Reclaiming Our Rights

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It is not the same in my country. We Viennese have a proud history, first as the seat of the Holy Roman Empire, and later as the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But, sad to say, universal human rights came late to Austria, and their roots are shallow. Not only that, the Austrian Empire was the prototype for the modern multicultural state, with its patchwork of ethnicities and official languages.

To make matters worse, in 1912, when Bosnia was incorporated into the Austro-Hungarian empire, my country recognized Islam as an official state religion. The law establishing Islam in Austria is the very same law under which I am being prosecuted.

So the right to free speech in Austria is neither deeply rooted nor greatly respected. But this is not the case in England.

Any Englishman who asserts his right to free speech is not breaking new ground. He is reclaiming what has already been his for centuries. The rights of free speech, free assembly, and self-government are among the “ancient liberties” of Englishmen. Any government that interferes with those liberties is tyrannical and illegitimate.

It’s worth remembering that your cousins in the American colonies rebelled against King George III because he usurped those very same rights. The colonists who formed the United States of America began by demanding their ancient liberties as Englishmen.

This is what we all must do. In these degraded and perilous times, we must stand up and reclaim our ancient liberties.

This is why I support the EDL. I stand behind any group that resists Islamization by peacefully invoking its right to speak freely about the evils of Islam.

I was prosecuted for informing ordinary people about the reality of Islam. Educating our own people is our most effective strategy to use against Sharia.

For that reason, I advise you not to burn the Koran, but to read it. Only by studying what Islam stands for will we learn how to face it down.

Know your enemy. We do not fight him with knives or guns, but with the pen, the microphone, the video camera, and the printing press. Understanding what Islam means is our greatest weapon in the struggle against it. We do not need any intimidation or bullying, because the truth is on our side.

Samuel Johnson once said, “Courage is the greatest of all virtues, because if you haven’t courage, you may not have an opportunity to use any of the others.”

In the deadly times that lie ahead, courage will be required of ordinary men and women who refuse to submit to the tyranny of Islamization. Hate-speech prosecutions and shotgun attacks are only a mild foretaste of what is in store for us.

Col. Allen West, one of the most stalwart soldiers of the Counterjihad, always signs his emails with the words “steadfast and loyal.” We too must remain steadfast and loyal to one another in the coming struggle.

Never give up. Never give in.

We will never surrender!

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  • aspacia


  • chiquelitz

    I just hope that we can learn from the follies of our Western European Allies, and stop this internal 'jihad'. It was awesome of the UK's PM, David Cameron, to bash 'multiculturism'. The U.S. ought to start granting amnesty to the free thinking, courageous individuals from Austria, the Netherlands, etc., who face prosecution for telling the truth.

    • flaedo

      l listened to the whole Cameron speech. ln fact he didnt say very much at all – and he was constantly describing those who condemn islam as right wing and fascist. lf anything he was very soft on islam despite his so called condemnation. l dont trust him. Most politicians are not worthy of trust. Their main concern is getting elected and staying elected once theyve been elected. Usually policies and everything else are subordinated to those aims. He wont be the one who leads us out of the wilderness.

  • davarino

    You can add in Michael Savage (US radio talk show host) as well for being black listed from entering the UK for speaking the truth. He is some how lumped in with murderers, terrorists, thieves, skin heads….etc. Thanks Elizabeth, you are a courageous woman and have my thanks for fighting against this scourge of western society.

  • tanstaafl

    "Is peace so sweet or life so dear as to purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or death!" – Patrick Henry

  • BS77

    Add Elisabeth S Wolfe to the list of heroic, outspoken critics of the idiotic leftist social agenda….open immigration, multiculturism, "diversity" and passive submission to honor killings, terrorists, jihadists, thugs and the hostile ingrates who are ruining England, France, Denmark etc etc……The men of the West must awaken and protect their women and children—yes, it is just that basic. THe left counsels appeasement, shrugging apathy and mega tolerance: a recipe for disaster.

  • mike

    You have my best wishs! Hopefully we will only have to use words! However? Read Sepoy Mutiny from India in 1857. Theres more but it is important not to trust any Muslim. Sorry! I know its harsh but its better to be safe than dead!

  • Dennis

    As BS77 has said in his comment, "The men of the West must awaken…"

    So, to place that thought in a more dramatic context, please view and listen:

    I ask all Muslims who consider themselves moderate, rational thinking individuals to expose those who wish us Americans and Westerners harm, subjugation, and slavery in their Theocratic society. Unfortunately, you moderates will be dragged into the maelstrom as apostates. Think of your children and grandchildren…the extremists use the children as walking bombs.

    The decision is yours – freedom and life or slavery and death.

  • okrahead

    When the truth is outlawed, only outlaws will tell the truth…. and I suppose I must now be either a liar or an outlaw. Courage, honor and integrity or a happy face sticker from the regime? What to choose, what to choose….

  • Chris

    We must take heed of what these few brave people are saying – our very survival depends upon it. Thank God for Elisabeth and the others. Pray God we follow their lead.

  • Ray

    Islam should not be immune to criticism – no religion should be simply because its a religion, and Islam has caused more evil in modern times than any other religion. Many have been killed in the name of Christianity, but at least Christianity claims to be a religion of "turn the other cheek". Judaism has preached extermination of enemies, but I have never heard any Rabbi advocate that in modern times. This is a really big contrast to Islam.
    Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is to be commended, especially since she stands out as one of the few who speak their minds on Islam in a country where she gets punished for it.

  • Austin

    Really interesting speech, sometimes truth and saying what you think can really get you in trouble.