Peace In Our Time

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Dr. Yasser Dasmabebi holds the Edward Said-Noam Chomsky Linguistics Chair at Abdul Abulbul Amir University in Cairo. He is also presently serving as Visiting Professor at the I. S. Skavar Institute in Moscow.

Why did I become a linguist?  I seem to have inherited the traditional Arabic love of language and poetry. As Phillip Hitti wrote in his book, History of the Arabs:

No people in the world manifest such enthusiastic admiration for literary expression and are so moved by the word, spoken or written, as the Arabs. Modern audiences in Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo can be stirred to the highest degree by the recital of poems.

Ah! Who could fail to be stirred by the rhythms and melodies of thousands of poetry lovers marching down the streets of our cities chanting in unison:

Death To America!
Death to the Great Satan!
Death To Israel!
Death to the Little Satan!

And naturally, as our Palestinian national culture has exploded onto the world stage (so to speak) and now has come to embody a more mature wisdom and calm that anyone can plainly see in the conduct of public life in Palestine, the appreciation for the use of language to the fullest extent of purity of purpose, clarity of vision, subtle nuance, harmonic overtone, mellifluous allusions have likewise matured and deepened. All this inspires a linguistic heart such as mine to sing!

So, in the service of creating a discourse for which the expression of the yearning for peace and brotherly love are the ultimate fulfillment, and for which Palestinian society is universally known, I have compiled a short, though naturally far-from-complete, list of quotations from notable Palestinian political and devout religious leaders — almost all of whose salaries are paid by Palestinian governing bodies, and whose money is therefore donated by European and American governments, and thus by you, the taxpayers — SHUKRAN! –, who yearn for nothing more than a Jew-free country living in peace and harmony, so that we can return to our first love: reading and reciting beautiful poetry.

I must ask your forbearance, for many of these statements inevitably lose a bit of their inherent beauty and majesty in translation. Furthermore, it is far from easy to compile such a list, the more for what must be omitted than for what may be included, there being such a plethora of rich material. Please consider mine but a meager offering, a beginning, and, more importantly, a small contribution to the dream of Peace in Our Time.

In honor of our grand poetic tradition, I must begin with a venerable work, already cited this week at FrontPage Magazine:

3-1-44: Haj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem: “Arise, Oh Sons of Arabia! Fight for your sacred rights. Slaughter Jews wherever you find them. Their spilled blood pleases Allah, our history and our religion. That will save our honor.” (The Grand Mufti, a true prophet, was fighting the occupation a full 23 years before it began!)

— 2006: Yasser Ghalban, Hamas leader: “The Jihad for Allah is the way of the truth and the way for salvation and the way which will lead us to crush the Jews…”

— 12-3-2008: Imam Safwat Higazi: “Dispatch those sons of apes and pigs to the Hellfire on the wings of Qassam rockets.”

— 5-15-2009: Dr Wafa Musa, psychologist (!): “The Jews deserved their annihilation by Hitler.”

— 9-1-09: PA Presidential advisor Omar Al-Ghoul: “Israel is a rogue country trafficking in the organs of Palestinians it kills.” (Note — notice the beautiful congruence of the poet’s name — “al- Ghoul” — with the content of his speech. How indeed can one not be moved by the utter beauty!)

— 11-15-09: Tawfik al Tirawi, PA Security Chief:  “Israel recruits Palestinians to sexually harrass their sisters and mothers.”

— 1-29-10: Al Aqsa TV (PA TV): “Even if donkeys cease to bray, the Jews will not cease to be hostile to the Muslems.”

— 2-28-10: Al Aqsa TV, Deputy Minister of Religious Endowments, Abdallah Jarbu: “Jews are bacteria, not human beings.”  (…reflecting Palestinian commitment to medical research and healing by means of research into bacteriology.)

— 3-31-10: Al Aqsa TV, Dr Salah Sultan, President of American Center for Islamic Research: “Jews murder non-Jews and use their blood to knead Passover matzos.” (Yum!)

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  • Hyac

    this article should have been called, 'bored in our time'


  • David Ashley

    A very useful post! And Dr. Dasmabebi, please send regards to Prof. Ivan Skavinsky Skavar….

  • Mickey Oberman

    Yes My Baby I can see your scholarship shining through your brilliant prose.


  • Herman Caintonette

    YassDa: ": Muhammed Abdu: “Israel, that plundering, crude, cruel and criminal [notice the artful alliteration!] entity…."

    Huh? Was there alliteration in the original Arabic? Somehow, I doubt it.

    • ziontruth

      Does German Kazettwachman have any inkling of the concept of satire? Somehow, I doubt it.

      Cluebat, troll: Dasmabebi (this article author's name) = "That's my baby."

  • AL__
  • imnokuffar

    Anybody with a brain knows that Islam is the religion of peace.

    This is obvious as all these sayings that you have quoted are fictions and mistranslated.


    President Obama.

    • PhillipGaley

      p.s. And Americans have become lazy


    • Jerry

      Actually, it is "anyone with half a brain knows that Islam is the religion of peace."

  • David Stolinsky

    Speaking of poetry, here is the essence of "peace in our time":
    Algie saw the bear
    The bear saw Algie
    The bear was bulgy
    The bulge was Algie
    — Prof. J. Newton Numbskull (aka Red Skelton)

  • Ghostwriter

    Sounds like people that Flipside and Herman Caintonette would like. Their statements on this site would not be out of place in the Middle East or on the pages of the old "Der Stumer" in Nazi Germany. Heck,old HC doesn't mind Israeli kids getting killed. They don't mind the bloodthirsty statements of those in the article because they agree with them. I'm amazed they can live with themselves.

