Canadian Nazis

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I kept going on with more embarrassing facts that made my accusers look silly. To the point, indeed, that they simply left the room –only to come back later on to scream out “Zionists, Murderers!” with loudspeakers.

“Anti-Semitism is the snobbism of the poor” wrote Jean-Paul Sartre in his Réflexions sur la question juive. Today, anti-Zionism is the snobbism of the ignorant. On many campuses, all you need in order to acquire “respectability” without knowledge is to adopt an outraged attitude on Israel.

The audience at UQÀM was not only composed of Arab inciters and native simpletons. In fact, dozens of people came to me at the end of my talk (and Q&A session) to shake my hand and say thank you. Some were Jews, many were Christians. They all said the same thing to me: “Thank you for saying the truth, thank you for restoring our pride, thank you for giving us hope.”

Those people know that their freedom is at stake. So do more and more Europeans and Americans. They realize that the intellectual terrorism, irrationality and hypocrisy that characterize the treatment of Israel in the West are ultimately a threat to the West itself.

The list of résistants is growing by the day. It includes Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who declared recently that “those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are a threat to all of us;” Former Spanish Prime Minister José Mariá Aznar, who says that “Israel’s struggle is our struggle;” Spanish liberal journalist Pilar Rahola, who has written that “if Israel is destroyed, our freedom, modernity and culture will be destroyed;” Italian member of parliament Fiama Nirenstein, who has declared that “the libelous accusations against Israel are an embarrassment to the world;” French Socialist senator Jean-Pierre Plancade, who implores Israel to win for the sake of his freedom; former German Social-democrat senator Thilo Sarrazin, who claims that Islam is overtaking Germany; and British journalist Melanie Philips who shows how Britain is sinking into irrationality.

When de Gaulle exclaimed « Vive le Québec libre! » from a balcony at the Montréal City Hall on July 24, 1967, he meant « freedom » from Anglo-Saxon supremacy. Today, Québec’s freedom, and indeed the freedom of the West, is once again threatened by the hatred and irrationality of which the Jews are always the first, but not last, victims in line. Now that we Jews are sovereign and free, our former oppressors expect us to prevail for their own sake. What an irony –and what a responsibility.

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  • Canadian

    As a speaker on non-controversial issues, I expected that in this situation, the protesters were out of line, but after reading your text, I think that their accusations were understatements, and I suspect that if the teachers who voted against the cancellation of your lecture had read this text, they would have voted differently.

    • Iman Earthling

      Canadian, it is that very attitude that ensures Canada remains a second-rate, also-ran political jurisdiction with little relevance on the international stage.

    • stern

      What exactly do you object to here? The man delivered a completely non-political lecture, and was attacked purely for his citizenship, by a bunch of ignorant, hate-filled bullies.. I have no doubt that if we were to try and silence one of your favourite lecturers, you'd be screaming blue bloody murder about the attacks on freedom of speech. Typical loonie leftie: free speech for me but not for thee.

    • PhillipGaley

      Mr. Canadian,

      After reading the text of your post, above, I get the idea that, you're purely mendacious, . . .

      • aspacia

        LOL, Canadian probably does not know the meaning of mendacious

    • Lisa_H

      As a fellow Canadian, I am offended by your tone. Even if Prof. Navon HAD talked about a controversial issue, he has every right to do so.

  • Marty

    Truth and facts are offensive to anti- Semites. That is why they have to shout down speakers who provide a sense of reality. Anti-Semites are also moral cowards who cannot abide a democratic Jewish state on this planet. Jews and Israel offend these sociopaths because they exist.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    I wish "Canadian" would use another web-name. I have many Canadian friends whose images would be muddied by this sick s.o.b's use of their nationality as a user name.

    • stern

      As a Canadian myself, I second your motion! Thank heavens we have Stephen Harper as our Prime Minister. No doubt this "Canadian" can't wait to vote for useful idiots like Michael Ignatieff or Jack Layton, who both believe that Canada needs to return to its previous "honest broker" stance, code for siding with and voting for every anti-Israel proposition at the UN.

