Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin

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And Sarah Palin ran a small business.  Democrats don’t run businesses.  In fact, Democrats don’t do anything.  If you eliminated from the voting roll everyone who did nothing other than talk – the academic, the newscaster, the actor, the politician – and those who game the system, collecting welfare and years of unemployment benefits and “workman’s compensation” and food stamps, how many people would be left voting Democrat?

Let’s put it this way, if having had a job – having done something that required either physical labor or risking one’s own money – were a prerequisite to work in the White House, Barack Obama would have to fire 94 percent of his top advisers.  That’s a real number.  Ninety four percent of Obama’s top advisers have never done anything like run a small store, paint a bridge, wire a house for electricity or anything else other than flap their lips.

This is the genesis of the notion that Palin is “stupid.”  Liberals are convinced that there’s something “the matter” with people who have jobs.  This is what they mean by “What’s the Matter with Kansas,” Kansas being a place where people work – Hollywood, Cambridge Massachusetts, the TV studios in Manhattan are places were people talk.  To the liberal, anyone who has a job must be stupid, after all, not everyone is as good a talker as they are, but surely everyone can find one excuse or another to sit at home and collect welfare.

In fact, to the modern liberal, anyone who has a job is not just stupid, he (or she) is dangerous. These people “cling” to their guns and their religion because they toil for their reward.  These people are constantly on the verge of violence, whether it’s an attack like the one they caused in Tucson (according to the leftist script) or just by going home and beating their children.  Consider the lyrics of “the working man’s troubadour” by Bruce Springsteen:

Early in the morning/factory whistle blows
Man rises from bed and puts on his clothes.

Man takes his lunch, walks out in the morning line
That’s the work, the workin’, that’s the workin’ life.

End of the day/Factory whistle cries
Man walks through them gates with death in their eyes.

And you just better believe, boy, somebody’s gonna get it tonight.
(Why?)  Cause that’s the work, the workin’ that’s that workin’ life!

Sarah Palin is stupid and dangerous because, well, to those who have made their millions by doing nothing other than talking, that’s the work, the workin’ that’s the workin’ life.  Just in case you think that’s just one example of Springsteen’s take on anyone who has a job, consider the horrors of his “daddy” who “worked his whole life, for nothing but the pain.”  In this song, “Adam Raised a Cain,” daddy, of course, beats his children, “now he walks these empty rooms searching for something to blame.”  And, in fact, it gets worse because, clearly, a child who is beaten is going to continue that cycle of violence and beat his child (“you inherit the sins/you inherit the flames”). So, even to the most sympathetic leftist like Springsteen, not one, not two, but three generations are destroyed all because “daddy” had to go to work.

And they hate Sarah Palin because she joined the PTA and made things better.  No, no, that’s not supposed to happen.  Schools (read: the teachers’ union) need more money, only more money will solve the problems in the schools.  Sarah Palin must be destroyed!

And, finally, they hate Sarah Palin because she was a successful mayor and governor.  The Democrat Party narrative is that the American people are too stupid to successfully govern themselves and need Harvard and Yale elitists to dictate to them how they should live their lives.  If a graduate of the University of Idaho can successfully run the biggest state in the union, then so can a kid who graduated from Texas A & M or even a kid with a degree from Eureka College.

If Democrats disagreed with Ms. Palin on the issues that would be one thing.  But they don’t merely “disagree” with her, they hate her and they hate her without caring one whit about where she stands on the issues. They hate her because she is living proof that everything about the Democratic Party narrative is a lie and for this reason she cannot be allowed to be liked — because if Democrats liked her, they might actually listen to her policies.

Evan Sayet is a satirist, lecturer and writer. Visit his site at EvanSayet.com.

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  • Ryan

    The right can be just as shallow as the left. If Sarah Palin was unattractive, fake, and an annoying twit, say, like Pelosi, the right (and the media) would not have ate her up like hey did when she was named John's VP. Palin is easy on the eyes and essentially that's how/why she has gotten a lot of the benefit of the doubt up till now. The more and more she talks the more and more people of every political persuasion begin to realize she's just not cut out for it. She is a normal every day American, and there's nothing wrong with that. Most liberals and conservatives I know are far from living high on the hog. They work hard for a living and live life to the fullest, and I don't see any of them wanting to be Prez. And they're certainly not qualified.
    Sure, Palin was governor of Alaska. That's all well and good. But she is a quitter.
    People who are ttacking her are afraid of her… but people like me are not. I just leave her be and what happens happens. Sure, Reagen was a celeb too, but he had "it" and displayed a rather solid force of awareness and intelligence.

    • Ryan


    • Thomas

      Unfortunately nothing you said is true. Everything you said is pure speculation and has no basis in reality whatsoever. Quit pretending everything you said is true and quit trying to convince us.

