Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin

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And Sarah Palin ran a small business.  Democrats don’t run businesses.  In fact, Democrats don’t do anything.  If you eliminated from the voting roll everyone who did nothing other than talk – the academic, the newscaster, the actor, the politician – and those who game the system, collecting welfare and years of unemployment benefits and “workman’s compensation” and food stamps, how many people would be left voting Democrat?

Let’s put it this way, if having had a job – having done something that required either physical labor or risking one’s own money – were a prerequisite to work in the White House, Barack Obama would have to fire 94 percent of his top advisers.  That’s a real number.  Ninety four percent of Obama’s top advisers have never done anything like run a small store, paint a bridge, wire a house for electricity or anything else other than flap their lips.

This is the genesis of the notion that Palin is “stupid.”  Liberals are convinced that there’s something “the matter” with people who have jobs.  This is what they mean by “What’s the Matter with Kansas,” Kansas being a place where people work – Hollywood, Cambridge Massachusetts, the TV studios in Manhattan are places were people talk.  To the liberal, anyone who has a job must be stupid, after all, not everyone is as good a talker as they are, but surely everyone can find one excuse or another to sit at home and collect welfare.

In fact, to the modern liberal, anyone who has a job is not just stupid, he (or she) is dangerous. These people “cling” to their guns and their religion because they toil for their reward.  These people are constantly on the verge of violence, whether it’s an attack like the one they caused in Tucson (according to the leftist script) or just by going home and beating their children.  Consider the lyrics of “the working man’s troubadour” by Bruce Springsteen:

Early in the morning/factory whistle blows
Man rises from bed and puts on his clothes.

Man takes his lunch, walks out in the morning line
That’s the work, the workin’, that’s the workin’ life.

End of the day/Factory whistle cries
Man walks through them gates with death in their eyes.

And you just better believe, boy, somebody’s gonna get it tonight.
(Why?)  Cause that’s the work, the workin’ that’s that workin’ life!

Sarah Palin is stupid and dangerous because, well, to those who have made their millions by doing nothing other than talking, that’s the work, the workin’ that’s the workin’ life.  Just in case you think that’s just one example of Springsteen’s take on anyone who has a job, consider the horrors of his “daddy” who “worked his whole life, for nothing but the pain.”  In this song, “Adam Raised a Cain,” daddy, of course, beats his children, “now he walks these empty rooms searching for something to blame.”  And, in fact, it gets worse because, clearly, a child who is beaten is going to continue that cycle of violence and beat his child (“you inherit the sins/you inherit the flames”). So, even to the most sympathetic leftist like Springsteen, not one, not two, but three generations are destroyed all because “daddy” had to go to work.

And they hate Sarah Palin because she joined the PTA and made things better.  No, no, that’s not supposed to happen.  Schools (read: the teachers’ union) need more money, only more money will solve the problems in the schools.  Sarah Palin must be destroyed!

And, finally, they hate Sarah Palin because she was a successful mayor and governor.  The Democrat Party narrative is that the American people are too stupid to successfully govern themselves and need Harvard and Yale elitists to dictate to them how they should live their lives.  If a graduate of the University of Idaho can successfully run the biggest state in the union, then so can a kid who graduated from Texas A & M or even a kid with a degree from Eureka College.

If Democrats disagreed with Ms. Palin on the issues that would be one thing.  But they don’t merely “disagree” with her, they hate her and they hate her without caring one whit about where she stands on the issues. They hate her because she is living proof that everything about the Democratic Party narrative is a lie and for this reason she cannot be allowed to be liked — because if Democrats liked her, they might actually listen to her policies.

Evan Sayet is a satirist, lecturer and writer. Visit his site at EvanSayet.com.

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  • Steeloak

    It strikes me that the left hates Palin because they see her as the only credible conservative Republican on the political radar. My take is that if the left tolerates or likes a Republican, it's because they are not afraid of them. Palin is very Reaganesque in her ability to connect with ordinary Americans and the left fears a repeat of 1980 if she runs in 2012. The vitriol directed at her is simply an attempt to destroy her before she has a chance to be elected and bring about their worst nightmares. I recall that the attempts to damage her began immediately after her electrifying speech at the 2008 convention, thats when the left realized the power she could command.

    • Greg

      Oh god please, go rewatch the Couric and Gibson interviews. Imagine Condoleeza Rice answering those questions. Please admit the Republican party has more to offer. I'm so sorry a single democrat didn't know her "policies". believe me plenty do and plenty can debate. What a horrible piece of " journalism?" Resorting to a cattle round up of bullet point stereotypes and rhetoric. There are plenty of democrats and republicans that can both debate using logic and know the policies of the opposing party. Grow up!

      • davarino

        Oooo she doesnt interview well, thats it, she's out of here. That was then, how bout now. If she interviews well now, is she ok with you?

        Probably not

        Thanks for caring

      • http://facebook Joe

        okay then name one policy oof Gov Palin ! Find me one just one democrat that can name just 1 policy !!

      • The_Lord_Regent

        You neglected to mention the part about interview pieces edited out in order to make Mrs. Palin's responses look stunted. Granted, having worked at a TV station, she should be familiar with A-B cut editing and should have known better than to leave the final cut to the leftist press.

      • http://evansayet.comn Evan Sayet

        First, even if Ms. Palin were "stupid" it wouldn't explain the HATE that the Democrats have for this woman. It wouldn't explain their sick and despicible efforts to pin on Ms. Palin the massacre in Tucson, etc.

        Second, did Ms. Palin do well in those interviews? No. Was it the mission of these Leftists to make her look bad? Yes. Now go back and watch some of Obama's interviews and lectures. Ones where Obama "admits" to being a Muslim (clearly a slip of the tongue) and another where he claims that there are 57 states. Did you Leftists get your "gotcha" moments from the heavily edited Couric interview? Sure. But thinking people don't play "gotcha" (like the Leftists are trying to do with Governor Palin's absolutely correct use of the phrase "blood libel."

        • http://evansayet.com Evan Sayet

          My favorite moment involving this was the hate-mongering, New York Times Leftist Richard Cohen who, on a Leftist television program declared Ms. Palin to be "stupid" because, while she used the correct phrasing, she didn't know she was using the correct phrasiong. How did Cohen know she didn't know she was saying when she said the right thing? Because Ms. Palin is "stupid."

          Meanwhile, why don't you try and give me the Leftist's position on any issue not using the words "stupid" or "evil" to describe anyone who fails to support the Leftist policy.

          • trickyblain

            Your brief bio indicates that you fancy yourself as some sort of "satirist." I can only conclude that the posts above are some sort of avant-garde, abstract satire? How exactly did Couric "make her look bad"? By asking about Supreme Court decisions? It was Palin that could not answer questions that any first year law student would recite in his sleep and not even wake up.

            I don't hate Palin, but I don't think she's remotely qualified to hold office at any level, let alone POTUS. And you're right, I don't know much about her policy positions. Nobody does, especially Palin. She only offers words like "common sense solutions." Those aren't policy positions, they're soundbytes. Her private life is all well-and-good, but in terms of political office, totally irrelevant.

            Which specific policy platforms does she espouse that you really like?

            A Gainfullly, Privately-employed Registered Democrat.

          • Disaster_Master

            Ummm perhaps because she isn't a lawyer?

          • trickyblain

            She can't have coherent policy positions without being a lawyer?

          • Disaster_Master

            You basic argument was that she couldn't answer basic questions that any first year law student could. That is a false argument. Not every politician needs to be a lawyer, as a matter of fact it would be better if they weren't in my humble opinion. regardless your premise to establish she is not intelligent is false because she fumbled a few questions. I would argue that if I were to ask you some "basic" questions about nuclear, biological, chemical, and explosive weapons, you would have a difficult time answering them because you aren't versed in weapons of mass destruction as I am. And by the way don't try to extrapolate that to mean anything it just happens to be my field of interest and study. After 3 Associates Degrees, a Bachelors Degree and two Master's Degrees I suppose there are those who think I am unintelligent too but as I said, that is a false argument.. Oh and her policies are out there for anyone who wants to read them in her books, on her site, and everywhere if you CHOOSE to look. I think you and many others have discounted that because of your internal bias so you simply can't give her the benefit of the doubt or even try and see her point of view. That Sir IS THE MAIN PROBLEM IN OUR POLITICAL DISCOURSE. Good luck, that was my point, I very clearly see yours and no harm no foul. . I spent over 20 years defending your right to have an opinion and share it. Good on you.

          • trickyblain

            First, I totally agree about the main problem with discourse. And I do not think Palin “unintelligent” – dumb people with no family connections don’t get to where she is — just unqualified. She has plenty of face time in front of the American people, she uses it mainly to insult and tear down her political opponents (on FOX) and to reinforce her “folksy” image (on reality TV).
            Her introduction to most Americans, in the 2008 RNC convention, was a defining moment for her. To me (I consider myself pretty square in the middle), she came across as sarcastic, caustic and really, really condescending for somebody I’d never heard of until just a week or so earlier. I do admit that my internal bias is heavily influenced by that speech. But it came straight from her words, not from what somebody told me that she may or may not think (like this article attempts to do – Democrats hate babies with Downs Syndrome? Really?).

          • trickyblain

            She has every opportunity to advocate specific policies in her face time. She instead chooses to attack and present her viewers with meaningless soundbytes (“common sense,” “death panels”). Why do I need to buy her book when she has plenty of opportunities to express real-life policy positions? IMHO, she’s part of the problem when it comes to intelligent, rational discourse.

            And in terms of your comparison (your field of interest is pretty cool), given my relative ignorance on those topics I’m not going to be applying over at Livermore Labs anytime soon. A pol doesn’t have to be a lawyer (like Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison et. al.), but a president should definitely have a grasp on the framework of the laws he or she is charged with enforcing.

          • Leo

            the left hate Palin because, they are afraid of her. She represent everything they loathe, i.e individualism . The left knows, when the idea of individual responsibility start resonating with the American voters, is the beginning of the end of American Liberalism.

    • gwj

      You have explained it perfectly! The left is scared to death of her.

    • Den Dem

      Hate. Most americans have had it so soft the can't really hate. But they can be mean and strike out against what is different from them. Hate Sarah Pailn, hell no i would not waste my internal thought time on that. Not support her, sure, she quit her last job that she was elected for. Is she a credible candidate? For the Republicans evidently they do consider a former mayor of a small town and quitter of agoverning a state as a viable candidate. Which outlines the Rep biggest problem. Not obama, but a lack of any candidate to challenge. I mean honestly, she is so underqualified it is silly to discuss. I read that in a big magazine, you know all the really big good ones that I can't remember.

  • JoeyG

    What a bunch of malarky. You say, "There is clearly something very “wrong” with this woman who allowed her “special needs” child to live. They hate her for that." That is total speculation on your part. I'm sure there are plenty of Democrats that would not advocate she terminate her pregnancy for more "me time". I'm sure there are plenty of Democrats with Downs Syndrome kids. You had me at the beginning as to people just saying they hate someone without knowing why, but you went too far there. The second half of your article is just why YOU think they MIGHT hate her.

    • davarino

      Uh huh, all those pro choicers in the democratic party would applaud Sarah for keeping her downs syndrome child. No, maybe they dont hate her for that, they hate her for being normal and connecting with every day Americans.

    • Hannah

      Couldn't have said it better myself, Joey G. I was had at the start as well as I, like our dear author, think so many people hate SP without cause and was elated to see a case being made in her defense; however, just as I feared, immediately after catching my interest the sneaky author took a turn down Hate Lane and dragged us all right into Crazy Town. Le sigh. Silly of me for falling for it in the first place.

      • Scott

        Lets hear your reasons mate. Name one policy, no let's go for broke, three policies which are unique to her and no others, you don't like.

    • http://marginalizedactiondinosaur.net maddinosaur

      at least 5

    • Thomas_L……

      Joey, of course every Democrat doesn't hate her for that reason but the author is talking about "the left" (not independents and middle of the road liberals), you know, the vocal talking heads who hate her for just that kind of reason. Especially the Contessas and Katies who've likely ended several viable healthy babies in order NOT to be Sarah Palin. They'd never admit it in a million years but they do.