      • Another Canadian

        " As a Canadian myself, I second your motion! " – Me too!

    • islamwatcher

      This canadian is a muslim who likes to claim other nationalities and troll all websites.
      Islamwatchers must try and get the first 10 posts on every website before a muslim ork comes along with some kind of troll comment and the whole thread is then about that comment instead of the article.

      Wake up islamwatchers and comment at first site at every comment field we can find.

  • Syd Chaden

    Universities in the US will undoubtedly be offended by the designation of Canadian universities as the champions of Jew-Hatred. Look for them to vigorously defend their hard-earned, well-deserved title as the premier Jew-Hating institutions. Their contributions by wealthy Arabs is at stake.

  • Steve4peace

    'Palestinian' is the name given after 1967 to Arabs that have come in and out of the area over time, most of whom are actually of Syrian origin. There never was a country called Palestine, there never was a Palestinian people. As for slaughter, consider that since the end of WW2, Muslims have slaughtered between 15 and 20 million fellow Muslims. Consider as well that since 9/11 there have been more than 17,000 deadly Islamist terror attacks in the world that have killed mostly other Muslims. Consider as well that Muslims with 330 million people living on 99.4% of the land of the M.E. are trying to destroy 6 million Jews and grabbing Israel for themselves when Israel only comprises 0.6% of the land. Yet Arabs claim Israel is trying to grab Arab land. The problem is not that Israel exists; the problem is that Arabs will not accept that a Jewish Israel exists. The hatred is based in Koranic anti-Semitism, a 1400-year-old inscribed hatred that Muslims believe is the decree of Allah.

  • UCSPanther

    Well, well, well. Looks like we have a real neo nazis lunatic siding with his "allies" in the world of Jihad…

  • Stu

    Let me know when the world sees emaciated Palestinians walking around in striped rags looking like zombies and huge heaps of ashes of dead Palestinians! Until then, your use of the term 'Nazis" is just a bigoted ignorant rant of a fool with a warped political agenda.

    As to your reference to "my father the devil," just remember that Jesus was Jewish, and that would make HIS father "the devil" as well. And if by your "logic" Jesus' father is the devil, what do you the make of his "son?"

    You exhibit a typical case of psychological "conversion." It is obvious that actually YOU are the Nazi. You need help psychological help and assistance in discerning positions relating to issues of morality. As it stands now your place in the next world is assuredly hot and painful.

  • SeaMystic

    Fascinating, as a Canadian protester I have been banned from one of our University for 10 years, for pointing out the facts about our Communist members. I've never met a Nazi member openly fostering their sick dogma yet.
    Who wrote and distorted the facts in this article?

  • SpiritOf1683

    If the Canadians had balls, they'd deport those bag-wearers in that picture. But like the rest of the emasculated West, they don't have any balls. The only people with balls are the Eastern Europeans and the Chinese.

    • Great White North

      In all this chest thumping "America the Great" you overlook the fact that your next door neighbours have been slugging it out with you for 10 long years in Afghanistan.

  • MHL

    Many years ago an old wise man told me the following:
    "When you graduate from Public School you are an idiot."
    "When you graduate from High School you are a double idiot."
    "When you graduate from University you are a triple, i.e. total and complete, idiot."
    It would appear that the old wise man was onto something.

    • Matt

      Hence the term I use quite often, "educated idiots".
      All too often the term "educated" is confused with intelligence.
      The irony of these educated idiots is; after having spent significant time (quite often many years) researching subject matter to learn, they use unsubstantiated, emotive dribble to justify their position against Israel.
      Their often ridiculous ranting reminds me of a childs tantrum upon the childs realisation that he/she is not going to get what they want.

