Why Jews Support the Democratic Party

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The question I am asked more than any other – besides what happened to the once seemingly reasonable Bill Maher – is: Why do Jews support the Democrat Party?  The answer is easy – but not short.  Here goes:

To be called a Jew –even to call yourself a Jew – is different than any other religion.  To be called a Christian, you have to believe something.  You have to believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.  If you believe that, you’re a Christian.  If you don’t believe that, you’re not a Christian.  If you do believe that, then there are certain rites and rituals, practices and behaviors that tend to follow.  To be called a Muslim you have to believe something.  You have to believe that the Koran is the final testament of God and Muhammad his perfect messenger. If you believe that, you’re a Muslim.  If you don’t believe that then you’re not a Muslim.  If you do believe this then there are certain rites and rituals, practices and behaviors that tend to follow.

But, to be called a Jew you don’t have to believe anything.  To be called a Jew, all you have to do is plop out of a Jewish womb.  Because these Jews – I’ll call them here “The Plopping Jews” – do not believe anything particularly Jewish. Indeed, there’s absolutely no reason to expect them to vote in a way that reflects Jewish values and beliefs.  Since a Jewish person’s Judaism is not of his own choosing or a reflection of his beliefs, his Jewishness is nothing more than an accident of his birth. Therefore, to expect him to choose to support Jewish causes is actually a form of bigotry.  People’s behaviors are predicated on their beliefs, not on the circumstances of their birth.

In fact, not only is there no reason to expect the Plopping Jew to support Jewish causes, one might even argue that the folks who Dennis Prager calls “Non-Jewish Jews” and are more generally known as “Secular Jews” (note that it is almost unheard of for someone to call themselves or be called “Secular Christians” or “Secular Muslims”) are less likely to support Jewish causes and to be antipathetic to Israel and other Jewish issues than are others since we can assume, having been born to a Jewish mother, they were at least exposed to Judaism and chose to reject it.  Put simply, the Plopping Jew is more likely to be an anti-Semite than your average American.

Sadly, in an America that has been successfully secularized by the Left, the Plopping Jews make up the vast majority of the people who are identified as “Jewish” and thus a major part of the explanation as to why so many “Jews” vote for the party that is, as we shall see, patently Jew-hating.

Now we get to the rest of the people who are called Jews.  These Jews differ from the Plopping Jew in that they have made at least some personal decision to be Jewish.  These Jews are typically divided into three categories, in ascending order of their belief and practice of Judaism there are the Reform Jews, the Conservative Jews and the Orthodox Jews.

The Reform Jew – sadly the majority of the remaining minority of all “Jews” – are not really Jewish either.  In fact, while the Plopping Jew has done nothing Jewish in his life, the Reform Jew has done only one thing Jewish in his life – he joined a synagogue.  But the Reform Jew didn’t join a synagogue to better learn and practice the rites and rituals, convictions and values of Judaism; he joined a synagogue because it was his local recreation center.  Basically, it was more affordable than the country club and, while more costly than the YMCA, he didn’t have to worry about getting naked in front of strangers.  Put simply, the Reform Jew is a Plopping Jew with a somewhat better social calendar.

Since there is nothing Jewish about the reform Jew that is Jewish, again, it would be unreasonable to expect his policies to reflect Jewish values.  In fact, the Reform Jew, like the Plopping Jew, has rejected Jewish values and, as the name of the movement suggests, he doesn’t even like Judaism, which is why he seeks to “re-form” it to his liking.

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  • papapepe

    Brilliant article. I would add and speculate that the communist raise and subsequent coercion of the Jew’s beliefs in Europe, allowed them to replace the need for something sublime in their lives, that for centuries faith provided, with arts and science. The other factors the ‘big ol’ fall (read rebellion) an the golden calf factor (check in the Bible or in Google-according your wisdom)

  • Leon

    I think the term you are looking for is 'Self-Hating Jew'

  • nes

    The writer distorts the meaning of justice to the liberal, and neglects consideration of the inequities that can come about in the capitalist system. It is a mean-spirited view that the poor are "evil and the lazy" who need to be punished, and the well-off are the "good and decent and hardworking". This article reinforces a long-standing impression: Jews who vote Republican do so not because of Jewish values but to protect the tax laws that favor their wealth.