    • jpeters

      Devoid of facts per usual. The head of the Democratic Party of North Carolina was quoted as saying "The only qualification that Palin has for VP is that she didn't abort her child."

  • guest

    Nice book report. Next week we are reading "where the wild things Are" starring John McCain

    • davarino

      Nice one liner. Got anything else more intelligent than that?

  • Greg

    Run Sarah run….. Far away from the cameras and the microphones. Both parties will be much better off.

    • davarino

      And who would you have us embrace, since you are so interested in seeing the republican party succeed?

    • Marko

      You wish, don't you Greg,. Your fear of Sarah is hilarious. She absolutely destroys the left's victim-centric worldview and she does it with a beautiful smile. Your ignorance, shared by MSM reading Liberal/democrats everywhere, is well… showing!

  • Vlad The Retailer

    It seems like you're in desperate need of an editor for this website. If so, I could use the job.
    Attached to my resume I will send along a corrected version of this article. Of course however, I only mean a grammatically corrected version.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    • davarino

      Ah your right, it is all about grammer, just like Loughner said.

      • IV:XX

        Apparently it's not all about GRAMMAR (or spelling) – YOU'RE welcome…

        • davarino

          Ah you got me, brilliant

    • Don L

      Hey Vlad, you had better hold that resume up. When you write lines like, "Of course however, I only mean a grammatically corrected version." you neglected to insert the required comma after the word course to set off "however" with commas on both ends.

  • green tea

    Evan Sayet, you're equally dumb as Sarah Palin!

    • Gamaliel Isaac

      I can assure you Mr. Green Tea that your intelligence is the equivalent of that of tea leaves and that Trig is a lot smarter than you let alone Sarah Palin.

    • Scott

      Wow, that's a really really clever comment.

      …. then again, for those who don't get sarcasm, maybe we need to spell it out. In one sentence, you have proved Evan Sayet's point.

    • brassia

      judging by just one sentence you are VERY DUMB…that is always a case- intimidated by intelligent woman…most likely you are 2.5inch man …if you get my drift….

  • joe

    I dont hate anybody, but I love reading moronic writing like this from the right. What are you people so afraid of that you have to pass your hate onto other people?

    • davarino

      Thanks for proving Sayet's point.

    • kulex1949

      What "hate" are You specifically referring to?

    • brassia

      ONE of the differences between left and right…we on the right are talking FACTS and since you can't dispute or completely unaware of them since you have to walk in step with your masters and only memorize the talking points you reserve to vitriol and hate….just to conceal your dumbness…;-(

    • Mo_

      Show me the hatred that was demonstrated and then passed on here.

      The one showing hated is you. You "dont" hate anybody, and yet you call them moronic. That's loving?

  • Gibbysmom.

    I am a republican and I’m an Alaskan and I have to let you know that people on the right side don’t like her either. I have lived in alaska over 25 years and never voted for her. She has never finished a job she started. Her “stint” as oil and gas commissioner and as governor she quit in the middle of. She came into the governor position at a time when our previous governor had very low approval ratings and she basically kept her mouth shut during any debates as to not appear stupid and it worked. She was elected. When she opened her mouth is when her approval rating dropped. Her endorsed candidate for senate lost in her own state because we alaskans wont be fooled twice!!

  • Gene Carr

    I think that Evan Sayet has a point. You only have to glance through the posts at the Huffington Post or thw ADN on Palin to have this confirmed. But I think you cannot tar all Democrats, it is more the far left that hates her in this way.

  • todd

    This might be the stupidest "article" I've ever read. And by stupid I am referring to its content — though it also has "way" too many "quotations" and "grammatical" errors galore. But it did accomplish one thing: now I am certain that even Palin's "published" supporters are as vacuous (look it up) as she is. Good luck changing anyone's mind about this belligerent, self-centered hick who quit her first real job just to become famous for saying and doing embarrassing things. Reality tv is the perfect place for this disingenuous leech.

    • Bogdan the Aussie

      A sick mind of Todd is tod (dead in German). She didn't quit her first job. She has had quite a few succeful jobs in the past what you would have learned if you have bothered to read the article diligently enough.
      Neihter she quit her last job. Like Gen Mc Arthur who left his post in Philipines during the WW2 with the famous words: "I shall return" only to to process the Japs into the pile of crawling cocroaches.
      So Sarah Palin is doing. Clubbing the American communo-fascists into the pulp.

    • davarino

      Wow maybe Loughner was inspired by you lefties. It is all about grammer with you guys. Spell one word wrong and every thing you say is disproven.

      • ella

        It's difficult to take someone seriously when the things they write are riddled with errors

        • coyote3

          But it is even harder to take untermenchens seriously, who are errors by their very existence

    • frank

      Vacuous, belligerent, self-centered hick, disingenuous leech. You sure are toning down the rhetoric. Your stupid rant proves how right the author is. I guess you had to leave the daily kos garbage for one day to post your manure here.

    • Hannah

      Quit her *first* job *just* to become famous? (Talk about being riddled with errors, Ella.) I seem to remember something about nugatory (don't worry, I looked it up and EVERYTHING) lawsuits that were personally bankrupting her because of an antiquated law allowing personal suits for torts perpetrated in a professional (read: GOVERNOR) capacity. Sounds like she TOTES just wanted to be famous dude, seeing as how quiting resulted in a massive (and easily anticipated) negative backlash. Yeah, she did it for the money. Have they let you into Mensa yet?

    • brassia

      Hey, Todd?
      When was the last time you got laid?
      You could never have a beautiful woman like her that is why you are so full of hate…in spite of your trying to show off your "eloquence"…you do sound vacuous and sound like a real sour looser with tiny wiener…..

    • Mo_

      Thanks for proving Sayet's point. There's not one policy of hers that you've mentioned that you disagree with. All that's left to you is name calling. Hilarious!

    • slaing88

      No offense but by you simply saying the word stupidest shows how stupid you truly are.

  • Guest

    Well…Sarah Palin's story is admirable, but she really is fairly shrill and somewhat stupid (based on the interviews I've seen her give). I actually wanted to like the woman and was pleased when she was nominated for Vice President. The reason I came to dislike her for any political office in which she's deciding important issues is because of what she says when she opens that mouth of hers. But for watching train wrecks in slow motion, she's actually fairly entertaining.

    • Kathy

      I still would like to hear WHY you hate her? You haven't quoted anything she has said that is "stupid".

    • Mo_

      More name calling. That's all you Palin-haters have. There's not one example given here of what she said that you consider so stupid. Not one.

      I love it! We don't have to do a thing and Sayet's point continues to be made!

  • crackerjack

    Democrats should love Palin. She and her Tea- Party have already borded the Republican ship and declared a white thrash mutiny. The Reps ,who invited them on board, now look on in horror as captain Sarah and her crew of fools navigate USS GOP into the shallows of presidential election. Desaster is a certainty.

    • davarino

      Ah, you misspelled "Desaster" so your buddies on the left are going to eat your carcass. You no longer matter.

      • http://www.therepublicrevealed.com/ Victor Laslow

        Looks like this Cracker got Jacked.
        Yuck Yuck

    • Brassia

      Hmmm, sounds like you are really mad YOU LOST!!! in November- accept it!
      If you only paid attention to what this administration is doing in full view and behind the scene ( watch the other hand!!) you should really "look in horror" at what is awaiting our country… I liven in socialist country…I can see and feel more than anyone who was born here- you, people can't even imagine the disaster coming our way…my heart goes out to you-uninformed, not paying attention…some day you will wake up, but it will be too late!!!!
      Tea Party people are just regular folks who are concerned citizens with above average intelligence-realists, who are disappointed with both parties, looting of our country, damning our kids, in pite of spending more than any country in the world for education we are trailing near the last place in level of education. Does that concern you, liberals??? And what -besides hate towards Palin, is occupying your brain those days?

    • R4L

      HAHAHAH "desaster"

  • Max

    How funny that you pin your generalizations on one 'aquaintance'. From this one 'aquaintance' it is therefore logical to extract sweeping generalizations? I find it funny that you lambaste your 'aquaintance' for not knowing a single political stance/viewpoint/policy but then you spend your entire time albeit your entire support defending Sarah Palin by looking at the actions of her personal life: running a small business, having a special needs child, etc. vs. defending her political agenda.

    I'm an "old school" republican from Michigan that still believes that government should be smaller, and less involved in your life/social life. The Republican party lost me as a voter when they crawled into bed with the religious right that wants to shove their agenda down my throat and call it patriotism. You lost me as a reader when you decided to shove your ill-supported opinions down my throat and call it journalism.

    • Guest

      "The Republican party lost me as a voter when they crawled into bed with the religious right that wants to shove their agenda down my throat and call it patriotism. You lost me as a reader when you decided to shove your ill-supported opinions down my throat and call it journalism."

      Textbook example of the pot calling the kettle black. Michigan Repub's just 'lost' a RINO – good riddance. btw: How do you get a written article "shoved down your throat" ?

      • Questions

        It's what the Religious Right advocates in these articles that makes palpable their desire to shove views down peoples' throats. Not literally, of course. But if the aggressively pious do obtain real political power, there will be a loss of civil liberties. I guarantee it. Republicans, like Democrats, do worry about that. And rightly so.

        Call me a RINO, but as a Republican, I don't want the likes of James Dobson or Brent Bozell getting what they want.

  • http://truebluenz.wordpress.com/ Redbaiter

    This is right in a way but it glosses over the main reason Palin is "hated". That is that the left are deliberately manufacturing a culture of hate towards conservatives using much the same methods as the Nazis used to generate the same hatred towards Jews. Government sponsored hate backed up by a Gramscian media and entertainment sector.

    Read about the methodology here.

    • Zloty

      And the prize for most predictable right-wing response goes to…the Confederate!

      Firstly, the article is not "right" in any way, unless you mean politically, in which case it is certainly far right. I at first thought that the anecdote about the Democrat in the coffee-shop was ironic, given that Palin herself was unable to name a newspaper which she read, and dismissed the question with "I read and enjoy all of them equally". Perhaps if she read the papers she might be better equipped to deal with questions on foreign policy and not get her Koreas confused, or class Africa as one state.

      'The Left' as you call it (though believe me, as an Englishman I can say that the Democrats are by no means Lefties) does not hate Palin. They either find her hilarious and perfect for satirising, or they are scared by the idea that someone so completely inept as her could ever be in with a chance of governing their country.

      It seems that in most cases, when fascists are threatened, they somewhat ironically call on the Nazis as an example or comparison to combat the opposition. Firstly, by comparing the attitudes of the left to the systematic indoctrination of Germans by the Nazi party, you are dishonouring the memories of all those that became victims of it. The two are in no way comparable, as tempting as it would be to send ignoramuses somewhere far away.

      If you consider yourself proud to display the Confederacy flag, chances are you would have been a devout Nazi anyway. However, the argument about the Confederacy is for another day.

      • http://truebluenz.wordpress.com/ Redbaiter

        Not one statement you have made above is underpinned by any truth. You have posted nothing but hate, lies and smears. I have expounded upon my original thesis here. Dripping with the outcome of years of immersion in Critical Theory, you are a perfect example of the kind of sick cultural Marxist I am talking about.

  • http://truebluenz.wordpress.com/ Redbaiter

    or read more here.

    This is the real reason people blindly hate Sarah Palin, and it has to be stopped, or it will lead to the spilling of blood.

    • Questions

      Is this a threat masquerading as a prediction?

      • http://truebluenz.wordpress.com/ Redbaiter

        My meaning is that if the left continue to generate hate in the way they are doing now, they open the door to genocide. The amount of hate in the community towards Conservatives is unnatural, and is the embryonic form of the same kind of state generated hate that led to genocide in Germany and Cambodia (for example). My comment is no threat, it is merely an opinion that is underpinned by historical events. (if you read the links I posted you may understand a little better). The state generated hate has to stop.

        • Tom

          Yeah…fortunately it will be the conservatives with the guns ;)

  • marscarpone

    Wow, this article is amazing! From the fabricated encounter with the supposed liberal hater, to the apparent fact that democrats are incapable of performing any form of menial task.

    Oh Evan, I could spend precious minutes picking apart the many fallacies and falsities plaguing your little fan piece; but really, where would that get either of us?

    Instead I leave you with these words: Sarah Palin will never sleep with you. Ever.

