Killing Israeli Children Is OK

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A senior Iranian cleric, who is known as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor, has urged followers to continue suicide attacks against Israelis, including children. Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah, considered one of the Islamic Republic’s most radical clerics, issued a religious edict on his website whereby suicide attacks are not only legitimate but are a must for every Muslim, a special paper by the Middle East Media Research Institute shows.

The senior cleric was responding to a question from a follower regarding the difference between “martyr’s death” and “suicide.” The man, who wrote anonymously, noted that “some people say that martyrdom operations are considered suicide and that they are haram (forbidden) because they contradict Islam.”

In response, Mesbah expressed his regret that his follower has fallen victim to “propaganda of the enemies of Islam.” He added that the follower was wasting his time instead of focusing on “uprooting the Zionist regime.”

“When protecting Islam, the Muslim people depend on martyrdom operations. It not only is allowed, but even is an obligation,” Mesbah wrote.

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  • Matt

    Ah, the religion of peace spreading its message to all.
    Lying, suicide, honour killing & now the spineless murder of Jewish children, all either condoned or required of those that adhere to this vile belief.
    I wonder how the rabid, left wing anti-semites will twist this to be in some perverted way, Israels fault.

    • marat 1

      Will someone please drop The Big One on this guy's compound/Mosque already. He knows the Koran…there are "boys with teeth as white as pearls" awaiting him in Islamic Paradise, help him on his way.

  • kafir4life

    It's a darn shame that our old pal crabnutters mikey from texas, the half irish half chinese revert to the gutter cult, and paid cair shill has gone off to somalia for koranic study. He'd know how to put this fellow follower of islam's words into a proper context.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    "We can forgive you for killing our children,
    but we can't forgive you for making us kill
    yours" Golda Meir

    • Matt

      One of the main reasons that muslims view the killing of children as acceptable is that they have no love in their hearts, only hate. They are prepered to sacrifice their own children so they will certainly not care for others.
      Islam is a totalitarian belief system whose foundations are based on hate.

  • pinnie99

    I find Islam's REPRODUCTIVE pool, to be filled with A Jello Brained people…. so stupid that they believe these smelly old men.Brave with their filthy words of hate,death and marginal retardation.
    They dont get off their scabby butts too do anything .They send fools and retarded to do their bidding!
    Old smelly men with with pediophile tendencies,filthy countries , and abusive behavior…! This is a sickening collection of mass murderers, and I do not find it to be a religion. Its an excuse for evil…hate.
    When will r Congress stand up to this man in R White House?God is watching them!
    R person in charge is giving them R money, along with a green light to enjoy their deceitfull lifestyle.R money to use against Isreal and its people,without R permission.

    Im not sure what BO is .. but I know he is nothing like me… absolutely nothing remotely like me??Not even close!

    • ajnn

      this is a bit off point.

      there are some very nice people who are muslims and some not-nice. the problem is the ideology, not the people.

  • Asher

    These people of Islam will pay for their attacks on innocent people and children…The Foegel family was an example of a race of people obsessed with hatred.

  • Asher

    Has anyone ever asked what has Islam contributed to society, besides death and destruction. Look at Israel and the Jewish people who have contributed technology, medicines, aid to disaster victims, and most of all the Messiah who saved us all from our sins….Wafa Sultan is a great spokesman for What is Wrong with Islam!

    • Matt

      Its been said by others but I will repeat it again;
      Can someone provide just 1 example of where Islam (the religion of peace) has ever brought peace?

      • tanstaafl

        Muslims define "peace" as the unfettered practice of Islam across the entire planet and the establishment of sharia law in every country.

        • Matt

          We all know the muslim definition, so not from a muslim/ Islamic perspective, rather from a western perspective, as it western leaders & academics that continue to define Islam as peaceful!

          • tanstaafl

            That's my beef. Our Western leaders and elites keep define Islamic "peace" as Western peace. Ain't the same thing.

  • Salty

    The culture that supports suicide bombings is a sick culture.

  • StephenD

    “When protecting Islam, the Muslim people depend on martyrdom operations. It not only is allowed, but even is an obligation,” Mesbah wrote.Did you ever notice that it's always about Enemies and Fighting for Islam and Protecting Islam…as if every non-Muslim is an enemy just because they are non-Muslim? Their clerics, their Qu'ran, all imply that they (Muslims) should never take a non-Muslim as a friend, that they should see everyone else as "Less Than" ( You are the best of peoples) and they are obligated to Jihad until Islam is all that there is on earth…by whatever means possible. They can't mean this right? Say, maybe we should take them at their word.

    • G Carson

      Sorry, but that's exactly what the Koran says they should do, treat all non-believers like garbage and kill us when they get a chance.

  • BS77

    Nothing new here from the barbaric culture of violence, misery and hopelessness…….the scourge on planet earth. Can you appeasers and apologist liberals finally wrap your PC multicult minds around the fact that you are dealing with EVIL?????????? YOu put those CO EXIST bumperstickers on your cars….but you don't know what you are dealing with.

  • G Carson

    These people are proof that the theory of evolution is a lie. There is no lower form of life than this sort of garbage. Keeping them in a zoo would be a waste of money.

    • kafir4life

      Not just a waste of money! What a horrible thing to do to the other animals that have to live there, not to mention what it would do to visiting children.

  • USMCSniper

    Look what Palestinians teach their children,

  • The Golani Snowman

    Someone should tell Ahmadinejad that the nuclear bomb in essence is a Jewish invention or at least built on Jewish knowledge, maybe then he would stop.

  • Marty

    Islam is clearly a mental disease. Its founder was a pedophile and genocidal sociopath. His followers are sadists and muderers who pursue any excuse to kill and maim innocent people. What a pity normal people have to share the same planet with these degenerates.

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    W., 06/01/11 common era

    Amalek is in his death throes. May this Iranian cleric be buried alive in a pig's skin, with a pork chop in his mouth and a kosher frank up his tochus– the sooner, the better.

    • tanstaafl

      Waste of good food, dude.

  • Ghostwriter

    And Muslims still continue to wonder why many Americans have such a deep distrust of their religion. Gee,I wonder why?

    • Vermont Yid

      Islam is not a religion. It's a sick, perverted, murderous cult of woman haters and child molesters. Calling it a religion is to give it much more credit than it has ever deserved.

  • trickyblain

    "…issued a religious edict on his website whereby suicide attacks are not only legitimate but are a must for every Muslim."

    Hmmm. And the logical conclusion to this idea…no more Muslims.

  • steven l

    The Mossad needs to pay a visit in Qom.

  • Martin Cole

    Jesus said " I AM the way, the truth, and the live, no man comes to the Father but by me". I trust his words, NOT yours!