Being Honest about the “Partisan Divide”

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Since the wrong-doer is the victim, the Modern Liberal’s sense of “justice” requires him to reward the criminal in a sort of “stick-and-carrot” approach that is the very opposite of common sense and all of human history.  This is why Barack Obama, for example, believes that he can get the Islamic world to stop its murderous ways if only he bows down before their leaders, offers up apologies for America’s policies and forces Israel into an ever smaller ghetto.  Obama – and those who share his Modern Liberal ideology – believe that, if only they can remove the “provocations” that simply must exist and simply must be the cause of these otherwise morally perfect human beings doing such horrific things, then the Islamists will show their “true” character.

Further, if you don’t believe this, you are not merely wrong in your policy, you are evil in your soul.  After all, to conclude that those born morally perfect in the Middle East are somehow different than those born morally perfect anywhere and everywhere else, is a form of bigotry.  You simply must support the Democrats’ policies to strengthen Islam, to invent a (false) narrative so that they feel better about themselves and the undermining of Israel because, if you don’t, you are an evil Islamophobe.

The Right Thinker, on the other hand, recognizing that the human being is born capable of good and evil and all of its permutations pursues policies that are diametrically opposed to the Modern Liberal’s.  His policies are based on the logical and time-tested “carrot-and-stick” model where by good behavior is encouraged with rewards while bad behavior is punished (if only by the withholding of those rewards.)  Rather than seek to prevent further Islamic terror attacks by kowtowing to the terrorists and making them feel better about themselves, the Right Thinker seeks to prevent further attacks by weakening the forces of terror.  He stands strong with the liberal democracy of Israel, supports revolutions in Iran and Syria, and, if need be, supports wars that lessen the terrorists’ abilities to mount another attack.

So let’s for a moment stipulate that both the Democrat and the Republican in office wishes to prevent another 9/11-like attack.  The Democrat will seek to do so with policies that remove the “provocation” and make the terrorists feel better about themselves.  The Right Thinker will pursue policies that weaken the terrorists and make them “feel” less good about their murderous ways.  The differing policies are not “partisan,” they are ideological.  They go to the very heart of what each side believes about the nature of man and there is no middle ground.  Are we supposed to be nice to the terrorists on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and fight then on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?  Are we to support Israel on odd-numbered days and work to force them into an ever shrinking ghetto on the even-numbered ones?

This “conflict of visions” is not limited to foreign policy.  It is the entirety of the “partisan wrangling” in Washington and the culture war in our schools, media, entertainment industry and beyond.  The Modern Liberal, sees success and goodness as proof that the good and successful have had some unfair advantage and thus, out of a sense of justice, need to be brought down a peg while the evil, failed and wrong have been victimized and thus justice demands they be rewarded.  After all, if everyone is born morally perfect, something must have made the bad guys bad (poor babies!)

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  • Alexander Gofen

    The conservative is NOT the dominant ideology in today's Rep00blican Party: not at all! In the American "two party" system the so called "parties" are merely clans attempting to make us believe as though they fight. Neither of them is attached to a fixed platform (never mind the US Constitution). Both are owned by the same owner. The role assigned to Repooblicans is to be slightly right from Marx, therefore they are kept as the second choice, meaning that America in fact HAS NO CHOICE!

    Conservative and patriotic Americans simply have no representation and no organization, while America is quickly sliding to its demise. Like a deer on a highway caught between two lights, America is running to its death pushed by the treasonous two-card-Monte gamers.

    We are doomed if the demoGOPy is not thrown out into dustbin of history. Only on ruins of those treasonous clans may new parties be founded. Adhering to the solid conservative platforms, they will lead the country out of the pandemic leftism infected the entire nation.