    • davarino

      And just like his "fabricated encounter" you offer nothing meaningful.

    • Jim

      speaking of stupid, Marscarpone, how stupid, meaningless and just plain pointless is your last prediction: "Sarah Palin will never sleep with you. Ever"….yeah, so? proving, maybe that that is a purely liberal assumption: that everybody is only after personal pleasure. PLUS, did you not note that Mrs. Palin married her HS sweetheart, to whom she is still married and faithful? Or do you not understand either of those 'right wing' concepts?

  • Henry

    Nice reflection. Thanks for making it so clear as to why the Left hate Palin so much. It all makes sense. She really does poke holes in their Democratic narrative. She's so non-traditional for them. Let me also add, being an Alaskan for 30 years, she's got guts and can read the people. She not afraid to stand up for her beliefs, and has never wavered in her message of faith, family and flag. She loves her family, she loves her state, and she loves her country. She is not a perveyor of violence and most of the people who meet her, even those who claim to dislike her policies, cannot deny that she is a very warm and welcoming person. She's got a message for America. And I'm one American, and Alaskan who is interested in hearing what she has to say.

    • Joe

      Your statement is right on. Keep talking. Like so many people in our country do not believe in God or take time to read the words He gave us (Bible); the Liberals just like to bash without any good reason. Sarah has all of the right ideas in her heart. May God protect her!!! Mr. Yussof

    • Brenda

      Thanks, Henry. Nice to hear from an Alaskan who knows how she has governed in the past. With Sarah, she speaks her mind and her heart instead of just saying what she thinks people want her to say or what will benefit her most. That is refreshing. How so not political! That is what gets her in trouble but it is also one of the things I admire about her. She says and does what she thinks is right – not just what she thinks will earn her a higher office or a higher pay check.

  • Ryan

    The left hates Palin because she belongs to the right. Why is that so hard to understand. Any leftist who likes her is probably confused as to what it means to be a leftist. It seems like the author shares the same confusion.

    • Guest

      "The left hates Palin because she belongs to the right. Why is that so hard to understand."
      It isn't. Hate is the Left's default position. It's so much easier for the dull minds of the emotion-driven Lefties than reasoned, civil disagreement of which they are incapable.

  • Gnosticism Kills

    The question is why the left hates her more than people way to the right of her – like Jim Demint or Pat Buchanan. I believe it's not only because she mocks the victimhood by her very existence but because a) she is unafraid to confront liberals on the evil that they do and weaklings that they are B) her beauty is threatening to to lib women and emasculating to lib men and C) she is from the non intellectual class – which threatens the elites

    • Hannah

      Do you really believe that Gnosticism Kills? :)

    • Donna

      You are so right! I don't believe the people who write in and say they are conservative but don't like her. That's not possible. They are lying or don't know what a conservative is.

  • Secular Conservative

    I am a conservative, and I can't stand Sarah Palin either, and it is not because of any particular policy of hers – it is because she is stupid and incoherent. The fact that she is conservative means she would agree with me on a number of issues, but whereas my beliefs are well thought out, hers appear to be the result of indoctrination and blind acceptance without questioning. Having her on my side of any issue is a curse, not a blessing. If she were liberal, would the left want her as their spokesperson? I think not. Why then do so many conservatives like her? – My theory is that it is because most conservatives are also religious and religious people tend to undervalue logic and overvalue blind faith, and therefore, they do not think it matters that Sarah Palin cannot
    put together a coherent logical argument to defend their beliefs. That she agrees with their beliefs is enough. Secular conservatives, such as myself, however, realize that she is doing a lot of damage to our various causes.

    • frank

      Secular conservative…….yeah, right. You are just another daily kos hater, Obama ass-kisser. You are about as transparent as a pane of glass.

      • Questions

        Not every conservative is a Bible thumper. "Secular conservative" isn't a self-contradiction. The category includes Heather Mac Donald, John Derbyshire and a lot of other people with more intelligence than Sarah Palin.

    • joe

      I searched and searched in vain for any of your "beliefs (that) are well thought out," and could find NONE! Just another liberal long on hate and short on facts posing as a conservative.

      • Secular Conservative

        You make a lot of assumptions. I am NOT long on hate. If you re-read my previous
        post you might notice that I intentionally did not use the word "hate" – I used the phrase "can't stand". There is a difference, you know. I do not actually hate Sarah Palin. I wish she would stay out of politics, but I wish her no harm. You also assume that I am a liberal. Why? because I am an atheist? You claim to know that my beliefs cannot be well thought out without even knowing what my beliefs are. You illogically assume my beliefs are liberal, because I do not like Sarah Palin. I am against gun control, I am for smaller government. How are these positions liberal?

        • yruadumblib

          Admit it. You "can't stand" Sarah Palin or anyone that believes in God because you're an atheist. That means you think about God more than most people.

          • Secular Conservative

            Actually, there are a lot of people that believe in God whom I happen to like and respect – Sarah Palin is just not one of them. I am an atheist, but I am not a militant atheist. The conclusions people draw are amazing: "You dislike Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has two eyes. You must hate everyone with two eyes."

    • Tony

      This post belies your claim that your beliefs are well thought out. I agree that Palin is not particularly adept at verbally articulating support for her policies and beliefs, but this does not necessarily equate to her being dumb. The fact that she attained the office of governor of Alaska attests to the fact that she is far from stupid. What is stupid is your assertion that religious people undervalue logic and like Sarah Palin as a matter of faith. It may be true that some favor her because her politics are informed by faith, but that is as valid a reason – perhaps more valid – for one of faith to prefer a candidate as any criteria a secular conservative such as yourself might apply. If she truly does abide by her Christian faith, then there is likely a better chance of her adhering to her stated principles than a secular politician.

      • Marigold

        Any of you "Pain haters " I just wanted to ask you how would you act if you were thrown into public arena – she wasn't a seasoned career politician and that is what I like about her- aren't you tired of polished speakers who screwed us over and over and over again?Time to have normal ordinary citizens in our government , maybe only then we have a chance of saving our country. I can identify with Sara Palin I can't identify with the scum who is running our country.

    • Dan Pet

      Conservative ..yeah right. You obviously haven't been listening to any of the things she says. She has given many well received speeches, written op-eds and facebook posts. She says things simply and to the point. I love the "to our various causes" part. Which causes are those?? This has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with smaller government, fiscal responsibility and the will of the people. You won't get that guarantee from any other "republican" out there. Your post proves the writers comments, people, not just liberals, just hate her. You couldn't even list one of her positions on "our various causes".

    • Elaine Kent

      To simply call someone 'stupid' with no facts to back it brings you back to the 2nd grade. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, it's obvious you dislike Sarah or anyone who is a strong Christian, for their beliefs….She is a strong, happy, productive, giving, compassionate, beautiful (inside and out) and HONEST person, and that threatens everyone who would rather justify their own shortcomings by promoting deficient individuals than those who live their lives at a higher level . Jealousy sucks, doesn't it? My kind suggestion to you, something I practice as well as preach, is to look closely and honestly at yourself and focus on those things you really need to improve while you're still on this earth. I promise you, if you're honest with yourself, you will learn and grow and be a much happier, worthwhile person, and I also wager that you will learn some things from Miss Sarah, herself.

  • http://nodhimmitude.blogspot.com DagW

    One might wonder just how well-informed some commenters are about "intelligence" and particularly about its value as a human attribute. The main complaint one reads about Sarah Palin is that she is "stupid." To me, this suggests, if not says outright, that those making such claims are "smart," self-referentially. To assign significance to intelligence as worth is not a smart thing to do in this day and age, especially when one is aware that the genesis of such a concept, known to most who care to know about this, was centred in America not so long ago at Cold Spring Harbour, New York, the centre of eugenics, until such time as that meme, as it were, moved east, moved to Germany where it was pursued with some vigour, which we know of now as the Holocaust. Yes, to call eugenicists Nazis is a fair claim, Godwin's Law notwithstanding. This public obsession with Sarah Palin's intelligence, higher or lower than the commenters here, betrays a lack of willingness, at least, to find out the implications of such a tack. This is not to say that those who ascribe value to intelligence are Nazis, it is only to suggest that they aren't smart enough to look into the public smear at its root to find out what it is they're making claims for.

  • evergreen78

    Do any of these negative commenters even know who Evan Sayet IS? Good Grief. Oh, well . . . I say FrontPageMag must have hit the big time to have so many trolls! I've never seen so many in all the time I've been coming here! Woo-hoo!!!

    • Rifleman

      The stuck pigs are squealing, as we say down here.

      • James

        This is exactly what I’m talking about… this is the type of intellect that Palin attracts, and it’s as scary as it is sad… My Grandfather taught me about the difference (in his eyes) between the two parties back in the early 70’s. Back then it wasn’t en-vogue to be a gun toting hick and to wear it on your lapel like a badge of honor to be a Republican, and religion rarely came into play beyond the initial debate on the candidates denomination…. You at least (in public) attempted to be sophisticated and smart, and were open to learn the truth even if it contradicted your own beliefs and/or feelings… These people treat it as their personal Friday night Monster Truck Rally…. and I deeply resent that I am lumped in with all these wing-nuts because of the “R” after my name… and while I own a gun, I would gladly give it up if it meant peace and love on earth..OR that politicians would stop getting shot… I guess that’s just my upbringing to care about my neighbor… She needs to go away and let Politics be Politics again, not a Circus side show.

    • aspacia

      Yes evergreen, I was just thinking the same. I oppose many of Palin's policies, but do not hate any person for their political stance. Actually, I have a very liberal mother, and a left of center son, who usually make the same claim that Palin is stupid. Okay, why? No response only that they listen to respectable, CNN, news analysis. When I respond, detailing the numerous errors, omissions, and lies that stem from CNN, both simply do not responds.

      Both are highly intelligent, mom can add three x three columns of numbers in her head, recites poetry, is a published poet, and knows most British literature. The kid graduated from Darden and makes more than $85,000.

      No, regardless of grammarical errors, Sayet is on target regarding the lack of specifics as to why liberals hate Palin.

  • jeff s

    Typical R person wrote this rubbish. Stereotypes and generalizations abound in this article. Sarah Palin has no real policies other than repeating the same gibberish about patriotism, less gov't intervention and individualism will take care of everything. She cannot speak or have an interview until she "studies up" for a few days before it happens, and then she still needs to have the questions and agenda handed to her on a platter before she will talk. She won't hold a press conference, she has little real knowledge of foreign policy, she quit as governor mid stream, she is a gold digger, she is vindictive, she is "small". She may well know how to hold a job and raise children and hold PTA meetings and make money in a small business, but this does not qualify her to be in high political office because she is loving and hard-working. People hate her because they see through her petty behavior and me, me attitude while trying to mask it as being genuine, but we know it's not.

    • aspacia

      jeff, you offer mostly fallacious ad hom attacks.

      • quacklikeaduck

        When is hate not full of fallacious ad hom attacks?

        • Jen R. Elle

          "Typical R person wrote this rubbish. Stereotypes and generalizations abound in this article."
          nice generalization right out of the gate, Geoff…

    • Dan Pet

      Yawn……the same old liberal talking points about Palin. But thank you, you just proved the writer's point. You know she isn't genuine? And how would that happen?? How do you know she "studies up"? How do you know she doesn' thave knowledge of foreign policy? Pathetic

    • chris

      On the same note, you are a typical, delusional leftist idiot, with the intellectual heft of the two nickels in my swim suit, currently rubbing against my balls. ATTACK, ATTACK then ATTACK the article and the author of the article, without offering anything,
      I'm sure it's easy for you to criticize everything, given your biggest accomplishment in life consists of folding in the convertible sofa bed; you sleep on in the basement of your parent's house. I understand, its tough being a loser, however, regardless of how much unwarranted rage you spew, nothing will change that fact. You are and will always be a loser. Only a backward jerk-off, who’s never covered a payroll or even managed a Popsicle stand, would believe that one’s performance in answering the besmirching, got- ya questions of a leftist punk, goofballs like you; is a better benchmark by which to judge someone’s leader capabilities, than a person’s record in running a successful business and defeating an entrenched incumbent to win the governorship of a State.
      Actually, I pity your lowly existence, for you really are a zero. Your obnoxious rant, failed to mention even one issue point held by Palin's, with which you disagreed. Therefore, undoubtedly, if you actually knew and disagreed with her positions, you’d be unable to provide a cogent argument in defense of your delusions..
      Lastly, your argument that Palin's resume somehow disqualifies her to hold office is ridiculous. Precisely what experience did Obama have prior to him embarrassing our country, as he learned on the job over the last two years? Not only is he an abominable idiot, his ignorance, lack of experience and disconnection with the real world is legion! Every one of his wasteful domestic and weak international policies has failed, without exception. In fact, all of Bush's policies which he lambasted for years, he has since adapted as his own; but only after he bumbled around the world, bowed to everyone I he met and kissed the ass of every tyrant dictator and enemy of America he could find. Hey loser Jeff, been to Gitmo lately? How are those domestic terrorist trials treating you? Wow, thank God your crème daddy, got us out of Iraq and Afghanistan during his 1st year like he promised his groupie masturbaters.