  • R4L

    Obama is the biggest joke lolol celeb president woooohooo!!!

  • Evan Hater

    This is the worst article ever written. It's funny that you concider yourself a Republican considering your are the biggest Democrat. It's funny that you stated in the article that you waited for a reply from this woman as to why she doesn't like Palin (and it's Mrs. not Ms). Whenever people talk to you if they don't agree with your view of things, you would never actually ask them politely give you an example or wait for an answer in a civilized manner … You will instead insult them and then make up the most retarded examples that absolutely have no meaning to try to prove a point you don't have. You don't talk to people to get their political insite, YOU TRY TO SHOVE YOUR VIEWS DOWN THEIR THROATS. Speaking or Democrats not owning businesses … I know quite a few and they are successful.

  • Evan Hater

    Continued …
    Going back to your article, you insult people that don't work and collect unemployment, etc. benefits. When was the last time you worked? You say you're a writer … when was the last time you had a book written by you printed? Oh that's right … NEVER!!! (I researched this before saying it). The last thing you wrote wasn't worthy of anything other than lining my bird cage. So again, try getting your facts straight before you comment or "write" about things. Why would anyone waste their time trying to have an intelligent conversation with you. You're about as redicoulous as they come and the most racist pig. In fact it's amusing that you talk about Democrats being violent. You're so racists that when people don't follow your opinions/views you are the one that becomes violent. Please find a home other than your local coffee shop. Then comment on things that YOU RESEARCHED AND CAN TALK ABOUT INTELLIGETLY AND IN A CIVILIZED MANNER. By the way … computers have grammar and spell check … try usingthose features in the future.

  • Drizzle

    Let me get this straight. You hate that liberals tend to lump conservatives together and won't bother learning about your views, yet you assume every liberal is exactly like the dumb woman you claim to have met in your example. Yeah, that's fair. And yes, it's perfectly okay to hate her just for being dumb. I don't hate the person, but I hate the idea of a complete idiot having any sort of authority in my government. I have plenty of friends who are idiots who married their high school sweetheart, opened businesses and had kids that i still wouldn't want anywhere near my government. And yes, if Palin were a democrat, of course she would have her kids aborted just for "me" time. All liberal women do right? If you so blindly support her that you can't see through the fact that when she speaks she never actually says anything, but are ok to assume all liberal women abort their babies well, I guess you're beyond anyone's help in getting you back to the realm of reasonable argument.
    I think I've already seen someone try the old, she's a legitimate 2012 contender as a reason for the hate trick. I laugh every time I hear/read that one. It just doesn't help your cause to keep saying that, Palin-Lover. Every liberal I've ever met is eager to see Palin as the republican contender, yet supporters of her keep claiming someone is afraid of her; other republicans are the only ones I hear of that are terrified of her getting on the ballot.
    They NEVER have an answer when they try to tell me that I'm afraid of her beating Obama and I retort by saying I would in fact love that. Anyone want to take a serious stab at that? Anyone? Please nominate her; double dog dare ya. Palin supporters also struggle to explain just who in the hell besides them will ever vote for her anyway. Forget the black vote, forget the hispanic vote and forget the jews after that blood libel thing, so how, just how is she any kind of contender with a tiny fraction of the voting black behind her? You can't just ignore this. I mean she plainly and simply won't win if she continues to go on pissing every body off, alienating everyone who doesn't walk right in line with whatever she believes.

  • Ryan

    Drizzlw knocked it out of the park, in fact, the ball is still rolling.

  • Bunny Payette

    I hope that the American public get some smarts before the next election….and votes for whomever you want except a left-leaning democrat. The world cannot afford another one who spent the last few years telling the rest of the world that they were not the strongest nation on earth…and tried to play in the same sandbox as the tyrants . I would rather live next door to the U.S.A. than Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea…..We need a strong right-thinking person in the White House…and if it is Sarah Palin….SO BE IT

  • simon templar

    Memo to all the left wing trolls posting out here.
    Your hateful, irrational, false, and arrogant comments about Palin say more about you than her.

  • Ana

    Relax its just satire even at the end it says hes a satirist :P

  • Packfan

    That has to be the silliest article ever written. Boy, she really put us democrats in our place. I feel like I lost IQ points for having read it. Dingbats are attracted to other dingbats, that is painfully obvious. You don’t have to be stupid to support Palin, but you have to admire stupid. The ignorant and uninformed have found another voice in politics, and Palin fits the bill beautifully. Party before country, it’s the Palin way, and the republican way.

  • Cheney lover

    Nice writing, not pollyanish at all.

