… at least Jim_C's posts prove that there are a few junior high kids who read FPM, as well as adults…

  • Ghostwriter

    It seems that President Obama feels that America is basically a rogue elephant running around everywhere and needs to be contained. Most Americans don't see our country that way. They see it as largely a force for good in the world. The majority of Americans,myself included,don't buy into the "Blame America First" doctrine that Obama has embraced.

    • G Carson

      He sees it that way because he's a closet communist working for America's downfall. His best friends are George Soros, Saul Alinsky and Tony Rezko. Google their names.

  • MaoYing

    For me, I believe everything that is Obama can be summed up in just two words–Jeremiah Wright. Yes, I'm talking the esteemed, the honorable, the holy, the one and only Reverend Jeremiah Wright. For over 20 years Obama attended his church in Chicago……….yes, I'm talking over 20 years–

    Obama is more like Jeremiah Wright #2 than anything else.

  • kafir4life

    Can you imagine anybody stupid enough to vote for that thing TWICE????? You've got to be more than just "liberal" to do that. You'd have to have some serious mental issues too.

  • Asher

    Obama is the 3rd Jihad! See DVD by Zudi Jasser. His Presidency was planned and money for his Presidency came from Arab Oil. The Deception, the Lies and the policies are Stealth Jihad. Americans spent tax dollars on Oil that enabled the Arabs to gain control of so many things, they are now taking over in Europe, and trying to take over all of civiliation.

  • Wesley69

    The Obama Doctrine simply stated: Insult or distance ourselves from our allies, appease our enemies, diminish the power of the US both economically and militariily, apologize for our arrogance in pursuing our national self interest and act with other countries in the UN and not unilaterally.

    Now, we know two key players in formulating this self-containment, America is responsible for the evils of the world, policy: Samantha Power and Anne-Marie Slaughter.