  • gah

    You certainly hit the mother lode of leftist loons, that's for sure. I've run into the exact same kind of liberals, they foam at the mouth, and spew every kind of lie and smear that they ever heard about Palin, never mind that these lies and smears have been debunked over and over again. Whenever they get on the "she's stupid" rant, I always ask them if they've ever run a family business, if they've ever been elected to anything such as town council, mayor, governor, I also ask them if they've ever had to manage the raising of 5 kids. That usually shuts them up.

  • gah

    The left has assigned everyone to one of their plantations, one plantation for blacks, one for hispanics, one for women. The dems view Palin as a runaway, therefore, they sic the bloodhouds, and overseers to track her down. Someone who has run off from their assigned plantation is dangerous, because she just might inspire others to run away.

    We saw in the mid-term elections that women, for the very first time since such things have been tracked, gave the gop 49 percent of their vote, and 48 percent to the dems. That is the very first time that the dems haven't enjoyed a double digit lead. This is largely due to the fact that Palin has, essentially, become the face of the republican party. The dems also know that for the first time in 15 years, the majority also self-describe themselves as being pro-life, this was first observed in polls starting in the spring of 2009, whereas the poll in early August 2008, found that the majority self-described as pro-choice. This also may be attributed to the fact that Palin has become the face of the pro-life movement as well.

  • chuck

    It's not "the left" that "hates" Palin, it's anybody who isn't profoundly retarded. And it's not hate, it's disgust at the prospect of her being president, the fact that she believes she's qualified (she's quit everything she's ever started; that should be reason enough to dismiss her as credible), and at the fact that the country so astonishingly dumbed down that anybody at all would vote for her.

    • Laura

      I agree with you, Chuck!

    • Tony

      Chuck, you do realize that your post is yet more proof that "the country is so astonishingly dumbed down"?

    • BLJ

      Just like all the dummies who voted for Obama.

    • Slinkiecat

      Why would anyone feel "disgust" at a successful, patriotic, family-oriented woman who doesn't back down to the rabid attacks by the mind-dumbed robots of the political left? If you think Sarah Palin is unqualified, what do you think about the vastly inexperienced and far less qualified "community organizer" who now sits in the Oval Office? Do you like the way he is destroying our economy, our currency, our businesses, banking system, and even our international standing? I'd far rather have Sarah Palin, who loves this country, appreciates the part businesses play in maintaining our economy and employment status, and would get us back on track to become energy-independent.

      We deserve so much better than Obama.

    • Dan Pet

      Quit EVERYTHING she has ever started?? Really?? Which of the many accomplishments did she quit other than when the left attempted to destroy her personally and jam up the the state of Alaska in the process?? Did you read the list that the writer supplied for you..right there in the blog?? Those aren't lies. Those items are TRUE. Do you know anything about Palin really? I mean, other than things you read about her on the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post?

    • Angreacum

      Hmm, I assume you voted for Obama then and felt he was qualified????…sure..he didn't quit community organizing activities…..he is still at it and I assume you don't even decipher any misspoken words, facts, gaffes there…..even though he even speaks in front of 1st graders with teleprompter…..

    • chris

      Chuck, you mother is calling you to take out the trash. Get off the couch and apply for that job opening at Wendy's drive through. Also, stop leaving your toys on the kitchen floor, or your father is going take off his belt and give you a spanking.

  • CharlesWhite

    Greg – There are hours of Interviews showing both 0bama (57 states, etc) or Biden (there are so many for Biden I can't choose a favorite!) being, being, incompetent at best! And in nearly ever subject matter (especially if you take away 0bama’s teleprompter)

    green tea, joe, todd and others posting here just prove the "blind hate" towards Mrs. Palin.

    • James

      If the Democrats have "blind hate" towards Miss Palin, then just as many on the right have it towards her as well, at least the ones that graduated college. People resent the fact that this mean spirited woman has single handedly shredded the last few ounces of decency our two parties had towards one another, so we are in a constant state of gridlock in congress… and as a thinking Republican coming from a family of thinking Republicans, it saddens and makes me embarrassed for our Country.

    • Malcolm

      Hey Charles, I am not anti, or pro Palin. I certainly have no animosity towards her, though I am not enamored of her either. I see her as a human being who has done some very good things, and made some mistakes as well. She is a politician, and as far as I am concerned a politician is a politician. (Most politicians make me rather ill).
      What this article has done, and you have done breaking down this article is make me see why so many people really dislike her. I did not get it, and now I do. Amazing, you would think according to many that she is Hitler, Pol Pot, or some other despot. Hardly- is she the brightest person in the room? I doubt it. Is she the dumbest? I doubt it. She says dumb things every once in a while, but thank you for listing our fearless leaders gaffes. (57 states, and he is the smartest guy in the world). Yeah, right. I think you are right on, and basically so is the article.

  • CharlesWhite

    marscarpone – can't handle the idea that Sara Palin won't sleep around which is what a good Liberal/Progressive Democrat woman (Married or single) is suppose to do and you can tell he (marscarpone) wants to sleep with Mrs. Palin, super imposing his self desires and failings on his opponent much like most Liberal/Progressive Democrat do!

    Secular Conservative – calls Mrs. Palin stupid, yet she has a college degree so I guess "Secular Conservative" believes and is calling all "College Grad's" stupid, talk about stupid then "Secular Conservative" goes on to rant about Religious people having to much "overvalue blind faith" it takes more of that "blind faith" to believe (Opps now your into religion…) the Constant changing "Theories" that Science uses to explain most everything (Big Bang, Evolution, etc…) "Secular Conservative" you really are a very Religious man.

    • IV:XX

      Thanks for making Secular Conservative's point. By the way, "secular" means to be apart from religion – so your jab at him for being a hypocrite doesn't quite hit the mark…

      • Questions

        No candidate for office should feel compelled to announce their religious beliefs. I could care less whether Mrs. Palin is a Christian. That in and of itself does not qualify her for any public office. What I resent about her is her brassy, ignorant self-righteousness and power-seeking. It's so hopelessly transparent.

    • snicker

      *yawn* tell that to Dr. Laura.

  • Pete

    You are SO right on!!!! It amazes me how blindly people can form an opinion on things without knowing the facts. I hold-heartedly agree with the comment on the facts about 94% of the advisors. Hard work builds work character. That has been proven time and time again throughout history.

  • Mike C.

    Being a high-chinned public speaker = intelligent? Ahem, let's just take a look at Barak Obama's speeches over the last 4 years in Congress and on the campaign trail for the counterpoint.. This is the quite possibly the dumbest man on the planet now in public office. I'd take Palin character and true grit over a teleprompting fool like Obama anyday.

  • kittymyers

    She has 5 children, not 4.

  • Michelle

    If Sarah Palin is such an unworthy excuse for a human being, why does the left pay even more obsessive attention to her than her admirers? The left spends enough energy loudly insisting on Palin's percieved inadequacies to pick up the slack suddenly left by Obama's bans on coal mines and drilling permits and lower energy prices! It's remarkable! (so I did)

  • bizarro

    "Stupid" appears to be overused (and abused) by both the Left and the Right.
    Einstein was arguably the most intelligent human in history.
    However, I wouldn't have wanted him leading the Third Army in WWII, or the country.

    • Malcolm

      Bizarro- You got that right! I am not sure I want Palin running the country, but there is really no politician from either the left or right I want running this country. Most of them are hacks, and as far as I am concerned slf- centered ones at that.

  • Don L

    It is my observation that the "right" (read as fiscal conservatives) hate her even more. It's really that God thing (they have replaced Him with money.)

  • Don L

    "…religious people tend to undervalue logic and overvalue blind faith"

    Yeah, -Secular Conservative – especially those folks like Aquinas, Augustine, G.K Chesterton, Newman, JPII, and another million or so brilliant philosophers, writers, poets and world leaders whom, I'm certain would stand in awe of your secular brilliance.

    • Questions

      A million or so philosophers? Even the ones you listed are more characterized by hyper-rationaized piety, and a contempt for science (except absolutely forced to admit to facts) than a willingess to cut through dogma.

    • Tony

      GREAT point, I wish I had made it!

  • guest

    I believe that the biggest thing is that she didn't kill Trig. That puts the lie to the leftist
    propaganda that having a handicapped, especially Down's Syndrone, child ruins peoples
    lives. They clearly love and value Trig within their strong and loving family. Remember, liberalism is a fundamentalist religion and abortion is it's sacrament. She challenges the culture of death.

    • Questions

      Liberalism is a "fundamentalist religion?" Preposterous. And I know of nobody so callous or ridiculous to call abortion a sacrament. That silly book(s) by Ann Coulter has done messed up your mind.

  • John Sorg

    Sarah Palin has more guts, intelligence, integrity and political insight than any of you stupid leftists!

    On every issue you folks are clueless! You try to win arguments but ignore facts e.g. the 25 year economic boom from "Reaganomics". You wanted your country to lose a war to terrorists! You are despicable human beings that barely qualify to be included in the species.

    • Malcolm

      John, Sarah has guts. You are right there, for she walks the walk. I am conservative like yourself, but Reaganomics was not an economic boom for 25 years- there were a few recessions in the past 25 years, and I do not think all lefties want the country to lose the war on terrorists. (There are some no doubt). Most lefties just are not wired like us, and they are not all bad people, though there are a few that are despicable. I hope in 2012 we will elect a man or woamn who has guts, compassion, but mostly common sense, which is in short supply.

  • PatVi

    Palin is beautiful and displays the talents that men love. Therefore unattractive and bitchy women hate her and will never vote for her.

    • Questions

      How come so few men would vote for her as president? The polls indicate as much anyway.

      • hijinx60

        Maybe, they're afraid of their wives.

  • James

    I am a life long Republican and if she were to run I would vote Democratic… this isn't class President, this is FOR REAL. To think the US has gotten so dumb as a whole that this idiot even has the slightest chance to make it into the race is very telling. In courting the ignorant and uninformed just to get a vote, the Republicans have wacked a hornets nest. These people aren't very bright, but they vote, they wouldn't understand policy if it dropped in their laps… now we have Sara Palin, a dumb mean spirited, self absorbed faker that's tearing the Country apart rather than bringing us together… Very nice.

    • Rifleman

      Then vote democrat. After all, hussein is so smart and is doing such a brilliant job. And you call her dumb…

    • Slinkiecat

      Who's the dumb one? You would vote for a Democrat who is out to destroy our country, kowtow to Islamic terrorists and even add domestic terrorists (e.g. Ayers) to his Cabinet, let his ideology be run by anti-American communist George Soros, and promise all the unemployed minorities that he would save the world, stop the seas from rising, give them all free sustenance, threaten all his political opponents with "punishment" by "bringing guns to a knife fight" and making them "sit in the back" while he runs the show. You need to get some education, James. Sarah Palin has far more love for the American people than the bigoted radicals who man the Obama regime. We can't get him out of there fast enough.

      • porch911

        Except for the fact that Sarah Palin put out a hit to have Gabrielle Giffords murdered in cold blood alongside other US representatives. I don't find that particularly American.

        …not my personal belief, but if you're allowed to argue absurd falsities with over the top hyperbole, then so am I.

        • Dan Pet

          What a libelous piece of garbage your statement is.

    • kulex1949

      You are a life long republican as much as a cow pie is a souffle.