    • unbloviator

      Sayet has it right, with one slight correction. The 'right' vision is based on the well attested 4000 year historical, theological and sociological proof that mankind is born as a 'sinner', and yes, is capable of good and evil but with a propensity, if left to himself, of being self absorbed, self serving, controlling, evil, and depraved. That is why Jesus of Nazareth said to one of the leading religious leaders of his time that he must be "born again." The proof is in the pudding. Just look at history. As far as Mr. Gofen's assertions are concerned, the conservative view is in fact the dominant factor in the Republican Party today, and on the rise. It is time to forget maintaining the Party for the establishment country club Republicans. They have had their day in the sun with plenty of opportunities to pay attention to the conservatively constructed platform and have failed to do so. That is why they were routed in 2006, and continue to be distrusted. The only hope of the R party is the new conservatives who were elected by the efforts of the Tea Party and opponents of the Obama 'hope and change' fools rush' to the abyss.

      • Alexander Gofen

        Let me see, Mr. Unbloviator,

        "Conservative view is in fact the dominant factor in the Republican Party… "? Is it a joke?

        – DemoGOPs are incapable even to set a ceiling on a growing trillion figure deficit! Never mind to immediately slash the spending and welfare at least in half! Never mention stopping printing money and returning back to the constitutionally mandated golden standard for money.

        – DemoGOPs have nothing to say on spread of the homosexual infection – including the ARMY! Or, rather, what they said was embracement of GOProud…

        – Except a few lonely fighters like King, demoGOPs have nothing to say on Islam in the US. Or rather they (the likes of Ron Paul) embrace and welcome islam in their twisted understanding of the 1st Amendment.

        – DemoGOPs stopped behaving as opponents even formally! C. Powell, Bloomberg and others GOP hacks in fact campaigned for the opponent (Obama/Soetoro). Instead of jumping on the smallest glitch in the opponents credentials, demoGOPs keep covering for the complete illegitimacy of the opponent!

        – And even now, when the illegitimacy grew into the grotesque felony with the official uttering of a forged BC, forged SS# and similar, – even now the demoGOPs have nothing to say…

        • palidin48

          You're so right. Look at who the Democrats always nominate, the most leftist radicals they can find. And, we get stuck with weak sisters like McCain or Rommney.

          We need more people willing to mix it up, and feed us a ton of red meat. Someone willing to tell the MSM to go to hell.

    • Jason

      Actually, the problem is that the crazy right wing demographic people like the author caters to have moved so far off to the right that they've fallen off their flat earth, while the Republican party has only moved half as far to the right.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    Alas Mr. Gofen, it's worse than that.

    Liberals DO act according to a fixed ideology. Look at how all of the Democrats, from socialist all the way to so-called "moderate, blue-dogs" voted lock-step for Obamacare.
    What a travesty. When it comes to forcing the liberal agenda, they will do anything – violate precedents and ethical norms, make a mockery of moderation, even step off the electoral cliff and commit political suicide – just to move the ratchet another notch left.

    It's Republicans that try to be "democrat-lite."

    The liberals view Republicans as the true enemy, and use any means against them – endless recounts, suborning judges, slander – but treat foreign enemies as mere rivals. Just imagine if Obama, Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel used "Chicago tactics" against America's real foes!

  • Amused

    Unbridgeable gap is it ? Well these TWO GROUPS of MINDLESS BUMS had better get their acts together , because if the U.S, defaults and U.S.Bonds become worth less than the paper they're printed on , it will make the recent economic debacle look like childs play .These 525 or so criminals will have to go out and buy bullet proof vests . Right ,Left ? BULLSHEET ! Get it into your thick skulls , there's ONLY ONE COUNTRY .And you'll all go down pointing the finger at one another . The mess we'er in was caused by BOTH , and legislation to prevent a repeat has already been watered down and mired in this "bickering of idiots " who are driven , not by any patriotism but by the poerful Wall Street Lobby , who are sitting back getting rich and laughing at all the idiots .

  • Chezwick_mac

    Couldn't agree more with the article. Yes, politics may be the "art of compromise", and short-term, tactical compromises are inevitable. But this "partisan divide" is in fact a civil war by other means. And like the first one, you can only paper over such differences for so long. Eventually, in order to overcome such staggering contradictions, one side must vanquish the other.