  • joe

    oh, this is a great article and although hyperbolic, hits the mark. To summarize, most "jews" are socialists and utopians. They cannot break this umbilical connection to the European father/motherland, to marx, engels, freud, and a dozen other misanthropic "jews" who created the socialist/marxist/fascist crucible that was 1800-1900's Europe and metastasized to America. I've sat with "jews" who've openly boasted about their socialist leanings, wealthy American jews who are movers and shakers.
    more in second comment…

  • joe

    continuation…My medical school dean, who was a good friend until a year ago, took exception to some of my emails during the last election. It finally deteriorated into unkind name calling, during which he protested my points that Obama was a terrible mistake for Judaism, and pointed the to fact that his lesbian daughter, her lover, and their "child" lived in Israel, so how could he possibly support an anti semitic Muslimophiliac? How could my former friend do anything that would be anti Israel? How could Obama possibly betray Israel? Couldn't happen, claimed my friend, who said he often lunched with powerful political Jews at his shul in Washington, DC. After all, there's Rahm Emanuel in the White House. They assured him Israel was too important to America to be abandoned and that Obama would never do anything like that.

  • joe

    part 3 – (sorry) …The emails ended with his repulsive sad accusation that there was no talking to me (!) and that he was sorry that my children were infected with my beliefs and were beyond help! (2 teenage boys who spent much of their elementary school lilfe in a Jewish day school that I and my (jew by choice) wife helped to salvage) Infected! Here's infection for him…..a pox on these fellow Jews. They are the most destructive political element in America and I say that because they've introduced European socialism/Marxism/communism, the most vicious ideology on the planet, into American schools, academia, politics, letters, and the media.

    • Maxie

      FYI – It's been pointed out that communism/socialism are, in essence, faith-based belief systems and thus of a religious nature. Marx urged Jews to abandon Judaism and "convert" to his new secular religion which would solve the world's problems.
      The point is that it is futile to argue against any faith-based belief system since logic and factual evidence (the historical failure of socialism) are irrelevant. Faith trumps reason. Ad hominum attacks are the only defense the believer has. In the case of you and your mentor, it was YOU that had to be discredited because your argument couldn't be. I've been thru this myself a thousand times.

    • Maxie

      Part 1. FYI – It's been pointed out that communism/socialism are, in essence, faith-based belief systems and thus of a religious nature. Marx urged Jews to abandon Judaism and "convert" to his new secular religion which would solve the world's problems.

  • Lisa Richards

    Evan, wow! What can I say? As a Christian, I never realized this. It has always bothered me because of the 1400 years of Islamic hatred, plus Hitler and then Egypt in the 50's and 60's. I did not understand why anyone could vote for leftists in either party. Thank you for explaining this. I hope it will touch people to see how we really must look at our candidates and our parties.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    "… comprised only 15% of Jewish voters" only confirms what I wrote erlier that even the orthodox or conservative congregations also happen to maintain liberal policies. For example, I myself had witnessed refusal of orthodox/conservative rabbis to support the Prop. 8 (to keep the traditional definition of marriage), much less to denounce homosexuality. Nor would they agree to fight against islamization of America. I have not seen them on the street of S.F. protesting the voting proposition banning the Jewish circumcision to infants! They reduced themselves to dispensers of rites rather than being spiritual leaders

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    "… if they were not part of the "believers" whom you idolize?"

    The former spiritual-only-Jewry split into the ethnic-only and spiritual Jews some 150 year ago. The ethnic-only branch happened to be prone to quite various activities: non-Jewish, anti-Jewish or may be even pro-Jewish and pro-Israel. Jewishness as ethnicity does not imply any spiritual/philosophical/political orientation.

    If you care about defence of Israel, no justification nor any place for Israel within secularism can ever exist in this world: literally!

    So do not put those nasty "believers" in the quotation marks.

  • brianr

    Obviously, not all Jewish voters in the US support the Democrats. History and sociology are more relevant to this discussion than religion. The book “Why are Jews Liberals?” (by Norman Podhoretz) offers an interesting study of this issue.
    Also, in practice there is little distinction between Jews who affiliate Reform and Conservative – both are breakaway movements (i.e. heretical sects) which reject the fundamental principles of Judaism.

    • brianr

      To clarify, Reform and Conservative are essentially secular movements for Jews who wish to retain a veneer of religion while absolving them of the need to follow traditional Jewish laws and customs.

  • opar5

    My education has expanded, my ignorance lessened. I thank the author and authors of the highly informative comments.

  • http://www.VeronicaOlofsson.com V.Olofsson

    thank you Evan, xo


  • Gordie

    It has always baffled me how I, a mere gentile, could be more pro-Israel/pro-Jewish than many actual Jewish people are. Maybe it is because, as a kid, I watched the movie "The Ten Commandments". And as I grew up I cointinued believing there actually was a Moses and a Pharoah, there was a miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, and there is an Almighty Delivering God of Israel…but, sadly, many Obama/Pharoah Jews of today think Moses, miracles and God are all fables. It is quite sad, actually. Surely the God of Israel weeps.