    • Dan Pet

      Wow James, you lifelong republican you. So let me get this right, Sarah Palin is dumb, and MEAN SPIRITED?? Have you reread your post??? She is tearing the country apart? Have you seen how the country feels about the current resident of the White House's policies. She is doing no such thing. And one more poster here proves the writer's pointl. Not ONE mention of one of her positions on issues, not one of her statements or opeds or speeches that he can argue. This is sad really. These haters don't even realize how hypocritical they are AND THEY JUST READ ABOUT IT IN SAYAT'S PIECE.

  • Penny

    Well lets see. I am the same age as Sarah Palin. Actually just a few years older. I have been married for 24 years same man. I am still in love. I have 3 children, all of which are teenagers. I am a moderate democrat. I don't hate her. I just don't like her. It has more to do with her not being true to herself. She is selling a bill of goods and I am not buying it. I respect people that can look in the mirror and know there faults. This is something Sarah Palin can not do. I am not toting around a gun, I live in Oklahoma, majority republican. Not a one of my friends, women my age are toting around a gun. They aren't bragging about hunting and how great a marksman they are. I watched all of her reality tv series. Because I was concerned my self as to why I didn't like her. I personally wanted to know why I felt this way I try to give everyone a chance. Soul searching you might say. The only thing I can come up with is. She is riding on a high of being chosen as vice president. Really hates losing. She spits hatred toward Obama. Last I checked he won that election fair and square. But instead of respect, she shows pure contempt. I just feel sorry for her now.

    • Malcolm

      Penny- I have been on a mission to find out why so many on the left loathe Palin, and why so many on the right love her. This article explained a great deal to me. I am not a fan of hers, though I don't dislike her either. She basically means nothing to me, and I do not think she will run for president, much less win. I like very much why you do not care for her, and I think your points are formidable. You don't seem like many people, usually from the left, that seem to drool, foam at the mouth and swear uncontrollably at the mention of her name. You make sense to me, as does some of what this article says, though it takes a different point.
      I will sum up by saying this no matter where anyone stands. I love living in a country that produces politicians like Obama, Palin, Kennedy and Reagan, and that they have free reign to pretty much say whatever they want. I would hate to live in most countries in the world, due to so many having totalitarian governments that allow no free speech. (Reagan and Kennedy are gone, but they lived, and they certainly talked, and I am glad they did).

    • bulldogss

      No mention of Christian beliefs says it all. Or am i wrong ?

      • Penny

        Not sure if you are referring to what my Christian beliefs are? or Sarah Palin's Christian beliefs are? I can only speak for myself. Another wonderful thing about being an American are we are free to choose. I am a Lutheran. Not exactly sure what Palin's beliefs are. Irrelevant to me. Just know she has a strong faith in God. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Dan Pet

      You feel sorry for her?? Spare us your condescension. Please..you want to be her my dear.

  • CHShane

    Read the comments, I believe the author has well made his argument.

    • JeremyHeiken

      The vast majority of people surfing the internet's political sites are only accessing those that affirm their preexisting held beliefs.

      The authors arguments are not convincing.

      The commentary is largely being supplied by people with like minded views. Sampling the commentary to suggest the arguments are valid is like the author performing a survey of himself and finding agreement.

      The world at large does have valid issues with Sarah Palin. The idea that the left somehow hates her does a disservice to the many (not all on the left) that have real issues with her.

  • JeremyHeiken

    The left doesn't hate Sarah Palin – her detractors cross all political spectrums.

    • Rifleman

      Yep, it looks to me like the same ones on the left and right that hated Ronald Reagan and thought he was stupid think the same of Sarah Palin.

      • Rightmindedmom

        Exactly right. I'm old enough to remember how relentless the press was with the "Ronald Reagan is stupid. Ronald Reagan is just an old actor. Ronald Reagan did a movie as a sidekick to a chimp" meme. It's the same mindset towards Sarah. The best thing Sarah Palin can do, is take her cues from what Reagan did, and do it herself. I think that's why she's going straight to 'the People' on Facebook. She's sidestepping the media just like RR did. GO SARAH!

  • sodakhic

    She's so dumb , she wiped out the libs in 2010. Takeover of the House, almost the Senate, twice as many governships, statewide takeover by repubicans in local government, all this after the Dems declared on 08 that they could be in control for a generatioon. HA HA HA what a joke. They hate her because she in the antidote to liberalism.

    • Dan Pet

      Well said.

  • Lori

    Well, As I see It, Sarah Stands Firm! Solid and A fighter till the End! Most Liberals fight Unfair by sneakyness and Imaginations of all sorts of distortions, Beside the facts The Writing is On The Wall! We need sound Leadership! And I see that the Workers are Few! Sarah Works and The Others Boost in Putting The faults of themselves on someone else! Sarah? George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? People that find faults In every little thing, needs To Look at themselves in A True Mirror and ask themselves if they look like A Ape? That wants to Scape? Truth Is very Rare! so When It Is Presented Liars are caught!

  • Gr82BGrn

    Incredible! This article actually proved its own point with the mindless vitriol spewed by green tea, joe, todd, etc.! It really is not about Mrs. Palin, it's all about doing anything possible to discredit conservative values and conservative's point-of-view. If I were making choices as to which point-of-view brought in substantive discourse, Front Page is the hands down winner!!!

    • Dan Pet

      YES YES YES. Sarah is the one with the guts to take the heat but it IS about conservatives. If Sarah was gone tomorrow, who ever would be next (not that anyone could take her place) would be the stupid idiotic lunatic that incites violence. It isn't about her. It is about the demonization of conservatism. Conservatives want people to go hungry, Bush is an idiot, Cheney is evil, Conservatives want old people to not have medicine. They want the poor to stay poor. BLAH BLAH BLAH. All nonsense. And Sarah takes all the heat for this VILE CONTEMPT and they call HER the hater. Please.

  • Stephen_Brady

    There's one reason why the Left hates Sarah Palin … one reason, and only one:

    She will win, and they know it.

    • JeremyHeiken


      • Stephen_Brady

        Well-written, intellectual response … the type one expects from the Left …

    • JeremyHeiken

      And I am not to the left of anything, bright boy. Guess again.

      • Stephen_Brady

        First, you're rolling on the floor, laughing at me. Next, your "bright boy" comment is purposely intended to be insulting to someone you've never met.

        These two actions are taken by you in response to my simple observation that those on the Left fear Sarah Palin because she can win next year's election. It is a kneejerk reaction, eerily similar to the reactions 2001-2008 whenever the name "George W. Bush" … and its many variations … was used.

        If you're not on the left, why the kneejerk reaction, son?

    • Dan Pet

      Stephen, my friend. you are spot on!! They would never pay her any attention if she was the idiot they make her out to be.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    The Democrats like to say how dumb Sarah Palin is but she didn't create trillions of dollars in debt, in fact Alaska did very well under her governorship. No it's smart democrats like Obama who is driving the economy and this country into the ground. We can't blame it all on him though because he was elected by brilliant democrats such as the ones posting here that Sarah is stupid.

  • BerlGoetz

    Many people don't think she's up to the task of national leadership, but we don't hate her. She is a symbol of the competent man-on-the-street, but her manner and abilities don't elevate her to the level of wise diplomat. In some ways, she is more successful than Condalezza Rice, but not in political wisdom.

    • Dan Pet

      And is that really so bad. We have given the "geniuses" their shot. The careerist politicians have run this country into the ground, Berl. We need a different type of smarts in the oval office. Think about it. Haven't we had enough of "POLITICIANS"??

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Holy Camoly! A wannabe writer-thinker sits down in a restaurant and talks to one dolt who says she hates Palin, thus makes an assumption that vast numbers hate her for no valid reason and all of you get up into arms about grammar (it's spelled with an "a") and unrelated stuff. Palin has been uninformed about many things like most Americans but she's a fast learner and my gut tells me (I trust my gut more than my educated brain) that she might make a half decent president which is something we haven't had for close to a century. And how much more gratifying it will be to fantasize about sleeping with my president than grinding my teeth every time Obama sticks his phony face into a camera.

  • GBArg

    The number of hate messages about Ms. Palin here says it all. Leftists are alternately constipated and diarrhetic, sometimes caught between, at the prospect of President Sarah Palin. They are clearly living on borrowed time. It will happen.

  • Viper 1

    It's mind-boggling to hear the left's repeated accusation that the woman is "stupid". It shouldn't be surprising: the same accusation was leveled against George Bush who somehow managed to survive several hundred hours in one of the most-pilot-unfriendly fighters the Air Force ever had in its inventory. As someone who flew F16's I know you don't pull that off if you're dumb; you wind up in a smoking hole.

    At the same time, the left considered Eisenhower, the architect of the Normandy invasion dumb; Gerald Ford who had a law degree from Harvard (and who was a terrific football player) dense and clumsy, and Reagan, off course, was the poster boy for Republican presidents intellectually unsuited to be elected dogcatcher.

    On the bright side, the left's compulsive need to define Palin as ignorant is gold for the right. It is testimony that they are making a very, very serious–and potentially lethal (politcally) miscalculation: every fighter pilot, trial attorney, or doctor knows–as has every great warrrior to NEVER underestimate the enemy. As a matter off fact survival depends on assuming the enemy could be more dangerous than one might imagine no matter what evidence appears to the contrary.

    The arrogant on the left do not seem to put much stock in such wise counsel and I am almost certain that will come back to bite them big time.

    • Laura

      Sarah Palin has had too many lapses in judgement to be considered intelligent enough to be president. She should have known better than to do the first Katie Couric interview, she should have known better than to put a map with crosshairs on the web, she should have known better than to use the phrase "blood libel". She can't be trusted with the fate of the United States. She might have another lapse in judgement!

      • alan g

        At least, the blood libel comment displayed the narrtive that she tried to project. There is nothing wrong with that, considering the profane language adopted by the left, which is far worse than anything Palin said

      • Cor

        wow! What HUGE lapses of judgement! (dripping Sarcasm) Our current president has had bigger lapses of judgement than that! The Gulf Coast was one lapse of judgement after another. For example not sending more skimmers down there in a hurry. (he only sent 1%) Not allowing foreign help til much later for another. The list goes on and on…….Oh those targets on the map…. Let’s ignore the Bullseye on the map of the Democrats- there’s the pot calling the kettle black! So please give me a break with the stupid map! horror of horrors! As for the blood libel remark she was making a point- but whatever. SNL, jon Stewart and the Left do have the ears of our younger people and they mock and make fun and continually say she is stupid and instead of looking into what makes Alaska different- let’s just mock her when she says you can see Russia from my house. Russia really is just a stone’s throw away, BTW- and we don’t exactly trust them either.. so the governor has a special clearance….. but you didn’t want to know about that.

      • Dan Pet

        The McCain campaign made her do that interview. She was manhandled and overmanaged. And as for that map..please. If that causes people to kill people we are in serious trouble. I guess TARGET should change its logo.

    • CHShane

      Viper, I like the way you write. And kudos to you for your hours in your warbird, "The Jet. Bush DID fly a most pilot-unfriendly, the F-103.
      Watch yer six.
      Call sign; "Shane."

  • Wildthings13

    This article is totally on the money except for one very ignorant part of it…."One of the most obvious demographic differences between the Left and the Right is that people without children – those too self-centered and jealous of others stealing “their” attention, angry and hate-filled “feminists,” radical homosexuals and school children too young to have started a family — are just about guaranteed to pull the lever for anyone with a “D” next to their names. Those married with children are just as assured to pull the lever for someone from the Right."
    This part is about as stupid as it gets. Not true at all. Most people I know who "Hate" Palin have children and are opposite of all described here! Really ruined a good article!

  • zsqpwxxeh

    People hate those whom they fear. Fear is the prerequisite. The liberals know full well that Palin can and will crush their Dear Leader next year, so they say anything to undermine her candidacy. The hatred is a cover for their intense anxiety. The policy differences and personal characteristics are secondary here. You can test this hypothesis: note how easy the left media on the RINOs, who can be either beaten or co-opted. Find out who MSNBC hates–there's your candidate.

    As far as dispensing with Palin in the next election, forget about it. To paraphrase Lincoln about Grant, "I can't spare this woman. She fights."