    • PhillipGaley

      Welp sir, please don't be too surprised to learn that, in the sense in which you and I, and many others as well, understand "living", "Flipside" and "Herman Caintonette" occupy a sort of existence in a twilight kind of reality—and yes, not all that unlike others of the Occupiers, . ..

  • Seamystic

    Total War against Islam, choose your side!
    "Ban Islam" petition at:

  • tanstaafl

    The ends never justify the means.

  • Wallace Edward Brand

    Existence of the "Palestinians" as a People (i.e.a collective noun referring to the Arabs local to Palestine) commenced in 1964. There was no Arab Nationalism in Palestine before the Soviet dezinformatsia invented it in 1964: See: Brand, Was there a Palestine Arab National Movement at the End of the Ottoman Period?…. ; Brand, Soviet Russia, The Creators of the PLO and the Palestinian People,….

  • http://%BLOGTITLE%-justgreat! worldclock

    Peace In Our Time | FrontPage Magazine – just great!

  • Herman Caintonette

    They deserve to have a state on the land that was stolen from them. If killing Jewish kids aids in this endeavor, morally speaking, they are legitimate targets. "By any means necessary," intoned Malcolm X.

  • ziontruth

    "There is a narrative among some conservatives…"

    For me this isn't a narrative but simply the truth.

    "…that the [Arab colonists in Palestine] don't exist as a 'people'…"

    Because they have nothing to show for being a distinct people. Theoretically, some 50 or 100 years from now they could develop a cultural or linguistic or ethnic distinctness that would mark them as a nation. In practice, they're too devoted to autophagy (the culture of suicide-murder) to ever achieve anything in that direction.

    "I've always perceived this as the mirror-image of Arab/Muslim attempts to de-legitimize the historical Jewish claim to the land."

    I've always perceived this as a necessary correction to Arab/Muslim propaganda.

    "The reason they don't deserve a state is NOT because they 'don't exist as a people', it is because they are a cesspool of pathological, martyrdom-worshipping, baby-killing fanatics…"

    I say both are good reasons why they don't deserve a state.

  • imnokuffar


  • zionista

    You're not only a Jew hating troll but a delusional imbecile as well – learn history moron.

  • ziontruth

    "They deserve to have a state on the land that was stolen from them."

    Nothing was stolen from them, and nothing should be given them. They were given greenhouses when the Jews of the Gaza region were ethnically cleansed in August 2005, and they turned them into sand lots with tunnels for smuggling rockets—turned the clock back from 2005 to 1882 in a few days.

    "If killing Jewish kids aids in this endeavor, morally speaking, they are legitimate targets."

    And if forcibly removing all the Arabs from the Land of Israel both pre- and post-1967 aids in bringing peace to the Israeli Jews, morally speaking, it is legitimate.

    " 'By any means necessary,' intoned Malcolm X."

    So that's your role model: The one who changed the course of history for American blacks from MLK's "content of his character" to grievance-nurturing anti-white dreams of revenge. That's your inspiration, the man who stabbed his black brothers and sisters in the back more deeply than worst of the white slavemasters. Remarkable.

  • StephenD

    There you go taking away any legitimacy you may have had. There is NEVER justification for killing innocent children purposefully. To do so removes you from human civility. YOU become a pariah. Whatever you could base a "moral" on it certainly isn't ethical by any sane person's definition. But I guess if Malcolm X is your standard bearer….

  • PhillipGaley

    "And if you don't believe me, I'll say it, again.": For all of the verbiage attempting in mere repetition to connect Jew, Palestinian Arab, and some stolen land into a picture of special fabrication, I do so wish that, some one of those of "the stolen land" persuasion would connect those few dots to these other few dots which show—and, in contravention of the historical and logical pattern of complete power of the conquerors to determine the future of the vanquished—that, in 1920, during the Conference at San Remo, in the break-up or division of the Ottoman Empire, the conquering powers did not have all right of spoil and say-so to do with as did they, there in those days of meeting.

    And further, the conquerors did decide that, the Arab Palestinians—and, who had been nomadic—were to maintain in settled existence in the area approximately where Jordan is.

    But beyond this, for those who did remain in the desert, how is it that, upon the calculated advise of Egyptians, in 1947, to the Palestinian Arabs, to leave their places of abode, that, in a war of but a few days—or a few weeks at the very most—the Jews would be crushed, driven into the sea, and killed, and those Palestinian Arabs would then be able to return in style, resume what they had left and more, to divide among themselves all the boodle of the soon to be vanquished Jews, . . . in the minds of the reciters of the "stolen land" theory, by what name in logic is the bet or calculated risk of abandonment, to be construed as not having lost to the Palestinian Arab, all right to residence and property, forever?

  • ziontruth

    "I for one will never address him again without referring to his lust for the blood of children."

    Ditto. This neo-Nazi's mask has fallen off, and he should never be given a chance to put it on again.

  • stern

    Brilliant post, ziontruth. Thank you.

  • ziontruth

    I actually don't like arguing with Chezwick over this—it makes it look like we're in deep disagreement, even though that's the only thing I disagree with Chezwick on, and it's a minor dispute (end of story, we both believe these savages don't deserve a state).

  • PhillipGaley

    But aren't you doing some shadow boxing there, Mr. Chez? If of the very least, I, for one, have never heard of anyone "deliberately targeting MUSLIM women and children for annihilation".

  • PhillipGaley

    Of course, and: "It takes one to know one.": Our dear "Chezwick" is an old man—okay? Yes, at times, the latent effects of his opsimathy are painfully obvious, . . . but he's still learning. And why should a learner be slapped down at just every possible opportunity? And what would that say about the slapper?