  • Janice

    Like all bigots the author puts a box on the floor and dumps a bunch of hyperbole into it along with his integrity and credentials to belong to the human race. He then fills the box with the same statements over and over again until the reader gags with the boredom of his piece. Of course Christians and Muslims must believe otherwise (as they are told) they will go to hell and burn for eternity. If you are weak minded you will believe this crap and accept a hand from your invisible friend, Jesus. Jew's have no such problem to contend with. They made up a God who accepts and loves them without condition as God always has. There are about a million rules surrounding this but they don't matter much anymore. The Christians and the Muslims made one up that hates most of mankind and will not lift a finger to help anyone unless he so desires. He is wrathful, angry and apparently impotent as although he threatens with all kinds of terrible outcomes it never happens. There are far fewer rules but much more public display of how good they all are. Sometime when you all have the time you might read what Jesus said about the Pharisees. They are still among us but they changed the name to Evangelical Christians.

  • ahem

    With due respect, I disagree. Yes, Judaism is as much cultural as it is religious.

    But you're not taking into account the effects of WWII. After WWII, a great many Jews lost their faith and endistanced themselves from Judaism in the irrational belief that it will protect them from persecution should anti-semitism ever again gain the upper hand.

    It's magical thinking.

  • Kivi

    "the long and storied history of antisemitism on the American and European right, which conservatives have very conveniently forgotten over the past 25 or so years. This right-wing antisemitism was based largely on the not entirely false belief that communism and left-liberalism were basically Jewish inventions".

    Is it fair to term recognition of a threat to one's cultural well being coming from Jews "anti-semitism"? Isn't the whole "ism" thing as in "racism" supposed to imply blaming of the blameless for an identifying characteristic instead of behavior? What if the group are blameworthy? i.e. engage in behavior that threatens one's own well being? That used to be called recognizing a threat, not anti-semitism etc. Since leftism mainly in the form of communism had the largest butcher's bill of a hundred million within living memory, it's no small threat either.

    Secondly, there has been a grave misallocation of blame and credit for the events surrounding the second World War. Too much blame has been generalized to all Christians for the actions of a relatively small group of Germans whose Christian connections were tenuous at best (interestingly, all Muslims have not been tarred similarly for their support of nazism). Meanwhile too little credit has been given to western Christians who suffered losses in the millions to put an end to the national socialist regime. Instead of Holocaust museums peppering and wrongly guilting the West, there should be temples of gratitude. Save the holocaust museums for the unrepentant Islamic countries!

  • Kivi

    "liberal (irreligious) Judaism and liberal Christianity have replaced the Bible with the platform of the Democratic party. The excuse is to take an obscure mystical concept, Tikun Olam, and twist it out of shape. It's just an excuse."

    Taking the secular or Reform Jews (and liberal Christians) at their word, and accepting their twisting of Tikun Olam into a Boy Scout helping hand, one needs to explain the near monolithic choice of leftist ways to achieve their stated goal and the studied ignoring of the inconvenient fact that leftist policies leave the people they supposedly want to help much worse off in the long run (e.g. the destruction of the black family with Welfare). Such stubborn behavior contradicts either the intelligence ascribed to liberals including Jews or their stated good intentions.

  • http://none Jenny

    who says these people are Jews, they are Chazars jews who were converted into the jewish faith , around 1215. Should not be confused with the Biblical Hebrews, no blood ties to Abraham.

  • Kevin


    Judaists (who think they are “Jews” but are mostly whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism) live in a delusional world. Their self-serving statements prove that.

    This author, for example, claims that the concept of Justice was a Jewish idea!! Oh, sure, and they discovered water. The entire 10 commandments was plagiarized from the Code of Hammurabi. Ancient cultures far away, who had never heard of Judaism, lived in peace and harmony and had an advanced system of Justice millennia before.

    In fact, the entire Torah (Old Testament) is a violent book and a rehash of African mythology. See: The Forgery of the Old Testament, by Joseph McCabe. So I guess you are claiming that the African savages taught the world Justice!!!

    The Judaists always take any criticism (such as being liberal) and try to twist it around into self-serving delusions, such as proclaiming that they are liberal because they support justice!! I see–claiming to support the corrupt crooked Democratic party to seek Justice is like a trying to start a fish farm in the desert.

  • Kender

    You would fight for north korea? This explains a lot about you. You have no concept of logic…..but you are entertaining.

  • nina

    Ah, but this is not done. You must live in another dimension. You don't see the demonization of Israel, the lies, and the bane of our times; the political correctness. How many people lost their jobs, because thay didn't toe the line? Sometimes I am reminded of the communist country I lived in as a child.