    • JeremyHeiken

      There is no hatred of Sarah Palin. Your points are pointless. You buy into the article and the author has only proven his case to a set of like-minded individuals. This is all a bunch of bull.

      Sarah Palin's detractors cross the political spectrum; her detractors don't believe in her becuase of an emotional reaction (i.e., "hate"). She is not perceived well due to her lack of qualifications and her lack of intellect needed to handle any significant job in the political arena – as she demonstrates presently.

      She has ambition and she may develop those skills and qualifications at some later date. But she does not process them presently.

      • zsqpwxxeh

        "There is no hatred of Sarah Palin."

        Stopped reading your comment right there, bro.

      • alan g

        Palin’s experience and qualifications far outweight those of our illustrious leader now. Therefor e you don’t know what you are talking about. The fact that she isn’t always polotically savvy is proof of her genuine character. In an era of such curruption, including the repubs, this not only refreshing, but demanded for political qualifications, which is sorely lacking now

  • zsqpwxxeh

    And yes, an amusingly high troll count for this article. Confirmation? You guys are not doing a very good job. Back to Kos or Media Matters for refresher training.

  • Pat Bischoff

    I am a far right conservative and like Palin. I like her policies and admire her as a woman. She is not stupid as she seems to succeed at everything she does. We should all be that dumb. My problem with her is I do not think she has the experience to run for president of the most powerful nation on the planet. If she succeeds in running, her chances of winning are nil. Too many people do not like her, even conservatives. What does that tell us? I want a Republican in the White House and feel that if she runs, she will loose with a landslide.

    • zsqpwxxeh

      Pat, you don't need experience to either win the presidency or be a good president. You must have and demonstrate leadership. You must be a leader, first and foremost. Good conservative policies are very important but take a backseat to the ability to lead the nation.

      The Palin hatred is chillingly reminiscent of Reagan hatred in 1980. All the "stupid, unpopular, unelectable" stuff was uttered, plus "he'll start nuclear war" (in place of that we have vicious anti-female attacks tailored to this case). The media gave him no chance right up to the conventions.

      • Questions

        Ronald Reagan was polished, had top-notch advisers and served for eight years as governor of a major state. He was qualified for the presidency. As for Palin: None of the above.

        • Dan Pet

          oh really? and you know this how??

    • evergreen78

      Palin alone has more EXECUTIVE experience than Obama and Biden COMBINED.

      • Questions

        What does that say about her legislative experience?

        • evergreen78

          The President is the Executive. Congress is Legislative. Nobody's talking about her running for Congress.

    • Slinkiecat

      It's only conservatives like you who could cause her to lose if she ran for president. To vote against her (and thus for Obama) would show that you hate conservative values and are a Marxist at heart, one who hopes our country is destroyed and that our children are left with a third-world economy. We know that's what the Democrats want.

      Why not vote in favor of our country?

  • bulldogss

    Note–Pentecostal Christians do not believe or react to the corporeal. If you are aware of this or are one than the following is to be. Gov palin will run third party –no doubt–to stop the rinos and seculars. SP will lose but create a new avenue for Christian Repubs.

    • Slinkiecat

      Sarah Palin is a Republican, and if she runs at all, it will be for the Republican nomination. She is helping via the Tea Party to bring the Republicans back to their conservative roots. Let's all pray she succeeds in that, whether she runs herself or just does as she has been doing, supporting conservative candidates.

  • Laura

    You don't have to know any of Sarah Palin's policies to know she's stupid. Anyone who posts a map with crosshairs, and a list of names to go with them, is STUPID. SARAH PALIN IS TOO STUPID TO EVER BE PRESIDENT!!!! Bob Beckel, the liberal that takes credit for inventing the "targets", didn't use crosshairs, nor names. His invention was a less inflamatory bullseye, not the image of a gun sight .
    On another subject, I think people WITH children (and I have two of my own) could be considered "self-centered" for producing mini-versions of themselves, though mankind is slowly destroying our over-populated planet.

    • zsqpwxxeh

      Anyone who posts a comment like this…oh, never mind. Thanks for contributing so much to the national debate on Palin's IQ. Let's do lunch sometime.

      • Laura

        Would love to do lunch.

      • Laura

        I love your portrait, by the way.

      • Laura

        Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 at the Four Seasons in DC, would be fine! I'm a dumb-as-dirt independent, however, so I'll only bring my crow if Palin should win. Seriously, you don't believe she should be PRESIDENT, do you? Come on.

      • Laura

        I meant order crow, not bring my crow. My dumb-as-dirtishness is showing again!

    • alan g

      Now we are quibbling over crosshairs and bullseyes. How rediculous can you get.

    • Homer Simpson

      Skank breeding is when I agree with abortion!

    • Slinkiecat

      LOL! Even a liberal news site uses "Crosshairs" as one of its nationally broadcast programs. That's not to mention the Daily Kos who uses crosshairs on pictures of Rep. Giffords (Oops! — They have now deleted it). That is a time-honored business and political statement of zeroing-in on the area they need to target (Oops! another now PC forbidden term). This is getting ridiculous!

      Our country is at war, again defending our liberty. Why do you liberals want to keep chipping away at our liberty and substituting government to take away our expressions that have been used for centuries? Why must you revert to calling every Republican candidate "stupid" without ever knowing how any of them have outsmarted your "brilliant" Democrats, all the way from Gen. Eisenhower through GW Bush? Some of you who offer such comparisons seem to be a whole lot less qualified to judge their intelligence than they are. I may not be brilliant myself, but I do know Sarah Palin is far smarter than the average Democrat voter.

  • zsqpwxxeh

    One blog tactic seen in this very thread is the half-literate/incoherent pro-Palin comment, set up as a strawman for the trolls to attack. "See, she is supported by extremist fanatics, etc." is the seed they want to plant. Target: all you dumb-as-dirt independents, so susceptible to manipulation and bribes. Obama needs 2/3 of you to vote D next year. Let the games begin.

  • Amanda Moserski

    Palin has not declared her candidacy for president but yet the leftists are going on and on about how unsuitable she is for that position. One would think that Plain's detractors and haters would stop their unwarranted critique of her, but they just go on on and on and on in their hatefilled speeches and articles. Their malice, ill-will, and mean-spiritness directed towards her know no bounds. They hate her because she stands for everything they don't. Pro-life, a hands-off governemnt, less spending, less taxation, anti-political correctness. And then she has the audacity to freely and often criticize the leftists' darling, Obama, and his Obamacare and policies. They hate her because she freely speaks her mind and people listen, and they are unable to stop her.

  • adam

    Last I checked, she was MRS. Palin, not Ms. Any reason you are not acknowledging her marriage? I've come to expect this kind of disrespect from the NYT and LATimes, but not here.

    Newsbusters did a piece on this disrespect back before the election: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/warner-todd-huston/2

  • M Wright

    Thank God, I get to cancel out your vote I can't believe how crude some of these comments are!!

  • joel knudson

    I think some people are turned off by Palin's Christian faith because it is not manifested by earthly perfection;and I think some people are turned off by her beauty because it is manifested by earthly perfection. After all, "Christians are not perfect,just redeemed",the bumper sticker says.

  • USMCSniper

    Liberal women are totally useless is a factual observation of Ann Coulter. Hillary Rodman Clinton is a total failure at everything she ever attempted and a stupid pathological liar. Whiny Barbara Walters big claim to "diversity" lately is in her book where she says she was f*&king a negro for a year while she was a co-anchor with Harry Reasoner who is way out of her league. Ever since women were granted suffrage in the 1920s, our government has ballooned to astronomical proportions due to liberal women. Liberal women voted for each and every social welfare program that came down the pike, and their male counterpart liberal idol FDR helped fuel the burgeoning government by implementing the NEW Deal era. Obama is our President instead of McCain because they liberal women appear to have a Kim Kardasian syndrome.

  • USMCSniper

    Part 2: All the failed social welfare programs of our history including LBJ's Great Society menace were created with the help of the liberal female vote and with the lesbian liberal femanazi vote. Not only is the liberal female vote detrimental to the growth of America's culture, but an occasional liberal political hack seeks higher office, i.e. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Have we ever seen a liberal woman that was willing to either fight for our military objectives, or one that would actually support any or all of our wars? I think not. Conservative women are the opposite as they realize just how important our military is, and they won't vote to increase our deficit by supporting any of the useless tax burden welfare programs. The greatest female leader our world has ever seen was a Republican in Margaret Thatcher. Sarah Palin is an American version of margaret Thatcher.

    • Questions

      Mrs. Thatcher actually was quite well-read and had plenty of experience in Parliament. When she took over as PM in May 1979, she hit the ground running because she really was ready. Mrs. Palin just doesn't inspire the same kind of confidence. That's especially relevant since I'm not a Brit.

  • Lyndon Johnson

    The Left, and any sane person for that matter, hates Sarah Palin because she's an idiot. Very simple. Dumb article btw.

    • alan g

      Hey Lyndon, Who ever dug you back up, should have let sleeping dogs lie.

    • Slinkiecat

      I guess you also hate the dumb ones who voted for Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Kucinich, Ellison, and all the other crazy liberals who are trying to destroy our great country. Stupid is as stupid does.

      At least Sarah Palin would not have sold out our medical care system, our car manufacturers, our oil companies, etc., to destroy jobs and turn us into a socialist nation. The idiots are all on the left.

    • Dan Pet

      Why would you hate someone who is an idiot. That would be mean and petty, right? No one hates someone for being stupid. They have pity for that person. Lyndon, you are a liar.

  • Sam

    Way to keep the liberal vs. conservative bitch-fest alive and well with such an inane article.

    • Stephen_Brady

      It simply brings out folks like you, so that we can see who the enemy (whoops! I used the language of hate and violence, there!) truly is.

  • BLJ

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Always has been, always will be.

  • ebonystone

    The leftists make much of Palin's supposed stupidity and inexperience.
    In regard to her stupidity: well, she can speak a sentence without faltering and without reading it off a teleprompter; she can pronounce words like "corpsman" properly, and she knows the U.S. is not made up of 57 States. All of these are beyond the ability of our present oh-so-intelligent President. I don't know if she's ever been asked about the meaning of "e pluribus unum", but she could not give any response more wrong than that of super-brain Algore, former Vice-President, failed presidential nominee, and "father of the internet" — he got it exactly backwards. It would be interesting to compare Palin's SAT scores with those of Obama, Biden, and Pelosi.

  • ebonystone

    In regard to her inexperience, she's scarcely the only one with her record:
    She did work in community organizing (the PTA). Obama ditto.
    She was elected to a few terms at minor posts (city councilman and mayor). Obama ditto (as state senator)
    She was elected to, and completed a partial term at a major post (governor). Obama ditto (U.S. senator).
    Inexperience and stupidity seemed to work for Obama, so why not for Palin?

  • http://www.examiner.com/political-buzz-in-portland/allan-erickson Allan Erickson

    Excellent Evan. They also hate her because she is an outspoken Christian. Christians are supposed to shut up, according to the Left. And, they hate her because she poses a direct threat to their political ambitions. ('If you can beat 'em, destroy 'em.') Terrible to realize a Obama launched the campaign against her, and he no doubt encourages it to this day.

  • Ricki Smith

    I worked on the PTA, was elected to a local office, had kids, and married my college sweetheart to whom I'm still married 48 years later. Should I be a national spokesperson on anything? God help us all, should I be President? Please…..enroll in your local community college for "Basic Logic and Politics." If Sarah Palin is the most credible conservative candidate, then conservatives are today's Confederate States of America. She's America's conservative last illusion.

    • Stephen_Brady

      You mean the South will rise again? Cool!

  • BLJ

    Keep drinking the kool-aid Ricki. Palin or not, the conservatives will be poised to take over from Comrade Obama in 2012 (if there is still a country left). Anyone who supports him is a traitor to this great country.

  • Slinkiecat

    Of course it would! Do you recall their insane vitriolic comments against conservative judge Clarence Thomas when he was nominated to the Supreme Court? They view any conservative minority as a "sellout" and seek to destroy, not just defeat, them.

    Condoleezza Rice was the darling of the right, but she declined to run for political office after serving as GWB's Secretary of State because she knew how hateful the left was against conservative black women. She lacked the determination and fire of Sarah Palin, and bowed out. The libs hate conservative women just because they don't need the left to define who they are.