  • philipjames

    Great article… ignore the liberal dolts… as you said in your article, the liberals are brain dead so any smart ass remarks they make are just gibberish anyway.

    • peace

      That is very impressive from someone who probably doesn't know the meaning of conservative…still, its a good thing that you can put all people into one group based solely upon their ideologies, but i suppose Hitler had some good ideas as far as blind hate went… didn't he?

  • anonymous


  • peace

    I personally found this article extremely offensive and hypocritical. As you rant about how democrats blindly hate Mrs. Palin for nogood reason you group all democrats in the same mindset. I personally dislike her because I feel she is inapt to serve in government, seeing as she can't get basic facts right (such as Paul Revers's ride) and she has a woeful lack of reality ( for example, building a fence around her backyard is completely different than building one around the US). Suggesting that democrats hate her for allowing Trig to live is completely off kilter, and you fail to grasp the basic idea behind abortion – that is, would allowing the baby to be born allow the baby to have a quality life. It is not a question of "me time". It is obvious that you blindly follow the GOP's (or dare i go so far as to say the Tea Party's) ticket, and you blindly hate all democrats, as you whine about democrats doing the same thing. Blind hate is wrong – no exceptions. I am a teenager, and i believe that i have made a more coherent, unbiased argument than you…but I suppose that's what happens when you don't attach yourself to the underbelly of a corrupt party.

  • peace

    Allow me to copy your writing style, and simply reverse the target. Please remember that I am not part of a single party, and I believe that the entire party system needs to collapse. Republicans suck. They do nothing but spend spend spend. Obama rose from nothing, and this threatens the GOP, who enjoy clinging to their fruitless idea that the classes are perminant. Republicans never do anything other than lead the genocide of innocent people over seas. They're stupid, and only follow the ticket, posted on the corrupt underbelly of the GOP. Democrats love people, but the republicans hate people without having any reason at all.I went to a party and asked someone why they hate Obama, and they told me "because everyone does". This clearly represents all GOP, so it must be the worst party ever… Do you see what i did there you hipster? BLIND HATE IS WRONG!!!

    • Thomas

      You're completely and utterly indoctrinated BEYOND stupid.

    • peace

      Yeah, I'm probably indoctrinated. I reject all political parties in favor of choosing my own ideas because I'm indoctrinated. I visit leftist, rightist, and moderate sources, and critique them both because I'm indoctrinated. I speak out against the blind hate caused by partisanship because I'm indoctrinated…good job, you caught me, but next time, please consider what arguments I'm making before calling me a zombie, and If you would like me to clarify the issues I have with the article, I would be more than happy to.

  • alindra

    1."Democrats always run off when asked to provide facts to justify their hatred for Republicans"
    2. "If there are two things you can count on with Democrats, they are filled with hate and empty of facts."
    Aren't these rather hateful statements devoid of facts?

    Facts: "As Ms. Palin’s political horizons continued to grow, she found out she was pregnant with her fourth child, a baby with Downs Syndrome​" — NO, it was her FIFTH child.

    She should not be hated, but loved by the Democrats, because the attitude towards her exposed the hypocrisy of the Republicans. Have a watch: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-september-3

    • peace

      That is the greatest flaw in our system – we reject compromise, in favor of playing partisan politics. Both sides are guilty, and both sides need to work together for democracy to work. The super committee's recent failure is a perfect example of mindless, fact less, apathetic self absorbed government. Not so sure that Democrats should love her though…she is a tad conservative for most democrats, but one shouldn't let parties limit who they vote for.

  • myra

    What's up with those earrings Sarah?? .And then you have the all seeing eye one this page in it's sneaky way!! Do you agree with the one world order??

  • Sogi Gisom

    I ask all the Sarah Palin haters to give concrete evidence/example of her stupidity or shut their stupid mouth forever. I hold several academic degrees including a Phd but i must admit i cannot write a book as well as Sarah Palin has done. She cannot possibly write a best selling book and achieved a highest approval rating while being Governor of Alaska if she is half as much stupid as claimed by her detractors.








  • nik

    I work, make enough to be in the 5% of this country and I will still vote democratic. I would like to vote GOP but all GOP seems to be filled with is racists and bigots. I am a minority and I work hard. GOP seems to evolving into a lynch mob that considers everyone who is not of European decent to be not American.

  • Barakobammy

    They hate Sarah Palin because she is gorgeous and visible, bold, sassy, and in their face with quips they can’t match all the while holding a child that is a testimonial to her superior character and purpose over theirs. They would love to see a female, feminist, former Governor with a special needs child standing at their podium, but the best they can come up with this Elizabeth Warren. That is why they hate her…and can’t ignore so much as a sneeze. “God bless our snipers” drives them psychotic….well, I should say more psychotic.