    The liberal/left must be be defeated electorally…but that's only the beginning. They then must be deconstructed and discredited, both intellectually and culturally. Those Goddamned radical professors must begin to be seen for what they are – not "progressive" in any way shape or form, but reactionaries from a by-gone era….living fossils, ossifying before our eyes, being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

  • adamjw2

    Outstanding article, Evan. There needs to be more discussion about WHY we believe what we believe, and what the basic premise is for each side.

    • Maxie

      You can find some thought on this at Look for two articles in particular: "Human Nature & The Liberal-Conservative Conflict" and "Politics and the Bicameral Brain".

  • tagalog

    Read Thomas Sowell's A Conflict of Visions; it is quite good on the difference between "liberals" and "conservatives."

    It's only been a decade or two since the difference between Democrats and Republicans became noticeable in presidential elections, and we have people posting messages that there isn't any real difference between the two political parties.

    Based on that, I suppose it doesn't make any significant difference to Alexander Gofen and Robert Arvanitis whether they vote for MIchelle Bachmann or Mitt Romney, or Barack Obama. Right, guys?

    • Alexander Gofen

      Right! You exemplify the very core of demoGOPy, its typical deceit and blackmail: "then you will have Obama!"

      But we already have Obama now thanks exactly to the traitors Bachmann/Romney in the first place.

      Yes, I do hear one or two soothing tunes in Bachmann's rhetoric differing from Obama (say her pro-Israel speeches – and Israel is dear for me). Yet in the most important issues any choice offered by demoGOPs is a choice of an already bought front runner in a fixed game.

  • tanstaafl

    Either you govern according to the Constitution, or you don't govern at all.

  • Amused

    Noble words indeed , so how do you explain the present mess ? How do you explain the last 3 decades , that in fact slowly built up to this mess ? Who was or wasn't governing according to the Constitution ? And if NOT , WHERE were the challenges to any issues un-constitutional ?

  • Jason

    "The Modern Liberal – the dominant ideology in today’s Democrat Party – believes that the human being is born morally perfect. If left alone – uncorrupted by society "

    You would fail the most basic course in logic/critical thinking with such an unsupported claim and advancing an argument that depended on such. "Conservative" and "Liberals" are labels that people use and mean different things to different people.Far more people label themselves "conservative" (40%) as opposed liberal (21%). When asked about specific policies (like raising taxes on the rich, or unionization, the disparity disappears, and public opinion is closer to 50/50. The hard working and honest people who don't see these policies as liberal, and the word liberal likely makes them think of college protesters from the 70's. But of course, it's not really your intention to be honest. You're here to "be conservative." It's difficult to imagine you really believe the cartoon version of reality you perpetuate but I've seen stranger things.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Today's American liberal is the EXACT same political person as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, et alia who think nothing of mass murder in the cause of the "greater good." They are not only demented, they are terrifyingly dangerous.

    As for other Americans who don't fall into that benighted camp of commies, they vary widely in regard to any so-called "conservative" ideals. Many of them would be happy regulating in great detail my subscription to Playboy or my patronage of the pubs, and misguided, delusional lefties would refer to these folks as the "religious right." They are NOT of the right. They may have conservative social ideals, but their meddlesome ways are a hallmark of the LEFT. It is not disputable in any fashion that the single largest attribute of the left is their propensity for minding other people's business. May they all forever rot in their intermeddling skank.

  • Juanita

    Excellent article, Evan. Excellent! Thanks for posting this!

  • Bill

    What a bunch of buffoons, author and commenter alike. Amateur, armchair psychological profiling of liberals and conservatives to support a feeble premise. The American public transcends your ill-informed attempts to pigeonhole them. And stop trotting out Hitler to vilify the left. Fascism is a right-wing ideology; totalitarianism on the opposite side of the spectrum from communism. It was born out of Mussolini's disillusionment with socialism. Hitler used the term socialism to describe his politics in order to garner the support of the workers during his rise to power. He later regretted the label. All I see here are a bunch of right-wing sheep who will all-to-willingly drag America to theocracy behind the likes of someone like Bachmann. That's not the America my father fought to defend. If that's the way this game is tilting, I'm stocking up on ammo.