  • Bill

    The saddest thing about this commentary is that author starts so well and ends in such nonsense. Maybe he was trying to be satirical and didn't mean most of what he said, but the tone suggests that he actually believes the nonsense that he spouts.

    I agree that a big problem with many of Mrs. Palin's enemies is that they dislike her because they are told to dislike her. Many of them don't examine the issues and decide where she's right or wrong. They simply decide that she poses some vague threat to what they see as the established order of things. I've also had these kinds of conversations where someone just spouts hatred of Mrs. Palin because hating her and thinking she's stupid is what they think they must do to be one of the "cool kids."

    Of course, I said "many" of her enemies. Others have specific issues on which they disagree with her. I may disagree with them on those issues, but their position is based on their view of the world and follows logically from that viewpoint. Some of these people have the same primal revulsion to her while others just dislike her for the stands that she takes.

    So far, the article is pretty good. Then the author takes a detour into his own twilight zone of ignorant assumptions. For instance, he says that not having kids pretty much guarantees that someone will vote Democrat. I'm a 47 year old bachelor with no kids, and I've never voted Democrat at the national level. The real statistics are that single people vote Democrat by about a sixty to seventy percent mark, but sixty percent is a far cry from a "guarantee" that someone will vote Democrat. He gives a list of reasons why someone would not have kids. They include selfishness, support for the radical feminist or homosexual agenda, and one or two other damning accusations. I'm neither feminist nor homosexual. I guess people are always quick to accuse someone else of being selfish, but at least I'm not selfish enough to have jumped into a bad marriage and produce kids from that marriage. Maybe the right lady will come along some day, but I'm past the age when having kids is good for me or them.

    Among his other baseless accusations is that Democrats are people who have never done physical labor or owned their own business. The disconnect between reality and someone who writes for a living is pretty amazing. In the field of engineering, I've worked with plenty of professionals who have never made their living on physical labor or owned their own business. They are still overwhelmingly conservative Republicans.

    Maybe Mr. Sayet sees Palin haters so well because he sees the face of the same kind of thinking when he looks in the mirror every morning.

  • manonthestreet

    How many of you posted comments work or in some way are membersof the democrat party.
    Everyone above me with a posted hateful comment wants to move to Greece.Bye …

  • wonky

    I honestly hate reading biased articles. Anyone that's so blinded by a certain party doesn't really have the brain capacity to write about grown-up stuff. You see there's much more in social leadership than "having good policies". It comes down to being a natural leader and taking charge- making decisions in the best interest of the people if you will. Palin is fine on some levels, but to put it bluntly, she's can't even make complete sentences and there are people advocating her to run as a presidential candidate. This very idea sickens me because it seems as though any half-wit can make decisions for 307,006,550 people.

    Instead of writing absent-minded dribble in your next article, perhaps you should open your mind a bit more and realize that it's not just about two parties anymore.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Are you aware that all articles regarding politics are biased? It's inevitable. Ifyou truly hate eading biased articles, it's probably time to stop reading …

  • Stephen_Brady

    And you're "not to the left of anything"?

    Did Viper's well-written comments challenge your narrow view of the world?

  • furian

    I love Sarah Palin because:1) She is honest, it is something other decent honest people can connect with. 2) She is a family woman, she can hunt the food, skin it, and cook it up, and raise the babies as well…it's more like she is real, not fake and pathetic like most liberal women I know, she enjoys the little things in life, decent folk connect with that. 3) She is a Solid Christian woman, she doesn't stick it in your face, she lives it because it shines through her heart, God fearing people connect with that. 4) She has started from scratch in a business and made it successful through ingenuity and hard work, wasn't given to her, she went to bed tired yet proud of her day's work, the working person connects with that. 5) She did a great job as mayor, chairwoman, exec, business owner, and governor.

  • furian

    Sarah Palin is a throwback, a throwback to the times when this country used to be great, as we totter on the edge of becoming a banana republic under the lack of leadership Hussein has provided, many of us see the lifeline. It is one that beckons to us, of a nation once great, once proud, once strong, and eager to set the sail right again. The current atmosphere the left engages in producing leads us down a dangerous slope. They are like the Nazi propaganda machine, fabricating hatred for a woman that just doesn't deserve it. If she is attacked from this incitement, I guarantee you all bets are off in civility in this country. I will not be silent, I will not be civil, I will challenge every liberal I come across. Tread carefully in your foul meanderings and cursed blood libel.

  • furian


    for those liberals that want to see what stupid truly is..LOL

    • quacklikeaduck

      This proves nothing for what you are trying to show. He was even laughing at himself because he knew it was a mess of words. He was so fired up about the topic of health care reform that he could not talk straight for a few minutes — very refreshing compared to a certain other person who just plain has no clue what she/he is trying to articulate most of the time, unless prior memorizing and coaching is involved.

      As far as Obama being able to speak well when it really matters, just compare his recent speech in Tucson to a video clip out on facebook that same day. Obama was a human being, Palin was a troll.

  • NickMcAvelly

    I seem to remember America getting all excited about the person who's currently in the job of President coming from a background that was not your traditional route to the top. Apparently coming from a less-than-privileged background was a good thing. And now it's not.

    Apparently working your way through college and getting a degree the hard way isn't good enough to qualify as 'educated' in America. Who decided that? What a slap in the face to anyone who's done so. (Way to get potential voters on your side, btw!) What exactly makes someone who got daddy to pay their tuition fees smarter than someone who worked and studied at the same time, so that they could pay their fees themselves?

  • NickMcAvelly

    It's worth taking a look at this argument about the existence of a 'climate' which promotes violent acts such as the shooting in Arizona. If such a 'climate' exists then it is, by definition, something that is far-reaching and multi-faceted, and which involves many people and many different events. It is absurd to assert that there is a political 'climate' which pervades the entire country, one which has fundamentally altered the nature of political discourse in the USA, which exists only because one politician (actually an ex-politician) used a certain graphic design on some map. A single event is by definition, one thing. A 'climate' is something else entirely.

    Even if one grants for the sake of argument that such a 'climate' exists, then it follows that all the different aspects of that 'climate' would need to be examined in order to say anything meaningful about it. That would involve an honest, fearless examination of the way the mainstream media have treated Sarah Palin since she emerged on to the national political scene.

    Of course that will never happen.

  • NickMcAvelly

    It's worth taking a look at this argument about the existence of a 'climate' which promotes violent acts such as the shooting in Arizona. If such a 'climate' exists then it is, by definition, something that is far-reaching and multi-faceted, and which involves many different people and events. It is absurd to assert that there is a political 'climate' which pervades the entire country, one which reflects a fundamentally altered state of political discourse in the USA, which exists only because one politician (actually an ex-politician) used a certain graphic design on some map. (And which only arose after they did so.) A single event is by definition, one thing. A 'climate' is something else entirely.

    Even if one grants for the sake of argument that this 'climate' exists, then it follows that in order to say anything meaningful about it, all the different aspects of that 'climate' would need to be examined properly. That would involve an honest, fearless examination of the way the mainstream media have treated Sarah Palin since she emerged on to the national political scene.

    And of course, that will never happen.

  • Fnord

    We dont hate Palin, not at all. She is earning her fare as a media-celebrity and promoting her political message at the same time. Fair enough. But we do hate even the very idea that she could become Commander in Chief of the largest military force in the known universe. Sorry.

    • Stephen_Brady

      She's just as qualfied to the Commander in Chief as Obama. Except for the occasional general, like Eisenhower, every President learns "on-the-job". That's why they have the Defense Dept., the Joint Chiefs, and dozens of other military officers to advise them.

    • deek

      I didn't realize she was being considered for President of China since you mention the Chinese military. I'm sorry too. Sorry that your ignorance appears to be rather blissful.

  • http://what-kills-bed-bugs.blogspot.com/p/bed-bug-bite-pictures.html

    Although people usually assume that having bed bugs problem necessarily mean that you are an untidy or messy person, it is not a general rule. So, what causes bed bugs to find their way into our homes and our beds?

  • Dan Pet

    And you prove his point. Well done.

  • AL__

    The leftist slugs hate Sarah Palin because she is a PATRIOT.

  • Disaster_Master

    I would love to see an article from either side that omits the words hate, stupid, dumb, intellectual, liar, and any other personal qualifier. Discuss the policies. No one could live up to the standard the media seems to think is required. Who doesn't misspeak, jumble metaphors, make mistakes, etc. If you get down to the root of things, you either agree with the policies or you don't, you decide if you can accept some compromise or not, discuss options and come to some agreement, or not, but this constant barrage of gotcha and personal attacks is in and of itself intellectually lazy. Here is a thought, so you don't like her. Your right. Now why do we have all of this debt and unemployment? Why Is the Chinese leader here disparaging our country and about to dominate the world. Donald Trump made a great statement the other day, we should immediately place a 25% tariff on all Chinese goods. In one swoop that would resolve our debt! No, we continue to just call each other stupid, liars, etc. etc. etc. The point to htis article was that folks just don't get past these personal attacks and look at what is important. We have a world full of bullies not problem solvers. What did bullies do? Pick on the kid with glasses, who stuttered, etc. Ahhhh just random thoughts, back to work.

  • Ken Eliasberg

    Absolutely on the money, Evan – the left peddles nothing but garbage and hatred, while accusing the right of doing such – it's called projection. Great column. Ken Eliasberg

    • quacklikeaduck

      The left and right are 2 sides of the same coin. While you guys trade insults the country is being 'run' by powers that could care less who is in the White House. As long as big business keeps throwing dollars at DC politicians it does not matter about left and right. And Palin would be there holding both hands out if she ever tries to make it to DC, just like all the others before her in the past 40+ years.

  • guest

    Please tell me where the school or college or technical college is located so my child can enroll to be President. Was Obama, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Regan, Lincoln , Ike, Truman graduated from there? I would really like to know it's name and where it is located. A school that will "QUALIFY" you to be President. What a wonderful idea you TWIT!!!!!

  • http://bedbugsexterminations.com/ Bed Bugs Extermination

    It is said history frequently repeats itself, now it is bed bug issues what’s next Our lawmakers wasting time on a Health care bill when they should really be working full time on developing jobs?

  • hmg

    All the Palin haters posting here need to read Camille Paglia, and her take on Palin.

  • JeremyHeiken

    Why is it so hard to understand that there are many moderates and conservatives out there that do not have any interest in Sarah Palin as a political force whatsoever? The reason being is that she lacks any meaningful skills or intellect. Period. Done. She is a nonstarter as a candidate. She has no resemblance to the ill-fitted narrative assigned to her as part of the 2008 election. My own mother, who has never voted for a Democrat in 60 years of voting, refused to vote for her on the ticket in 2008.

    Peggy Noonan refers to her as a nincompoop in a November WSJ op-ed for good reason (in that she makes absolutely no sense, and she is an offense to anyone with a above average intelligence). Does that make Noonan on the left?

    Clear your head and make a meaningful assessment here.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Are you not aware that there are differences in the conservative movement? Peggy Noonan, whom you seem to respect, is an establisment Republican, meaning that she will probably push for establisment candidates like Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney.

      Given my "druthers" (I put the term in quotations so that you will know that I understand that it isn't really a word), Mike Huckabee, Mike Pence, or Marco Rubio would be at the head of the ticket (Huckabee, because I know him, and he's a class act, besides being a conservative with a tremendous ability to articulate his ideas). But I have nothing against Sarah Palin, and believe that a Palin Presidency would benefit this nation infinitely, after four long, destructive years of Obama.

      My head is quite clear, thank you, now that I am years out of the university. Having gained a stake in America, I want what's best for her. Sarah Palin, if she runs and agains the nomination, would be what's best for America for 4-8 years.

  • Colombus

    I like her because she gave a new meaning to the term "bagging you own groceries."

  • Barak Obaaaaaa

    The hate shines through, from the hostile Dems who responded to this very perceptive piece. Seems the call went out on HuffPo and KosKids for a concerted response. LOL!

  • zsqpwxxeh

    Troll saturation effort here. Returning to this thread from yesterday, and it's still going strong in the combox! 25, 8, 27, 13, 38 comments for the other articles; coming up to 250 for this one.