  • Boetica

    Wow DeShawn. Did you know that it was the Arabs who perfected the African slave trade, hundreds of years before Europeans ever stepped foot on the continent? They raided African villages, slaughtering the men and boys of fighting age, and hauled off the women and children, marching them across the blistering Sahara Desert to slave markets. They were particularly fond of castrating little boys (90% death rate for this procedure) because eunuchs brought much higher prices. There were as many if not more deaths in regards to the Muslim slave trade as for the European slave trade, and remember it is European Christians who put an end to it in the Western World, but have been unable, even to this day, to end it in the Muslim world.

    • aspacia

      Arabs are still brutalizing African Blacks but DeLess does not read all media; he is myopic and filled with hate, and will die by his hate, probably with drugs.

  • Matt

    As you seem to want to liberate "Palestine" for its people, book a ticket to Jordan & complain to King Hussain about his oppression of the poor so called "Palestinians", given that Jordan comprises 82% of the landmass referred to as Palestine.
    While your at it, look up the 1920 San Remo Accord & the purpose of the Mandates system for governing the middle east at the conclusion of WW1.
    The Arabs got their slice of Palestine & named it Transjordan.
    Do some research & prove me wrong.
    Re your comment of "Concentration Camp"……you have no idea you fool.
    Typical ranting of an anti- semite.

  • MixMChess

    How is Gaza an open-air concentration camp with a brand new mall (opened August of 2010), the free-flow of individuals in and out of Israel for medical purposes and nearly one million tons of supplies shipped to the residents on an annual basis? Have you seen the pictures of Gaza with markets filled with goods and stores shelves stocked with the latest food and products? Get a clue idiot antisemite.

  • OFT

    There isn't one shred of support Palestinians are Canaanites, because Palestinians are Jews! Muslims took the moniker to use the local muslims as pawns to destroy Israel. The Arabs knew the Jews were Palestinians.

    And the world believes these lies. What a joke.

  • jeronimus

    stalin's useful idiots are still around.
    demonizing israel and anti semitism are the glues that still unite any cause.
    facts concerning the arab induced conflict are meaningless to the jew haters.
    nothing will ever change because the arabs got second place with ishmael and the jews got first place with isaac. being apparently inferior is unacceptable to the very foundation of muslims and their blind sychphantic jew hating supporters.
    expediency is the name of the game and 1.6 billion musims with oil outrank 13 million jews with brains.

  • jeronimus

    truth regarding israel/arab is like a huge bloated ignored elephant in the room but the rats get more attention because they are capable of spreading the plague of lies that eat away at
    the brainless zombies who keep on the same well trodden path of antisemitism now in disguise as criticism of israel or anti zionism.
    if it is not already obvious that the palestinians do not want any settlement with israel after
    turning down all offers made to date then it never will be. they want to rid the area of the democratic state of israel because the koran does not allow for ay one other than muslims
    to inhabit "their" lands.
    because the koran is the last word and the only way of the radicals there can never be a permanent accommodation with israel or the jews. both christians and jews are threatened in the arab world , soon there will be none.
    the muslims want the world to be ruled by sharia law.
    nothing short of that will ever suffice.
    so it is either continue fighting or convert or be killed, and jewish children are a prime targets.
    as nasrallah says they do not cherish life but rather cherish death , death is the way
    and therefore to those who love life the threat is imminent and irreversible.
    so it i

  • aspacia

    No they are not Canaanites, they are the progeny of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, etc., all of which were artificially created at the same time as Israel.

  • aspacia

    Do you have any idea of what a Nazi concentration camp was? Also, why has the Arab population increased in Gaza,The West Bank and Israel if Israelis resembled Nazis? You are a bigoted, ignorant fool, one of many I have had to attempt to teach English, and were too stupid and lazy to learn. All you know is less than nothing, you are the useless puppet idiot manipulated by the Liberals and Muslims. Go back to school and at least learn English.

    A Deist
    BTW, I was baptized Catholic and raised Episcopalian.