    Now ask yourself: Why? Why would this article attract so much critical attention from the liberals (and conservatives rising to defend it)? The left is utterly obsessed with Sarah Palin. If she were the idiotic, pusillanimous, malicious, irrelevant fool she they say she is, they would just ignore her or indeed promote her candidacy as she would be easily destroyed by the One in 2012. Rationally the only explanation for this mountain of mendacity is startlingly clear: Palin is the Left's Worst Nightmare. She will clean their clocks and they know it.

    • quacklikeaduck

      This blog post was/is for some strange reason on the google news page as a top story for palin. It would be equally strange to have a commondreams article as a headliner on google news page.

  • CJinMadison

    Boy, any article that can so incense the Liberal trolls is okay by me.

    I, too, am baffled by the hatred. It is intense, and it is confounding. If only the average Liberal could express one-tenth of that hatred toward the murderous Islamofascists who are truly trying to destroy this country… or towards the Jarrod Loughners… or towards the impersonal $14T debt! Now, THERE are some things to get worked up about.

    But, seriously… if Palin is so stupid, and shrill, and ignorant, and phony… then let it go. I think Ed Schultz is stupid, shrill, ignorant and phony… but, I can go weeks and weeks and not think about him, discuss him, or blog about him. Amazing…

  • jillosophy

    Here’s another excellent analysis that you all should read:
    January 19, 2011
    Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin
    By Robin of Berkeley

  • quacklikeaduck

    While the illusion of left vs right continues, the good 'ol USA keeps losing ground to other global economic forces. The revolution will not be televised….

  • Ryan

    I don't hate Sarah Palin. I don't like her.
    Most liberals I know don't hate her either. They think she is a bit dingy, but overall not too much of a person to be afraid of.
    Most liberal leaning people I know would have done the same exact thing Palin did regarding her 4th child.
    Sure, their are crazies out there who "hate" Palin because she is a Republican, or ultra conservative (which she is) or because of one of many reasons.
    But most liberals/Dems don't "like" her because she does not represent women very well intellectually. This is common sense. Is she dumb? Certainly not. But a person worthy of being President of the US? Hardly.

  • Ryan

    The right can be just as shallow as the left. If Sarah Palin was unattractive, fake, and an annoying twit, say, like Pelosi, the right (and the media) would not have ate her up like hey did when she was named John's VP. Palin is easy on the eyes and essentially that's how/why she has gotten a lot of the benefit of the doubt up till now. The more and more she talks the more and more people of every political persuasion begin to realize she's just not cut out for it. She is a normal every day American, and there's nothing wrong with that. Most liberals and conservatives I know are far from living high on the hog. They work hard for a living and live life to the fullest, and I don't see any of them wanting to be Prez. And they're certainly not qualified.
    Sure, Palin was governor of Alaska. That's all well and good. But she is a quitter.
    People who are ttacking her are afraid of her… but people like me are not. I just leave her be and what happens happens. Sure, Reagen was a celeb too, but he had "it" and displayed a rather solid force of awareness and intelligence.

    • Ryan


    • Thomas

      Unfortunately nothing you said is true. Everything you said is pure speculation and has no basis in reality whatsoever. Quit pretending everything you said is true and quit trying to convince us.

  • R4L

    Obama is the biggest joke lolol celeb president woooohooo!!!

  • Evan Hater

    This is the worst article ever written. It's funny that you concider yourself a Republican considering your are the biggest Democrat. It's funny that you stated in the article that you waited for a reply from this woman as to why she doesn't like Palin (and it's Mrs. not Ms). Whenever people talk to you if they don't agree with your view of things, you would never actually ask them politely give you an example or wait for an answer in a civilized manner … You will instead insult them and then make up the most retarded examples that absolutely have no meaning to try to prove a point you don't have. You don't talk to people to get their political insite, YOU TRY TO SHOVE YOUR VIEWS DOWN THEIR THROATS. Speaking or Democrats not owning businesses … I know quite a few and they are successful.

  • Evan Hater

    Continued …
    Going back to your article, you insult people that don't work and collect unemployment, etc. benefits. When was the last time you worked? You say you're a writer … when was the last time you had a book written by you printed? Oh that's right … NEVER!!! (I researched this before saying it). The last thing you wrote wasn't worthy of anything other than lining my bird cage. So again, try getting your facts straight before you comment or "write" about things. Why would anyone waste their time trying to have an intelligent conversation with you. You're about as redicoulous as they come and the most racist pig. In fact it's amusing that you talk about Democrats being violent. You're so racists that when people don't follow your opinions/views you are the one that becomes violent. Please find a home other than your local coffee shop. Then comment on things that YOU RESEARCHED AND CAN TALK ABOUT INTELLIGETLY AND IN A CIVILIZED MANNER. By the way … computers have grammar and spell check … try usingthose features in the future.

  • Drizzle

    Let me get this straight. You hate that liberals tend to lump conservatives together and won't bother learning about your views, yet you assume every liberal is exactly like the dumb woman you claim to have met in your example. Yeah, that's fair. And yes, it's perfectly okay to hate her just for being dumb. I don't hate the person, but I hate the idea of a complete idiot having any sort of authority in my government. I have plenty of friends who are idiots who married their high school sweetheart, opened businesses and had kids that i still wouldn't want anywhere near my government. And yes, if Palin were a democrat, of course she would have her kids aborted just for "me" time. All liberal women do right? If you so blindly support her that you can't see through the fact that when she speaks she never actually says anything, but are ok to assume all liberal women abort their babies well, I guess you're beyond anyone's help in getting you back to the realm of reasonable argument.
    I think I've already seen someone try the old, she's a legitimate 2012 contender as a reason for the hate trick. I laugh every time I hear/read that one. It just doesn't help your cause to keep saying that, Palin-Lover. Every liberal I've ever met is eager to see Palin as the republican contender, yet supporters of her keep claiming someone is afraid of her; other republicans are the only ones I hear of that are terrified of her getting on the ballot.
    They NEVER have an answer when they try to tell me that I'm afraid of her beating Obama and I retort by saying I would in fact love that. Anyone want to take a serious stab at that? Anyone? Please nominate her; double dog dare ya. Palin supporters also struggle to explain just who in the hell besides them will ever vote for her anyway. Forget the black vote, forget the hispanic vote and forget the jews after that blood libel thing, so how, just how is she any kind of contender with a tiny fraction of the voting black behind her? You can't just ignore this. I mean she plainly and simply won't win if she continues to go on pissing every body off, alienating everyone who doesn't walk right in line with whatever she believes.

  • Ryan

    Drizzlw knocked it out of the park, in fact, the ball is still rolling.

  • Bunny Payette

    I hope that the American public get some smarts before the next election….and votes for whomever you want except a left-leaning democrat. The world cannot afford another one who spent the last few years telling the rest of the world that they were not the strongest nation on earth…and tried to play in the same sandbox as the tyrants . I would rather live next door to the U.S.A. than Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea…..We need a strong right-thinking person in the White House…and if it is Sarah Palin….SO BE IT

  • simon templar

    Memo to all the left wing trolls posting out here.
    Your hateful, irrational, false, and arrogant comments about Palin say more about you than her.

  • Ana

    Relax its just satire even at the end it says hes a satirist :P

  • Packfan

    That has to be the silliest article ever written. Boy, she really put us democrats in our place. I feel like I lost IQ points for having read it. Dingbats are attracted to other dingbats, that is painfully obvious. You don’t have to be stupid to support Palin, but you have to admire stupid. The ignorant and uninformed have found another voice in politics, and Palin fits the bill beautifully. Party before country, it’s the Palin way, and the republican way.

  • Cheney lover

    Nice writing, not pollyanish at all.

  • philipjames

    Great article… ignore the liberal dolts… as you said in your article, the liberals are brain dead so any smart ass remarks they make are just gibberish anyway.

    • peace

      That is very impressive from someone who probably doesn't know the meaning of conservative…still, its a good thing that you can put all people into one group based solely upon their ideologies, but i suppose Hitler had some good ideas as far as blind hate went… didn't he?

  • anonymous


  • peace

    I personally found this article extremely offensive and hypocritical. As you rant about how democrats blindly hate Mrs. Palin for nogood reason you group all democrats in the same mindset. I personally dislike her because I feel she is inapt to serve in government, seeing as she can't get basic facts right (such as Paul Revers's ride) and she has a woeful lack of reality ( for example, building a fence around her backyard is completely different than building one around the US). Suggesting that democrats hate her for allowing Trig to live is completely off kilter, and you fail to grasp the basic idea behind abortion – that is, would allowing the baby to be born allow the baby to have a quality life. It is not a question of "me time". It is obvious that you blindly follow the GOP's (or dare i go so far as to say the Tea Party's) ticket, and you blindly hate all democrats, as you whine about democrats doing the same thing. Blind hate is wrong – no exceptions. I am a teenager, and i believe that i have made a more coherent, unbiased argument than you…but I suppose that's what happens when you don't attach yourself to the underbelly of a corrupt party.

  • peace

    Allow me to copy your writing style, and simply reverse the target. Please remember that I am not part of a single party, and I believe that the entire party system needs to collapse. Republicans suck. They do nothing but spend spend spend. Obama rose from nothing, and this threatens the GOP, who enjoy clinging to their fruitless idea that the classes are perminant. Republicans never do anything other than lead the genocide of innocent people over seas. They're stupid, and only follow the ticket, posted on the corrupt underbelly of the GOP. Democrats love people, but the republicans hate people without having any reason at all.I went to a party and asked someone why they hate Obama, and they told me "because everyone does". This clearly represents all GOP, so it must be the worst party ever… Do you see what i did there you hipster? BLIND HATE IS WRONG!!!

    • Thomas

      You're completely and utterly indoctrinated BEYOND stupid.

    • peace

      Yeah, I'm probably indoctrinated. I reject all political parties in favor of choosing my own ideas because I'm indoctrinated. I visit leftist, rightist, and moderate sources, and critique them both because I'm indoctrinated. I speak out against the blind hate caused by partisanship because I'm indoctrinated…good job, you caught me, but next time, please consider what arguments I'm making before calling me a zombie, and If you would like me to clarify the issues I have with the article, I would be more than happy to.

  • alindra

    1."Democrats always run off when asked to provide facts to justify their hatred for Republicans"
    2. "If there are two things you can count on with Democrats, they are filled with hate and empty of facts."
    Aren't these rather hateful statements devoid of facts?

    Facts: "As Ms. Palin’s political horizons continued to grow, she found out she was pregnant with her fourth child, a baby with Downs Syndrome​" — NO, it was her FIFTH child.

    She should not be hated, but loved by the Democrats, because the attitude towards her exposed the hypocrisy of the Republicans. Have a watch: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-september-3

    • peace

      That is the greatest flaw in our system – we reject compromise, in favor of playing partisan politics. Both sides are guilty, and both sides need to work together for democracy to work. The super committee's recent failure is a perfect example of mindless, fact less, apathetic self absorbed government. Not so sure that Democrats should love her though…she is a tad conservative for most democrats, but one shouldn't let parties limit who they vote for.

  • myra

    What's up with those earrings Sarah?? .And then you have the all seeing eye one this page in it's sneaky way!! Do you agree with the one world order??

  • Sogi Gisom

    I ask all the Sarah Palin haters to give concrete evidence/example of her stupidity or shut their stupid mouth forever. I hold several academic degrees including a Phd but i must admit i cannot write a book as well as Sarah Palin has done. She cannot possibly write a best selling book and achieved a highest approval rating while being Governor of Alaska if she is half as much stupid as claimed by her detractors.








  • nik

    I work, make enough to be in the 5% of this country and I will still vote democratic. I would like to vote GOP but all GOP seems to be filled with is racists and bigots. I am a minority and I work hard. GOP seems to evolving into a lynch mob that considers everyone who is not of European decent to be not American.

  • Barakobammy

    They hate Sarah Palin because she is gorgeous and visible, bold, sassy, and in their face with quips they can’t match all the while holding a child that is a testimonial to her superior character and purpose over theirs. They would love to see a female, feminist, former Governor with a special needs child standing at their podium, but the best they can come up with this Elizabeth Warren. That is why they hate her…and can’t ignore so much as a sneeze. “God bless our snipers” drives them psychotic….well, I should say more psychotic.